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She is really stunning with original clothes, glass … Wife is reborning, who made her? Not rated yet The suit has no markings. Appears home made. Doll has blond hair woven on head. Blue eyes that don't move.

The … Needing help identifying my doll. Not rated yet I bought her 5 years ago in a small retail shop. I thought then and still do now that she is adorable. She is the only doll I own. So I'm not a collector. I think … Needing help finding out how old this is please Not rated yet This is the last one I've Acquired and seems to be probably the oldest one she is got beautiful hair and very very long dress that goes over her feet when … Needing help finding out how old this is please Not rated yet Got her from an old friend.

I know nothing about her. I dont even knkw if its an antique but she's beautiful and winds and plays music Not rated yet We recently bought a house that has been foreclosed on and the people that live there had died and had no family and while we were cleaning it out I came … doll help??

Can you help me out? Not rated yet I can not figure out what Madame Alexander doll this is. It was my Grandmothers but I do not have any further information on it. Could it be one … Scrap book Not rated yet I have a scrap book of doll pictures, news articles, greeting cards with doll pics, quotes for doll repair, and letter from Mrs.

Unidentifiable dolls Not rated yet I purchased these lovely antique dolls but the seller had no information Can You Dig It ? - House Mannequin - Can You Dig It ? (Vinyl) them. I would really appreciate if someone could tell me about them.

I don't know where it came from or how long they had it. I would like to find out … Greece Cloth Dolls Not rated yet I picked up these two dolls at an auction recently. The body of each was sewn by machine as well as their costume. The faces look manufactured and … Eegee 8" Baby Susan Not rated yet Hello, I am looking to clothe a vintage baby Susan to present to a friend on her 60th birthday next year. She loves dolls and has never owned one and … Who is this cowgirl? Not rated yet I have a 24 inch doll my grandfather gave me in the late 's or early 's.

She was dress like a cowgirl, complete with hat and boots. Nobody knows the story behind … Antique doll Not rated yet I just purchased a Antique doll porcelain head and arms kid body from the knees down straw filled black stockings. Sleepy eyes Marks are Germany Lissy … porcelain doll!! Not rated yet I've had this doll for 30 yrs, my brother gave it to me. The box says porcelain doll WE have identified most except for one bride doll. Marilene German 5" bisque doll Not rated yet I got this from a relative's estate, and I can't find any like it on eBay or the internet.

It's about 5" tall and is marked Germany on the back. Not rated yet I have several dolls, some of which have a paper tag in the back that says "McAllister". I cannot find any information about this maker anywhere!! I have no intention of selling but would love to know if genuine or repro. He's On a wood … Katherine Byard Not rated yet I have an old doll, body in poor condition, leather, sawdust inside, no clothes. Head is bisque, in excellent condition. She is 17 inches long, hairlike … Black and White Doll with Tear 0n her cheek Not rated yet I have a doll with no markings and has bisque arms, legs, and head.

I found her in a home being demolished. Can anyone … Bisque Pink Lady Not rated yet I have a doll with no markings and has bisque arms, legs, and head. Doll Not rated yet This was my great grandmothers' doll. It is approximately 12 inches from head to toe. The body is cloth. The head and hands are porcelain. Looking to find the manufacturer and date and approximate value of each Need help identifying and valuing a German? Not rated yet This doll was in a garage sale many years ago and given to my Granddaughter.

She is 20" tall. Has a porcelain head and shoulder. Porcelain forearms … 15" doll with sleepy blue eyes Not rated yet I think made of rubber, Does not stand on its own. Letter A on mid back. I believe hair has been … Regina Not rated yet I have a 30" Eugene Doll with the numbers on the back of the neck. She has patent blonde hair, the blue eye that open and shut, leather shoes, … kimberly Not rated yet I have a doll I bought 40 years ago in an antique shop when I was ten.

It is 5" composition and cam in a red cobblestone trunk. There is a star … Click here to write your own. Domed Doll Not rated yet I purchased this doll over 50 years ago at an auction. Through all these years I've never seen anything similar and am wondering just what I have.

She has glass eyes and is … Looking for The Value of the following 4 Porcelain Dolls Not rated yet I have a few dolls i am just looking to find the value of? Anyone help please. Asian doll with real hair Not rated yet My sister took this photo, unfortunately without writing down measurements. She was going through my recently deceased mother's storage room and it … Seeking Information On This Doll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not rated yet I have had these dolls for quite a few years. However, I have no idea who made them or their origin. Both dolls are completely made of cloth, there … No Clue! Not rated yet Came across this adorable doll at thrift store.

It's a mechanical doll which moves its hands and legs with the music. Sorta dance actually!! Was in a different box, labeled Victoria Ashley Originals. Hard Plastic body, and soft rubber head, with eyes that blink.

I can't find anything on it and … Mystery doll Not rated yet This doll appears to be a red head sleeping blue eyed boy. Has an open mouth like laughing. Not rated yet I recently acquired these dolls because they intrigued me so, but I can't find anything out about them! There are no marking, no tags I am in antiquities business, including toys, but dolls are not … Beckys doll Not rated yet I cant find any markings on this doll, other than what appears to be a number on her hand.

She is in excellent condition. Her dress is original and has neck markings of G 9 - E. Not rated yet Bought in Rome in an antique store the 's. The clothes were added later, the vest is original and metal. The paper stuffing has Italian writing, seems … Can anyone identify this bisque baby doll Not rated yet I have an inch antique bisque and cloth baby doll that is marked on her neck HCH or it could be HEH She has a bisque head with fixed … Can anyone identify this bisque and cloth doll Not rated yet I have an inch bisque baby doll with blue glass fixed eyes and painted eye lashes.

She has markings on her back shoulder plate and the bottom of her foot shoes. She's 3" tall with molded hair looks like she could have been intended as some kind of bauble … German Bisque doll Not rated yet I have an 11 inch German baby doll.

The markings on the back of the neck are HCH She has a bisque head with fixed brown eyes, cloth body and legs … Composition? Doll Not rated yet My elderly neighbour died last weekend and her belongings were thrown out and many items smashed. I saw this doll in amongst the broken bisque dolls and … 11" Bisque Head Parian? She had a large number of dolls but I'm not sure if she was a professional collector. Clothes … 6" porcelain "made in Japan" with peace sign Not rated yet I have a 6" porcelain doll with jointed legs and arms.

Her clothes are sewn on, actually they look like 20's style blonde hair, painted features. Her … Click here to write your own. That has been 20 years ago. I am … Anyone recognize her? Not rated yet She stands 13" tall and has what I believe is a mold number of or possibly 16B. Has white rooted hair, blue sleepy eyes, and plastic body. Arms and … Wedding Doll Not rated yet This doll was given to me by my mother on my recent trip back home to upstate NY.

The dress seems to be sewn to the little bloomers and does not come … first wetting doll Not rated yet This doll was my sisters when she purchased it she was told it was the first wetting doll. There are no identifying marks that I can see.

She is nine … cheryl Not rated yet I have a 2 inch bisque doll. Paint hair etc. She's held together with wire. Germany on neck and number 67, I think, on inner thighs. She's … two toned doll Not rated yet Was given this little dollshe is aprox inches in height, has painted eyes and painted white socks and shoes. Her limbs are black, but her torso … Please help!

I don't want to cut the wig off! Not rated yet I inherited this doll from my aunt. I cannot find anything on her anywhere. I also inherited her clothes, some of which are home made. I know she … German doll - please help me identify Not rated yet I have a doll given to me by my German grandparents over 60 years ago. Her eyes open and close and at one time I think she said "Mama". All original … All bisque with open and close blue eyes.

Blond hair in braids 5 inch Not rated yet No marks on this Can You Dig It ? - House Mannequin - Can You Dig It ? (Vinyl) I'm helping a friend in selling some very old family treasures. This doll has no marks and is unhinged. Red lips, light brown arched eyebrows, golden, light brown? We get dolls from time to time … Vintage Doll Not rated yet I usually pick up antiques and collectibles so this is my first doll and I'm stumped. Have done as much searching as I can and can't find anything … 16" sleeping doll hard face, soft body Not rated yet This doll is 16" long and is laying on her back with her arms in the air.

Her face is one piece and is made of what I think is a hard plastic with the … 19" doll German - pls help id Not rated yet Trying to price donated doll for nonprofit resale shop.

Not very familiar with vintage dolls so find marks confusing. What is she? Head and body … Small doll marked Mimi on back of neck Not rated yet My mother gave me this doll and I can't seem to find any information on it. It is marked "Mimi" on back of neck. Any help will be appreciated! Thanks … Can anyone identify this doll? Not rated yet Owned by a late friend of mine and played with when she was a little girl in the 's.

Unsure of origin and identity. Soft vinyl like body all one piece with bisque socket head. Body is stuffed with sawdust possibly. Not rated yet Hi! I have had this doll for a while now and was wondering what brand she is. She was my grandmother's.

She has a porcelain face,neck, and hands. He came out and said that … Julia Cook Not rated yet I was given this doll several years ago. I don't know anything about her at all. She is 27" tall. Her eyes open and close. She is a walking doll, her … Antique Patriotic Dolls Not rated yet Hello, Any information you can provide is appreciated.

Their faces are hand painted, … 's or 's Black Doll with Chin Tattoo Not rated yet My mom recently passed and in the basement I found not only her dolls but her mother's dolls. They are cloth bodies, with porcelain heads, feet, and hands. Thanks … kitchie Not rated yet I have a doll that I am having a heck of a time identifying.

She is made of hard plastic and has a speaker box on her chest. The marking on the back … Click here to write your own. Differences on the doll is that the dress she is wearing on mine is brown with blue … Can you identify the country these dolls came from?

Not rated yet My grandmother traveled all over the world. She brought back a boy and girl doll from her visits. I don't have the name of the country where these dolls … Trying to figure out marking Not rated yet I am trying to figure out the markings on 2 dolls Any help would be greatly appreciated 16" Curly Brown Hair and Green Eyes - Need Help Identifying!

Not rated yet I recently bought a 16" Doll from Ebay, and I'm very happy with her! I just don't know what Collection she's from, so can somebody please tell me? Details: … Wondering if any one knows this makers mark? Not rated yet Just trying to identify this makers mark Celluloid Doll Not rated yet I have a doll which was given to my mother on her 4th birthday in The marking at the base of the scull is a round shape as for a head with the … Doll cant find info Not rated yet Found at the thrift store.

I say no more dolls but I keep buying them. Her head does move. Not rated yet Ok I got this doll at the estate sale of an Antique's dealer. Not rated yet It was my mom's doll since she was a small child. There is some sort of … Bisque head mignonettes Not rated yet Bought these doll at an estate sale in NJ. I have no idea what I have. One doll has been identified as a "bisque head reproduction", the other is … - 5 H Not rated yet Hi there, I am looking at buying a 5 H marked porcelain doll but dont know what it is.

We were told at that time she was years old. Her head is made of a sculpted harder material … looking for information on this doll Not rated yet i don't remember when or where I got this cloth doll. But as far as I can tell it feels like it is made from heavy cloth. I think it is 12" to 18" … 9 inch Milk Maid girl.

Trademark WilAry. Belgium Not rated yet Found this porcelin face body with cloth arms legs She … Unknown Traditional Japanese Doll Not rated yet Japanese vintage doll of young samurai holding a naginata in his hand.

He is dressed in silk brocaded kimono and silk hakama. And he has court ceremonial … Baby Doll Not rated yet We owned a Bed and Breakfast for 20 years one of our loyal guests donated a baby doll they said had been inherited from her Grandmother. I can't figure out how to identify her.

Her material is some type of composite with a matte finish. Her face and lips … wishing iwasyounger Not rated yet hello, I have had this doll for years, I think I got it when we lived in Hong Kong over 30 years ago It has been stored with me ever since. My mother paid two shilling and six pence for it. It has porcelain headarms and legs. I've looked, but can't seem to find anything on her specifically.

She's 25 inches tall. She … porcelain doll Not rated yet How can I find out more about this doll Doll or mannequin? Please help! Not rated yet I picked this little guy up at a flea market last year. He stands about 37" Tall. His fingers and arms have some type of wire made into them so they … 15" plastic doll with kewpie type expression Not rated yet I can't figure out who this doll is! The only mark is a circled "C" on the back of the head. He has been in a box for years, and has moved with us … Click here to write your own.

She was born in and when she was about 10 went to visit relatives in England where I think she … kathe kruse doll? Not rated yet I bought a doll today at a thrift store that is very sweet looking, but has no markings. She reminds me of a Kathe Kruse doll, but the only unusual … Babybess Not rated yet Hi, I inherited this doll from my grandmother who has passed away over 10 years ago.

How much does it cost and how can I can contact you or the person about the doll. Based on the age of my friend and my current age I thought she was created inbut it is most likely … Little country dolls Not rated yet I have 4 dolls almost all of them I know are from the same maker.

There are no markings that I can find, but it appears there clothes were sewn on as … Do you know anything about my doll? Not rated yet Hello: I am trying to find out about this doll that I had for awhile now. But the amazing thing is everything except for her torso is made out of glass. Very old. Not rated yet Hi, I came upon this little doll at a recent estate sale of a lady who is in her nineties. She had a very large doll collection.

I see no marks … I can't identify the doll I recently bought. Not rated yet Well while waiting for takeout, I stepped out into the mini-mall and saw that they had a thrift shop so I went in and I saw what I think is the cutest … I woud love to know when this doll with scary hair was made and what country please Not rated yet Hi there I found this doll in a huge pile of trash so I brought her home.

My friends have been scaring me saying its a spirit doll with the human hair … help identifying this doll Not rated yet I found this doll in a land field in Germany when I was about 8. I have tried to research it for a long time but have not came up with anything. It … Delicate 7" porcelain doll - inherited from grandmother Not rated yet HI We have inherited this from my husband's grandmother and are a bit stumped as to her origins.

Hands and legs … Doll Investigator Not rated yet We have a 24" girl doll that was given to our mom in her early years she was born in The only mark is at the base of her wig which shows the number … Doll I cannot identify.

Not rated yet I have recently purchased an antique doll with bisque head and composition body. Marks on neck are illegible, however it has blown glass sleeping eyes … stephen brodie Not rated yet A friend of mine is trying to find the background of a doll bought in australia in the early 60,s. She describes it as rubber? Japanese sleepy eye doll Not rated yet I received this doll from my grandmother in a small box wrapped in tissue paper.

The clothes are disintegrating and I cannot find any information on the … Help me figure out what my doll is Not rated yet Hello, I have a small doll that Im trying to identify the maker. The … Petitcollin or not Petitcollin Not rated yet I have just bought a doll at a 'antique' shop because I love her face. I acquired this doll at a silent auction - I bid on it because the cause was good, and the doll was attracting no interest. I … 16" Porcelain Wind Up Musical Doll Not rated yet I've had this doll for many years and can remember it from my earliest childhood memories late 80's.

Originally, it was my fathers and I have no way … boy doll ID Not rated yet I found this guy at a yard sell and he look so cute, but I would like to know how old he is.

Would like to know more about it. There is not many markings on it. Unusual-Looking Antique China Doll Ornament Not rated yet I received an antique doll from the family of an elderly neighbor who passed away. This lady was born inwas somewhat of a recluse and never got … Click here to write your own. Costumed Doll Identity Not rated yet Can anyone identify this doll? She's a 6 inch strung doll. Her head and face appear to be composition with hand painted features and her legs look … Help - I can't find any reference to this makers mark Not rated yet Hi, This doll has been in my family for as long as I can remember I am almost 50 and probably longer.

She has no markings. The hair and clothes were replaced. Her head, arms, … Janet Not rated yet Found a doll in my mom's spare room: It's probably a vintage. The only mark on the back of the neck is a P no circle around it. The doll … 1st Nations souvenir doll. Not rated yet Purchased this doll at the local flea market, and having trouble identifying where she came from. Fairly certain she is not a Skookum doll, as her shoes … 7" porcelain baby doll Not rated yet I have two of these beautiful little dolls but don't know who they are.

Their marks are hard to read, and don't know where to start. We bought an old jointed bisque doll in a Flea Market and could never identify it as we've never seen … 30" Mystery Doll Not rated yet I was given this doll in the 60's by my cousin.

It may have come from England. The doll is not jointed she stands straight up on her toes she used to … Believe me Not rated yet Hello,I am so happy to have come across people that are willing that actually offer to share thier knowledge!

It restores my faith in humanity One of them has stamped on the bottom "no. Another … 36" antique vintage bisque head doll Not rated yet I was given a vintage doll to sell on ebay. From what I can gather it is from the early 's. Doll is jointed and is 36" tall. It is a bisque headed … Please help me figure out what kind of doll this is.

Not rated yet I inherited this doll. She is either composite or plastic. Has a 22 on back of inner thigh and a 32 on other thigh. Says ideal doll use between shoulder … Pat Not rated yet A friend of my mother's gave my sister and I this little doll in the early 's.

The doll is … Any information is appreciated Not rated yet I have no background information on this doll as I inherited it from a beloved family member after her passing.

I was unable to find any type of marking … rickp Not rated yet I have an old doll head with crazing, mechanical moving eyes, two upper teeth and a tongue. On the inside there are marks: small Capital A, large Capital … What kind of doll is she?? Not rated yet I found this sweet doll, but can't find another like her on Ebay, or anywhere else.

She is six inches tall, and has a hard plastic body. Her hair … RachelB Not rated yet I have the composite baby doll body that belonged to my grandmother. Unfortunately the head was broken by my distraught mother when I was a child and … 20" Leather Doll with purple ink logo on front chest Not rated yet Bought at auction, 20" doll is made of white leather except hand-painted head and forearms. She is jointed at elbows, hips and knees. There is a purple … Possibly German, around s I think Not rated yet Can you help to identify these dolls?

They belonged to my grandmother. I have compared them to others I have seen online, and my best guess is that they … possible Sonja Henny Not rated yet She was found folded up in a flour sack in the 90's. I have held onto her hoping to bring me millions one day! She is wearing an ice skating outfit … Ms.

Stephanie Moats Not rated yet I have this porcelain doll that is in what I would call a trunk case. She's very pretty and when you open it up, there is the doll, a drawer and 3 different … Unknown doll Not rated yet Hello Everyone! I need help to identify this doll my mom had as a child. I do not want to sell it, just want to ID it. She called her a Ginny doll. She is dirty but there is something about her that just spoke to me. I bought her. Please Help! Not rated yet I have a black porcelain head doll with painted red ribbons on the front of her 3 porcelain pony tails, red painted pursed lips and white painted eyes … Antique Boy Doll With Papier Mache Head Not rated yet I won an auction and this doll was included.

He is 13" tall with a papier mache head, cloth body and bisque hands. His hair is sort of a coarse mohair. I was curious about … Mold number 80 Not rated yet This german doll has crude body, the bisque head is marked on back of head in Made In Germany, under that the number 80 under that the number 0 Her … Old German Doll Not rated yet In the s my Mom was given a doll by our neighbors who had acquired it at a German antique shop while vacationing there a decade before.

My husband played one of those games that you put your quarter on a number and if your … No markings, bisque head shoulder, kid leather body sleeping eyes Not rated yet This doll belonged to my wife's gramma. THAT's all I know. Being kid leather with joints, I suspect it's German made. She appears to be a 12" paper mache … Solid Germany Porcelain Doll - 5" Not rated yet Found this 'baby' doll at a yard sale.

Only identifying marks is that it printed "Made in Germany" on her back the capital G seems to have a tail … L Coutu Not rated yet I have 3 dolls which I don't know the names.

I would like to know what they're worth. Dutch Male and Female Porcelain Dolls. Not rated yet My father owned a thrift store of sorts and he would go to auctions, garage sales, estate sales and the like to fill his store. I wanted a Miss Revlon doll and my mom ordered her from Sears. She looks like the Miss Revlon doll but her head turns, … justlooking Not rated yet I have a doll I was given when I was adopted in My aunt and uncle lived in Germany and I believe they sent it to me from there.

It is a hard … help identify doll made in germany Not rated yet Hi, I have a doll that my grandmother was given when she was a child in the 's by her teacher. She always said it was a valuable antique. We don't know much about it except what we can see.

I've tried to identify it with absolutely no luck. So here I am, hoping to get some help. She received this doll in or I'd love to know for sure plus the value as well. Unica Belgium 14inches … petitcollin cr Not rated yet My Uncle gave me this doll. He said it was a petitcollin cr It has a celluloid boy face and looks like a bear suit. Both dolls are 24" tall. Both dolls are bisque - hands and upper arms, feet and lower legs, and heads. Both dolls … dutch boy and girl with wooden shoes Not rated yet I believe these dolls came from my Aunt.

They have bisque head, shoulders and lower arms. Hair seems to be glued or sewn to head, as it looks like tiny … Click here to write your own. Can't find information on these 2 dolls. Not rated yet I've had these dolls for a long time! The beautiful one in the green dress I've had since I was around 9 or so and the other one I don't quite remember … I'm Ronnie, I found an old baby doll Not rated yet Hi, I found an old at least it appears to be old baby doll at a yard sale, and it is just so fascinating.

It looks very realistic, its pretty much … NO ID Not rated yet I inherited this from my grandmother born sometime early This is one of them I have another with a white and green dress. They feature flexible arms and legs that are covered by what … 2 Dolls bought on EBay Can You Dig It ?

- House Mannequin - Can You Dig It ? (Vinyl) rated yet I have taken a plunge and bought 2 dolls on Ebay. They have arrived and I realise I am completely lost in knowing anything or what they might be? They have arrived and I realize I am completely lost in knowing anything or what they might be?

Please … Please Help me identify these dolls Not rated yet Hi, My Husband found these in a clean up job and I was wondering if anyone can give me any information on them.

The doll in white has hair and … Hard to identify doll Not rated yet I have a doll that turned 32 on Christmas Day. I have had her since Christmas Day of I know she is a drink and wet.

Her head is hard plastic … Need Help Identifying French and Other Unknown Doll Not rated yet I came across these dolls at a garage sale and thought they might be worth more than the 2 bucks each I paid. I tried to identify the marks but had no … Please Help Identify these lovely ladies. Not rated yet I have a record album with dolls on the cover; I have tried to match the images with images on line but have not been successful, and it's quite time … Antique procelain doll No idea about it???

Not rated yet My father recently passed away and while going through his safe my mom found this doll. We could not find any markings on the doll. It is only about 5 … I have a Composition Doll that is 23" Not rated yet I have a Composition Doll that is 23" in Height, she has molded dark hair, she has open mouth with two top teeth showing and open and close eyes. My … Please help ID doll Not rated yet I found this doll at a thrift store, she has a mark on the back of her neck which says c Her body is soft, with hard feet, hands, neck, and head.

There are no markings. He is in a wooden Jarrah box with a front glass front. The Kimono is a … Tammy Not rated yet Hello, My husband was restoring a local historical building in the 80's. He tore out a wall and found this doll in the wall. He knew I loved dolls so … straw? Not rated yet I found this doll in a draw while clearing out my elderly Aunt's house after her death.

The woman had passed and had many items from parents and grandparents, so I believe these dolls … really old doll??? Not rated yet Hello! I was left with this doll when I was to little to remember and I am now 23 and wondering about my doll. So here she is In a nightgown. Mouth open in a yawning position. Porcelain … miss Not rated yet My Nana past away 9 years ago and I was given her porcelain dolls. I have 4 Leonardo dolls which where easy to tell what they are. I also have another … Kestner 7.

The top number is 7, under that is and at the very bottom is C Made in Germany. I … Mysterious doll Not rated yet I bought this doll about 1. I saw this doll at one of a decoration shop in Malaysia. I really want to know the brand but I can't find … Unknown Doll Not rated yet I found this doll in my mothers belongings after she passed away. It is obviously old and I have tried to find others like it on ebay with negative results.

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Here's what everyone has been up to lately. Kim Bok-nam salinsageonui jeonmal Jipuragirado japgo sipeun jimseungdeul The Remains of the Day As Good as It Can You Dig It ? - House Mannequin - Can You Dig It ? (Vinyl) Pretty Woman We want to be free. We want to have a good time. We know we're not going to be able to all our lives. We know we're going to have to buckle down and work. We know we're going to have to eventually become family men and women, and have responsibilities and pay our bills.

But just give us a couple of good days that we can look back on. Ben Stein says he got the role of Bueller's Economics teacher through six degrees of separation. He introduced me to a guy who's an executive at Warner Brothers. He introduced me to a guy who's a casting director. He introduced me to John Hughes. John Hughes and I are among the only Republicans in the picture business, and John Hughes put me in the movie", Stein said. Hughes said that Stein was an easy and early choice for the role of the teacher: "He wasn't a professional actor.

He had a flat voice, he looked like a teacher. In the scene in which Sloane and Ed Rooney are standing outside, waiting for Mr. Peterson, the school in the background was John Hughes ' old high school. The restaurant where Ferris and company go to eat is the same one Jake and Elwood terrorized in The Blues Brothers It is also the same restaurant from St.

Elmo's Firewhere Kirby waits for Dale. According to John HughesCameron was based, in large part, on a friend of his in high school. His family neglected him, so he took that as license to really pamper himself.

When he was legitimately sick, he actually felt good, because it was difficult and tiring to have to invent diseases, but when he actually had something, he was relaxed.

The parade scene took multiple days of filming; Matthew Broderick spent some time practicing the dance moves. We worked out all the moves by rehearsing in a little studio. It was shot on two Saturdays in the heart of downtown Chicago. The first day was during a real parade, and John got some very long shots.

Then radio stations carried announcements inviting people to take part in a John Hughes movie. The word got around fast, and ten thousand people showed up. For the final shot, I turned around and saw a river of people. I put my hands up at the end of the number and heard this huge roar.

I can understand how rock stars feel. That kind of reaction feeds you. John Hughes personally selected the songs for the film. He wanted them to be somewhat obscure to the typical moviegoing audience, feeling that he wanted everything about the film to feel new.

For example, the song heard when the Ferrari is revealed for the first time and during the final scene is "Oh Yeah" by Swiss band Yello. The song was not a hit after its first release, but its inclusion in this movie rapidly popularized it, prompting a re-release.

It has since been used in dozens of other movies Can You Dig It ? - House Mannequin - Can You Dig It ? (Vinyl) series, often in scenes featuring a desirable object or person. Most of the license plates are all abbreviations for titles of films by John Hughes. Cameron's Mr. Peterson voice was an in-joke imitation of their former director Gene Saks. Ruck felt at ease working with Broderick, often crashing in his trailer.

The short scene with the coughing keyboard was improvised by Matthew Broderick. This is explained in the commentary on the DVD. The bus scene that plays during the ending credits was a scene cut from the movie. It was meant to take place after Jeanie announced that she called the police, and Rooney had to find a place to hide.

This explains why the sky isn't dark, and why a bus is taking students home at p. The final scene in the garage was shot in early fall, so each of the leaves on all the trees outside had to be hand-painted green every morning before shooting.

In the shot looking up from the wreck at the three friends, the yellow tree with most of its upper leaves gone can be seen reflected in the window. The outfit Ferris is wearing hat, sunglasses, and trench coat when he picks up Sloane from school, can be seen on a mannequin in his room, behind his door, as his parents leave his room at the beginning of the movie to go to work. The producers received several angry letters from car enthusiasts who thought the car shown was a real Ferrari that was actually wrecked.

It is still on display at the Art Institute of Chicago. It is the inspiration for the long-running Broadway musical "Sunday in the Park with George.

Several key moments in the movie were created in the editing room: Jeanie kicking Rooney three times in the face when there was in fact only one kick filmed ; Ferris and Sloane's kiss in front of Rooney was originally just a brief kiss, but was later edited into the long kiss seen in the film.

John Hughes said that he had Matthew Broderick in mind when he wrote the screenplay, saying Broderick was the only actor who could pull off the role, calling him clever and charming. That charm had to come through. Jimmy Stewart could have played Ferris at fifteen I needed Matthew. The line Ferris says in the bathroom at the French restaurant about Cameron's house being very pretty, and very cold, was originally supposed to be said by Allison Ally Sheedy in The Breakfast Clubregarding her home life.

According to Alan Ruckthe role of Cameron had originally been offered to Emilio Estevezwho turned it down. It could also be seen as a dig at his Blackhawks-loving father. The two teams are bitter rivals. Charlie Sheen 's role in this movie was filmed on one of his days off from the film Lucas His role came up mid-shoot. Jeffrey Jones recalled, "My part was actually quite small in the script, but what seemed to be the important part to me was that I was the only one who wasn't swept along by Ferris.

So I was the only one in opposition, which presented a lot of opportunities, some of which weren't even in the script or were expanded on. John was receptive to anything I had to offer, and indeed got ideas along the way himself. So that was fun, working with him. Hughes told me at the time, and I thought he was just blowing his own horn, he said, 'You are going to be known for this for the rest of your life', and I thought, 'Sure' Polly du Pont Noonanwho plays the girl Rooney sits next to on the bus, wore glasses that were specially made by the prop department.

The lenses distorted her vision so much that they made her nauseous. Also, the glasses were so heavy that she had to hold her head in a certain position to keep them from falling down. The Cubs game depicted in the movie that Ferris and his friends attend was an actual game played against the Atlanta Braves on June 5, The shot of the street looking down from The Sears Tower was done by the second unit crew.

The cameraman got sick, because he had to be held over the side to get the shot. The hall scenes in which Jeanie is seen walking down the hall, and the kid collecting money to save Ferris, is the hall from The Breakfast Club Fox were all considered for the role of Ferris Bueller.

The text that appears on the screen when Ferris is explaining how to fake being sick to his parents was added later, because John Hughes thought the scene was too flat and not funny enough according to him in the DVD commentary.

Deleted scenes: - Ferris asks his dad on the phone about bonds his father purchased when he was born, he then takes one of them from a shoebox in his father's closet, cashes it at the bank with his girlfriend telling the hard-of-hearing teller they are pregnant with a Jeepand uses the money to pay for his day off.

It was removed, because it made Ferris look like a thief rather than a lovable rogue. It was removed, because it showed the waiter getting the better of Ferris, but later in the movie, when Ferris is recounting the day to Cameron, he remarks "we ate pancreas". The first edit of the film had a running time of two hours and forty-five minutes. In order to keep the savage rottweiler focused on Ed Rooney, John Hughes had Jeffrey Jones carry a raw steak around in his jacket pocket.

When Ferris hacks into the school's computer to change the number of absences he had, it is a subtle nod to WarGameswhen Matthew Broderick hacks into the school's computer to change his grades.

The dance sequence by the group on the stairs during Ferris' lip-synch performance of "Twist and Shout" is taken directly out of Michael Jackson 's Michael Jackson: Thriller video, as well as the Jacksons' performance on the "Motown 25" TV special. At one point in the film, there was a line that Ferris was going to say, "Come next year, I'll be the first kid to ride on the Space Shuttle.

However, less than five months before the film's release on January 28,the Challenger exploded, killing all seven aboard, including schoolteacher Christa McAuliffe. Because of this, John Hughes had the preview recalled from theaters, and the line was edited out of the final film. Ferris wears a different outfit in each scene before he and Cameron go to pick up Sloane.

The number "9" Can You Dig It ? - House Mannequin - Can You Dig It ? (Vinyl) chosen for the number of Ferris' absences because it sounded harsh when spoken by Rooney.

While Sir Paul McCartney admitted that he liked the movie, he personally disliked the "Twist and Shout" sequence for its inclusion of brass instruments. But it wasn't really part of the song.

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