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Chiefs from. Sponsored Trick or treat at The Franklin Institute by. On top of that, by the time you do get it, you'll probably have pocketed g if you are smart about selling your stuff on the AH. Some people can clear the graveyard even lower levels, but it takes a decent amount of skill and time to do that.

Rare world drop? This is a rare drop in SM it can drop in evrey part people who say it can drop in SFK are sick becuas it cant! Anyone on Dath'Remar who wants? Comment by Allakhazam Waste of money. I mean spend 50g for this? And even if you don't want it who in lvl29 got 50g? Comment by Allakhazam Anyone on the whisperwind server that has one of these pst Xendalas with a reasonable price.

Loving the White damage and SS crits on this baby. Picture: Here Edited, Mon May 8 Comment by Allakhazam Bought it for 40g which is kinda cheap on my serv. I just can't wait to check SS crits with it! Comment by Allakhazam well responding to the earlier post I had 2 drop for me and made g off of them best I have ever done in ah now I have more than enough for my mount once I get to lvl 40 which i am close too.

Comment by Allakhazam its not that good for a rogue since you can only put it in youre main hand and its a sword so no backstab the best part of bieng a rogue. Comment by Allakhazam Finaly got this baby at 1am lol its awsome bought it at AH for 32g not bad lol sadly i sold every thing in my bank lol so now im poor lol ohh well off to farm for some money lol.

Comment by Allakhazam This Weapon Worked wonderfully for my rogue with an icy enchant! Comment by Allakhazam Edited, Fri Jul 1 I've been trying to find this weapon at a reasonable price for a long time to use with the Rogue. I finally gave up on trying to catch a good price and hit SM with my Hunter. This dropped from a Diviner on the way out of the Library. I can't believe I actually got the item I went for. My luck usually sucks and I wind up with a load of leather "of the Whale" crap, but not this time.

Comment by Allakhazam A guildie friend was running me through SM to get some silk so I could get a NE tiger for my dwarf before I was 40, and one of these dropped off a hound. He was like let's go back and kill the houndmaster's hounds to get another one, and I was like "dude, let's not waste time.

Not even a different blue, but the same damn thing. What are the odds? Comment by Allakhazam hehe got this in the room just before the final boss at SM library from some random guy.

Hehe now the problem with the mount is taken care of XD. Comment by Allakhazam Does anyone have this on Sen'jin? Whisper me on Gdupbeard. Comment by Allakhazam The Butcher :. Thanks for the love. Carlo keto carnivore love paleo realfood mentalhealth totalhealth I love you all!

Hey Hey Hey Folks! Another Friday and another Podcast for you. Tonight I chat about Keto vs Carnivore. Much love! Thank you all for the likes, listens, shares and all around love I receive. Another Friday and another Podcast for you, from the bottom Hey High Class Butcher my heart! Tonight I talk about my new job, Dr. Paul Saladino on Rogan and Finishing strong! Hey everyone!

Another Friday night! Its Oct 9th and I'm still alive! Lets do this! It's another night of me and you. Tonight I recap how Sept ended and talk about Sober October. What does it mean to me? New Job new challenges! Hey Hey Hey! Tonight is just me and you baby! Tonight I chat with an old friend. Jamie and I have known each other since elementary school days.

Yes, that puts it to around 35 years! I love this guy, Pease put your hands together for and old friend, Jamie Boston. Papa Earth specializes in top quality locally sourced meats and wild Ocean caught fish. You can customize your own box at www. Vegetarian drug-free pork. Ontario lamb. Wild Caught fish. Vacuum sealed and flash frozen. Don't forget to check out our new Sponsor Papaearth.

Enter your code at checkout at mention in the delivery instructions if you prefer rib-eye steaks or top sirloin steaks. Hey Hey Hey Folks and welcome to Fatso? Just me tonight, I get into the trip back home and what I'm up to! Just me and you tonight. I talked about my September challenge and my quick trip home. Happy Friday my fellow Fatsos?

Yes - Fat So? Fat is not the problem remember Tonight's guests grace us with their time and their love once again as we chat about - what else This is another solo episode. Biking Healthy food and Family Connection! Happy Friday everyone!

I have another Solo episode for you tonight. Tonight I get into my Challenge for August, some updates on my cancer journey Lets do it! Tonight I chat with Jenn Sicoli. I've known Jenn for a long time and I just love her as I'm sure you will too. Please put your hands together and welcome Jenn to the Fatso? Radio space!!!! Tonight I bring you a great chat I had with Danielle Hamilton.

Happy Friday. Another Solo night tonight. Happy Friday! Summer of Love? That's Right! Here is my update on July midway through. Another Solo episode. Peace and Love. Tonight I'm talking about one of my favourite things to do!

I also talk about being a foodie. What does that even mean anymore? Lets dive into it my friends!! Tonight I'm talking to my boys! Even if you're not a boy I love my brothers. Al Danenberg. Tonight it is my pleasure to talk with Dr. Al has a wealth of knowledge, years of experience in Densitry as a Periodontist and also knows all about the Paleio, Keto and Carnivore approach and he shares his time and love with me.

Please show Dr. Al some love and I know you'll enjoy this one! Happy Friday!! This week I Hey another special guest for you all! Mike Brancatelli runs the podcast Mikeadelic. He is a champion of consciousness and psychedelics. We sat down and had a good chat. Please show him some love and Hey out his work. He is awesome. Don't forget to like and leave us a review where ever you listen to us. Peace and Love, I love you all! Happy Friday Friends! It's just me and you tonight folks! I recap my June and my idea of Back to Basics.

Tonight I have an old time long time friend from the Soo. Well not from the Soo haha as you'll hear We chat We by no means have the answers but we have questions. With love and support we can make it through this all folks.

I have two special guests for you tonight. WE talk about life on the farm and we talk guns. We talk regenerative ways of living. Show our friends some love. I have a special guest for you tonight. We sit down and have a great chat. We talk about podcasting, security work, family mental health and community. Mario was a big part of me actually starting this podcast and a little push I needed to get this podcast going and he's shared some amazing advice to help me along the way.

Check out his podcasts and show him love Fatso? Radio Love. Are they here? What do we know? What do we think? What should Hey High Class Butcher do? We have ideas but no answers. I am joined by a couple old friends.

When you know me David Gomes and Andrew Kennery. Radio but that's what it's all about. Peace and Love I love you all! Hey Hey Hey Everyone! It's Friday and I have another special guest for you tonight. Way back in the 80s and 90s in the Soo, that's Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Damian and I grew up. A few streets down the road we attended the same schools and have a ton in common. We played football together and just about all of our family members knew each other. Big families Damian now lives in Halifax where he is a high school and junior high school teacher.

We reminisced and laughed. We also hit some hard topics. Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy. Energetic Happy Hypnotic. Romantic Sad Sentimental. Sexy Trippy All Moods. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Introspection Late Night Partying. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Articles Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts. My Profile.

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