Newscast - 日没 Inc. - Your Local Broadcast (Cassette, Album)

A promo for an Australian cable channel. Yes, it snows in parts of Australia, google it if you don't believe me. From the Boston area. Includes commercials and bumpers. Maybe a future time traveler will find this and make use of it! Includes post Hurricane Isabel footage Topic: weather channel Recorded off the air, includes commercials and bumpers Topic: the weather channel september 21 You'll see why with this video. After the first take, the film spat out of the VHS tape when it got to the radar segment so I had to stop and eject it out, and roll it back in.

I went ahead and threw the tape away, there was nothing left to rip off of it that I haven't already gotten off of it. If you couldn't tell from the distortion of the audio, the song was "Restless Heart" by Chris Geith.

Newscast - 日没 Inc. - Your Local Broadcast (Cassette rights reserved. Produced by the cable company, it ran for 20 or so years. Un release colaborativo con Dark Web Recordings. Respectueux de l'environnement. We all have one address and that is Earth. Thanx for choosing to Download this album, I'm hoping you are able to spare some change as a donation, every dollar helps to keep my projects going.

I appreciate your support and Interest. It released on October 29, Topics: toy story, pixar, disney. Documentary of Green Day's Dookie I don't own any of this footage. Available at night coverage: nightcoverage. Topics: hitonatsukashi, sentimental transmission, world, sound collage, weather. Topics: electronic, ambient, computer, computer music, concept album, experimental, experimental Tracklist: 1. NCVR credits released January 19, nydivine. NCVR credits released July 9, georgi VC Track List: Pending.

Topics: experimental, ambient, noise, Hantasi, H. Some wiggly gremlins are playing funny tricks on The Wiggles and their friends! Things don't work out as planned, but it's a lot of fun building a set, dressing up and singing and dancing with The Wiggles and their friends! Someday I probably will too.

Is it pronounced me me? Did u ever play that one game on Windows ME? How to make Seapunk? Last 10 minutes of broadcast day. Includes ending of MTV Japan, and sign off. FBI Warning screen 2. Coming Album) To Theaters bumper 4. The Emperor's New Groove trailer 6. The Tigger Movie trailer 8. Fantasia trailer 9. Toy Story 2 trailer Join Us After the Feature bumper Feature Presentation bumper But the green cassettes pictured are the same I'm recording on.

Will be shipped in early June at the earliest, late June at the latest. If you didn't get these ones, there will be others out sometime later in the summer. Now's your chance to own Sunset Inc.

These green tinted cassettes were home-dubbed in real time on a Denon DRW dual tape deck and come with a hand-cut brightly colored double-sided glossy J-Card. Edition of The Morning Report buy track 2. Traffic Update buy track 3. Call the Number on Your Screen! Spring Showers buy track 5. Lunch Break buy track 6. And We Are Live! Tonight at 9 buy track 9. Newscast buy track Forecaster '88 buy track G o o d n i g h t buy track about Debut album for Sunset Inc.

NLT - Sunset Incorporated's page: sunsetincorporated. Together we hold a light in the dark. Purveyors of the future through dark and broken sounds. Contact Night Light Tapes. Streaming and Download help. Report this album or account.

If you like Your Local Broadcast, you may also like:. It has this oldies feel to it that i really like. Andrew Gregway. Spaceship Earth by Whitewoods. Spaceship Earth is equal parts fun, strange, funky, and nostalgic. If you're a vaporwave fan you'll definitely find something to love here. Woozy and hallucinatory, "napolifutura" is the kind of music that would play in an elevator in a Magritte painting. Also available on tape. Woozy electronic music gets gilded with silvery guitars on the latest from the forward-thinking Illuminated Paths label.

The great Illuminated Paths label issue another record of hazy, slowed-down sounds. Woozy, surreal, comforting, and absorbing. Inseparable starts of Album) possibly the most riveting way possible for this album. The drum starts with no hesitation after this little hook. A nice cowbell-esque percussion helps to fill the void, but we finally meet up with the bass and melodic line in a nice break that soon builds into the full meat of the song.

Like the last track before this one, Inseparable does have two breaks from the slushy percussion. I love this one, and this song is my favorite in the whole album. The low pass drums pound in a faster motion than before, and they gain and gain and soon dissolve into the mercy of the funky bassline.

Before you know it, the melody kicks into high gear and you feel at peace with the perpetual movement of everything around you. The melody sometimes veers off in style and becomes more funky with some jazzy synth stabs, but it mainly stays at peace with its origin form. Sometime in the later part of the track, the melody changes itself into a more bittersweet melody that is joined by some new synth funk stabs This slushy vapor funk track is killer.

Separation of Soul sounds so bittersweet as its name would allude to. The glowing pink orb of love and life that you have created with your lover is now falling back into two halves again. You will never be back. The melody fades slowly in this track, and soon you enter the abyss. Did you even have that love to begin with, or was it all just a dream? Your memory fades into nothing. Nothing exists. You are nothing now. The beginning of the tape begins with a beautiful series of chords leading to piano riffs, those riffs leading up to a drum buildup into a steady, happy, and slowed-down Rippingtons track.

Your morning is ready to begin! We are really gaining traction in the vaporwave world! These tapes sold out within 12 hours, and with great reason. The tape is housed in a gorgeous green translucent shell with red leader tape. The desk of this faded newscast picture turns into an image of an 80s mall with twin escalators. The Weather Channel logo is on the corner of the front.

There is also a Dolby logo on the spine. The label art on the tape itself is more Weather Channel art with the album title and artist title as well as the copyright at the bottom of the labels. Overall, a very beautiful looking cassette. Then the album suddenly cuts to static which turns into a Weather Channel intro and weather reporting. The saxophones drones on, sometimes interrupted by static or ads. The reporting continues a bit later, telling the listener that, of course, you are watching the Weather Channel.

The story Album) the weatherman has led him out of his lunch break at the mall into the elevator going to the studio where he works.

The elevator drones the same song, which slows midway through shoutout to Phoenix Could these two albums be somehow linked? Maybe…just maybe….

The vocals in the background is reporting from a young weather-woman on the conditions in the Midwest part of the USA. Very easygoing so far. There is some news samples decorating the end of this track when it becomes more happy-feeling. The guitar sound on this track even seems like it could be slowly waving goodbye, if you get my feel. But WAIT. Another track? Why not! The listener hears an entity of some sort load up an old VHS, which, after some jostling, plays a sad, smooth tune while Weather Channel vocals are heard within the folds of the music sort of scattered throughout.

The piano invites a soft saxophone to join the Newscast - 日没 Inc. - Your Local Broadcast (Cassette, just as the vocals come in one last time, ending the album in a sudden fade out.

This album was my second tape purchase and it was definitely a good buy! Mana Pool was released in two forms: vinyl and cassette, the latter being in two colors: white and aqua blue. The blue sold out like crazy, within the first days of release, but I was just lucky enough to have the white one pretty soon after the blues sold out.

The tape is a Type I and has sticker labels with the Side A and the Side B markings in front of some lush-looking water art. The tape has red leaders, which is really cool to contrast the white tape shell and the light blue art.

The J Card is reversible, with the old vinyl release art and other similar elements on one side and the newer, more simplistic digital album cover art on the other. The cassette case is clear.

The J Card has track listing on the short flap on both sides.

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