Nobodys Fool - The Digger$ - Mount Everest (CD, Album)

For Great Justice! Save Me short edit For Great Justice! Wonderwall Green Day vs. Siberian Safari Havalina Rail Co. Kite The Imaginary Orchestra of Mr. John P. DJ Bounce Change feat. D Kasabian Orange Kasabian L. The Killers Tranquilize Feat. Largo" "Lara St. Let It Snow! Lila McCann Mr. IV, No. Seattle Symphony.

Blige Family Affair Mary J. Blige f. Adonai The O. Supertones Unknown The O. Supertones Roots The O. Supertones Heaven The O. Supertones Exalt The O. Supertones Found The O. Supertones O. Supertones The O. Supertones Escape from Reason The O. Supertones Jury Duty The O. Supertones Return of the Revolution The O. Supertones Wilderness The O. Supertones Father's World The O. A continuing venture into a troubled French Diesel technology, following the Collins debacle. Surely some merit is due to Scott Morrison visions of a peaceful Indo Pacific to counter the Chinese threat.

Australia has a Tall Poppy Syndrome like no other. Everyone wants a say. A clear and unequivocal commercial decision via a clause gateway in the contract. Seems that only Scott Morrison and his Canberra mates have the balls to stand up to China. Get flucked China. And this just about sums up ignorance and stupidity. Note the bit about litres of alcohol. God help us all! Young adults who most likely were completely vaccinated as children, object without rational information — because they can.

These privileged entitled twats would bomb us all back to the Stone Age, so long as their smartphones and social media platforms remain available. We need to enact some form of punishment on these idiots, if they choose to reject a standard practice that is good enough for we oldies. Take away their dole benefits and their subsidised rent and most other sponger driven perks. Fools in cosy Canberra Government employ, never ever putting their lives at risk, now toy with the survival of a loyal Aussie aide.

Bloody shameful Australia. Let the poor sod in and argue later. We live in a privileged society in Queensland. A State Health Service the envy of Album), an educational system that panders to the wishes and wants of any child, a formidable police service managed by competent coppers, and an indulgent social services system that is generous.

Of course we all gripe now and then, but compared to most of our Western global counterparts, we are very fortunate — and the weather is exceptional — perfect one day, beautiful the next. In contrast we do have maggotry, awful, stupid, moronic dopes, who lurk, ever present in our society, undoing the good that our politicians labour over daily. Unfortunately these cretins will be surfacing frequently, no matter what penalties or curtailments apply.

Currently its the anti vaxxers, border breaches and avoidance of common sense health restrictions that most of us accept. Ever present are breaches of road rules, dangerous mobile phone usage while driving, drug abuses, plain bloody intolerance of others and, drunkenness with physical assaults that maim for life. The side issues are of course youngsters who learn from their parents and peers and fellow school mates. When serious enough, the media waffles and moans with ever increasing breathless enthusiasm, as if its all important to unload in a fraction of a second between the advertisements.

WELL on that note — a name and shame weekly bulletin — forwardly protected by the Courts from litigation might do the trick. These cretins need to be Album) that society despises their behaviour. Photo recognition would quickly identify these fools and show we law abiding citizens who we rub shoulders with. This example of idiot politics in Australia defies belief that the welfare of the public would be placed at risk by unqualified comment. How this politician gets even one vote is to me a mystery.

This time from a federal politician with all the answers — retrospectively! Try second guessing another looming problem mate — the next wave of infections — before it all happens!! Then you might get some attention. Easy to 2nd guess the outfall of the pandemic Mister. Where were you when the crystal ball was being read? To embrace the Australian nation in this childish play is an affront to intelligent appraisal of circumstances and to focus on the memory of a WW2 Digger an affront to bravery.

Carve your own fucking path Mate if you have something of value to contribute, otherwise fuck off and let ScoMo do what he can, where he can, with the tools available.

Now behave you spoiled entitled wanker and consider the big picture. An old-fashioned word these days, but ever on my mind as we attend to our daily dozen. And no-one seems to accept responsibility. What other mayhem is cooking behind the doors of relative Governments?

Is this Armageddon? Our Western civil servants what a misnomer that is are paid enormous salaries with lifelong perks to support and guide politicians who represent the electorate.

Think Tanks offer after event correction and positive opinion, yet the disasters still appear. Despite all this, the further accelerating wealth of the West is now squandered on righting the wrongs in 3rd world countries with centuries of disorder and the criminal activities of tribal warlords.

All now in the name of compassion for our fellow humans. It cannot continue. Well, I for one have had enough. I do not deny that we should show compassion, but where does it end? Parts of the Middle East are in flames, Islam is confused, Christian values are challenged with no end in sight to the monstrous atrocities by terrorists and renegade factions who take up arms.

Anarchy reigns in parts of Africa, migrants from war torn countries deny due process and abuse our Western systems of rights and earned entitlements. Europe is beleaguered with fleeing migrants. Our systems are overloaded with sick and deprived women and children and able young men, but if we fail to show support then we are branded heartless and inconsiderate.

Yet human procreation continues at unprecedented levels with cretins like the CCP in China advocating an increase in the size of families. We have no say in any of this, but are affected — and afflicted by the Ill-conceived actions of others. Estimated deaths of Allied military, civilians, and enemy islives. Not included are the costs of Allied nations. Yet evidence also shows that fewer than 12 US Congressional and Senate probes for the cost of the war were held since it started in You can bet that other Western nations also swept those costs under the carpet, or worse made no pre-evaluation of going to war.

The US is seen as the saviour for all the global strife. All a waste of enterprise and cash. There has to be a limit to this waste of lives and financial support.

Australia for one needs additional cash to build its public services, hospitals and medical services for an ageing population. We are not alone. Great Britain is dragged into a pointless stupid Brexit altercation by Brussels and the EU pigs who are in charge. It fails the litmus test and more so appears to be the mutterings of a middle aged frump — and the MPs who side with her, with little or no perception of reality of going forwards.

Are you crazy in Scotland? Check where your bread is buttered, you morons. Very nice I thought, a present from my service provider Optus for being a long term good customer. If pigs could fly!! On checking, I was informed that the order to change our mobile plans was received but a few days ago. Quite untrue. Never a dull moment Cheps!! Following the above linked news clip on Channel 9 Brisbane, last night, by Dr Eric Feigl-Ding, I was appalled to view another clip of a male nurse at a Sydney Age Residential Care complex, espousing his rights to refuse to be inoculated or to mask up.

But what punishment is the question? Who is to say, additionally, that more variants are not on the way? Typical Labour knee jerk by jerks with absolutely no idea of how things work. Like China which burns a grand opportunity to act in a statesmanlike fashion over the COVID pandemic, this bloody fool finds every childish issue to challenge the sitting PM, who is doing a bloody good job under impossible circumstances.

Banish this twat to where most useless pollies go — back to a law firm, where he can rip off his private clients!! I watched news clips yesterday of protesting idiots who refuse, deny and challenge our lockdown regulations.

The Delta strain is hitting Brisbane harshly, with dire consequences on vital medical services. Perhaps these thoughtless idiots who opinionate on vaccination and masking, will stay away from hospitals and medical surgeries when they get sick? In the years ahead we can expect increased global terrorist activities from the Taliban, causing more stress and strife on top of COVID Not unusual in my experience to find a news hound waffling an opinion, while in front of the camera. Be they Lefties, Greenies or anti- Government, I suppose we have to endure their waffle, but it is truly tiresome to hear these oft repeated criticisms of the Government doing their best.

Just like Rip Van Winkle, one day you wake up to a world in turmoil. Discord everywhere at all levels of society and government, planet wide. No order, dissent, argument, infection out of control. Obscene inherited wealth to a few. Anarchy on the streets, health systems overloaded, crazy monetary systems beguiling the unwary, nuclear threats, trespass over international boundaries, nations challenging nations, ugly people making the rules, greed, corruption, threats, electronic penetration into our private lives, publicised opinion over every stupid idealism.

Drugs sniffed, injected, swallowed. Rude and careless drivers. Even our quiet revered Royalty dragged through the mud by a recalcitrant dope. Desperate measures made to protect us, while fools disobey, Police overworked, fruit unpicked and spoiling while millions starve, crass and greedy bureaucrats making impossible rules, and spending public monies on frivolous issues.

Fools denying wholesome foodstuffs. Have I omitted anything? What a bloody disaster the 21st century has become. A return to those times when some semblance of order prevailed would be desirable, maybe put a military organiser to work.

Justice served? A bit rich I guess when a handwritten note would have done the trick. No sympathy from me however. Park closure and sacred site at least.

Their heads in shame. As if a bunch of windbags can do anything. Anger is one thing but to put 1,s at risk of further contamination is verging on criminal behaviour.

Surely a better form of protest can be found? Why is it that our Police, who are the vanguard of law and order in our society are the first to be blamed for carrying out their orders? I doubt that any single one of these protesting pricks, when hospitalised for the infection, or in need of Police support — would admit to their folly. This is NOT the way to combat the pandemic.

None of these arseholes on the streets represent me or my family. None of us are safe when arseholes are loose on the streets, mothers with children included, absolutely terrible and shameful. A sickening photo of a Sydney thug punching a Police horse. Everyone Nobodys Fool - The Digger$ - Mount Everest (CD these protesters are as guilty as each other.

I hope that our lawmakers will soon realise that the breaches of the border penetration by COVID infected individuals will only cease if mandatory jail terms of 6 months are imposed. Sadly, we again experience selfish, foolish and moronic beings, breaching sensible regulations that are not difficult to comply with. A sign of the times, and its here to stay unfortunately. Those with scientific knowledge tell us that little is known about the various COVID variants and their behaviour — and how many more to develop?

Easy to criticise any politician from an armchair perspective, particularly when faced with an unstable, unpredictable mutation of a virus that the globe has never seen until November Millions of written words of advice appear in our print media and countless billions more spoken by well meant no doubt shock radio jocks, TV hacks and so-called journalists.

Most Western Parliaments are loaded too with critics of the sitting government. When if ever the dust settles on this pandemic remember that was denied by the WHO in February that it was a pandemic history will show who managed this debacle. A Rhodes Scholarship is not needed to conclude that many errors have and are continuing to occur. Borders open — borders shut! Air travel allowed — air travel disallowed, vaccination works — vaccination kills — panic and anti-vaxxers prevail.

Group meetings denied, pubs opened, etc. Atypical of confusion at the highest political level in Australia, we have the confusing utterances of the Opposition Leader, building an hypothesis on wishful thinking and — I believe — indicates the straw grasping approach in order to score political points. In a country with far fewer deaths than most, and with most States in lockdown nowin an attempt to prevent more deaths and infections from the latest variant, it seems a little provocative to wield the superior tongue.

Like China has failed to so do admitting to Wuhan originsthe Labour Federal Opposition in Australia, would be thought more of, if it supported all that Scott Morrison is doing, forget politics and assist in getting us all out of this bloody mess. Atypical of idiots — young and old alike — who believe themselves to be bulletproof. A prime example of stupidity and selfishness. Further proof that management of COVID is in the hands of cretins who have yet to grasp the voraciousness of this disease.

Similarly here in Australia, we have indulgent morons who mingle together carefree at venues and then mix among the vulnerable, all in the name of freedom of choice, attending concerts, footy games and pubs.

Not an iota of self discipline to create a home environment to keep busy during these times. China leads in their total disrespect over the potential of the virus and their continuing disregard of the fallout from Wuhan in Like it or not public gatherings fuel the spread.

Show the Beijing Bullies that we hold them responsible for this pandemic, and deplore the complete lack of any attempt to ease the problems. Moreover, to relieve suspicion that more bioweapons are not being cooked up in Wuhan.

As this particular Blog is mostly unattended except by yours truly I shall abandon it, in future write my pearls of wisdom on bog paper and flush. They would dearly love to bring back workhouses.

They are actually using the same dogma as they did in It is Bloody Unbelievable. This new lot in charge the wishy -washy Lib Dems in bed with the Tories the high intelligence? We have high unemployment, people being put out of work every day, so what do they do, they put their highly educated heads together, and solve the problem.

Higher the age of retirement, cut benefits to get the unemployed into work at non existent jobs. Children do not need an adult after they reach the age of 10 only at night when they sleep, and not even then after they reach the age of 16 so parents can work full time, so people have been told at job centres.

Freeze the pay of the workers, but still leave the flood gates wide open for the greedy bunch at the top with their high bonuses, and awards. Then to top the lot they are asking the people to solve the problem for them. Who voted them in? WE DID. You asked. Still available with Vickers machine gun. Standard union rates, of course. You are right, they are already saying they hope he will be back.

The fact that his boy friend works for a Lobby Group should be enough to keep him out never mind he has fiddled expenses. I thought claiming for bags of manure and duck ponds were bad enough but my God how low do these people go, no pun intended, have they no morals at all?

Well the goody goody Lib Dems are first off the block in the new government with an expenses scam. I expect the Gay Right lot will be demonstrating. If he is a good boy all will be forgotten and forgiven, and he can come back into the government, just what sort of people are they.

Are they living in the same world as us. Bloody Unbelievable. Useless, jobless men — the social blight of our age. The benefits system has produced an emasculated generation who can find neither work nor a wife. ED: Problem also is, these fuckers can still impregnate an available female and bring another unplanned child into dependency. Snouts in the trough, nothing alters. Being an MP grants automatic piggy status. Banish the fucker to Iceland.

Change of Parliament, same pigs, same troughs, did we think for one moment that things would change. Pix in the paper yesterday, taken in The king sitting down behind a Bren.

He scored two bulls. I had to laugh. The bloody thing was on fixed lines. Two bulls. Yes, he was sitting. Got some kippers today. Sign of the time? Glegg wants to keep the much abused by greedy lawyers Human Right laws. He even objects to control orders.

When we get the inevitable promised dirty bomb will the people remember the real culprits? Not bad for a party that was wiped out in the election. Proportionately they were even more crooked than the blokes. So were the Asians it seems. In the weird world of our new government it has been decided to cut the pay of the Fat Cats in Government jobs and Qwangos so that no one can earn more than 20 times of the lowest paid in their organisation. So thats alright then.

All I told you all Clegg was a public schoolboy prat, what will he say to Fert Face as Jack calls him? As always jobs for the assholes especially that bumptious prat Hague, he ballsed it all up the last time those prats got in power, might last 3 months? Just like Heath did before he took us into Europe. What a bunch of tossers. The pollies are fighting for their places in the new trough. As usual self interest rules. Another fine one they have got us into.

Brown has gone barmy in No I see the postal vote scam is in full flow with Asians running it. He loves anybody from Belize but only if they are multimillionaires. If only that Vickers in Bodmin had its lock. Poor old Brer Brown buggered again. Called a bigot a bigot. What an uproar.

On Question Time. Writing her own political column in the Sun. Then Page 3? Bloody car not good enough. With all the cuts that are going to be made by the next gov, whoever they are. How much is the Civil List being cut? My god what a bloody balls up by that three times turncoat Churchill. Bloody pollies never learn. Always sticking their bloody noses into something they know nothing about and others suffer. Damn, you are right.

Get him a mobility scooter. I say girl because the alternative is not to be thought about. In any case if he is shagging anything at his age we can but admire and only envy. What is he on? Poor old Phil the Greek has hurt his ankle.

Should be banned from driving horse and wagons. Change from kissing babies I suppose. Eyjafjallajokull- Iceland Volcano We have been inundated with news of the rubbish the Volcano has been sending our way, but since the planes have been out of the sky we have had perfectly clear blue skies. This morning with the planes back in the sky, all we can see is vapour trails and unclear skies, who and which is doing the most damage?

Thats easy. The Met Office and their hopelessly wrong computer models. Take the computers off them. Lets have the weather girls on TV topless. Not sure about the topless weather girls, they may get sunburn, frozen, soaking wet, covered in ash, depending what the forecast is for that particular day. So what do we think of Clegg? He wants to scrap Trident.

If he means we are all equal. If Flash Cam as you call him are inviting us to help run the Country why should we bother to vote him in? Just a thought. No change there then. There are substantially more names to be added from other Blogs and Website Contributors if analysed.

There are 97 responses to the Afghan Blog, spread over just a few subscribers, which comparative analysis is a quick exercise for any reader. I have not bothered to sift through the remaining blogs. I personally dislike Twitter, Facebook etc. The point that I now make is that these Blogs are NOT in competition with the mainstream social banter platforms. Not now, not ever! ED: JT, I agree that marginally, the referred Comment placed on Afghanistan is better suited to Unbelievable, which is where — now — you have tendered a correction.

I am — obviously — quite pissed off with the blatant disregard of others — other than yourself — who either through ignorance or carelessness — or both — take these fucking blogs for granted and dump a whole pile of meaningless Krap, that simply occupies bandwidth, shoves more interesting comments aside and worst of all, fail to follow through on comments by others that are worthy of some recognition.

I have decided to shut down General Banter and not replace it. All others will remain and social civilian type comment can shift over to the Civilian Personal Blogs, if at all. In all fairness and balance, I have been bellowing, complaining, carping, instructing, beseeching and assisting fellow Bloggers with ideas, options and technical know-how for months now, to little avail.

I will again at this election, which is against my grain, be voting for the Lib Dems. As Jack knows the Tories years ago had a strangle hold on Cornwall, and Labour will never get in in West Cornwall so my vote will be to keep the Tories out. Brown you are such an asshole. Talk about own goals. Flash Cam naturally was yelling foul today about this. I am not surprised that they have a snipers. In the old Afghan wars the tribesmen were considered to expert shots and feared for it.

They may have lost much of this skill with the advent of the Kalishnikov which is not exactly a long range accurate weapon. A favourite until then was the old SMLE. Afghan hill tribes and family clans for generations happily fought each other for land, loot and blood feuds. They were and are more than happy to combine and fight intruders foreigners.

Now reading about the SAS are on full alert to kill a taliban sniper who has killed seven British soldiers. They are desperately trying to hunt down the master marksman before his terrifying death toll rises further. Three of his victims were among the best in their field. When you lose one it is telling you something.

Soldiers from 3rd Battalion The Rifles, fear the sniper could only have been trained to such a high standard outside Afghanistan. The only thing to stop these bastards the nuke. ED: Swanny. This Album) a great, but very sad piece of news, on the wrong blog. I am determined to enforce blog discipline, with sensitive bollockings, but draw the line now at doing Bloggers work for you by shifting the Comment to the appropriate Page.

Horses for Courses please! I got a raise today on my pension. Now, what to do with it? I know. Well what do you know? Some of the sacked Labour and Tory expenses cheats are to be given peerages after all. NHS are now allowing female Muslim nurses and doctors to have long sleeves normally banned for hygiene purposes.

Watch this space. Its a bit hush hush at the moment. A blind beggar will deliver a small paper black spot into your hand one night soon. Written in invisible ink will be the location. Print out and swallow this message. Thank you in advance for your support.

But if say a couple get divorced and the husband remarries he gets the dosh and the ex wife loses it. Clearly they have given this crap a great deal of thought. I have never heard so much cynical bullshit being thrown about by these pollies. Flash Cam has cracked it. Tories will give married couples tax breaks worth — wait for it. Blimey thats 3 quid a week. Someone from Elf an Safe T going to lose their head for letting that happen. How about supplying all Pollies with gobstoppers.

Ex SAS soldier shouting his mouth off. Posing with fertface in the Sun. Why pose when face will be blanked out? Now another soldier is shouting his mouth off in the Sun, saying the PM had disrespect for our troops. He was the one who turned his back on Brown. Actually I think he whacked across her legs. She showed us by lifting up her skirt for photos.

Nice legs. Well she did more or less invite him. Perhaps they would prefer rubber baton rounds and tear gas? Water cannon? Demonstrate by all means, but stand off when you are told to. Wave your banners and shout all you want. Or should the cops just stand aside? In IS drill we never fixed bayonets.

Most had dustbin lids and pick handles. In our platoon, I was the only one with a rifle. Just in case the riot got out of hand. Looking back, it all seemed very stupid. After all, he was faced with a small woman carrying a drinks carton and that could have dampened his uniform if it had any drink in it.

Bloody thug in blue. Beware of people selling goldfish, taken to court fined a thousand and tagged, my god how dangerous. The bloody people running this country have got nothing better to do but harrass decent honest living citizens, better fit they nabbed the real offenders. I also see that the Police Sgt was found not guilty of hitting the lady in the face, well what else could we expect.

This commission will take about 5 years to decide what to do. Its going into hospital that is the dangerous bit. The head teacher said they had their eye on the situation.

From the classroom? I think a lot of what is happening today is due to the Ambulance Chasers, commonsense gone out of the window. Under all the restrictions these people are tied down with they must be afraid to fart without permision. He asked for 10, When asked by a Senator why he would want more considering his previous statement he relied. That guys, is a traitor and once upon a time not too long ago he would have been hanged for it. Lord Haw Haw comes to mind. Police have been forbidden to ask for a persons Christian Names in case it offends other faiths.

Also they must remove shoes before entering a home presumably not everyones home. What a sight. Plods in their socks. I wonder if I can find my Landed Immigrant card? No use looking up your landed immigrant card, they are no good now better you come here as a refugee. You can claim the IRA are looking for ya. Petrol tax no problem, buy a bike get rid of the bay.

How much is it in real money. If you mean I only worked for that company for say 6 years. Thinking about your pensions. How much is it in real money? Seems to me you are quite well off by comparison except for the prescription charges. Nobodys Fool - The Digger$ - Mount Everest (CD see he has come clean about the finances aloud for the services, after he sat and told the enquiry that everything was above board. How can you trust a man like that, and he is running our country. Just saw on our news.

But I bet he has a lot of long lost family now. Misalnya total biaya Rp. Karena terkadang dalam i-banking, nama yg mentransfer tidak muncul.

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