Notes On The Floor - Half Hearted Hero - Defining. Refining. (CD, Album)

The voice of the melodious Anthony Savino is Album), comforting, radio friendly, and even slightly seductive. He pins each note so perfectly to the floor that there isn't a way to counter the inspiring choke hold of his lines, and with his young age, he stands to become a pop star if he makes the few correct calls it takes. But sadly enough, there's enough ego stroking going on in this paragraph now to last the band for two more records; the plague of this record here-in lies in the redundancy of it all.

There's little to differentiate each song from one other. You can easily pop the CD in and miss where one track ceases and another song starts.

What happens is Album) begin to clasp onto the few hooks that matter to you, and as a result, you shut out a good portion of music that is honestly decent. The music is so overly mechanical in its construction that you get a fill, but for a 45 minute record, it's like eating 6 cheeseburgers. The biggest problem I've found has to be the over-use of blast beats. HHH has a very technical percussion section, but it gets very annoying very quickly, and leaves me skipping songs or putting on another CD all together.

The guitar solos featured on the album are overtly technical, and essentially abandon any sense of direction other than straight shredding that flops miserably at being either impressive or original. It's a shame given the band is capable of great choruses but isn't capable of great solos, and if the lead guitarist Notes On The Floor - Half Hearted Hero - Defining.

Refining. (CD the band Either Clinton Lisboa or AJ Mills, their myspace doesn't specify spent more time considering the necessities of a well-forged solo and less about gaining renown for technicality in a world maxed out with "Look, I can play so fast I defy gravity", they would have some killer tunes that would stump hordes of sweaty teenagers everywhere. The final thoughts I have on this album are not harsh, however. The band is brimming with talent and I can see them playing Warped Tour easily in their careers.

They just Album) to allot more Notes On The Floor - Half Hearted Hero - Defining. Refining. (CD to constructing more ensnaring songs and using more diversity in their composition techniques.

Would one with such telling hands be found in such a pose? The facts I know do not necessitate a truth. Fly down that American highway, the wind like a wrecking ball. Suddenly, your planet feels small and those tall tales on their false scales mean nothing at all. But you recited them so well, the way the syntax rose and fell and held together the pieces of that tattered yarn you wear today.

I like the way it brings out the anguish in your eyes. It matches mine in such a way it's a sick mistake to label it divine. There's someone out there who would kill to hold you now. You're not alone unless you Album) your doubts.

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