Before he could take up the Black Panther identity and become a king, though, he had to go through a rite of passage, doing his own bit of wandering outside Wakanda as a teenager. While he was doing that, he stumbled across a young girl who was being kidnapped, and after he rescued her, she turned the tables, rescuing him by using her brand new mutant abilities to control the weather.

Over the next few weeks, Ororo and T'Challa would quickly fall in love and begin the kind of passionate romance that only two super-powered teenagers with zero parental supervision can have. Sadly, it didn't last. While their feelings for each other were still very strong, T'Challa's duty to Wakanda came first, and he eventually had to return to his homeland alone.

This wouldn't be the last time they encountered each other, though, and it definitely wouldn't be the end of their romance. After her brief adventures with the future Black Panther, Ororo would finally make it to her mother's home in Kenya, where she was taken in by a woman named Ainet. Ainet would develop a very close bond with the young mutant, and she would regard her as a daughter until she died.

Everyone else in their village, however, regarded Ororo as something very different — a literal goddess. It's not hard to imagine why. By this point, Ororo's powers had fully manifested, and even without any training, her innate control Ororo the weather was a staggering sight to behold.

Perhaps surprisingly, worshiping a teenager as a god actually worked out pretty well for everyone involved. Even though Ororo came to believe it herself, she used her powers benevolently, helping out not just the group that had taken her in but the entire surrounding area.

Eventually, of course, someone came along to tell her differently. Charles Xavier, having lost his original students after sending them on a mission to the living island of Krakoa — and having secretly lost a second team that he sent after them, which we wouldn't find out about until — was putting together a new group of mutants for a rescue mission.

Thanks to plenty of people talking about the living goddess who was controlling the weather, he didn't have any trouble tracking down the kid he'd met in Cairo all those years ago. He informed her that she wasn't, in fact, a goddess rude but a mutant, and that her powers could be better used by blowing up giant purple robots with lightning bolts.

Shockingly, Ororo agreed, and she took the codename Storm as a member of the all-new X-Men. While she initially had a little bit of difficulty fitting in with the other X-Men largely due to the fact that she kept walking around without any clothes onStorm quickly acclimated to a life of superheroics as the most powerful member of the team.

In fact, after Cyclops left the X-Men after Jean Grey was executed on the moon for the crime of planetary genocide — you know, X-Men stuff — Storm was named the leader, without any argument from the rest of the team. Sadly, Storm's initial tenure as leader was marked largely by stories about various supervillains having a crush on her, notably including Doctor Doom and Dracula — yes, Dracula — and Ororo having to rebuke their unwanted affections.

Doom, as you might expect, didn't respond well to this, and he tried to control Storm by trapping her in her own body via turning her into "living chrome," which triggered her claustrophobia to the point that she conjured up a hurricane that nearly wiped Latveria off the map. Dracula didn't fare much better in the "romance" department, but he did succeed in briefly turning Storm into a vampire in an attempt to make her his latest bride. The curse was broken by Kitty Pryde, but it did lead to stories of another reality where Storm went full- Twilight on everyone, taking the admittedly over-the-top but still pretty awesome new name of "Bloodstorm.

Beyond those incidents, and an unfortunate tendency towards stories where she lost her powers for some reason, Storm's time as the leader of the X-Men featured plenty of character development that forged her into one of the most competent and respected leaders in the Marvel Universe.

In fact, she retained leadership of the team when Cyclops returned, and years later, she managed to defeat him in a battle to determine who would lead, all while she didn't have her powers. Pretty impressive by any measure. Storm's natural talent for leadership didn't end with the X-Men. In Uncanny X-MenKitty Pryde — the young mutant that Storm had formed a sisterly bond with, to the point of her love for Kitty was what allowed her to just stop being a vampire — was kidnapped.

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