Palmas cidade de merda - New York Against The Belzebu - Zzzuaddoooo (CDr, Album)

He hired two friends at Princeton to help oversee and advise on his investments, as they later testified, and foresaw a portfolio of restaurants, real estate, and like their father the entertainment industry. Lyle dipped a toe into the last by trying, unsuccessfully, to be named the promoter of a rock concert. They dreamed of athletic success, musical success, financial success—and they were even interested in politics. Their slain father Jose had been born in Cuba and fled during the revolution.

They also attended therapy sessions with Dr. Jerome Oziel. It was those sessions that would lead to their eventual arrest. The stress of it all was giving Erik an ulcer. So he confessed to his therapist what he and his brother had done. Oziel's mistress overheard the taped session, and she went to police. Lyle Menendez was arrested on March 8, in Beverly Hills.

Erik was playing tennis in Israel at the time but came home voluntarily, and was arrested on March It was an enormous, shocking break in the case—but then it stalled, for years.

Erik, younger and more frail, was much more psychologically damaged than Lyle. He confessed to the murders to his psychiatrist, Dr. Jerome Oziel and reported his confession to Lyle immediately. Lyle confronted Oziel, threatening his life. Instead of calling the police, Oziel had the brothers come back several times and recorded the sessions on tape, but continued to keep the confessions a secret.

Detectives began searching for physical evidence, linking the two brothers to the murder. They then drove up to Mulholland Drive, Album) they dumped their shotguns before continuing to a local movie theater to buy tickets as an alibi.

Jerome Oziel. Ignoring his own ethical responsibilities, Dr. Oziel taped the sessions with his new patient in an apparent attempt to impress his mistress. But the woman ended up going to the police Palmas cidade de merda - New York Against The Belzebu - Zzzuaddoooo (CDr her information and, in MarchLyle, 22, and Erik, 19, were arrested.

For the next three years, a legal battle was fought over the admissibility of Dr. Finally, the California Supreme Court ruled Album) the tapes Palmas cidade de merda - New York Against The Belzebu - Zzzuaddoooo (CDr be played. When the trial began in the summer ofthe Menendez brothers put on a spirited defense. In compelling testimony lasting over a month, they emotionally described years of sexual abuse by Jose and Kitty Menendez.

They insisted that they had shot their parents in self-defense because they believed that Jose would kill them rather than have the abuse be exposed. This is just one instance in which our queenpin stayed loyal in one heck of a tough situation.

She knew that by putting that gun to her head, Epifanio would have no choice but to take her under his wing. In the months that followed the slayings, neither Menendez brother acted Palmas cidade de merda - New York Against The Belzebu - Zzzuaddoooo (CDr young men who had recently found both of their parents dead in a brutal, bloody murder scene.

Instead, they acted like two guys who had just won the lottery. They took exotic vacations, too, thinking they had even more money coming to them. Inafter getting caught in a string of burglaries, Erik was required by the court to meet with a therapist named Dr. Jerome Oziel. The therapist reached out to Erik soon after the murders and began meeting with the younger Menendez brother, and soon enough, Erik confessed to killing his parents.

Oziel confided in his mistress, Judalon Smyth, Palmas cidade de merda - New York Against The Belzebu - Zzzuaddoooo (CDr would ultimately play a big part in the case. The therapy sessions continued and Oziel ultimately got both Erik and Lyle on tape, confessing to the murders. She even had an audiotape of the confessions.

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