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There is no learning on the planet that can teach any human being what they need to know about The Kingdom of God except by the guidance and teaching of The Holy Ghost. And even for that to happen one must first be sincere in their seeking of truth. I know there is no one who will listen to simple so they grapple with complex and confusion and God is not the author of confusion. There is no other way and if anyone thinks there is then they will never come to the truth until after this life.

The archangel Lucifer was indeed the absolute most ideal cutting edge power source perfectly suited for God to use as a most ideal a-moralistic opposing option standing before all of mankind, and to also be used best as a second great contending, extreme alternative, candidate, or a competitor, the best kind of competitor God truly needed for Him to one day finally achieve that very special love and acknowledgment from an extremely gratefully saved sinner a personand from a vast collective of human beings who were once all spiritually dead, but had now developed to become spiritually retrieved from a wasted state of absolute eternal damnation in a hellish state of existence.

God had personally set up any and all of the very special events unfolding before Adam and the entire world of today and all of the particular spiritual developments as well, and also the entire human race has had absolutely no good idea at all for many thousands of years on end, I meanexactly how all of these mysterious events and all of these extreme Godly created particulars have all come together and also worked together in total and absolute ongoing relationship with our current day sinful state of human existence.

This is exactly why any and all kinds of human excuses will absolutely be of very, very little use and also of no real value unto a spiritually lost sinner or a spiritually backslider Christian believernecessary for some drummed up defiance strategy, not while standing face to face with God, at the gathering of the big one, the extreme final judgment day.

Folks do not believe the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is gone today or even out of working existence, even down through the many thousands of yeas past, the same tree still stands tall in our super high tech powered home world of today. This very same killer tree may not look like a tree anymore because it has changed in appearance. That same forbidden fruit tree still stands right in the very center of all of human activity today. God is yet walking in the center of our activities, in the cool of our days; He is speaking out and asking where we are.

Will you answer Him, and what will you answer when He comes…? So in Zechariah an appointed being in communion with God is rebuked for doing his job, trying to instigate punishments against the righteous man. But, no, this is not Satan. Many concepts are mentioned only in passing, or merely hinted.

Other than that, there is no mention of the concept until the later prophets in any clear, unambiguous, non-poetic terms. Furthermore, absolutely no one on planet earth today fully understands exactly how it all was first intended to workout for that misunderstood fallen archangel of God called, Lucifer; and also, not many fully understands how God personally chose the archangel Lucifer to personally interact within the deep political, social, and religious affairs of mankind, and Satan was there in the Garden of Eden attempting to strongly motivate Adam and Eve first and afterwards all of mankind into gaining that same freedom of self will God had in mind the whole time.

Anyone else have any better ideas here I would love to hear it…? Frankly speaking posting board, without the extreme evil and harsh adverse interactions of old Satan within our home world, from the days of Adam and Eve up until today, the first man Adam would have never ever had the absolute best opportunity to self achieve his own self will, and we people of today would have never ever come to know the express joys of salvation through Jesus Christ, for our extremely needful souls by the way.

The total physical end and absolute destruction of the archangel Lucifer was not the case with the archangel Lucifer, for God to just kill off old Lucifer was absolutely not planned at all by God, not to start with ad not until the end of human life on planet earth, God no doubt had something else or something much, much more dynamically important in mind for the adverse creation of the archangel, Lucifer.

Look at the next set of Biblical scriptures and perhaps we can come to better understand exactly why our God personally chose not to destroy Lucifer, not at the time of his iniquitous rebellion towards God.

And I saw an angel come down from heaven, having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand. And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years, 3.

And cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal upon him, that he should deceive the nations no more, till the thousand years should be fulfilled: and after that he must be loosed a little season. But what about the time laps between Adam and Eve and the total destruction of Satan at the complete end of our physical home world…?

I is clear by now, Satan is to remain loose and very much active and alive throughout the entire times between the day and time of Adam and Eve and the end of our Home world.

We are talking about many thousands of earth years of human trials and errors…and testing by the devil. But during those long times, why has God allowed Satan to tempt and influence the entire human race that is the untold mystery our world has remained confuse over for do very long now…? Even after the mighty archangel of God Michael who was holding a great chain in hi hand to bind up Lucifer Satan for a thousand years, God still had another task in mind for Lucifer or Satan to accomplish on earth, at least before that old fallen archangel was to be totally and absolutely destroyed, once and for all.

Also check out the following scripture. And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison, 8. And shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together to battle: the number of whom is as the sand of the sea. And they went up on the breadth of the earth, and compassed the camp of the saints about, and the beloved city: and fire came down from God out of heaven, and devoured them.

And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet areand shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever. His end time destruction has already been set in order, determined, allotted, and Godly scheduled to unfold at the absolute end of the world of human existence. Stop saying there is a spiritual war underway between God and Satan, that idea is childish at its best…!

The real spiritual war is waging away between mankind and God…! Attention here, here comes the infallible answers many millions of confused people have sought to discover for many thousands of years now. The real facts here can be clear to most anyone today, our home world actually needs an evil adverse Satan moving all around within it; our home world also needs a forgiving and saving God Jesus Christ to show us exactly how loving and how absolutely powerful our God can truly be in their lives, and also can forgive all people.

Folks really think about this real good for awhile…? Without that old adverse evil Godly created thing called Satan existing and running all around within our minds and also throughout the entire 21st century home world of today, who today would begin to strive hard to seek out that loving favoritism and total forgiveness from a Godly Being that can free them from their nightmares, a God much like The Most High God…? God was in total and absolute possession of the more greater kind of knowledge and wisdom, of course…!

We can also see here in the scripture God gives the archangel Lucifer many precious stones to ware as a covering garment or Paradise In The Earth - Needful Things - Dead Point (Vinyl it worked as a breastplate. This is not really all our God had planned and long intended to unfold from within the mighty archangel Lucifer, and what Lucifer was to actually evolve to become. God then endorses it all by personally speaking and clearly informing us people of today of this fact, He did so through the writings of His Godly crated Biblical words of extreme Godly authority The Holy Bible.

Take note of the next Biblical Scripture real good. This is also talking about a point or a time framing event that happened long before the Biblically recorded events found in the gospel book of Genesis, chapter 1: verse 1 and onward. From all of the Biblical information we now have on hand today and all of the particular scriptures listed here in this inspired writing, it is now, today, it is at this time we may come to see some Biblical evidence badly needed to help us best determine exactly why God decided to create the favored archangel called, Lucifer.

But we see Lucifer was to actually serve as a second great existing optional extreme; in other words, God being one great optional extreme as a contender against Luciferand of course the archangel Lucifer being the other great optional option as a contender to God.

The above is absolutely not attempting not in the least way possible to suggest the mighty was a equal opponent towards God. But Lucifer was the best God had made to challenge Himself in that great spiritual war to come on earth one day……. Sorry about the mistake in using the correct scriptures above. I said look in John chapter 2…. I actually meant…. Which I was actually referring the John, chapter 1…my mistake…sorry folks…?

What and who is Satan Have we ever wondered what great super enhanced knowledge and extreme wisdom would actually do to a simple flesh and blood non-angelic limited thinking human being…? Far too much of a good thing folks just may not be all that good of a thing after all.

The actual long overlooked and widely seldom if ever recognized fact being presented here is this; since we all basically know beyond any shadow of a doubt our God absolutely makes no known creative mistakes and He absolutely makes no creative blundering errors in any of His Godly creative ways, this absolute indisputable fact here alone would or it should logically tell us our all knowing God can truly handle any kind of extreme super enhanced knowledge and also any kind of extremely superior wisdom He currently possesses within Himself; God can do so without any personal problems to Himself, absolutely any whatsoever…!

Exactly where did evil come from; did evil mysteriously come from the mighty archangel Lucifer, or did evil oddly come from the same God who created the mighty archangel, Lucifer, did evil come from our God…? O-boy, there it is folks…! However, think about these next two potentials and likelihoods before offering an answer to the above question s.

First; if one were to say or proclaim the adverse existence of evil came from the fallen archangel Lucifer, one would actually be saying, Lucifer is a godly creator himself, and Lucifer also has the same kind of godly abilities and the same supreme creative godly powers to fashion and to create things, things much like the Most High God can. God is the very same Almighty God who also once created the archangel Lucifer. Secondly; on the other hand, if one were to say the adverse knowledge of evil was only created by the Almighty or Most Holy God, one would also be saying, our believed good creating Almighty God, not only personally created the existence of evil, God also uses evil and personally deals with human life on planet earth all of mankindby subtly exploiting and slightly utilizing both concepts of the knowledge of good and evil…!

Therefore one would also be saying God uses the adverse powers of evil as well as the powers of good in order to develop and expose mankind to. As the story goes, especially throughout the entire 21st century Christian world of our days and times one could safely sayall Christian believers believe their good creating only God has absolutely nothing at all to do with the existence of the evil adverse existence of Satan existing here on our planet earth, absolutely nothing at all…!

Therefore exactly what are we all left to believe here today; if we were to all go by the majority rule as being proclaimed by the entire Christian world of our day and time, we are only left with but one possible solution to deal with here, God created Satan, emphatically so. Where did he come from and whom do any of us think created old Satan anyway…?

If the all-knowing, all-mighty, and the absolute most super powerful Creator there is in and throughout all of existenceand strangely enough some people have said God is not responsible for the origin of evil.

Within the past 45 years alone I have read through the old traditional King James Version Holy Bible no less than LP times. Who can rightly explain the wondrous mystery behind my now higher understanding into Gods Holy Words or my so-called upgraded manner of understanding and much better education…?

Only God knew then and knows now why this exponential learning has unfolded as fast as it did and why it all happened to me within my old age or latter years. Since those very long struggling years attempting to better myself educationally I mean. I found myself standing directly in front of a utility mirror in a drug rehab center in the Blue Ridge Smoky Mountains of western North Carolina and looking at a very, very strange reflective type image playing out within the mirror reflection.

Frankly speaking I felt God must have felt it was about time for Him to unpack, undo, and oddly unfold what He had within Godly mind the whole for my life. The vision lasted all night long, from Darkness to Sunup. I finally come to see it was not just for me but for the entire world. I come to learn after some 5 years had past this same vision was the same vision Biblically predicted to come to our last days world, as is clearly found written and recorded in the gospel book of HABAKKUK, chapter 2: verses 2 through 7 2 And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.

It also unfolded the exact reason and purpose God unfolded His very official act of creation under Himself. God revealed to me the moving motivating powers working deep inside of Himself and how it was that strong motivating power source strongly moved and compelled Him to start creating all of the things existing under Himself then, and now today.

God also clearly showed me in the vision exactly how the mighty archangel called Lucifer was intentionally created just to do His work and His bidding in far the days to come, on our planet earth. God revealed the mystery of Satan to me LP told me one day the world will need to come to see that Satan is merely a tool needed to test and try the human race, to see just how loyal they will be to His honor and His needs to not be all alone again.

There is very much more to the Vision but much more than I can put here on these pages. The world has it all wrong and God said the Vision should work to set the lost world right again, but it will come only at it appointed time, so wait for it, it will surely come. This is all I have to say now, so good bye for now and go with God in your hearts…. Frankly it appears people here get off on saying words that sounds highly important and well educated lingo.

Perhaps you people need to work on it a little bit more here and search much deeper into what motivated God to even start His first create act of Godly creation existing under Himself long before Genesis …?

There is a whole lot more I could add here but hopefully this will be enough for you…? A mistake. I should be: there is no causal connection between God, Creator, and creatures devilish acts as privations of good. Genesis 3 did not directly associate a serpent with Satan, but indirectly it says that God is not responsible for the origin of evil acts.

C, it fits perfectly with the classical philosophy that evil is a privation of good; therefore not a being being as oneness, truth, and goodness. Consequently, there is no causal connection between God, Creator, and creatures beings.

Too abstract for the ignorant in philosophy and logic? Very Interesting topic. Thanks BAR. More studies can wear us out. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not. The above article is full of doctrinal error. My are so many being duped by the adversary even among biblical scholars! Pandora was specifically instructed not to open the box, but Time seduced her and and she opened the box out of curiosity that brought out death and all the evil of the world.

Eve was specifically instructed not to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge, but Time seduced her and she ate its fruit out of curiosity that brought death and exile from the garden of eden. Thus Time is the Snake and curiosity is the Satan. After eating the forbidden fruit of knowledge, man became conscious and thus lost the primitive animal innocence, he came to understand death and other natural and artificial evils like illness, war, jealousy, money etc, before that he was just another animal unaware of the death and other evils.

He exiled himself out of the nature into the Civilized world, the artificial villages and cities of the world. The Lord cursed Time the lifetime spent by man on Earththat it would crawl on its belly and eat dust— The daily grind of the routine work makes us feel like Time is crawling on its belly and nothing lasts forever, youth, beauty, love, money, fame, everything changes to dust in side Time, hence Time eats dust.

Thus Humans have to plan the sowing of seeds ahead of time and then as per the plan procure the seeds, actually perform the actions by moving their hands and feet to sow and subsequently harvest the produce. So He drove out the man; and He placed at the east of the garden of Eden the cherubim, and the flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way to the tree of life. The Young have Hope the flaming sword that can cut through all adversity turned every way so that the Human race keeps procreating and bring forth new generations to keep the way to the tree of life or else if the young are exposed and corrupted by evils of the scientific knowledge, civilization and society, they will decide that the world is too evil to bring forth the next generation and abstain from procreating and the Human race will die out as is happening in the Developed world due to the low birth rates.

Genesis is a very advanced scientific and psychological message in this interpretation, shrouded in the secret code of snake, satan, civilization, youth and hope. So I see that you think that you know your Hebrew. Perhaps you should ask a a rabbi. So you actually used a Holy name of Him in mowing that it could be deleted???! Not a good idea. Short story of a Homo sapiens.

Oh boy o boysatan ,I want to be your biggest fan. You are majestica celebrity all wise and powerful. I like your pictures but I have some questions about you and I want to know more about you. I am from earth and a hominoid, yes, I am only an ape. Your picture is quite confusing you have horns like you are a herding animaloh I know, it may be for protecting you and your herd but you have bipedal locomotion and have penta dactyl hands and you have a tool for protection or may be for hunting, oh I get it you are a hybrid between cattle and ape, right?

I mean your abode. I mean are you a living thing or a non living thing? He cant be right satan, please tell me. If you were bit? Before it, you did your thing — And you lived. This is no small matter, in the lands of cobras, of asps. The Bronze Serpent was destroyed during the reign of Hezekiah c. It was destroyed, because the Israelites were burning incense to it —.

For unto these days, were the sons of Israel, making perfume to it. If you read the text critically, you will see, that the issue was not idol worship, nor apostasy, nor the incorporation of foreign gods into the worship of YHWH.

The issue, was the control of all YHWH worship in one single location, under the hand of one small familial group, who were descended from Levi and Aharon.

Even some of the Levites — Especially, the descendants of Moshe — Objected, to this abomination of centralization. You have to know what you are reading, within the cultural and historical context of the times, to be able to properly interpret actions — And, more importantly, Paradise In The Earth - Needful Things - Dead Point (Vinyl the Mind of YHWH — To Be Able To Understand the motives, which underscore said actions.

Aharon wanted to centralize worship under their control, in the South. I prefer the YHWH who you can kick back with under a tree, in the breezy shade and the grass, by a small flowing stream. Did not even enter into the picture, until after worship was centralized. And the Anointed Enter Within the Sanctuary, in spite of everything that the Church of man does, to prevent it.

Thank you for this article. I appreciate the time it took to dig into this. I will help guide me in my our studies. This was one of the most disappointing articles I have seen in Biblical Archeological Review.

Clearly no one qualified reviewed the article before it was published. Here are just a couple of the factual errors:. However, while some do treat the two instances in Nu.

The ESV is inconsistent i. Two more could be added if we accepted the contention that instances in Nu. I found this article really interesting. As Christians we are taught that Lucifer, Satan and the devil are one and the same. Regarding God cursing the serpent to crawl on the ground and what kind of creature was it before it was cursed. Is there anything in scripture to indicate that the curse on this creature was just to that individual alone?

You will crawl on your belly and you will eat dust all the days of your life. It would have been even more poignant if it had been. Dustin, quick question, how can Eve know that eating the apple is evil, if she only gains the knowledge of good and evil after having eaten it?

As an exegesic reader of the scriptures, and a believer of His preserved Word, I would have to say that you are heretical. Satan is one of many names given to the fallen angel, just as Savior references Jesus Christ. Is is mentioned, along with evil spirits numerous times in the old and new testiment.

He was noted to walk in the garden of Eden until inequity was found in him. Evil and darkness are always the abscence of goodness, not some twisted Mr. Hyde side of God. Please be careful when you post things contrary to God says in His word.

The end of Revelations warns you about what may happen. In Christ always. And this is what we speak, not in words taught us by human wisdom, LP in words taught by the Spirit, expressing spiritual truths in spiritual words. The natural man does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God.

For they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned. It would do well for all men to first be born again of the Holy Spirit before writing opinions about the Word of God. You know what, the serpent in the garden of Eden could be symbolic for Satan rather than a talking snake?

In a way this symbolism would make sense because the animal we all know that spoke like a man was a donkey of the prophet Baalim but then again the strangest things have happened. So Satan might have the power to possess animals by making them talk. Mind you he does with humans. I guess its back to the drawing board. Recent scholarship is no proof either.

In the end, like the bible, scholarship says what you want it to so. This article provides a useful corrective to anachronistic exegesis of Scripture that would import later ideas into earlier texts. That said, one needs to distinguish between the purely historical-critical reading of Scripture practiced in biblical studies and the theological reading of Scripture by the Church. In the former, there is no warrant for linking Satan to the serpent, nor for linking the seed of the woman Gen.

When Genesis is read through the eyes of Christian faith, however, such readings become plausible and legitimate. From a biblical studies point of view, the writer overstates the claim that the New Testament does not link Satan with the serpent of Eden. While no NT writer makes a straightforward, direct identification between the two, there are a number of texts where a connection may at least be hinted at — not only Rev.

The author would have done well to research recent scholarly commentary on these texts. In fact, Job and Zech. In one of the earliest accounts of a vision of Yahweh presiding over the heavenly court that is described by the prophet Micaiah during the 9th century B. Thus why he talked. Despite the many comments attempting to discredit the above article, the fact remains that there are no references In the Old Testament linking the serpent with Satan. The internet is an example of how information can be used for good and evil and how serpentine entities can slither through a hole in the wall, as the immoral influences slipped in to early Christianity that is mentioned in Jude The introduction of Babylonian and Greek concepts initially into Jewish thought and later into Christian thought led to a belief in a supernatural creature with the capacity to cause humans to sin.

Careful reading of the texts establishes that God at times is the adversary and the false accuser is those that oppose the spread of the Gospel. Would God create a being that could challenge Him and cause untold misery to humans?

James But then again this first book of Genesis is a priestly account from the 5th century B. The 10th century B. Sure enough, my discoveries were much as the author describes. Including the anomalous reference in Chronicles in which David is severely reprimanded for taking a census. What could I conclude but that during the interlude between the bulk of writing in the OT and NT, the perspective of the writers had significantly changed. But why? My intuition is that Persian and perhaps Greek perspectives had been added to the Judean point of view about the human state and the conflicts within creation.

My suspect models from elsewhere would be Zoroastrian writings very similar to those in Enoch. The dualistic divide is over truth and falsehood. But how this could have influence beliefs in Judea is difficult to document, if not to surmise. Greek civilization nearly succumbed to the expansion of the Persian Empire since it was relatively poor in resources.

But yet our written heritage from Greece is far larger than that of Persia. But still. Whether we use a close reading of the Bible or not, we still have to debate whether all evil in the world is rooted in human nature or some of it comes from outside.

A jury might be confronted with an individual whose crimes exceed what they would have attribute to the abilities of one limited individual. Even on the question of exorcism, regarding the most famous case on which a Hollywood movie was once based, the two priests in the actual case were of two minds. One was sure that he was dealing with the devil. The other was not sure, save for the fact that there was a young man who needed his help. If I recall correctly, he spent his remaining career as a military chaplain saying that he faced more evil there on the battlefield then he did in that famous incident.

And then what are to make of the changed Biblical perspective? Or, should we say, in the NT. Ok, made a mistake…creation of beasts are mentioned in Gen 1 …Anyway. IT would suggest, Satan, was not created at the beginning of creation.

Perhaps the background to the account of the accuser tempting David to take a census for the purpose of imposing a draft on men for the military originally comes from the collective memory of the Canaanites under Egyptian domination as was revealed in a recently discovered grave near Tel Shadud in the Jezreel Valley.

Named so after the Egyptian god Set, this Pharaoh was particularly reviled and singled out from the Pharaohs for his heavy-handed policy of sacrificing the heirs of the Canaanite kings to the god Amon at Thebes not unlike the Poles under Soviet domination whose military officers were massacred by Stalin.

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Then again, he is named after a god. In a live chat with a customer whose book order had gone missing, Thor indulged the customer in some role-play after he asked to be referred to as Odin.

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