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If possible, please share more information to allow for more specific help. Like, what kind of amp do you have? What kind of instrument are you using with the amp? Are you using any pedals?

Does it still hum if you use the laptop on battery i. It's also worth checking the shielding in your guitar. If Put You Down - Various - Hessle Audio - 116 & Rising (CD) amp buzzes more when your guitar is plugged in vs.

You can also try a shielded cable. Cables are a common culprit. Switch them out one by one to make sure any one of them is not the source of the noise. You could also consider a noise gate pedal. It could also help out with any debilitating noise you may have. Show 1 more comment. Active Oldest Votes. This allows a player to crank the amp to the point where it sounds its best, but still have some control over the volume.

Do attenuators ruin your tone? We hear this question almost on a daily basis and the answer is: not as long as they are used in moderation. With most of the modern attenuators there's very little tone loss with light to moderate settings of attenuation.

Where players normally notice some drop-off in tone quality is when large amounts of attenuation is used. Much of this comes from the fact that the speaker in an amp is responsible for producing some of an amp's tone Put You Down - Various - Hessle Audio - 116 & Rising (CD) when Put You Down - Various - Hessle Audio - 116 & Rising (CD) speaker is not pushed as hard it Put You Down - Various - Hessle Audio - 116 & Rising (CD) not sound as good.

Chances are with light to moderate settings you are not going to notice much change in tone, other than the fact that the volume is now in a usable range. Here are a few attenuation units that we recommend: Dr.

Z Airbrake Dr. This amp actually has an attenuator-built in. Tone King Falcon Selectable Wattage Another approach that we are seeing pop up quite a bit these days is an amp in which the power itself can be selected in the form of switchable wattages. This is a really cool idea as it gives the player the ability to select the amount of power that they need for a given application.

With this type of amp the player has more power and headroom or less power less headroom when they need it. It actually is like having several amps in one. Normally, with an amp in which the wattage is Put You Down - Various - Hessle Audio - 116 & Rising (CD) there is a switch somewhere on the amp that allows you to select the power level of the amp wattage in the form of a few pre-set modes.

As the wattage is decreased, the amp will overdrive at a lower volume making it easier for a player to push the amp into its optimum performance range. You're gonna need to give more details You could use almost any channel switcher ranging from an Egnater Tweaker 40 to the most expensive Bad Cat to cop a good classic rock tone.

JCM Someone mentioned JCM, but doesn't that need to be real loud to get good distortion? JB Silver Supporting Member. SoldanoMarshallFender. DZA Member. Messages What about supersonic 22? Messages 12, Messages 2, CRUE Member. Marshall 2x12 Club. Guitar Platinum Member. You just got to play a bunch and see what your fingers like.

One man's heaven is another's hell when it comes to amps. Joe B has went through tons and is back to all Marshall based amps. Sayce is a Super Reverb guy that also plays a Dumble style amp.

What works for someone else might sound and feel like crap when you play it. For the money, a Peavey Classic 30 is really hard to beat. Man there are a bunch it just depends on what you like feel and tonewise.

Others listed in this thread are great too. Whether or not you need a good effects loop or not is another issue. That crosses a lot of amps of my list that I normally would be all over. Orange Rockervebs are another stellar amp that does all that well.

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