The Horizon Lights - City Of Sadness - Insomniacity (File, Album)

It is starting to stir Embrace yourself Good points you make regarding Murray and MJ being moved out of his room with another persons help. Another possibility, if Murray acted alone, imagine the panic and adrenaline sp? I think we will get many answers once the trial starts. I hope the trial will be open to the public or media so we all can be kept posted. I doo,one thing,wayting forthet news,what La Toya said.

She has absolutely nothing to lose or gain by eluding that the investigation will result in surprises to his fans globaly; of course, the expression on her face spoke volumes- it's quite devestating actually.

But we must continue to believe in the LAPD and the other appointed agencies that will bring some much needed closure to his anguished family and his mourning fans For me this isn't easy to do, I am accepting and I am not in denial, with respect. Yes, I have my own opinion, based on the footage what I have seen before the death of Michael Jackson.

Therefore I can say that his doctor was maybe I don't want to hurt anyone with my opinion. I just couldn't stop laughing that afternoon Michael was suffered and died because of his negligence or whatever reasona he might have. Murray was murderer and irresponsible doctorhe must suffered for what he did to Michael.

Michael will never come back here. MJ suffered too much. Its on youtube. Everybody was woried about you We was post the interview here few times. Its on youtube Worried about me why?? Maybe you mean the other Lori? I must of missed it Tunde sometimes I don't have the time to read every post on the blogs during the week I only come on during the night because of my job I just don't know how much to believe if that interview was actually Randy Phillips.

The way that person was laughing and somehow making fun at certain points about MJ, made me really frizze where I was sitting behind my monitor. I just couldn't believe how Randy Phillips could be so disrespectful and cold-hearted to MJ to make such fun about him I remember along the interview that Randy even imitating MJ how he talked with that soft high-pitched voice and actually laughing about it.

I found it a bit uncomfortable and insensitive to have been able to stand there amongst the other mourners and behaved like that Lori, this is a terrible picture for me. If he really was braindead and under life support So I want to believe he died from the drug and even hours before Murray called Both is tremendous but I prefer this one.

Yes Brigida, Italy it is a terrible picture Lori — i guess those neck injcetions marks and others mark injection was still fresh, those drugs to give MJ a heart beat. Terrible picture indeed. Doubt that he wanted to be in a coma for 20 years or more just kept alive with machines.

That would have been an even bigger nitemare for us all. Acctually the song being releases tomorrow is not a "new" song. It was recorded in or around As for the comments beinng deleted, it is weird.

But I see MJ is back up and at it, so it has not resoloved. I do not know what to think anymore. If MJ is alive, this was done for a reason and we need to respect that. IF he is alive he will never come back. So either way you look at it, he is dead really:.

That is fact. But you also seem to place judgments quite easily by talking about "MJs betrayal against his family and friends"!??! Now, sorry and no offence intedend, who are you to judge him that way?

Is this what you think about him? You first admit you know nothing, but than you make such a statement about Michael! You seem to know more than many of us do than Extensive investigation? All the infos we have so far about LAPD's actions are not pointing towords any "extensive" actions at all. What if it's not what you think?

To me it even looks as if the LAPD guys were really sleeping the whole time. Of course I do not know what's going on behind the curtains, but I also cannot state that they are The Horizon Lights - City Of Sadness - Insomniacity (File extremely busy with the investigation. So I prefer to wait patiently an other month that's what LaToya said, no? I am just curious what will happen when the LAPD boss will step down in the end of the month You also state you are Michael's voice You can do your best to try to find out the truth and help establish justice, but do not state you talk on bahalf on someone, as long as you do not have his blessing on that.

It's just not nice. Cocovelvet — you hit the point! Because this is what I see I also lost dear ones, and all I can tell is that even month after the event, I still couldn't talk about it with a smile on my face Go to TMZ.

TMZ managed to get a hold of this prior to the premere tomorrow. It's sounds beautiful only as MJ could do it. Hurry Hurry. MJ is gone. What do you think? The new This Is It song from was updated with the digitized sounds and effects to bring it up-to-date with the latest recording techniques from what I have read.

Stuart Boreman, who's Vue Entertainment's film buying director, stated that the film's sales of over 30, tickets in the period of 1 day 24 hours had broke 'box office records' of having the 'biggest ever one-day sales record' in the United Kingdom, eclipsing advance buying for films including Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and The Lord of the Rings Boreman stated: "I've never seen anything like it in the 25 years I have been film buying" and described the film's ticket sales as "a true phenomenon and sales show no sign of slowing down.

Lora — thanks for this articles. Actually, these conflicting reports abouts MJ's state just before he was publicly announced dead sents my mind raising. I just wish a real public official report will soon come out, not always these leaked reports I just can't imagine a situation whereby somebody's brain is dead but that same person still having a pulse???!!!!

Doesn't a pulse come from a systematic activity within the body which is usually supported by the heart???? If MJ's heart had stopped beating, which I believe did by the time they reached hospital after more than one hour 's wait before the ambulance was called and Murray had found him not breathing, how could he then still have a pulse??!!!! This doesn't make sense at all.

Personally I have no knowledge in the medical field, but I have always heard from some close circles who works in the medical profession that most of the time when someone is certified dead or is officially no more breathing and the heart has stopped, the brain usually remains scientifically active for a certain period of time All Time- I did speak objectively in my first approach with you, however, you did not return the same courtesy to me.

Feel free to interpret this however you see fit. I'm not quite sure where you have been all this time; but there has been an extensive investigation Have you been following since June 25th?

For all time- what do you mean "I juded" Michael Jackson? What are you talking about I have been defending him. Your statements are rheteric and lack structure; I'm not quite sure what direction you want to go in, so how am I suppose to know what direction you want to go in?

Yes, I am the voice of Michael Jackson as well as many other loyal fans. I do not have to be appointed by him to defend his good name It is just preposterous,what you suggested by the way- you realize this I hope.

Michael Jackson is deceased- he cannot appoint anybody as you suggested. And no, it is not a fact that we have not been supplied by credible information- that is your opinion, this is not a fact. Some of the information that has been officially released- makes sence. For instance; the partial toxicology report and cause of death- are you disputing that this is "not" credible information? Or, are you suggesting that the LA Coroner's office is also in on a hoax? I support your right to express opinions as I see many have supported mine.

However, For all Time, when you address me, please give me some structure to work with. This is a cordial attempt to exchange thoughts.

It seems to me that you are on the fence and want to believe that Michael is deceased, however, do not want to accept it like many others because it is just too painful.

Lora — Thank you for posting this great news. Hopefully, now Sony will put an extension on the movie. Does anyone know when the DVD is coming out? If AEG had not been able to sell the rehearsal footage of This Is It to Sony to make a movie, they would have try to sue Michael's estate to recover whatever money they could from what they had already given him.

AEG is a business. They saw MJ becoming unhealthy and were not going to let him out of the contract unless he paid a large penalty or ended up sick in the hospital. And they knew he did not The Horizon Lights - City Of Sadness - Insomniacity (File the money to get out of the contract. Randy Phillips said in interview that he hopes there is not extension bcse a time period has to elapse before the DVD is to be released and he did not say when Please read comment at p.

Samantha wrote the original article. The 4 paramedics spent 42 minutes trying to revive MJ and ER spent 1 hours trying to revive him. That is from media reporting that I got this information. I don't know. One of the topics of interest was the use of hypothermia to improve the outcome of patients after cardiac arrest or traumatic brain injury. Since the neurological outcome of patients presenting after a cardiac arrest whether in hospital or out in the field is usually dismal, I thought this shall be a good topic for me to discuss here.

The brain needs oxygen to survive and does not do well if deprived of oxygen. Hypoxia lack of oxygen occurs after cardiac arrest the circulation of blood to the brain is interrupted when the heart stops beating as occurs in a cardiac arrest. If the circulatory flow is not rapidly reinstituted meaning the heart is not restarted irreversible neuronal death ensures.

The usual scenario is as follows. A patient suffers an out of hospital cardiac arrest. A call goes out to The EMS team is on the scene shortly. The patient is noted to be either in cardiac arrest we call this asytole or the heart is beating but ineffectively and there is no palpable pulse we call this ventricular fibrillation. The heart is revived by either injecting drugs or shocking with the help of a hand held defibrillator and there is return of palpable pulse. Alls well you might say but the story is far from over!!!

Even though the heart has been revived the brain has taken a hit. During the time when the heart had stopped, there was a lack of blood flow and oxygen to the brain and irreversible neuronal death has occured. So we have a patient whose heart is now beating but the brain is dead. This patient may never make a meaningful neurological recovery. By the time, I as a neurologist am called to see the patient, there is precious little I can do. The brain is already dead!!! I can just prognosticate and tell the family that their loved one shall never have a meaningful neurological recovery.

In other words, I help them in deciding when to pull the plug!!! Nothing makes me feel more helpless. I did not enter neurology to prognosticate, I entered neurology and medicine to save a life and heal. So that is why hypothermia for cardiac arrest sounds so promising. Recent studies have shown that if the brain is cooled there are different ways to cool the brain from using high tech cooling blankets and beds to more primitive but equally effective techniques like bags of ice to degree centigrade for hours following cardiac arrest, neuronal death does not occur.

Till the heart is revived, the brain remains viable!!! This research has led to the institution of a Brain Arrest Protocol in some big academic centers. Once a patient who has suffered a cardiac arrest is received, hypothermia protocol is immediately instituted. This has resulted in improved survival rates in these critically ill patients. Patients not only survive but they survive with good neurological outcomes.

If the hypothermia is prolonged or if the temperature is lowered too low it can cause complications and increase the risk for sepsis and cardiac arrhythmia. Hence this protocol is at present still in its infancy but I have a feeling this shall become a standard of care very soon. It will reportedly be released by the end of for the Christmas market.

I found this rather interesting. It is important to distinguish between brain death and states that may mimic brain death e. Some comatose patients can recover, and some patients with severe irreversible neurological dysfunction will nonetheless retain some lower brain functions such as spontaneous respiration, despite the losses of both cortex and brainstem functionality. Thus, anencephaly, in which there is no higher brain present, is generally not considered brain death, though it is certainly an irreversible condition in which it may be appropriate to withdraw life support.

Which costs more for the consumer, the movie ticket or the DVD? I haven't been to a movie in so long, I really don't know. Is the movie, This Is It, selling at a regular movie ticket price or did they have a special higher price for the ticket?

Will SONY ever stop convincing us that those releases are new If it is truedoes it mean it was composed and not released or it was already released at some point in time??? Allure had posted a list of the songs of the This Is It album which is going to be released for sales end of this month, but what I recognised or most of us bloggers recognised is that the album will actually not be NEW at all, but it contains most of MJ'S hits which we all know and have, and I wonder how different then the album will be to the existing MJ albums.

Who wants to buy basically the same songs over and over again??? I believe those would be the real new hit songs. Mariau,can you post it hunhgarian? So,brain dead peaples can have heart bet,or not? Coco, think the older songs are there because they were planned for the concert tour, so they are all old and maybe MJ planned to use one unknown song also even it is an oilder one.

Someone questioned whether the heart could keep beating after a person is declared brain dead, if Michael was attached to life support then his heart may have been able to keep beating:. The heart has its own pacemaker independent of the brain. As long as it has oxygen, it continues to beat. The heart could actually be removed from the body, placed in a saline solution, given oxygen, and still continue to beat. Therefore, the brain can be dead and the heart may continue to beat.

Do not believe anything the media is telling you. It is not the truth. That is why none of it makes sense and everything contradicts itself. I'm going to print your article and keep it in my wallet with instructions on my "In Case of Emergency" card for the doctors to read.

You, my sweet lady, are a life saver. I'm going to email it to all of my friends also. Thank you. Come on DN. I undesrtand if somebody believe,Mchael is a life. But that,he would be hideing,couse he is in danger,and wrighd here,its hem,and he is a life that would be bill sh.

I hate lies,and i hate liers. And there is not a single pruve,that this guy is MJ. Mariau,you make my day You are funy!

Thank you! They wanted him sent to a morgue instead of taking him to the hospital but Murray insisted. Sorry to be so graphic. It was too late to save him. Couse we are realy tired of this somuch lies,somuch diferent stories. Just a comment about the handmarks under his arms and on his ankles where the blood had pooled Remember the stupid doc was performing ineffective CPR ON the bed per the caller and THEN moved him to the floor after the dispatcher told the idiot doc to put him on a hard surface.

I don't know how long the hands would have to be against the skin to cause the prints in the pooling blood. As far as the doc's excuse for not using his cell phone to call None of this has added up since they played the call. I haven't listened to the AEG guy's latest interview.

So within seconds it was "I know nothing" to "I know something". He threw in their that MJ was "light" enough so he could carry him. Way to go, guys. Tunde,Hungary Yes its very tiring, and yes so many different stories This is why we have to stay strong, not give up and fight through the web of lies we are fed on a daily basis. We owe Michael. The first disc will contain original album masters of the late singer's biggest hits, arranged in the same order as they appear onscreen, while disc two will include previously unreleased versions of Jackson songs, plus the heretofore-unheard "Planet Earth," termed a "spoken word poemnd in the same order played in the movie.

Cooling may be started by paramedics if they have been able to restart the heart prior to getting the patient to the hospital. This involves injecting a patient with chilled intravenous IV fluids. Portable iceboxes coolers will be on ambulances to cool down the IV fluids. Brain injury, heart dysfunction, systemic inflammation and the underlying disease that caused the cardiac arrest all contribute to the high death rate of patients who initially have their pulse re-started.

Collectively, these symptoms are known as post-cardiac arrest syndrome. In fact, every sixth time a cardiac arrest patient is treated with therapeutic hypothermia, physicians can rescue one life. Baptist and its ER physicians will make a donation of iceboxes coolers to American Medical Response on October 5,at pm in the Baptist Cardiovascular Center. I heard this before,that some kis didnt gat air for olmost an our,and thay bring hem back,couse the kid was in calt wother,and the brain was cool down,and this way the brain can survive much longer time.

It was in the TVdr-s show. I love that show. Thanx for that clarification Yes, I believe will release the album in accordance with the way MJ was going to perform during his shows. I think most of the hits he was going to perform were ofcourse the oldies which everybody loved.

You know, MJ was a very brilliant business person I think he didn't want to risk coming up with new songs all out but made only one or two new ones for the shows. He probably knew if he went on stage with completely new songs, it could have ended with some not liking them.

I find that absolutely clever to keep to his best hits DN,otherwice i agree,that we cant turn the blog going how the half of the peaples whant. Everybody have the same wright. I told them,but bobody agree with me. But Album) agree on the,shold not lie about big things like this. Oh My God Michael, we need to learn and do some research to know more about your Death Investigation. Yes DN,everybody fighting for the trough,thets why sory the realistic peaples dont whant this absurd obvious lie here.

Coco — I am sure there will also be an album with unreleased songs in the future. It depends how much work they have to put into it. I doubt he had all the songs he wrote already recorded in a way you could put them on an album.

TXmom Yes lividity was present, they moved him the handmarks were imprinted on the lividity Because he was dead long before!! Randy Philips 'im here to promote a movie' Do you recall where you saw or read those AEG article interviews?

I've never seen or heard of them and would like to. I would be so happy,if Larry would put on blogs about the world crap. I realy would like to know from the peaples,who thay live this arond the world. If thay dont doo the CPR corretly,the brain dont gat oxigen,its take minutes to got to be braindead.

Hve to pump the heart all the time and blow oxigen antil dont come the ambulance. This gut was on phone for long time 3 times,then he give wrong CPR. I cant believe,he actualy realy is a dr. In this situation no metter what,how slow is the person heart beat,or dont bread,you alvais have to pump the heart and blow oxigen antil the professionals dont come. Tundy,Hungary Yes everybody has the right. I live in LA and was consistently around Michael during his stay here in the last 8 months of his life.

In addition to this, he was intentionally murdered and those responsible for this are more than just Dr. He was accidentally murdered by Dr. In the first couple of months of rehearsals he seemed happy with things, asked us if we were surprised by the press conference and would ask us about songs we wanted to hear. But in the last 3 or 4 weeks things gradually turned downhill, the excitement was not always there, and after a while we finally realized something was wrong.

On May 29th, the last day of rehearsals at Center Staging, a few of us went inside the studio and talked to Michael. It was actually he who wanted to talk to us. He said he was doing these shows for us and wanted to do it the way we wanted him to. He seemed unhappy about the way things were going and at some point his voice cracked like he was going to cry. Michael was half sitting inside the car and I was kind of leaning on him.

I put my hand on his leg to push myself up and all I felt was bone. No, not like he was just skinny, more like he was nothing but a skeleton. My personal letters to him from then on voiced concerns, not telling him anything specific but just asking him to think of his health and happiness first.

Prior to this I had wondered when he would start putting weight on like he had during previous tours, but since he usually wore layers of oversized clothes, it was hard to tell just how think he was. Not only have the daily breakfast-time beatings stopped, but shes actually considering letting me watch 30 minutes of TV weekly as a reward, provided its a programme on banana slicing.

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The doctors were not able to reassemble my finger after I slipped while cutting bananas with the metal version. I dont think they even had the pieces in the right order. With this one an error while slicing is hardly worse than 10 paper cuts.

That being said, you probably still shouldnt drink while using it. Not only does the Hutzler save time slicing bananas that much is a givenbut ever since Ive been slicing my bananas instead of eating them whole, my husband has been bothering me less. No more naughty ideas filling his dirty mind. I know what youre thinking.

I could just eat my bananas sideways, but that would just waste more time Granted, cleanup is a bit time consuming and slightly cumbersome, but it beats the other cleanup any day. I received this item as a present but it was not accompanied by instructions. I was unable to work out how to operate it despite repeated attempts and discarded it. I concluded it was not appropriate for combing a cat, protecting a small child from UV light, watering hanging baskets or playing 78rpm Shellac records from the 50s.

Now I have come across this item again here, and have read the rave reviews, I am thinking of trying again. My only concern is that the picture shows a banana touching the implement, and Im allergic to bananas. I presume this is just a visual reference to the name of its inventor - presumably a Dr Banana? Well, Ill just start at the begining.

I LOVE banana and avacado sandwiches. My kids love them too. I found the avacado slicer about a year ago. That revolutionized the way I viewed my sandwich. The avacado slices were even and clean cut. The banana on the other hand was a disaster. For the longest time I used my husbands axe to chop up the banana. This worked ok, except for the time the dog was trying to get the banana right before I chopped it.

So long fido. Anyways, I eventually switched to using a machete. It was much lighter and safer around my two year old. Genious, I thought. So another reform in my preparing my beloved avacado banana sandwich.

Still, I had a long way to go. Every day I would try to achieve those perfect uniform slices for the bananas that I had for my avacados. It was still a disaster. After going through around 23 bananas trying to get uniform slices, I would chuck the bananas at the window and fall onto the floor weeping.

So, my 2 and 4 year olds almost never got their lunch. They just ate the rotting banana off the window when they got hungry. My husband was really concerned about me. One day I was lamenting over the fact that I hadnt eaten my utopian sanwich in almost 9 months.

I too had resorted to eating the rotting banana off the window. Anyways, I came across this banana slicer on the internet and ordered it instantaniously. The day the postal lady brought that little package to my door was the start of a whole new life. The slices were beautiful!!!! I and my children now eat our beloved sandwich daily with no meltdowns from mom and no rotting banana on the window. My husband was shocked at the change. He ordered me a box of fifty for my birthday.

He even let us a get a new dog. Thank you Hultzer!!!!!!! I am now on my way to achieving my dreams and living the utopian life I always wanted. Like many other reviewers, I was disappointed that this product would only cut the bananas that bent in the right direction. I felt very wasteful throwing all those other bananas away. Then one day I bought a batch of bananas I knew were really too small to.

The slicer cut them just fine! Thats when I realized that if I cut the wrong bending bananas in half, I could position them in the middle of the slicer, and it would cut them! Since this discovery, Ive used a knife to cut those bananas in half first, but Ive also used a large spoon and even a fork one time. I discarded the unevenly cut piece that resulted as well as the uneven end pieces.

Still, it was a lot less waste than throwing away all the wrong bending bananas. My husband warned me that the tool was not meant to be used this way and that I might void the warranty, but Im willing to take that risk. I think this fix should be included in the instructions. As other reviewers have mentioned, the instructions are not very useful.

As a botanist who specializes in fruit anatomy, I saw this product and I was astonished and angered. I had been trying for months to replicate the delicate framework of a banana, but to no avail. My diagrams, flawed. My models, childish. I toiled over the material and the color for my models.

I tried to use string to create them, but it didnt travel well. Next I tried rocks, but they were difficult to glue together and much too heavy to carry.

Finally I settled on cheap plastic. Finally, I had my material! Cheap plastic would be light enough to carry and durable enough to ship. Women rapping explicitly and passionately about sex is an honorable tradition in hip-hop. Megan Thee Stallion has established herself as its latest and greatest practitioner. Deandre Marquis Rogers, rapping under the name Lizkhad his Dec. It mirrors the plight of Drakeo at the Compton Courthouse. Sacramento is where the cops murdered Stephon Clark in cold blood.

Baby-faced, snarling with technical brilliance, sporting a clean fade and a singular braid running down the back of his neck. The beat is hypnotic, groovy, and downright fucking terrifying. The original landed on NEON iCON as a Vine-viral rap-dance, encompassing this weird squatted toe-tap that more likely resembles what goyim imagine us Jews do at our wedding receptions than a success mirroring the millie rock.

With part three, RAFF has perfected it. The name Chief Keef explodes in marquee bulbs without the Chicago hero even having to sing a note. RiFF RAFF elevates his game here, too, crooning a haunted and infectious chorus, a diamond-encrusted stanza equal parts absurd Album) believable.

For all the drama, Keef is still a legitimate star and a modern architect of popular rap music heading into the new decade. And RiFF RAFF might be the most deceptively self-aware cultural icon we have, knowing exactly the role he needs to play and laughing his way to the bank. Or all the way to the jewelry store. Obituary writers would have undoubtedly found it fitting if the final single released by Jarad Higgins before his death had been filled with pain and vulnerability—one of his many pieces on devastation in everyday life.

Instead, Juice Wrld produced one of the tightest pop-rap songs of the year. But when Juice Wrld mutters the intro incoherently, it plays as almost a taunt to those who talked down to the whole mumble-Soundcloud-emo-rap trend of recent years.

There is no feeling quite like the anticipation that Sada builds as he ramps up his flow on a song. He slowly stacks his tones, jabbing and hesitating in his windup, before blowing the lid off with screaming streaks of flame. And when he gets to the top, they just keep shooting out like those rotating t-shirt cannons in NBA arenas that hold hundreds at a time.

His kill you and dance on your grave aura is singular. His dance moves have gotten even hotter and his threats, scarier this year. Sada owned a Moment of when he had everyone fucking parties up with his dance moves, but showed his potential to be one of, if not the best rapper in the world. Seriously, imagine the type of person who would make that their ringtone.

The summer before last, I spent 24 hours with Greedo right before he was condemned to disappear for 20 years. We shopped for Cartier shades on La Brea, or at least he did, because the sunglasses cost as much as a black market kidney. A long-time nemesis, the flustered and disgraced employee once regularly shooed away the Watts living legend, back when he was broke and vainly browsing the 20 percent off racks.

Thing is, it does little good when your spending options are about to be limited to commissary Skittles and box ramen. Euphoria and sadness echoed in his voice. Afterwards, we hopped in his new Ford Escape with Texas plates. He was going to marry her in a few days, he told me, but first wanted to ask for permission from her father.

From behind the door, you could faintly hear what seemed to be a minor fight. Nothing too crazy. When it finally ended, he was all smiles and we went to the weed dispensary, where he stuffed high-octane canisters into a designer bag so big that he matter-of-factly claimed you could fit an Uzi in it.

There was no time to write anything down, so it was all berserk five-minute freestyle cantilations which were eventually carved into loaded tangents. Admittedly, the vintage Bowie quantities of blow helped, but every second was kinetic chaos intended to ensure that his legacy endures no matter how many times his parole gets denied. From the Tin Pen Alley concept to the battered music box melody, it distills everything that makes him one of the most important L.

There is also a universalist pop streak to it, creep music applicable to anyone dazed by a distant lover scenario. He is also the alternate universe triangulation of Lana Del Rey and Rick James, profanely bragging about how his dick stands like the Eiffel Tower but possessed by this forlorn hauntology that makes his songs seem divined from a diseased, offbeat, but somehow still idyllic California.

The sunshine-noir dialectic working its familiar magic on the unfamiliar nerves of a hood legend from Grape Street who knows every syllable and groan of the BlinkLana, and Sublime catalogues. Neither gifts nor financial support can substitute for the emotional connection only possible when the person you love is sleeping next to you in the same room. But until you come home, she can play this song. The drums, skittering on top like an alien menace with the snare doing little more than keeping time, feel positively perfunctory.

At first, naysayers objected to the whole exercise, wondering what this New Yorker could even add to a formula birthed in Chi-raq and mutated across London. Shordie has enough subtleties to pull it off. Plus the beat syncs perfectly with that Blueface dance remember him?

In a year where Young Thug only officially released one project, configured specifically to cement his status as a star to the masses, it figures that a leak stands out as his best song of the year. His sclerotic reverbs sound like a possessed mouse scratching around the cupboards above the studio as Thug takes turns being pulled by a chariot and sprinting through the intergalactic race that is the beat.

Nobody in the history of music, literature, poetry, or any art form has better ways of talking about diamonds than Mr. Williams does. If for whatever reason you need conclusive evidence as to how a decade of living can change a person, look no further than Tyler, the Creator.

Even as that anarchic teenager, Tyler always had a singular vision when it comes to his productions. The foundational influence of the Neptunes has graduated into Tyler creating late-period Pharrell marked all over with his own fingerprints.

Along with Playboi Carti and Charlie Wilson, Tyler crafts a personal accountibility anthem with intergalactic arpeggios and heartsick, high-pitched synths. Using the age-old metaphor of comparing love to a natural disaster, the once and future king of Fairfax Avenue finally uses his gift for musical arrangement to make an unforgettable love jam.

I would posit there are more in his future, but who really knows with Tyler? Genius is often unpredictable, as the cliche goes. It was then his voice began cutting through the music, his presence more pronounced. Summers were also spent between Harlem and Jamaica. His mom a Jamaican intellectual and his dad a Marxist refugee who fled after civil war ended in his country at the time called Rhodesia.

The video, much like the song, is a series of cold vignettes, loosely associated and non-linear. I say this and mean it with highest praise, that woods is reminiscent of Chuck D, where message is key and sentences end with a deafening finality.

Greedo is currently serving a year sentence Album) a Texas prison. This past July, a jury acquitted Drakeo of all murder and attempted murder charges.

They were hung on two counts—criminal gang conspiracy and shooting from a vehicle. California has the biggest immigration court backlog in the country, with overpending cases. Yet the district attorney deemed Drakeo et al such imminent threats to public safety that they decided to retry those two counts. Thus Drakeo sits. They imbue the gruesome banalities of life on the streets with an extraordinary, fantastic air. Their words are almost a spell, an incantation that if muttered in just the right cadence might deliver 03, Drakeo, and Bambino from evil.

America has already stolen their neighborhoods, their music, and their futures. Free everybody though. Roddy Ricch ends this year still riding that success, and experimenting further with form on his recent mixtape, Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial. Nipsey Hussle, of course, befell an unspeakable tragedy.

He was rapping about seeing his grandmother on his private jet, detailing the calculated steps that led him there. He was rapping about making money off of retail, from the store he purposefully built in his own neighborhood as a way to build Crenshaw up, in lieu of fleeing for safety beyond the smog-covered mountains. For the remaining nine months ofthe marathon did its best to continue. But everything Nipsey represented to the communities of which he was a part, will continue.

Nothing is as it seems, everything is burning, this is Rome etc etc etc. But I am not interested in the ways our souls are being stolen piece by piece from us in a grand, spiritual heist. Teejayx6 is an year-old from Detroit who has named himself after a piece of handheld hardware you can use to clone credit cards. There is no moral code to scamming. There are only valid CVV codes that beam green and bad ones that blink red.

It does not glamorize struggle or physical fortitude, placing a premium instead on dogged research, the willingness to spend hours bathed in the glow of a computer screen. He does away with the mystery and selective revelations that can burnish a myth, then goes ahead and builds one anyway through sheer hubris.

Though it didn't last long, the 70's Glitter era directly inspired the New Wave 80's. And the tradition continues. Stones Get Banged! MJ Gets Danged! Michael Jackson's latest greatest hits album, "The Essential Michael Jackson", has sold just 8, copies in the US in its first week of release, reaching number in the chart.

That's onlybehind the first place album, "Now 19". Perhaps Mike should try releasing some new material instead of repeatedly repackaging greatest hits collections. MTV Awards Arranged!

Sony Hanged! Apparently Sony has not been content to rely simply on their artists' talent to garner airplay. The corporation will cease paying for play.

Also, according to Spitzer, Sony will hire a compliance officer to keep tabs on its behavior. No word on whether Spitzer had any ideas on improving the quality of Sony's releases.

Here's something you may not have known: The Plimsouls were the first band ever to play at the Pacific Amphitheater back in Judging from last Friday's concert, the sound system at The Pac Amp hasn't changed much. Think of listening to a bell with earmuffs on. So much for a triumphant return for our New Wave Heroes. History has shown that this is not an isolated incident.

Other Pac Amp concerts, including last years' Roxy Music show, suffered the same fate. Apparently the sound system is inherently unclear and distorted and no matter what the act. With Friday's headling band, punk icons X, it didn't seem to matter quite as much. Their lyrics are often difficult to decipher even under the best of conditions.

And the fanatical crowd didn't seem to mind. Still it would be nice to have SOME aural clarity. It's nice that The OC Fair can pull in some big name acts. But until something is done to improve the sound quality at The Pac Amp, make the drive to somewhere else to see your favorite bands. Tuesday, July 05, Live 8. Bob Geldof's consciousness raising, one day mega-concert produced some memorable performances.

Twenty years after taking the stage for the original Live Aid, Madonna provided one of the musical highlights with an electric performance of "Like a Prayer. They encored with their classic "Comfortably Numb," from The Wall.

Geldof's promised "greatest concert ever" may have lived up to it's hype. Millions watched the globe-spanning concerts in person and an estimated billion or more tuned in to the broadcast for what will likely be the most-watched music event in history. For a female pop artist, The Material Girl's longevity at the top remains unmatched.

And she may be still around when people are asking, Britney who? Thousands of U2 fans from around the world gathered to witness the Irish band perform a homecoming concert at Croke Park in Dublin. Friday's performance was the first of three sell-out gigs at the venue, expected to be witnessed by a total offans. Thursday, June 16, Who's Yo Daddy? Who's Your Daddy? The Father of Rock and Roll celebrated his 90th birthday last week.

Les Paul is the inventor of the electric guitar. The very instrument that makes it possible for mere mortals to attain the title of Rock God! Oh and the multi-track recorder that made sound-on-sound, overdubbing, reverb and other now indispensable studio effects possible.

Without him, Elvis may have been known as the King of ukulele. Christina Agri-vation Christina Aguilera's music is finding a new audience and a new appreciation. The pop diva's dirges are apparently being used to break down an alleged Al Queda suspect in Guantanamo Bay. According to reports, interrogators have been using the records as part of a campaign aimed at bringing a confession out of a man suspected of involvement in the September the 11th attacks.

Geneva Conventions not withstanding, we're with Greenpeace on this one. It's clearly inhumane, cruel treatment. Thank God those of us living in freedom have the power to hit the OFF button! Happy Listening, DJ Craig. Sunday, May 29, 2 Questions. This Bride did not want an overly emotional song, just something to honor the parents.

Here is my answer: What you need is a devotional song that's not too personal or sappy. You can type the title of any song into Google, along with the word "lyrics", if you want to check the words. Google results will list several websites that offer the lyrics free of charge. Another Bride inquired about the "Money Dance".

She was concerned about it being tacky but still wanted the opportunity to dance with her guests. My suggestion: Call it a "Honeymoon Dance" and let your guests know this is their chance to wish you luck on your new life, while they share a dance with you.

The idea is to "romanticize" it. Make sure to mention where the Honeymoon is and not mention "dollars" or "money". They will get the drift. Some most will give you cash anyway. ALL will enjoy dancing with you one on one. Play songs that tie in with where your Honeymoon is if possible.

Hawaiian, Caribbean, etc. The Rolling Stones announce another world tour starting in Boston on August 21, Yes, these are the same Stones that graced "Spin" magazines' cover back in Here we are 22 years later.

Is Spin magazine still around? Pennebaker to lens a documentary about the creation of her Rebirth album. Lopez was apparently unaware that the film would actually reveal how it was made. Lopez objected to the way her singing was showcased and didn't appreciate being depicted as a diva. She threw a tantrum that ensured the epic would never be unspooled in its entirety. If only she would've had the same instincts about Monster-In-Law.

Crue Seeks Clue Motley Crue are teaming up with "America's Most Wanted" to try to find a missing fan, who hasn't been seen since she left her home to attend the band's March 6 concert in Washington, D. Sunday, May 08, Outstanding New Songs Recently a client asked about the origins of the garter toss. I did some research and found some interesting myths. There are many legends surrounding the birth and meaning of this ancient wedding formality.

One story has it that in the 14th century, it was customary for the Bride to toss her garter to the men. But sometimes the men got too drunk, and would become impatient and try to take the garter off her ahead of time. Eventually the Groom got into the act and saved his bride from the unruly mob by removing and throwing the garter himself.

Nowadays, all Single Men are invited to gather around while our Groom removes the garter from the Bride's leg. The Groom then tosses the garter to the motley crew, er Single Gentlemen. If all goes well, one lucky guy catches the garter and no fist fights ensue. I do have my own explanation of the true relevence of this ancient ritual; This is the final test to see if our Groom has what it takes to be a good husband.

Part of this test is his ability to use his manly powers of seduction to mesmerize his mate long enough to remove an intimate piece of clothing. If all goes well this could be considered the unofficial start of the Honeymoon! This is also an opportunity for the Single Men to display their cunning, strength and physical agility in attempting to catch the garter. Single ladies should take notice. The catcher of the Garter is clearly mentally and physically superior to his competitors and is a most desirable mate.

He can claim bragging rights over all other single men here and tradition has it that he will be the next to get married. Monday, April 25, Hot Stuff! New Releases His expression of sadness and wanting is as addicting as any drug. Berlin's new album, Voyeuris a disappointment save for the standout dance track, "Drug". Coolio's latest, My Soul features the funky, "Ooh la la".

OK but not great. Morrissey's new single is a live remake. His voice mellowed and matured, Morrissey still captures the pathos that captivates. They took music to places it had never gone before. But it has long been contended by some that in doing so, The Fab Four changed Rock music into something it was never meant to be.

In the late s, The Beatles driving obsession was to come up with a concept record that would rival Beach Boy Brian Wilson's masterpiece album, "Pet Sounds". John Lennon and company desperately wanted to trump what many considered to be the best rock album ever. Fueled by this desire, "herbal jazz cigarettes" and whatever other mind altering substances they may have been experimenting with at the time, The four lads took to the studio in Their recent retirement from live performing meant they could devote all their free time to recording.

With legendary producer George Martin at the helm, The lads finally emerged from the studio with the ambitious, divinely inspired, "Seargent Pepper" album. There were sounds on this record that had never been attempted before and probably cannot be duplicated.

A cornucopia of diverse instruments, overdubs, backwards loops, reverb, various filters and treatments, something that sounds like a Star Wars "Wookie" and even alarm clocks and roosters.

Of course, the core of the album was the amazing songs written by the team of Lennon and Mc Cartney. Old hats at this songwriting business by now, both were at their creative peaks. This song's ending crescendo features a full orchestra hurtling wildly out of control, ending in a single massive E major piano chord being held for a full 42 seconds.

In an era when most pop songs clocked in at 3 minutes or less, The Beatles had the audio-dacity to use much of this precious time for one single note. Of course, the album quickly rose to 1. A sonic marvel when it was first released, Sgt. Pepper is still revered as the standard by which other rock records are measured. But was this truly "Rock" music? The point has been made that if one cannot reproduce these songs live on stage and without aid of studio trickery, it's really just audio masturbation.

The Beatles had increasingly introduced so many diverse elements into their music, it had evolved far beyond the blues driven, rebellious, primordial stomp of predecessors Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard.

While The Beatles inspired many of the greats who followed, they also made it possible for studio overproduced schmaltz to gain a foothold in Rock. This criticism was not lost on The Fab Four who, in their subsequent albums, strived for a more organic, rootsy sound.

Let It Be culminated in their final, live, rooftop performance in Arguments over Sgt. Pepper will rage on but The Beatles' other grand accomplishments stand on their own. Perhaps most important among them was their unmatched ability to write catchy, simple yet profound, universally relatable lyrics.

And knowing when to quit, leaving their legacy untarnished. Keep it simple.

Kyrie Eleison - Giuseppe Verdi / Angela Gheorghiu, Daniela Barcellona, Roberto Alagna, Julian Konsta, La Traviata - Caballé*, Lo Azul Tornase Gris (Blue Turns To Grey) - The Rolling Stones - Stone Age (Vinyl, LP), Jim Merrick - Various - Durchs Schlüsselloch In Des Mondgärtners Sternenhain (File, Album), Grey Lictor - Mnem* - For Delta Relics (File, MP3, Album), Would I Lie To You? - Eurythmics - Greatest Hits Of Eurythmics (Cassette), Le Vaisseau Fantôme (Ouverture) - Wagner* - Georg Solti, Orchestre Philharmonique De Vienne* - Ouver, Funky Dancer (Radio Remix) - Velvet (12) - Funky Dancer (Vinyl), Mari-Mari - Koes Plus - Best Of The Best Volume 2 (CD), Otišli Smo, Ti Ostade Majko - Milanče Radosavljević Uz Svoj Ansambl* - Ljubavi Se Staroj Vrati (Viny, Little Brown Jug - Larry Green Et Son Orchestre* - Rendez-Vous à Broadway (Vinyl, Album), Awake - Smoke Fairies - Blood Speaks (Vinyl, LP, Album, Album), No Blind Eyes Can See - Lacrimosa - MP3 Collection (CDr), Org-A2 - No Artist - Sound Pool (Deep House / Progressive House) (CD)