The Hunter - Blue Cheer - Outside Inside (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Missed Calls 5. Diamonds 6. Liquor Sto' feat. Marian Mereba 7. Masturpiece 8. New Negro Spiritual 9. Lady Nectarine feat. Marian Mereba Nigga Wake Up feat. Solar Lilly Punchanella Sweet Sacrifice 2. Call Me When You're Sober 3. Weight Of The World 4. Lithium Side B: 1. Cloud Nine 2. Snow White Queen 3. Lacrymosa Side C: 1. Like You 2. Lose Control 3. The Only One Side D: 1. Your Star 2. All That I'm Living For 3. Good Enough. Remastered from the original tape reels housed at the Nederlands Jazz Archief, and in cooperation with the Bill Evans Estate, this limited-edition 3-LP, gram set includes an extensive booklet with never-before-published photos; essay by Dutch jazz scholar Bert Vuijsje, plus co-producers Zev Feldman and Frank Jochemsen; and new interviews with Dutch pianist Jan Huydts, Eddie Gomez, Marty Morell and more.

EMILY 3. The debut that set the benchmark for the new emerging wave of Technical Death Metal. Alpha Incipient Ritual Of Godflesh Become One. Cerebral Hybridization Prison Of The Mind. The Flame Surreal. Enslaved Eternal Phenomenon. The Harvest Wombs. Assemblage Of Wolves. The Christmas single has been out of print since original release in Package will also include a cardboard art-stencil of the band logo from the cover art.

All tracks previously released. Beef Boloney 3. Camarillo 4. Gimmie Some Action 7. Foreign Policy 8. We Destroy The Family 9. Disconnected Fresh Flesh Getting The Brush No More Nothing. First time anywhere for a release of these two songs from a December livestream performance by Robin Pecknold with the Resistance Revival Chorus. Jambalaya On The Bayou 2. Hearts Of Stone 2. Somewhere Listening For My Name.

Limited to 10, copies worldwide. A collection of demos, home recordings, and lost songs circa from Ruthann's personal archive. Includes detailed song notes by Ruthann, unseen photos, and the original version of "Windy. Hurried Life 2. That's Alright Silver Bird 3. Sky Is Moving South 4. Looking Glass 5. Between The Lines 6. I'm Askin' 7. Windy 8. Typical Sunday 9. Southern Comfortable Alone At Last Boy Took A Ticket Method Madness To Treat A Friend. Before she arrived at Muscle Shoals to work her magic with the late great Rick Hall, Bobbie cut a laid back album of classic and contemporary jazz tunes that was abandoned before it had chance to see the light of day.

This was a shame, as Bobbie proves herself as adept in this genre as in any other. This self-produced collection first saw the light of day on the Bobbie Gentry boxset, but this lost album deserves to have its own separate release and what better format than vinyl? The set exudes a sophisticated and intimate late-night vibe mostly featuring Bobbie alone with her guitar accompanied by a bass player; occasionally there is a whisper of strings from Jimmie Haskell who famously composed the cello and violin arrangement on Ode to Billie Joe.

In celebration of the album's 20th anniversary, M-Theory Audio presents the first-ever vinyl release of Determination, from God Forbid. In addition to an appearance on Ozzfest, the group logged many miles on the road touring alongside legacy acts such as Slayer and Anthrax, as well as scene contemporaries such as Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage, and Hatebreed. God Forbid disbanded several years ago, but guitarist Doc Coyle has also remained a prominent member of the heavy metal community through his involvement in the band, Bad Wolves.

This new issue of the record will also include an expanded layout with new liner notes from Doc Coyle, and rare photos and memorabilia. Dawn of the Millenia 2. Nothing 3. Broken Promise 4. Divide My Destiny 5. Network 6. Wicked 7. Determination Part 1 8. Determination Part 2 9. Go Your Own Way God's Last Gift A Reflection of the Past Dead Words on Deaf Ears Mind Eraser.

This vinyl box set contains six Gorillaz studio albums from -including their current release "Song Machine, Season 1. This album was nominated for a Grammy in and went on to sellcopies that year which at the time was seen as surprisingly unfavorable.

A rare Gun Club album, released in in the UK only and out of print for decades. Kid Congo would rejoin The Gun Club in Released inthis album spent weeks on the Billboard Top It is the first time the whole show has been available on double vinyl. This Is Your Captain Speaking, 4.

You Shouldn't Do That, 5. The Awakening. Mayer Hawthorne had been talking for a while about releasing a free collection of cover songs for the web, and on May 11, he did just that via his Twitter account. Blue Sky 2. Fantasy Girl 5. Little Person 6. Work To Do. Best of Suburban Noize Years, taking the best performing songs from their Suburban Noize Records releases to mark their 15 year anniversary on the label. HED P. Aliens - Original Soundtrack 35th Anniversary Edition. One of the great science fiction franchises of all-time.

Surprise vinyl color: Yellow or Blue. The Infamous Stringdusters are releasing a compilation of cover songs never-before released on vinyl for RSD Drops These songs have been played live in many instances, and were at once point released individually, so this will be a treat to band fans and vinyl collectors alike.

In"Magic No. Just Like Heaven 2. Golden 3. Jessica 4. What's Going On 5. Get Lucky 6. Big River 7. Highwayman 8. Don't Think Twice, It's Alright 9.

Fearless American Girl. Country Soul 2. Back Porch 3. Bachelorettes On Broadway 4. Down for It 5. American Dream 6. Right Now 7. Trainwreck 8. Drank Too Much 9. Whole Lotta Love Actions Back To The Old School may have seemed like a crazy title for a hip-hop album released in The release serves as a punctuation mark at the end of the old school of hip-hop with production by none other than Kurtis Mantronik of acclaimed electronic hip-hop group Mantronix.

Long out of print on vinyl, Get On Down marks the 35th anniversary of this landmark with a deluxe splatter color vinyl edition of the LP available only for RSD Drops A Side: 1.

Cold Gettin' Dumb 2. Love Story 3. Back To The Old School 4. Latoya B Side: 1. Gangster Of Hip Hop 2. Little LP Johnny 3. Put the Record Back On 4. Turbo Charged. Self-Esteem Offspring Cover 2. Brain Stew Green Day Cover.

In the 30 years since Mr. To commemorate its 30th year, Get On Down presents Mr. Hood in a never to be repeated tri-color pressing of the double LP. Who Me? With An Answer From Dr. Bert 3. Boogie Man! Hood Meets Onyx 5. C Side: 1. Hard Wit No Hoe 3. Hood Gets A Haircut 4.

Boy Who Cried Wolf. This deluxe Vol. The record itself is clear vinyl with five-color splatter. Dirt 2. Nothing To So Demo Demo. His appetite for ripping up the rulebook has brought kudos and admirers from all sides, giving him a status and respect that ensures an unearthed, never before released recording such as this added importance. Ruin 2.

As the Palace Burns 3. Purified 4. For Your Malice Side B: 1. Boot Scraper 2. Devil In God's Country 3. In Defense of Our Good Name 4.

Blood Junkie 5. Peggy Lee was in top form inin every aspect of her career. As a vocalist, she was at her peak. That same year, she recorded 49 selections as radio transcriptions for the World Program Service. These recordings were not released to the public, but used by radio stations with unexpected time to fill. The music is more jazz-oriented than many of her Decca recordings of the time.

This series compiles the best selections from those recordings, beginning with 14 tunes on this first volume. The Backchannel Broadcast: 20th Anniversary Edition. The Lillingtons are best known for their catchy tunes about the paranormal, but twenty years ago they surprised us all with the release of The Backchannel Broadcast, The Hunter - Blue Cheer - Outside Inside (Vinyl album of high adventure with songs about the Wild West and Russian Spies.

Final Transmission 2. Mindcontrol 3. The Kids 4. El Pamino 5. Dynomite 6. One Armed Man 8. Danger Lights. B Side: 1. Blue Steal 2. Santa Fe-0 3. Thunderball 4. The Russians Are Coming 5. Wrecking Ball 6. Badman With The Devil's Hand 7. Six Ways To Die. Screen Rant. Archived from the original on June 4, Retrieved June 4, The Huffington Post. Archived from the original on July 15, Retrieved March 9, November 30, Archived from the original on November 30, Retrieved November 30, Archived from the original on May 7, Retrieved May 7, USA Today.

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Archived from the original on May 24, Retrieved May 24, Archived from the original on May 15, Retrieved May 16, Archived from the original on May 14, Retrieved May 15, Archived from the original on February 24, Retrieved February 24, Archived from the original on May 11, Retrieved May 12, So when I ran into the show's star, Ben Browder, a couple of years ago at the Saturn Awards, I asked him if he'd make a cameo in guardiansofthegalaxy.

He thankfully agreed and can be seen as the Sovereign Admiral with Ayesha. He also ended up leaving the group due to stomach ulcers in April of To do so he assembled a group of local musicians, mostly from a local group called Purple Haze and, using the tongue-in-cheek name Steppendog, recorded I'm Feeling Down.

The song never got released, however, and for years the only copy was an acetate in the possession of lead guitarist Danny Dozier. RCA Victor had a policy stating that groups signed to the label had to use RCA's own studios, whether they wanted to or not. By the time RCA realized what was going on, the single was already climbing the charts eventually hitting the 10 spotand ended up using the two new recordings on Canned Wheat. The remainded of the album was made up of the tracks recorded at RCA Studios.

The first, and most well-known, was the epic piece Celebration Of The Lizard, which was abandoned when the group couldn't get it to sound the way they wanted it to in the studio although one section of the piece was included under the title Not To Touch The Earth. The second, and perhaps more obvious omission was the title track of the album itself. The unfinished tapes sat on the shelf untilwhen the band finally completed the version of Waiting For The Sun that appears on the Morrison Hotel album.

The song had originally appeared as the opening track from the Forever Changes album three years earlier. Bryan McLean would later say that he was not happy with the recording due to his own vocal being buried beneath that of Lee, since Lee's part was meant to be a harmony line to McLean's melody.

McLean would later re-record the song for a solo album, but reportedly was not satisfied with that version either. Unfortunately, by the time it was released as a single in October of the whole idea of Flower Power which the Seeds were intimately tied to had become yesterday's news at least in ultra-hip L. To go along with the single with its state-of-the-art production the band spent a considerable sum making a full-color promotional video, a practice that would not become commonplace until the advent of MTV in the s.

Despite all this, US radio stations virtually ignored We Love You, choosing to instead flip the record over and play the B side, a tune called Dandelion.

The copycat nature of top 40 radio being what it is, Dandelion ended up being a moderate hit in the US in the summer of ' The side starts and ends with the Bookends theme. In between they go through a sort of life cycle of tracks, from Save The Life Of My Child featuring a synthesizer opening programmed by Robert Moog himselfinto America, a song that is very much in the sprit of On The Road, the novel that had inspired many young Americans to travel beyond the boundaries of their own home towns.

The tune bears a strong resemblance to Coo Coo, a non-album single the band had released on the Mainstream label before signing to Columbia. Oh, Sweet Mary, however, has new lyrics and, for a breath of fresh air, a bridge section played at a slower tempo than the rest of the tune. What they did not have, however, was a top 10 single on the US charts.

The nearest they got was Going Up The Country from their late LP Living The Blues, which peaked in the 11 spot in early although it did hit 1 in several other countries. The song was written and sung by guitarist Alan "Blind Own" Wilson, who died at age 27 on September 3, After a failed attempt at self-production the record company refused to release all but one of the tracks they had recordedthe band went back into the studio to cut a Harry Nilsson tune, The Story of Rock and Roll.

Can You Hear the Cows, sort of a twisted throwback to their days as the surf music band known as the Crossfires and sounding oddly like the mids Beach Boys, appeared on the B side of that single.

The song itself was written by the husband and wife team of Kris and Artie Resnick, who would end up writing a series of bubble gum hits issued under various band names on the Buddah label in This led to one of his compositions being recorded by Columbia's most successful rock band at the time, Paul Revere and the Raiders also produced by Melcher.

Country Joe and the Fish did just that; not once, but twice. The second Rag Baby EP, released inwas all Fish, and featured two tracks that would be re-recorded for their debut LP the following year. In addition to the instrumental Section 43, the EP included a four-minute version of Bass Strings, a track with decidedly psychedelic lyrics. The track somewhat resembles a 60s update of the Tiki room recordings made by Martin Denny in the s, with heavily reverberated bongos and guiro featured prominently over a latin beat.

Although credited to the Beach Boys, only Brian Wilson appears on the track on pianowith the remainder of the instruments played by various Los Angeles studio musicians collectively known as the Wrecking Crew. What most people don't realize, though, is that the instrumental backing track, performed by Motown's Funk Brothers, originally ran over ten minutes in length, and was cut down to less than four minutes for the Temptations' single version of the song. Now normally, in a case like this the album track would be the full-length version of the song, but, to my knowledge, no such version exists.

This is because the only time the Temptations version of the song was released on an LP was on a greatest hits compilation, which of course used the hit single version. The producers of the track, Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong, did find a way to get the full-length version of the backing track on vinyl, however, albeit with a different vocal group entirely.

The Undisputed Truth was a second-tier Motown group that recorded exclusively for Whitfield and Strong. They had a pretty big hit themselves in the spring of with a song called Smiling Faces Sometimes, but had been unable to come up with a strong followup single. My personal favorite track on the album is Pretty Flowers, which starts off the LP's second side.

Unfortunately the song is handicapped by its low-fidelity production, which may have been a deliberate attempt to emulate the sound of 60s psychedelia, but ends up sounding over-compressed like much of the music of the s. The group, featuring Marty Ratcliffe on guitar, vocals and organ, Paul Messis on bass and guitar and Scarlett Rickard on drums, has four album's the their credit, including their release Volume For their efforts they found themselves deported to the The Hunter - Blue Cheer - Outside Inside (Vinyl colony now known as Australia.

But that doesn't really concern us. What I wanted to talk about was the original Tol-Puddle Martyrs note the hyphenthe legendary Australian band that evolved from a group called Peter And The Silhouettes. Well, not exactly. What I really wanted to talk about is the current incarnation of the Tol-Puddle Martyrs. Still led by Peter Rechter, the Martyrs have released a series of CDs since including a collection of recordings made by the 60s incarnation of the band.

The song was electrified by the Turtles the following year, becoming their first hit single. The group released their first single, Bye Bye in lateand for a while it looked like the Ban had a legitimate shot at fame. In earlyhowever, it all came crashing down when McGuire received his draft notice.

Moto as a member of the Bel-Airs. Vocals on the song were led by drummer Ginger Baker, and the track was chosen to close out the Disraeli Gears album. By one of those odd coincidences of the music industry, the album was issued in Europe on the Polydor label as were many cutting-edge bands of the time, including the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Procol Harum and the Whowhich at the time did not issue records in the US.

By the late s, however, Polydor was well established in the US and all the Cream albums on Compact Disc were released under the Polydor imprint. The mono LP used here, however, is a more recent European pressing on the Lilith label. One of guitarist Peter Lewis's contributions to the album was Sitting By The Window, one of those rare songs that sounds better every time you hear it. Balin, in his liner notes to the remastered release of Surrealistic Pillow, claims that Comin' Back To Me was written in one sitting under the influence of some primo stuff given to him by Paul Butterfield.

As can be heard on the box set Woodstock: 40 Years On-Back To Yasgur's Farm, the performance of Coming Into Los Angeles is marred by the sound system being adjusted throughout the song, resulting in instruments and even vocals fading in and out on the recording. Still, this is what the people in the crowd heard on that August day in Sort of. You see, in the movie itself the band is never actually named, although Max played by Christopher Jones does refer to his followers as his "troops" throughout the film.

The next thing you need to know is that Shape Of Things To Come was a song used in the film that became a hit record in The song itself was written by the Brill building songwriting team of Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil who also wrote Kicks and Hungry for Paul Revere and the Raiders and was recorded by studio musicians, with vocals by Paul Wibier. The 13th Power, who had already released a couple of singles on Curb's own Sidewalk label, ghosted the album, writing most of the songs on it, including She Lied, themselves.

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