Total Rejection - Various - Plastic Bomb #61 (CD)

Thus, neutron interaction with Li-6 or B, for example, results in the emission of a flash of light when intermixed with a scintillation material. If this light is transported via a medium to a photodetector, it is then possible to convert the optical signal to an electronic signal, where that electronic signal is representative of the amount of energy deposited during the neutron interaction. Further, materials such as Cd, Gd and other materials having a high thermal capture cross section with no emission of heavy particles produce low energy internal conversion electrons, Auger electrons, X-rays, and gamma rays ranging in energy from a few keV to several MeV emitted at substantially the same time.

Therefore, a layer of these materials, either when mixed in a scintillator base or when manufactured in a scintillator, such as Gadolinium Oxysulfide GOS or Cadmium Tungstate CWO will produce light probably less than heavier particles. CWO has a relatively fast decay constant. Depending on the overall energy, a significant portion of the energy will be deposited in the layer, while some of the electrons will deposit the energy in the surrounding scintillator.

In addition, the copious X-rays and gamma rays produced following thermal capture will interact in the surrounding scintillator. Thus, neutron interactions will result in events with both slow and fast decay constants. The scintillation response of the material that surrounds the Li-6 or B nuclei can be tuned such that this light can be transported through a second scintillator, such as a plastic scintillator in one embodiment, with a characteristic which is selected to respond to gamma radiation only.

In another embodiment, the material that surrounds the Li-6 or B is not a scintillator, but a transparent non-scintillating plastic resulting in a detector that is only sensitive to neutrons.

Thus, the plastic scintillator is both neutron and gamma sensitive. When a neutron is thermalized and subsequently captured by the H in the detector, a 2.

In this manner, the invention disclosed in U. Further, the composite detector also provides an excellent separation of the gamma and neutron signatures. It should be noted herein that in addition to charged particles, B produces gamma rays. Therefore, in using materials that produce gamma rays following neutron capture, the result may be a detection that looks like gamma rays. Most applications, however, want to detect neutrons; thus, the disclosed detector is advantageous in that it also detects the neutrons.

Here, the X-ray source emits a fan beam of radiation towards the object A segmented detector array is located behind a multi-element collimatorone detector element per collimator section.

X-rays scattering from various points in the object which lie within the acceptance angle of, for example, the collimator element are detected and associated to the appropriate corresponding part of the generated radiographic X-ray image. Again, a sensor is provided to measure distance to the surface of the object in order to correct the X-ray backscatter signal and produce a quantitative image scaled by effective atomic number.

Patent application Ser. A system configuration according to an embodiment of the invention disclosed in U. Here, an X-ray linear accelerator 20 is used to fire a collimated fan-beam of high energy at least keV X-radiation through an object 22 under inspection and to a set of X-ray detectors 24 which can be used to form a high resolution transmission X-ray imaging of the item under inspection. The X-ray linear accelerator beam is pulsed, so that as the object under inspection moves through the beam, the set of one-dimensional projections can be acquired and subsequently stacked together to form a two-dimensional image.

In this embodiment, an X-ray backscatter detector 26 is placed close to the edge of the inspection region on the same side as the X-ray linear accelerator 20 but offset to one side of the X-ray beam so that it does not attenuate the transmission X-ray beam itself. In some embodiments the backscatter detectors may be arranged differently. In some embodiments there may be only one backscatter detector. In other embodiments there may be more than two such detectors.

In contrast to known backscatter imaging detectors which use the localisation of the incident X-ray beam to define the scattering region, the backscatter imaging detector described, is able to spatially correlate the intensity of backscattered X-ray signals with their point of origin regardless of the extended fan-beam shape of the X-ray beam.

In the backscatter imaging detector 26this spatial mapping is performed using a segmented collimator 28 in zone plate configuration as shown schematically in FIG. Normally, a zone plate will comprise a series of sharply defined patterns whose impulse response function is well known in the plane of a two-dimensional imaging sensor that is located behind the sensor. In the present case, the energy of the X-ray beam to be detected is typically in the range 10 keV to keV and so the edges of the zone plate pattern will not be sharp.

For example, a zone plate fabricated using lead will require material of thickness typically 2 mm to 5 mm. Further, it is expensive to fabricate a high resolution two-dimensional imaging sensor of the size that is required in this application. However, it is noted that the radiation beam is well collimated in one direction the width of the radiation fan beam and therefore the imaging problem is reduced to a one-dimensional rather than a two-dimensional problem.

Therefore a backscatter detector in the form of an effectively one dimensional imaging sensor 30 is provided behind the zone plate To address this problem an elemental backscatter detector is used in this embodiment. Here, the detector element 32 comprises a bar of scintillation material about mm long in this example and is supplied with a photo-detector 34 at either end.

The photo-detector 34 may advantageously be a semiconductor photodiode or a photomultiplier tube. X-ray photons that interact in the scintillation material emit light photons and these will travel to the two photo-detectors where they may be detected.

Total Rejection - Various - Plastic Bomb #61 (CD) may be shown that the intensity of the light reaching each photo-detector is in proportion to the distance of the point of interaction from the face of the photo-detector.

Therefore, by measuring the relative intensity at the two photo detectors, the point of interaction of the X-ray photon with the detector can be resolved. In one embodiment, the vehicle is equipped with a GPS receiver the output of which is integrated with the on-board X-ray scanning system to provide the absolute location at which each scan line is conducted.

Again, output from a scanning laser is reconstructed into a 2D image to provide a quantitative analysis of the scene around the vehicle. This 2D image is archived for subsequent analysis and review. The 2D laser scanner image may also be used to determine when the overall scan of a particular object should start and when the scan for that object is complete. Also, optical wavelength colour CCTV images are collected at the front and sides of the vehicle, ideally using pan-tilt-zoom capability, to allow clear review of all locations around the vehicle.

In one embodiment, images from the CCTV cameras are analysed to read license plate and container codes and this data is also archived along with the X-ray, GPS and all other surveillance data. Similarly, infra-red cameras can also be used to monitor the scene around the vehicle to look for unexpectedly warm or cold personnel as indication of stress or presence of improvised explosive devices.

This data is also archived along with X-ray and all other surveillance data. In one embodiment, audio microphones are also installed around the vehicle to listen for sounds that are being produced in the vicinity of the vehicle. Specialist microphones with pan-tilt capability are installed to listen to sounds from specific points at some distance from the vehicle, this direction being analysed from the CCTV and IR image data.

Directional RF Radio Frequency antennas are installed in the skin of the vehicle to listen for the presence of electronic devices in the vicinity of the vehicle. This data is integrated with the rest of the surveillance data. Similarly, wide band antennas are installed with receiving devices that monitor communications channels that may be used by law enforcement, military and emergency services.

Again, RF antennas are installed to monitor mobile phone communications including text messaging from the local region around the vehicle. In one embodiment, chemical sensors are also installed to monitor composition of the air around the vehicle to detect trace quantities of explosives, narcotics and other relevant compounds with this data being integrated with that generated by the imaging and other sensors.

In one embodiment, data from the individual sensors is analysed for key signatures. For example, the X-ray data is analysed for detection of improvised explosive devices or for the presence of organic materials in unexpected places such as the tyres of a car. CCTV data is analysed for license plates with cross-checking against a law enforcement database. Once a piece of information has been analysed to comprise a threat or risk, this is escalated up a decision tree and is then compared against automated risk analysis from other sensors.

If correlated risks are detected, a significant threat alarm is raised for immediate action by a human operator. If no correlated risk is detected, a moderate threat alarm is raised for review by the operator. The result is a managed flow of information where all sensor surveillance information is analysed at all times, and only significant threat information is passed up the decision tree to reach the final level of an alert to a system operator.

The detection processor, in one embodiment, is a microprocessor computer running relevant code programmed for managing information and decision flow based on correlation and aggregation of the plurality of surveillance information. The primary collimator set 12 A acts to constrain the radiation emitted by the source 10 into a substantially fan-shaped beam The second collimator set 12 B is adjustably mounted and the position of the two second collimators 12 B can be adjusted by means of actuators 20under the control of a decision processor The detectors 14 output detector signals indicative of the radiation intensity they detect and these form, after conversion and processing described in more detail below, basic image data that is input to the decision processor The decision processor 22 is arranged to analyse the image data and to control the actuators 20 to control the position of the second collimator set 12 B in response to the results of that analysis.

The decision processor 22 is also connected to a control input of the radiation source 10 and arranged to generate and vary a control signal it provides to the control input to control the energy and timing of X-ray pulses generated by the radiation source The decision processor 22 is also connected to a display 24 on which an image of the imaged object, generated from the image data, can be displayed. By way of example, the radiation source 10 may comprise a high energy linear accelerator with a suitable target material such as tungsten which produces a broad X-ray spectrum with a typical beam quality in the range from 0.

The radiation source 10 in this case would be pulsed with a pulse repetition frequency generally in the range 5 Hz to 1 kHz where the actual rate of pulsing is determined by the decision processor These bilateral agreements were aligned with Mustafa Kemal's worldview. By the end ofTurkey had signed fifteen joint agreements with Western states.

In the early s, changes and developments in world politics required Turkey to make multilateral agreements to improve its security. Mustafa Kemal strongly believed that a close cooperation between the Balkan states based on the principle of equality would have an important effect on European politics.

These states had been ruled by the Ottoman Empire for centuries, and had formed a powerful force. While the origins of the Balkan agreement may date back as far asthe Balkan Pact came to being in the mids. Several important developments in the Balkan Peninsula and in Europe helped the original idea to materialize, such as improvements in the Turkish-Greek alliance and the rapprochement between Bulgaria and Yugoslavia.

This mutual-defence agreement intended to guarantee the signatories' territorial integrity and political independence against attack by another Balkan state such as Bulgaria or Albania.

It countered the increasingly aggressive foreign policy of fascist Italy and the effect of a potential Bulgarian alignment with Nazi Germany.

He thought of the Balkan Pact as a medium of balance in the relations with the European countries. The Balkan Pact provided for regular military and diplomatic consultations. It was regarded as a significant step forward in consolidating the free world's position in southeast Europe, although it contained no specific military commitments. The unanimously ratified Balkan pact became a reality on 18 May and lasted until These conflicts spread rapidly, ending with World War II.

Turkish Prime-Minister Ismet Inonu was very conscious of foreign policy issues. The risks of this policy change put the two men at odds. Hatay was based on the old administrative unit of the Ottoman Empire called the Sanjak of Alexandretta. On behalf of the League of Nations, the representatives of France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium and Turkey prepared a constitution for Hatay, which established it as an autonomous sanjak within Syria.

Despite some inter-ethnic violence, in the midst of an election was conducted by the local legislative assembly. Mustafa Kemal instigated economic policies to develop small and large scale businesses, but also to create social strata industrial bourgeoisie along with the peasantry of Anatolia that were virtually non-existent during the Ottoman Empire.

The primary problem faced by the politics of his period was the lag in the development of political institutions and social classes which would steer such social and economic changes.

The initial choices of Mustafa Kemal's economic policies reflected the realities of his period. After World War I, due to the lack of any real potential investors to open private sector factories and develop industrial production, Kemal established many state-owned factories for agriculture, machinery, and textile industries. Constantinople, a trading port with international foreign enterprises, was abandoned and resources were channelled to other, less developed cities, in order to establish a more balanced development throughout the country.

For Mustafa Kemal, as for his supporters, tobacco remained wedded to his policy in the pursuit of economic independence. Turkish tobacco was an important industrial crop, while its cultivation and manufacture were French monopolies under capitulations of the Ottoman Empire.

The tobacco and cigarette trade was controlled by two French companies: the " Regie Company " and " Narquileh tobacco. Regie, as part of the Council of the Public Debt, had control over production, storing, and distribution including export with an unchallenged price control.

Consequently, Turkish farmers were dependent on the company for their livelihood. The control of tobacco was the biggest achievement of the Kemalist political machinery's "nationalization" of the economy for a country that did not produce oil. They accompanied this achievement with the development of the cotton industry, which peaked during the early s. Cotton was the second biggest industrial crop in Turkey.

The bank's creation was a response to the growing need for a truly national establishment and the birth of a banking system which was capable of backing up economic activities, managing funds accumulated as a result of policies providing savings incentives and, where necessary, extending resources which could trigger industrial impetus. InTurkish State Railways was established. Because Mustafa Kemal considered the development of a national rail network as another important step in industrialization, it was given high priority.

This institution developed an Total Rejection - Various - Plastic Bomb #61 (CD) railway network in a very short time. InKemal also ordered the integration of road construction goals into development plans. The road network consisted of 13, km of ruined surface roads, 4. Ina new entity was established under the government called "Sose ve Kopruler Reisligi" which would drive development of new roads after World War II. However, inthe 22, km of roads in Turkey augmented the railways. The national group [ Clarification needed ]which had Kemal as the leader, developed many projects within the first decade of the republic.

However, the Turkish economy was based on agriculture, with primitive tools and methods; roads and transportation facilities were far from sufficient and management of the economy was inefficient. The Great Depression brought many changes to this picture. The young republic, like the rest of the world, found itself in a deep economic crisis during the Great Depression. Mustafa Kemal reacted to conditions of this period by moving toward integrated economic polices, and establishing a central bank to control exchange rates.

However, Turkey could not finance essential imports; its currency was shunned and zealous revenue officials seized the meagre possessions of peasants who could not pay their taxes.

InMustafa Kemal signed a treaty that resulted in the restructuring of the nation's debt with the Ottoman Public Debt Administration. He did not fault the Ottoman debt. He had to deal with the turbulent economic issues of the Great Depression along with the payment of the high debt known as the Ottoman public debt.

Until the early s, Turkish private business could not acquire exchange credits. It was impossible to integrate the Turkish economy without a solution to this problem.

This increased the credibility of the new Republic. The bank's primary purpose was to have control over the exchange rate, and Ottoman Bank 's role during its initial years as a central bank was phased out.

From the political economy perspective, Mustafa Kemal had to face the same problems which all countries faced: political upheaval. The establishment of a new party with a different economic perspective was needed; he asked Ali Fethi Okyar to fulfil. The Liberal Republican Party August came out with a liberal program and proposed that state monopolies should be ended, foreign capital should be attracted, and that state investment should be curtailed.

The first — and second five-year economic plans were performed under the supervision of Mustafa Kemal. The first five-year economic plan promoted consumer substitution industries. However, these economic plans changed drastically with the death of Kemal and the rise of World War II. Subsequent governments took measures that harmed the economic productivity of Turkey in various ways.

He realized the important role of aviation. In his words, "the future lies in the skies". Instead of the traditional raffle prizes, this new lottery paid money prizes. The major part of its income was used to establish a new factory fund aviation projects. Mustafa Kemal did not see the flight of the first Turkish military aircraft built at the factory.

Inliberal economist Celal Bayar became the Minister of Economy at Mustafa Kemal's request and served until Textile, sugar, paper and steel factories financed by a loan from Britain were the private sectors of the period. Besides these government owned power plants, banks, and insurance companies were established.

Inthe first Turkish cotton print factory "Nazilli Calico print factory" opened. Cotton planting was promoted to furnish raw material for future factory settlements, part of the industrialization process.

Integrated economic policies reached their peak with the signing of the Treaty with Britain and France. On 25 JanuaryPrime Minister Bayar resigned. Mustafa Kemal supported the establishment of the automobile industry. He wanted it to become a center in the region.

The motto of the Turkish automobile association was: "The Turkish driver is a man of the most exquisite sensitivities. These signs of sound economic policies were marked by the first-ever emergence of local banks. Latife fell in love with Mustafa Kemal; again we do not know the extent to which this was reciprocated, but he was certainly impressed by Latife's intellect: she was a graduate of the Sorbonne and was studying English in London when the war broke out.

On 29 January they were married. According to official accounts, she shot herself with a pistol Mustafa Kemal had given her as a present; however, there were rumours that she was murdered. In earlywhile he was on a trip to Yalova, he suffered from a serious illness. He went to İstanbul for treatment, where he was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver.

During his stay in İstanbul, he made an effort to keep up with his regular lifestyle for a while. The remainder of this yearly interest was willed to the Turkish Language Association and the Turkish Historical Society. His face and name are seen and heard everywhere in Turkey; his portrait can be seen in all public buildings, in all schools and classrooms, on all school books, on all Turkish lira banknotes, and in the homes of many Turkish families.

A government website was created to denounce the websites that violate this law. InYouTube, Geocities and several blogger webpages were blocked by a Turkish court due to the violation of this law. In the last week of Octobera German company, following a request from the Turkish Internet Board, exploited YouTube automatic copyright-enforcement mechanism to take down the videos. On 30 October, shortly after the removal, a court lifted the ban. But a few days later, Google concluded that the videos did not infringe copyright and restored them on YouTube.

Military Wiki Explore. Popular pages. Project maintenance. Register Don't have an account? Edit source History Talk 0. Graphical timeline. Detailed chronology. Main article: Italo-Turkish War. See also: Battle of Tobruk Main article: Balkan Wars. Main article: World War I. Main article: Turkish War of Independence. See also: Treaty of Lausanne. Being deprived of independence in any of these is equivalent to the nation and country being deprived of all its independence.

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The MSB Premier DAC is a stand-alone Digital-to-Analogue Converter that uses some unique design innovations to ensure that digital reproduction is as good as it gets now and well into the future. When fully optioned, it is a somewhat costly proposition.

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The invention is susceptible to still further variations and alternative embodiments within the full scope of the invention, recited in the following claims. All rights reserved. Login Sign up. Search Expert Search Quick Search. High temperature electrolysis glow discharge device. United States Patent The present invention provides a glow discharge assembly that includes an electrically conductive cylindrical screen, a flange assembly, an electrode, an insulator and a non-conductive granular material.

The non-conductive granular material is disposed within the substantially equidistant gap. Click for automatic bibliography generation. Download PDF Belani, A. Brandt, A. Kavan, L. Understanding in-situ combustion, www.

What is claimed is: 1. The glow discharge assembly as recited in claim 1, wherein the electrode comprises an electrically conductive screen, electrically conductive tubing, or an electrically conductive rod.

The glow discharge assembly as recited in claim 1, wherein the non-conductive granular material comprises marbles, ceramic beads, molecular sieve media, sand, limestone, activated carbon, zeolite, zirconium, alumina, rock salt, nut shells or wood chips. The glow discharge vessel as recited in claim 4, wherein the electrode comprises an electrically conductive screen, electrically conductive tubing, or an electrically conductive rod.

The glow discharge assembly as recited in claim 4, wherein the non-conductive granular material comprises marbles, ceramic beads, molecular sieve media, sand, limestone, activated carbon, zeolite, zirconium, alumina, rock salt, nut shells or wood chips. The glow discharge vessel as recited in claim 4, wherein the DC electrical power supply operates in a range from 50 to volts DC.

The glow discharge vessel as recited in claim 4, wherein the DC electrical power supply operates in a range of to volts DC. The glow discharge vessel as recited in claim 4, wherein the electrically conductive fluid comprises water, produced water, wastewater or tailings pond water.

The glow discharge vessel as recited in claim 4, wherein: the electrically conductive fluid is created by adding an electrolyte to a fluid; and the electrolyte comprises baking soda, Nahcolite, lime, sodium chloride, ammonium sulfate, sodium sulfate or carbonic acid. The glow discharge vessel as recited in claim 4, further comprising a cyclone separator connected to the outlet of the vessel. The glow discharge vessel as recited in claim 4, further comprising an outlet disposed in the top cover.

The glow discharge vessel as recited in claim 4, further comprising a fluid regulator attached to the vessel that maintains a specified level of the electrically conductive fluid within the vessel.

The glow discharge vessel as recited in claim 4, wherein the glow discharge vessel produces steam and one or more gases. The glow discharge system as recited in claim 19, wherein the electrode comprises an electrically conductive screen, electrically conductive tubing, or an electrically conductive rod.

The glow discharge system as recited in claim 19, wherein the non-conductive granular material comprises marbles, ceramic beads, molecular sieve media, sand, limestone, activated carbon, zeolite, zirconium, alumina, rock salt, nut shells or wood chips. The glow discharge system as recited in claim 19, wherein the DC electrical power supply operates in a range from 50 to volts DC.

The glow discharge system as recited in claim 19, wherein the DC electrical power supply operates in a range of to volts DC. The glow discharge system as recited in claim 19, wherein the electrically conductive fluid comprises water, produced water, wastewater or tailings pond Total Rejection - Various - Plastic Bomb #61 (CD).

The glow discharge system as recited in claim 19, wherein: the electrically conductive fluid is created by adding an electrolyte to a fluid; and the electrolyte comprises baking soda, Nahcolite, lime, sodium chloride, ammonium sulfate, sodium sulfate or carbonic acid. The glow discharge system as recited in claim 19, further comprising a fluid regulator attached to the vessel that maintains a specified level of the electrically conductive fluid within the vessel.

The glow discharge system as recited in claim 19, wherein the glow discharge system produces steam and one or more gases. The following is a list of prior art similar to the ' patent: U. Other prior art plasma torches are disclosed in the following patents. Title 3, Plasma cutting torch 3, Plasma torches 4, Plasma arc torch and nozzle assembly 4, Method of and apparatus for stabilization of low-temperature plasma of an arc burner 5, Electric-arc plasma steam torch 5, Plasma arc torch having water injection nozzle assembly U.

Title 2, Welding torch 2, Arc torch push starting 2, Arc cutting of metals 3, Combination automatic-starting electrical plasma torch and gas shutoff valve 3, Plasma arc torch 3, Electric arc torch 3, Plasma retract arc torch 3, Arc torch cutting process 3, Arc torch cutting process 3, Plasma arc torch having liquid laminar flow jet for arc constriction 3, Water-scrubber cutting table 3, Plasma jet cutting torch having reduced noise generating characteristics 4, Method and apparatus for positioning a plasma arc cutting torch 4, Plasma cutting and welding torches with improved nozzle electrode cooling 4, Arc-striking method for a welding or cutting torch and a torch adapted to carry out said method High temperature steam electrolysis and glow discharge are two technologies that are currently being viewed as the future for the hydrogen economy.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention provides an all electric system that can regenerate, concentrate or convert waste materials such as black liquor, spent caustic, phosphogypsum tailings water, wastewater biosolids and refinery tank bottoms to valuable feedstocks or products such as regenerated caustic soda, regeneratred sulfuric acid, concentrated phosphoric acid, syngas or hydrogen and steam.

The present invention is described in detail below with reference to the accompanying drawings. Example 3—Phosphogypsum Pond Water The phosphate industry has truly left a legacy in Florida, Louisiana and Texas that will take years to cleanup—gypsum stacks and pond water.

This gives rise to a completely new method for using glow discharge to treat metals. Example 6—Solid Oxide Plasma Arc Torch There truly exists a need for a very simple plasma torch that can be operated with dirty or highly polluted water such as sewage flushed directly from a toilet which may contain toilet paper, feminine napkins, fecal matter, pathogens, urine and pharmaceuticals.

Example 7—Solid Oxide Glow Discharge Electrode Assembly Cell An electrolytic solution of baking soda and water was mixed in a tank not shown and charged to the vessel with a pump. Next Patent Uniformity control c System, method and apparatus for creating an electrical glow discharge. Inductively coupled plasma arc device. System, method and apparatus for lean combustion with plasma from an electrical arc. Plasma arc torch having multiple operating modes. Solid oxide high temperature electrolysis glow discharge cell and plasma system.

Solid oxide high temperature electrolysis glow discharge cell. Inductively Coupled Plasma Arc Device. Methods and apparatus for ionization and desorption using a glow discharge. Apparatus for treating liquids with wave energy from an electrical arc. Plasma-assisted disinfection of milking machines. Treatment of fluids with wave energy from a carbon arc. System, method and apparatus for treating liquids with wave energy from plasma. System, method and apparatus for treating liquids with wave energy from an electrical arc.

Plasma sterilization system having improved plasma generator. Method and apparatus for producing colloidal nanoparticles in a dense medium plasma. Thermal processes for subsurface formations. Plasma generating electrode assembly. In situ thermal processing of a coal formation using a movable heating element. In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation using heat sources positioned within open wellbores. Screenings washer. Sintering method and device.

Plasma pyrolysis, gasification and vitrification of organic material. Cleaning device for waste water. Heat sources with conductive material for in situ thermal processing of an oil shale formation.

Processing apparatus and processing apparatus maintenance method. Extreme ultraviolet source. Method and apparatus for chemical synthesis. Method for disinfecting a dense fluid medium in a dense medium plasma reactor. EMI feedthrough filter terminal assembly utilizing hermetic seal for electrical attachment between lead wires and capacitor. EMI feedthrough filter terminal assembly for human implant applications utilizing oxide resistant biostable conductive pads for reliable electrical attachments.

Method and apparatus for separating particles from hot gases. Plasma reaction apparatus. Plasma whirl reactor apparatus and methods of use. Ruggedized methods and systems for processing hazardous waste. Plasma reaction apparatus and plasma reaction method.

Water treatment apparatus using plasma reactor and method thereof. Physico-chemical conversion reactor system with a fluid-flow-field constrictor. Apparatus and method for treating exhaust gas and pulse generator used therefor.

Well screen with floating mounting. Method for reactions in dense-medium plasmas and products formed thereby. Method for dewatering previously-dewatered municipal waste-water sludges using high electrical voltage. Electrochemical treatment of materials. Sterilization of liquids using plasma glow discharge. Method and device for treating an aqueous solution. Apparatus and method for starting and stopping a plasma arc torch used for mechanized cutting and marking applications.

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Vote Democratic! When it comes to the economy, let's just hope the public is too hopped up on painkillers and antidepressants to notice.

If they knew what was really going on, there'd be trouble. My hostility is a lifelong annoyance of hearing lefties bitch about how the 'system is stacked against them' but they won't use the tools they have at their disposal. I could go either way on Bloomberg but there should be no way a center-right billionaire white dude should waltz away with the mayoral race in New York City. The city is predominantly non-white and certainly not made up of millionaires. Liberals could have thrown Lieberman out on his ass in the last Senate race in my homestate of Connecticut.

But instead of playing smart, we let that corporatist slime walk back into office. But, from the looks of California, we hopefully won't make that mistake again by letting Fiorina and Whitman into positions of power. My point about the 'Code Pink' thing is that what liberal call a 'platform' I call talking points and ideals - they don't translate into real things. Its one thing to say 'I propose we expand Medicare for all americans' or 'We could allow states to set up their own Medical funds and give Total Rejection - Various - Plastic Bomb #61 (CD) seed money' than saying 'Free Health Care for All!!

The first two are real concrete ideas, the latter is a applause line. Frankly, people don't have time nor energy to waste of mau-mau postering and asinine and infantile statements about 'revolution'.

We need a plan, and we need implementation. Mell, you've organized local community groups. Good, that's more than most progressives have ever done. My point is that those community groups always have the ballot and can build. The problem is that too many people feel that because some wingnut or corporatist DLC type can blaster their town with TV ads, change can't happen.

Our ancestors had a lot less and made great strides. We now have all the freedoms they shed their blood for, and we Total Rejection - Various - Plastic Bomb #61 (CD) on our asses complaining about how 'the system is stacked against us'. LAC and Anon here is very interesting article about economic inequality in the Washington Post today. And anon I did have the figures off on what the top one percent had in wealth but it is still way out of proportion.

Bythe top 1 percent of households took home 23 percent of the national income after a year run in which they captured more than half - yes, you read that right, more than half - of the country's economic growth.

As Tim Noah noted recently in a wonderful series of articles in Slate, that's the kind of income distribution you'd associate with a banana republic or a sub-Saharan kleptocracy, not the world's oldest democracy and wealthiest market economy.

People don't work hard, take risks and make sacrifices if they think the rewards will all flow to others. Conservative Republicans use this argument all the time in trying to justify lower tax rates for wealthy earners and investors, but they chose to ignore it when it comes to the incomes of everyone else.

However, we still have more power than we think we do. Alicia, until you have something intelligent to say, shut the hell up. Oh and when a white man can walk up and down the street with a black woman Yeah, then we all can say "race" doesn't matter. Mell said: "Maria I disagree! Ok, back to lurking Mr Field, Much as I have been enjoying your blog I have to say your commenters leave a lot to be desired. I would have thought that blog so cogent and savvy would attract smarter people.

I'm not even talking about the trolls; these are a given, and easy enough to ignore. Actually I suspect strongly that you DO have smarter readers: there must be more than a couple of lurkers who'd comment if it didn't mean scrolling past all those inane posts like "Leave her alone - she's just trying to make the country a better place.

I'm not a sporty type, but since I live in Phila with a Jersey boy, at least I recognize the names of the teams. Two of Us said What would you like us to say so you are pleased Ms Whitebread? I'm not even talking about the trolls; these are a given, and easy enough to ignore I gotta go - they're here!

YOU are the one who expected too much from him and can't accept that things move slowly. Alicia banks said If you want some real shit listen to Paul Mooney.

Matter of fact Obama should have hired Mooney for Chief of Staff, at least he won't bullshit hi. English, Spanish, Australian, etc. I can see it now, "Alicia, are there any last words you like to say before you go to 'sleep'" Alicia: "Yes" Paster: "Go head my child" Alicia: "Obama doesn't like black people".

The End. You ever walk down the street next to a white man? Sure, have you ever had sex with a white man? Why homophobic?

Not very rational is it? Rottnkid said: "You ever walk down the street next to a white man? You need to stay off of that facebook, either Maria is rubbing off on you, or you're Hathor's long lost secret son. Two of Us, "Actually I suspect strongly that you DO have smarter readers: there must be more than a couple of lurkers who'd comment if it didn't mean scrolling past all those inane posts like "Leave her alone - she's just trying to make the country a better place.

Everyone thinks because of Field's sharp-witted and intelligent posts that it would attract smart commenters but it has been just the opposite. LAA, "Oh and when a white man can walk up and down the street with a black woman How so? You seem to feel that it's the black community who are keeping black women from being with white guys and I find that crazy. Ass-non "Everyone thinks because of Field's sharp-witted and intelligent posts that it would attract smart commenters but it has been just the opposite.

On a larger scale, it's the same impetus that fuels the intense hatred from some quarters toward our first black President. UTS, "On a larger scale, it's the same impetus that fuels the intense hatred from some quarters toward our first black President. You need to STFU.

And stop attacking our bw and using them to justify your craving relentless desire for ww. When are you leaving your black wife? I'm not seeing your point Well I didn't want to use mainland white American men but digress. Well have you? Your constant lashing against Maria suggests some sort of deep-seated jealousy.

Perhaps one of the island boys back home walked off and left you for some stringy-haired tourist white bitch? Post a Comment. Blog Award By: Blog Directory - Top Blogs blogs blog resources blog submission candles personal pet store find blogs promote blog.

Tuesday, October 05, Not quite. Put this one down in the " duh! Tell me something I didn't already know. The problem for his O ness is that the folks who love him won't vote this mid-term, so all of his peeps even the ones running away from him are going down. The only thing that will help dems salvage a couple of seats is the craziness of the teabag folks. Did Sarah light really start a political spot by saying "I am not a witch"? Okkkkaaayy then. But, other than that, things are looking bleak.

Independent white voters already shot their liberal guilt load and there will be no more votes for the beige man. It's that simple. Here in Pistolvania the dems are trailing in all the polls, and there is a full fledged rust belt rebellion against all things O in places like Michigan and Ohio. Sorry, low blow. It's time for him to get out of that Ivy League cocoon that he has been living in for the past two years. He has been surrounded by know it all handlers and nerdy wonks, but it looks like he finally broke free and is coming out to see the real world.

No you can't. Not if you don't stop working on your golf game and playing college professor in the beltway. Still, maybe he is starting to get the message, and as a result dems gained some traction. But is it too little too late? I think it is. My man Rahm should have left about a year ago. Meanwhile, O will be back in Philly again on Sunday to try and stir up the faithful.

He is hoping that they will be fired up enough to go out and vote come November 2nd. Good luck with that Here in Philly we are getting used to seeing O around these parts. We are just wondering where he has been for the past two years. Oh well, at least The Roots will be playing. I wonder if they will give us a few bars of "Don't feel right"?

I think that would be appropriate. Posted by field negro at PM. Labels: ObamaRahmWitch. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Images on this blog are copyright to its respectful owners.

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