Церквушки - Чёрный Кофе / D. Варшавский* - Они Бесы (CD, Album)

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Oh and your mage has to spell steal all Rune Shield's. And use Mind-Numing poison for 1. Hope this helps good luck ; All other bosses are easy just Time warp and zerg. Sry for my bad english :. If you've ever Церквушки - Чёрный Кофе / D.

Варшавский* - Они Бесы (CD flying behind it, there's an invisible wall that blocks going behind a certain point on all sides of the zone, so you can't get behind it. Maybe it's just blizzard worrying about people getting into an uninstanced version?

General Strategy: Some bosses Supremus, Shade of Akama, and Teron Gorefiend in the instance can be soloed by some classes with varying degrees of difficulty, but for less intense folks they will be challenging. The ratings below are for 2 man groups. Bosses: Naj'entus Easy You must break his Tidal Shield by picking up and throwing the Impaling Spine that he casts on one of your party members. This mechanic likely makes him impossible to solo. Shade of Akama Easy You must kill all of the adds that are channeling on the Shade itself, and then burn the Shade down before he kills Akama.

The other adds can be mostly ignored, but new channelers occasionally show up and must be killed. Although the next four bosses can be done in any order, kill the Shade first, as that will give you a teleport from the entrance to the main temple, and make all Ashtongue adds in the dungeon no longer hostile.

There is no way to avoid this death, but he seems to not ever cast it on the tanking player, even if no other players are left. When the player dies from Shadows of Death, they will become a vengeful spirit, and will spawn several shadowy constructs that will attack the remaining party members. The spirit-player must kill these constructs, as they are invincible to regular players.

Before the marked player dies and becomes a spirit, they should go run to the other side of the room, so that they can use their abilities to slow down the constructs and kill them before they reach your duo partner. When you are a vengeful spirit, use Spirit Volley and Spirit Chains when they are on cooldown, and rotate Spirit Lance on all constructs to keep them slowed. After they are all dead, use Spirit Strike and Spirit Shield to help your partner out.

Reliquary of the Lost Impossible In phase 1all healing is blocked by the boss's Aura of Sufferingwhich means you will likely have to use absorption shields Power Word: Shield, etc. Album) Aura will also eventually reduce your casters' max mana to zero, crippling them.

Also in phase 2, the boss will try to cast Spirit Shock on three party members every five seconds. This must be interrupted every time or else she will chain cast the spell indefinitely, resulting in your group being permanently CC'ed.

Every ten seconds she will cast a shield that will make her immune to interrupts. If you survive this phase, phase 3 seems to be a simple dps race with an increasing DoT on the entire group, but we did not get that far.

If you attempt to duo this boss, make sure you bring at least one damage shield, one way to heal every DPSer, a way to interrupt every 5 seconds either two second cooldowns, or a Shaman's 5-second cooldown interruptand ideally, a magic dispel for the shield.

A single shaman can dispel the shield and handle all the interrupts, but will be limited by the decreasing mana and the lack of a shield for phase 1. This fight is difficult even with 3 people as it will still be able to chain stun you, but it because infinitely easier with 4 people as this becomes less of an issue, even if one of the group is underleveled. The Illidari Council Easy Consists of 4 bosses that each share health with Empyreal Balanceso any damage you do to one will be spread out across all 4.

Lady Malande will cast a Circle of Healing that needs to be interrupted, so focus damage on her throughout the fight unless there is a brief blessing preventing physical or spell damage on her. Illidan Stormrage Easy Fairly straightforward in Phase 1.

In Phase 2, he will throw his glaives on opposite sides of the circle with each having a Flame of Azzinoth tied to it. All players must remain close to the blades or the Flames will charge the farthest player, enrageand kill you, so attack them both in the middle of the circle. In Phase 3 Illidan will occasionally assume demon form and Summon Shadow Demons which will stun the lower of the two on threat, walk towards that player, and kill the player upon reaching them. They can be killed easily, but need to be done so quickly.

The 2nd player should stand at a good distance away so there is time to do this. I found that using Shadowmeld acted rather odd until I figured it out.

For anyone else trying this reset, here is the key: Do not fight him on the platformdrag him back in the corner. If you fight him where he is and Shadowmeld he will instantly return to full health and instant aggro again with said full health. I had to reset by running down the ramp several times before getting it down. If you are in the corner, he will not aggro again until you attack and his health does not reset until he gets to his original position.

That's your window to reel him back in without the bubble. I used to come in here with a friend and we would get g each for a boss, but now all the boss loot is divided before gold is picked up, so each person, in this 25 person raid, will just get 10 gold.

The closer you are to the level of a raid, the more money you get. I m guessing they have changed the amount of gold each boss drops and instead you can get a max amount of 10g per boss Also if you have Xuen, he helps eat some of the Spirit Shocks.

Due to this, you will be using Album) statue on cooldown pretty much, and it will take a few minutes, but she is soloable. Patch 5. Meaning I can't attack bosses! Am I missing something here? Blizz just implemented the ability to enter and solo old world raids without a raid group, but now I can't clear BT? Please someone correct me and point me in the right direction so I can continue farming for my xmogs If you dont have enough dps, just kite one of the npc's onto the ramp on the side.

Kill the defilers first or keep them on a pet! I'll give you a quick rundown. Should he bubble then it's a wipe.

He acts as a good barometer whether or not you can clear BT or not. Don't stand in the fire, he has a huge hitbox so don't be afraid to move around a bit. If you pull them altogether they will stun you for half an hour. Once you pull by talking to the NPC, kill all the adds around the shade, and all the adds that come out.

When the Shade is attackable just go to town, he'll die quickly. Nowadays it's not so bad, but you're going to want to be able to heal yourself one way or another. Just make sure you blow any and all CD's on him possible, you won't be needing them for the next boss. It's best to also fight him with your back against a wall as he does punt, which can be difficult with a DPS race boss like this.

First face is easy, tank and spank. A bunch of adds will come out and restore your health when you kill them. The second face is where things get complicated. Any damage you deal to the boss will come back onto you. You are going to need a way to heal yourself and just widdle down his health. There are a ton of guides on how to do this, but I just suggest taking your time and slowly burning em down while constantly healing yourself somehow.

But it's nothing serious. I suggest just focusing on the paladin and kite him whenever you are in an AoE which will be often. Just focus him down and move move move. But there are one or two things to watch out for.

In Phase 1 just make sure you don't stand in any blue fire. If you move too far away from either glaive one of the fire adds is going to enrage and make sweet love to your corpse. Even if you're standing in fire, stay in the center. I suggest blowing every single CD you have here and destroy one of the adds quickly. When one add is dead, you can then move with limited freedom with the second. Once both are dead, the rest of the fight is easy. Here's a link to my talent buildwith my average item level being Naj'entus requires simply patience.

Pop cooldowns immediately after every shield when it's possible, and blast him. Make sure rage is maxed before that shield drops. Other than that, only Gurtogg, the Essence of Desire, and Illidan do enough DPS through their abilities to possibly overpower Second Wind regeneration; Shield Barrier solves that potential hitch almost entirely, although your own DPS will suffer for it.

The clear took me about an hour, and I nailed it on the first try, so if you're looking to make a bit of side cash, pick up some T6 transmogs, and get a chance at those Warglaives, put the time aside for it. Much of the trash can be avoided, but big groups can yield a ton of stuff to sell.

But it Церквушки - Чёрный Кофе / D. Варшавский* - Они Бесы (CD be easily inferred from this that it's level Pretty straightforward, nothing too crazy, but I'll explain my bouts in hopes it will help someone else.

This assumes: you're getting diseases on the target and spreading them via Roiling Blood or pestilence, you're using Rune Strike when it's available, Heart Strike when it's up and using Death Strike at every turn. If you do this, then all soloing BT will cost is your time, about an hour or so if you want to be thorough. I put out about 30k dps in packs or between 26k and 28k on single target, for a point of reference.

Na'jentus was simple, after he bubbled I just waited and kept working him down. Reliquary was easy once you realize that you just have to take phase 2 the Album) face slowly. If you dish out a ton of damage, you will die quickly. I only use my two diseases and death strike to keep me alive. It did take a while, but it worked and I ended with full HP. Illidari council was a bit of a headache at first, I don't know who or what was triggering the bubbles, but they would bubble and I'd have to move to another of the boss mobs.

Best be mindful of your HP, I dipped a little low at times, but used my CDs appropriately and it worked out. Illidan was not hard, the two elementals that come from his glaives were a bit trying but simply don't go too far, finish one off, then move to the other. Illidan himself doesn't hit very hard, but still, play smartly and use your CDs.

The only trouble was -1st boss take Sentence of Execution as friendly target and heals him possible bug, already reported -2nd phase relicary is tricky but in a diferrent way for other clases. Protection pallys have so low damage that you dont have to worry about hurting yourself but in 5 minute your mana will be 0 boss debuff and youre almost unable to do damage skills.

It takes long time as the boss bubbles himself and the only skill i had for doing damage was sentence of execution and eng. Just try to make the most damage while you had some mana and then, be patient. All bosses share the same life pool. You have 1 female npc doing big healings and another one is putting inmune bubbles to the one youre focusing at.

The trick is to aim for a not-healer boss, waiting for the guy to put the bubble to that one, and then change to the healer and interrupt circle of healing.

If you make it to interrupt healings the fight will be over soon. The buble had the same animation that pally's hand of protection.

As soon as the Essence of Desire shows up, pop every cool down, hit time warp and give her everything you've got, stopping right before you die. When the Time Warp takes you back to full health, just keep going. Take a health potion or spank a warlock until he gives you a healthstone just in case, and you should be done with that face in secs, way before she kills your mana.

Have fun! High Warlord Naj'entus: Usually only gets one shield up before my measly 40k dps knocks him out. Plow Plow dead. Notable thing about this boss is that he is so easy that you should skip him, and you can. Supremus: Macro Smite to 1 and Penance to 2. Hit buttons in no certain order. Notable thing about this boss is he is like feet tall so you can't miss him Shade of Akama: Kill adds, burn Shade of Akama.

Most notable thing about this boss is that it is just as lame now as when it was released. Teron Gorefiend: Put on PW:shield, go make a sandwich, come back and kill him.

Notable thing about this boss is nothing. Gurtogg Bloodboil: Once the bane of soloing, has now been out geared. The stacks can still hurt, and you might need to direct heal GASP and not only rely on Atonement double gasp.

This fight pay some attention, but not too much. Qushcha 5. Mening Shaxzodam 6. Netay 7. Hope 8. Ishongin 9. Sen Kelma Soxta Sevgi Love Story Adil Karaca Bolgin Yonimda Sen Deb. El Condor pasa Amore no 3. Tu Vuo Fa L'Americano Having information about the transaction between the two organized crime groups, they spend a clever combination, taking possession of the items in this transaction a large sum of money and drugs.

But will if they keep the captured wealth? And most importantly — will they become happier? In what direction will change them life?

Beloved Reflex emotion Non stop 2. Rock n poll 2. Alive 8. Hold me Elvira T Arabika 2. Fashion Alegria 2. EMIN 8. PASH EMIN 6. EMIN DJ Vengerov feat. DJ Ruslan Nigmatullin - Symphony Serebro - Sexing U Dino MC 47 feat. Dan Balan feat. Stereo feat. Feb New York 3. Little Jeane 5. Cuba Africa 2. Cosmopolitan Life 3. Nobody 4.

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