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She heard voices, distant yelling and screaming, and immediately recognized them as her own. She barked a scornful grunt, for she had experienced this before: the First Circle of Insight. Zhyzhak marched forward, peering through her lens, ignoring the apparitions and voices around her, concentrating on the Eye.

She had already danced this circle, along with the four circles that came after; each was a requirement for attaining rank within her tribe. She could learn nothing more at this level. She sought the Inner Mysteries, the Sixth Circle and beyond.

It would be a long dance to get there, but she could speed her progress by using her fetish to see the hidden path, the shortcuts through the Labyrinth. Zhyzhak drew her barbed whip and snapped it. Its crack echoed through the darkness, loud, but unlike her previous echoes in the courtyard, these grew louder and threatened to shatter her eardrums. She ignored them and snapped her whip again at the mists, tearing a hole in them as one cuts through a hedge.

The tendrils of fog screamed as they parted, tom by the devil whips spirit powers, and she knew this was the right path-pain reveals all secrets. Zhyzhak marched forward, snapping her whip and tearing away more mists that blocked her path, laughing loudly with each step.

She traveled a route no other Garou before her had ever walked, following the lure of the Eye, invisible to all sight but hers thanks to her fetish.

Ironic that the secret of its making had come from White-Eye-ikthya, old and blind, but who could nonetheless see the Red Star. He had not meant to give her the secret of its making. After she had wrested it from him, he fled. His fear of what she could become with it made him seek his old tribe in the hopes thzit their power could undo what he had done.

Too late. With his lore, they somehow managed to wound Grammaw with their Gaian spells, but they could not stop Zhyzhak. She was so exultant in her victorious march, cackling to herself as she swung her whip, that she did not notice the trail she left behind herself: a tom, trampled path of footprints and tattered mists that further unraveled as time advanced.

In the depths of the Umbra, in places far from Malfeas but still connected by bonds of taint and corruption, ancient bindings began to fray. Barriers and pathways stitched together by the twisted logic of the Black Spiral Labyrinth began to come apart. Creatures tied to the essence of the Labyrinth wept and moaned as they disintegrated.

Others, freed from what little bondage to order the Labyrinthrepresented, leaped from their cages and ran far and wide, spreading chaos and destruction. T h e old order began to crumble, and even the Weaver stumbled, sending shudders through the webs that bound all the worlds.

Mnholy fires fell f a f h e y o w n dbwrnin5 ws all, fwisfin5 MS and wnkin5 wsvowifblood. A lone howl echoed across the snowy pine forest until the nearby mountain peaks swallowed it. Complete silence descended. Not a single bird croak or snap of ice-laden branch could be heard. King Albrecht cocked his head and listened for answering howls in the distance but heard nothing.

He stood perfectly still, his tall, muscled frame a statue cloaked in thick furs, his hand gripping a sword hilt that jutted over his shoulder, its blade sheathed on his back. His white hair spilled over his shoulders from beneath a band of silver. He squinted at Lord Byeli with his single eye of the other, only a mass of scar tissue remained hidden behind a rune-engraved patch.

The large, whitebearded lord dressed in white furs stood in front of him, looking off at the mountains. Shes talking about us, right? Albrecht said, his frozen breath misting the air before him. They come. Whos she warning? Byeli turned to meet Albrechts eyes. Yes, she speaks of us. She is on that peak there, I believe. He pointed to a mountaintop visible above the tree line.

She is one of the warders placed at the edge of the bawn. Were at the bawn? Albrecht said, smiling. He let out a sigh of accomplishment as he punched a fist into a gloved hand. Im getting sick of all this snow and ice. Byeli shook his head. At the bawn, yes. Its edge. Those are the Ural Mountains ahead. But we still have a long journey before we arrive at the caern itself. Albrechts eyelids lowered and his smile became a grimace. How freakin big is this bawn? How do you defend something this huge?

There is no one here, Byeli said, tightening his hood against a chill breeze. Afew villagers to the south, and the occasional hunter or trapper, but no one else.

We ran off Stalins secret military projects long ago. The Urals are ours. Albrecht looked at the distant mountains, brilliant white and dusty brown in the mid-day sun. It really is something out of the old days, isnt it? Wild, forlorn and untrammeled. Not all the mountains. We cant defend the whole length. But here, in this place, it is pure. The oldest Garou caem from before humans built their first city. Albrecht heard grunts and wistful intakes of breath among the warriors strung out on the path behind him.

They were his elite Silver Fang guard, the best of the best. Some of them were homegrown-from his own sept in Vermont-but others had come to stand at his side from Silver Fang septs the world over. Now, they followed him across the tundra of Russia to see the ancestral caern of their tribe, the Caern of Kingship hallowed by Falcon himself. They, like him, were dressed in thick, cold-weather furs with hoods, knit masks and dark goggles to dim the harsh Without A Groan - Yellowteeth - Gets In Car (File glare.

Two of them tended a sled filled with. Albrecht hadnt liked that part. The horses would get spooked if his crew had to take their battle forms. Apparently, though, modern vehicles werent allowed. Not that the jeeps couldnt go where they needed to, but their hosts at the caern wouldnt allow such machines anywhere near their sacred home. In addition, there was some sort of ancient ritual crap about the Steps of the Ancestors, a ceremonial journey by foot and sled in the same manner his kingly predecessors had traveled when returning to the Mother Caern.

It was all legalistic bullshit as far as Albrecht was concerned, but anytime he brought it up, it seemed to scandalize Byelis sept, especially coming from a kings mouth. So he finally shut up about it and went with the flow. Albrecht turned to watch his guards as they scanned the horizon, the sky and the woods around them. They were seasoned troops, ever alert for any sign of approaching figures, whether human, wolf or other. Scattered among his own band of twelve Garou were five scouts from the Lord Byelis Firebird sept, a pack called the Arrows Fall.

Ahead of their entourage, well out of sight and sound in the spirit world, Nightmane ran alone, scouting the path for signs of any enemies and making sure that the caerns spirit warders were properly appeased.

She hailed also from Byelis sept, based back in Zagorsk where Albrecht had first arrived in Russia by moon bridge. Lets get moving, then, Albrecht said. Its time we got there already. He turned back toward the path and marched forward, nodding at Byeli as he passed him. The Silver Fang seneschal fell in behind Albrecht, following near enough to answer whatever questions the king asked of him.

He was the kings advisor here for as. His stay had already proven to be longer than he originally intended. He had set up this parley with Queen Tamara Tvarivich months ago, but no meeting of two Silver Fang rulers ever went off without weeks of prearrival arrangements and logistics, trading ritual requests and concessions.

Hed already made the first concession by agreeing to come to her, on her turf. Shed graciously accepted but had been pretty haughty about her own concessions, giving up precious little. The Queen needed Albrecht; he knew that. Her country was in ruins, only now recovering from a n occult nightmare that had strangled all travel in and out of the region for years. The legendary hag Baba Yaga had ruled Russia with an iron fist, commanding legions of undead, and the crone had even managed to gain the allegianceof the dreaded Zmei dragons.

But that was all past now; the Hag was dead, most of her legion destroyed o r dispersed, and one of the Zmei had been slain by Tvarivich herself with the aid of her massive armies, of course. The clouds had finally parted, letting in the sun and with it, increased freedom for the Garou. This meant, however, freedom also for the Wyrm beasts who had not Without A Groan - Yellowteeth - Gets In Car (File with the Hag, and they were many.

The Hag had her own plans and chained all her servitors to her will, which often differed from the best interests of the corruptors. New things were already slithering across the Mother Country and the Garou here had lost precious warriors in their hard battles. They would need help from abroad, not just from fellow Silver Fangs but from the other tribes also.

For Tvarivich, that meant an alliance with someone influential, someone who could advocate for her in the New World. That person had to be King Albrecht. Albrecht couldnt help smiling as he marched forward, snow crunching loudly under his feet. He almost hoped that something was lurking ahead of them, some monster to fight, to give him a chance to prove his hotshot New World credentials to all the stuck-up traditionalists.

There was nothing like blood on a klaive to convince the doubters that you meant business. He glanced at Byeli and his closest guards, but they showed no signs of detecting anything unusual. He shrugged, stretching his shoulders, and accepted that the rest of the march might well be uneventful.

At least he got a great view of the stark and majestic landscape. They had also come on a mission of their own, one they had kept secret. They had unleashed their septs totem, the Firebird, upon Albrecht, and it demanded to know his role in banishing and defaming Lord Arkady. That pissed Albrecht off. Hed put the whole Arkady affair in the past. Once he had claimed the Silver Crown for himself, it didnt matter what happened to that traitorous bastard. Hed only spared Arkadys life because Falcon advised him to advised,but not demanded.

Then the shifty creep had shown up again in Europe, apparently after making a new name for himself in Russia, claiming false credentials to new renown. But this time hed damned himself by his own deeds for all to see. He had been spumed by the Garou Nation and disappeared. To everyones surprise, not the least Albrechts, he then redeemed himself by wounding the Wyrm creature Jocllathmattric, allowing Albrechts own war party to finally take the beast down.

So, redeemed but dead, Arkady once again haunted Albrechts life, this time by causing a totem Incama to doubt Albrechts word.

Albrecht had set the matter straight, though, and Firebird did more than accept it: He granted Albrecht a rare audience with the Silver Crown itself, one of the secret powers that the great fetish held. Albrecht had been tested by the Crown and passed, coming to realize certain truths about leadership and power-and when to give it up in the natural course of time.

The outcome of that event had been Albrechts increased comfort with his role. Hed always had some lingering doubts about his fate, fearful that hed go mad like his grandfather before him-like so many Silver Fang rulers. Nightmane imparted to him what she had called The Secret of Rulership, a wild allegation that the Silver Fang tribes penchant for madness was a curse from Luna in her split personality as the Betrayed Moon.

Apparently, some ancient Silver Fang king had really pissed the old crone off when he pledged his tribe to Helioss servant, the Falcon totem. If this so-called secret was true, and Silver Fang rulers had no more than seven years before they began to lose their grip on sanity, then Albrechtsown mind had to be compromised already.

The funny thing was, he felt more sane and in control than ever before. Sure, hed briefly wondered if that in itself was a sign of madness, but his experience with the Silver Crown showed otherwise-he had passed the test of power and proved that he could relinquish it if necessary. It was a tool, not a vital part of his identity.

DOyou see those tracks, my lord? Byeli said, interrupting Albrechts pondering. He pointed towards a set of animal prints that crossed their path. A hare. Big one at that, Albrecht said, squinting in the snow glare. It is no mere hare. Its tracks mark the boundary between the bawn and the outside world.

It is the spirit we call Steadfast Friend. He aids the warders in keeping the territory. And so once we cross over those tracks, this spiritll know were here? Of course, the Garou defenders already know, thanks to the lookout howl we heard.

This is merely another line of defense. Albrecht nodded and stepped over the tracks. He stopped and listened, glancing around, with an odd, unfocused look in his eyes. He called on a trick the spirits had taught him and peered into the Umbra, the spirit world reflection of the material world that lay just beyond the barrier called the Gauntlet. The Gauntlet was thin and weak in this pristine wilderness, allowing his vision easy access. Surprisingly, the forest looked almost the same as it did in the material world.

That was a positive sign; it meant there was a good accord between the two, that the spirits and their material counterparts-trees, animals and even the rocks-were thriving. Albrecht frowned as he looked closer. Things were indeed alive, but there were signs of ash in various places, as if fires had come through sometime in the near past and the forest had not yet reclaimed the burnt ground.

His eyes followed the tracks but saw no sign of movement or any sense that a spirit watched him, beyond the usual heebie-jeebies one got when looking into the Umbra. Things always watched you, but they werent always animate or even sentient. He blinked and looked back at Byeli, who waited patiently on the path behind him. Itsfunny; I see signs of old fires in the Umbra, but not here in the physical world. Byeli nodded. The dragons fought at the f the bawn, and destroyed much of the spirit landedges o scape.

There are a few dead trees and groves here as testament, but they are well off the path we travel. Albrecht nodded and whistled. One of the Garou warriors from the train jogged forward. He was tall but somewhat thin and he carried a large silver knife in an ornate sheath at his side.

My lord? Goldflame, Albrecht said, putting his hand on the warriors shoulder, I want you and Birchbark to scout the path ahead. G o about fifty paces in front.

Dont get out of yelling distance-for a human throat, not a wolfs, although you two had best take to all fours. Yes, my lord! He barked a command in the wolf tongue to the group behind him, and another warrior-a female-shifted into wolf form, this time a white-and-gray-manedone.

She trotted forward, obviously happy to take her birth form, and she and Goldflame ran past Albrecht, kicking up snow as they sped down the path ahead. Albrecht began walking again. The line of warriors followed behind him, the horses and sled in the middle, guarded from the front and behind.

Hey, Byeli, Albrecht said. Yes, my lord? That city your sept is in, Zagorsk. Do all the monasteries in Russia look like that one back there? With the Disney onion-top domes? I dont understand. You know, that brightly colored la-la stuff. Bright blue with gold stars, gold leaf, red and white designs and all.

I think I know what you mean. Most people think Russians are bleak and boring. One look at the Trinity Monastery says otherwise. Yes, it is colorful. But no, not all monasteries are like that.

Many are indeed bleak and gray. Just curious. I gotta-admit, as soon as I saw it, I figured it was the sort of place Firebird would like. Lots of colors. Passionate monkdom. We do visit the monastery now and then, as do many tourists.

Our own abode, Im sure youllcagree, is much more humble and unremarked. If you can call catacombs humble. I did like the bit where you draw back the ceiling at night to reveal the moon and stars. Only during rituals. It stays closed most of the time. We perform most of our duties by candlelight. Pretty strange for a Firebird sept, you gotta admit. Its one of Helioss brood, after all.

No, it is tradition. Realize that up here, many months are without sun. The candles signify our tending the flame from which our totem can arise. But the Crescent Moon caern were heading toward is all outdoors, right? Not entirely. The ritual area is under the open sky, but the true spiritual center is.

I do not wish to spoil the wonderment. Albrecht chuckled. I can wait. Ive waited a whole week so far, all of it on foot. I can wait a day or two more. Albrecht had arrived with his hand-picked guard at the Firebird Sept, Lord Byelis home--or at least, his adopted home, for he was native to the British Isles.

The weird thing was that it had been Arkadys sept also. In fact, hed been its leader once he returned to Russia, exiled from the States by Albrecht. The problem was, he hadnt told anybody about his exile, and had made himself out to be a hero. Hed gotten away with it for as long as he had because-damn him-he was a hero.

When the chips were down, he came through with flying colors. He wasnt stupid or a coward, just self-obsessed to the point of arrogance, little realizing that allying with the Wyrm did not mean he could control the Wyrm. Albrecht had met.

Tvarivich was consolidating Russia under her rule, with each sept leader capitulating to her demands. But Rustarivich wanted some degree of autonomy, and the only way to get that was with strong allies who could balance Tvarivichs power.

Rustarivich was by no means disloyal to Tvarivich or unwilling to work with her; he just wanted to do so on his terms, which ironically meant conceding to some of Albrechts Own.

Those terms involved allowing his crew to open moon bridges to the Firebird Sept anytime they wanted, and some training for his seers in spirit secrets developed during the long night of the Shadow Curtain.

Whats more, his Silver Fang packs could pledge to the Firebird if they chose to, giving those packs strange powers in a part of the world where that totem was largely unknown. Then, with the gift of provisions, the horses and sled, and the counsel of Lord Byeli and Nightmane, Albrecht had set off for the Crescent Moon caem, to meet Tvarivich and make pacts between their respective septs.

He had initially assumed theyd just hop a moon bridge from Zagorsk to the heart of the Urals, but the Crescent Moon was denying any moon bridges that didnt originate in septs already aligned with Tvarivich.

In an emergency, he could force the issue, but this was all about diplomacy, not expedience. Once he and Tvarivich came to terms, he could have his moon bridge, not before then. At first, hed fumed and taken his rage out on a number of trees outside of Zagorsk, felling them with his grand klaive in single sweeps. That effort tired him enough to make him finally sit and think about the situation, and accept it.

He still had the upper hand, and Tvarivich knew it. Her tactics were measures to keep her dignity and the illusion of supreme power, but Albrecht wasnt the one defending the most ancient caem from newly hatched Wyrm beasts. She needed him, and that knowledge was enough to make him smirk at the insulting demands and rude welcomes. Albrechtsentourage walked the rest of the day and into the night, stopping only to let the horses rest and eat.

Around midnight, they made camp in a clearing and took shifts sleeping while others did guard duty. Albrecht stayed awake for a while longer, pondering some of his diplomatic tactics. He wasnt that great at the subtle stuff, but his earnestness and reputation usually got him what he wanted.

He knew hed. In the end, theyd surely come to some sort of accord. He hoped she was as reasonable as Byeli and Nightmane made her out to be, behind her legendary icy mask of bitter anger. Shed certainly seemed so when theyd met last year at the Margraves caern to tackle the Jocllathmattric affair. He heard some gruff commands from one of his guards-Black Hammer, it sounded like, the big guy from Montana whod joined his sept a few summers a g o and then heard a soft barking reply.

Nightmane entered the clearing, her black fur a shadow on the snow. He raised his arm and Black Hammer lowered his hammerthe fetish he carried that earned him his name. Nightmane padded over to Albrecht and sat down. He motioned to the cooling fire and the meat still hanging over it on a spit. She nodded thankfully, rose up and began to chew straight from the spit.

So, what are the spirits saying? I bet they havent seen anything like us for quite some time. Nightmane shifted into human form. Her thick furs transformed into an old, hand-sewn bear pelt coat and hood. They are curious, she said, sitting next to Albrecht again. They can see the crown upon your brow, so they know you are important. What was all that about?

I inclined my head and started scratching at the ground. He lifted my chin and lifted my head until our eyes meet. When we parted, I saw something in his eyes.

Something that said that he loved me with all his heart, mind, and soul. There seemed to be something else glinting in the far reaches of his conscience. I couldn't confirm what is was for I saw it only for an instant. He turned his head away, seemingly to just break eye contact, and sighed.

It's nothing. It was my turn to make him look me in the eyes. I placed my hoof on his right cheek and gently turned his head until our eyes meet.

This time, I know I saw a flicker of the something from before. It was something that seemed that it was slowly flooding his persona with sadness.

Though, I knew what is was this time. I knew what it was because I myself had felt this particular emotion on more than one occasion. Please, tell me what is wrong. I want to help you. But I can only help if you tell me what is wrong. I am asking you, not just because you are my husband, but also because you are my best friend. We held the embrace for a couple of minutes, then he whispered into my ear. I was caught off guard by this question. I really hadn't thought about for a while now. I sat back on my haunches and took a minute to think.

I didn't think it was a big deal until she said it. He looked at me with sad eyes and I smiled at him. I know of a spell that can advance your age to my own. Should contact her? It is so that it will only have an effect on you. It will go faster if you just form the shape with your magic. I started drawing a shape in the dirt with my hoof. That is what you need to make. The outer circle needs to have a radius of 5 meters and the inner circle needs to have a radius of 1 and a half meters. Got it?

Indentations began to form in the ground. The shape was of two circles, one inside of another, and twelve lines connecting the two circles. Tia and I began to concentrate on the area around him. Two sparks appeared on opposite ends of the outer circle, one blue and one red. They grew bigger until the blue spark formed into a blue sphere, representing the moon, the red spark into a red sphere, representing the sun.

The moon was in front of him and the sun was behind him. The indentations began to light up with hues of red and blue, then the orbs started to slowly advance in a clockwise motion. As they moved forward, the sun left a trail of fire behind it and the moon left a trail of ice. The orbs began to move faster and faster. The flames from the sun trail began to rise higher as well as the ice crystals left by the moon. Soon it go to the point where the ice was no longer melting and the fire was no longer being extinguished.

The two elements seemed to actually fuse together. I feel really tingly! Finally, they slowed down and came to a complete halt. Their lights diminished and then completely disappeared. The ice began to melt and as it melted the water it produced extinguished the flames. The combination of this created a rather heavy curtain of mist to hang in the air. No problem little sister. There was a noticeable flash that pierced the mist. It illuminated a silhouette of an alicorn.

It was his voice, but it seemed a lot more stern and authoritative. After we settled down, I took a step back and looked at him. He was still had his red coat and he was still the same height. But he had gotten broader in the shoulders and his mane was now three times as long.

It also had the same ethereal quality that me, Tia, and Death each had. Though, his had carbon grey tips and was nearly all dark blue now as well as falling down in long strands instead of one large bush of hair. His tail was also changed in to an ever-flowing river of dark blue with grey tips as well. The tips of his hooves which were once the color of fire were now as blue as the ocean deep. The one thing that was most noticeable was that his eyes had grown a darker blue.

We ran a few miles into the forest when he came upon a marsh that looked battle torn. I saw large patches of purple blood every where and then what else I saw disturbed me. We ran over to the noise and found an unconscious pitch black unicorn with to a wound on either side of his body. I looked at Pure Heart and he nodded at me. I lifted the unicorn with my magic onto Pure's back. Then we both took off towards Canterlot hospital.

The nurse was so consumed in her work that I startled her. She turned around and bowed. He is doing well. He has responded well to our treatments and his two wounds have been stitched up.

I thought I heard somepony speak. Once in the viewing room, I saw my husband, the doctor from before, and another mare I did not recognize. You two haven't meet yet. Luna, this is Vapor Sky, our new head of security. Vapor, this is my wife, Princess Luna. Vapor Sky stepped forward and bowed.

I looked at her, then looked at Pure Heart. I quickly gave him the 'we will talk about this later' look, the turned back to Vapor Sky. I look forward to your service. The doctor coughed for attention. On the right of the panel was an image of a pony's skeleton. More precisely, a unicorn. Notice the horn, confirming this is indeed a unicorn.

He then gestured to the far left of the panel. His horn sparked and another pony skeleton image appeared. This confirms that this is a pegasus. He then gestured towards the center of the panel. This is an image of the patient's skeleton. Never in my years as a medical professional have I seen anything like this.

It seems that our mystery pony is not a unicorn, or at least, he didn't used to be. There are pieces of bone in these places. This suggests that our unicorn used to have wings. The doctor nodded his head. You said that you found him next to a dismembered hydra. I think his wings must have been ripped off in a fight with said hydra.

As we walked into the room, I noticed that the patient was having a conversation with somepony. Though it was a strange thing to see, for there was nopony else in the room. Yet, I distinctly heard a familiar voice responding.

I wonder if it was this weird to look at. The pony turned, showing his soulless black eyes. I saw absolutely nothing in them, not even my own reflection.

His coat was completely black and it lacked any sheen or luster. His mane was perhaps the strangest part, it was gold with pink bands here and there.

Vapor stepped forward, blade drawn and at the pony's throat. Something was bothering me about this situation. It was the fact that somepony was talking, yet it wasn't the one with a knife at his throat. I looked at the pony and saw that the blade of the knife was no where in sight. Vapor Sky was holding an empty hilt. She was just as astonished and the voice laughed at this. I looked at Pure Heart who looked back at me and shrugged.

I turned to him. So please, hush. We all gasped. His shadow had wings and even stranger, it was waving at us and I think it might have been smiling as well.

ShadowBane was slapped across the face by his shadow. Be he's right. About the evil part I mean. Curiously, again he shook his head. I really don't have a preference. Well I suppose as long as you keep Maim out of trouble, you are free to go about your business. Everypony else in the room, including Maim and myself, facehoofed and I decided I needed to be the one to tell him.

He turned back to us. See you around. I just have to fix Starfire's mane. She had done up her mane in a bun with a couple loose strands here and there. They had really grown up in the past couple of weeks. They were practically already talking, though it was more of just foal babble, but the other day Moonbeam did call me 'Daddy'. You can bet I rubbed that in Luna's face. The festival can't start without us after all. I just thought this would be a great opportunity for the kids to stretch out their wings a bit.

How do you expect us to keep a close eye on them? Vapor looked at me in disbelief. Like I said, each of us would look after one of them. We would coach them as they flew and make sure they don't get hurt. My grin faltered slightly and began to sweat a little.

Ten minutes later, we were all in the air. Nightshade was doing well, though he did take a couple of dips here and there, but once he got used to having his wings spread, he was able to keep his balance. After about 30 minutes of flying, we all landed safely in Ponyville and luckily Starfire's mane was still in tact.

Despite my thought of us being late, we turned out to be a half an hour early for the festival. The kids looked a little out of breath, so we decided to visit Sugarcube Corner for a quick snack and to pass the time. Thanks for asking Princess! How are you? How are your foals? Oh, there they are! They are so adorable! Where is he? Who are these ponies? She gasped. What happened? Why is your mane so long? Did you get a perm? It looks really good!

I got a perm once. It looked so silly that every time I saw myself in a mirror I would bust out laughing. Pinkie took hold of her hoof and shook it vigorously. That is one of the reasons I can't wait for this festival to start!

I also love parties and throwing parties for new ponies! That is another reason this festival is going to be so amazingly spectacular! We should totally throw a party for you! I gotta make a bunch of pies for the pie-eating contest. And I have to make cookies for ponies to snack on. Ooh, and let's not forget about the cakes!

First off though, can I help you with anything? Three cookies and some juice coming right up! Three warm, chewy cookies fresh from the oven and juice! We said our goodbyes as we walked out of the Sugarcube Corner and found a nice table to sit down at.

Luna passed the cookies out to the kids as I poured the juice. The kids began to munch away at their delightful confections. So Luna thought it would be a good idea to try and meet these ponies.

And what better way than to have a festival. I also thought it would be a good way to reintroduce ourselves to the public. It's even better because I get to spend time with Eclipse. Vapor reached out with her hoof and shook Eclipse's hoof. I furrowed my brow and turned to Luna.

She nodded her head. Were it not for our everlasting bond, I would have had no idea who you were. Well at least my wife and kids know who I am. Eclipse facehoofed. The only thing different is your mane and tail. The crowd cheered in response. But most of all, the purpose is to have fun. I will start off the introductions. I am Prince Pure Heart. Luna walked up next to me. We also have lots of food, so help yourselves.

And last but not least, for your entertainment, we have live music throughout the entire day hosted by none other than DJ-PON3. The ponies arrived withing a few seconds. One of them, a black pegasus with a gray rain cloud cutie mark, spoke first. Wouldn't want to miss the chance to show off my mad skills.

He had a brown mane and tail and his cutie mark depicted a pair of wings that looked to be on fire. He seemed to snap out of a trance.

I think he was staring at Dash. It is nice to meet you sir. Now the next thing she did really threw me off. She blushed and giggled.

I didn't think she was capable of such a feat. Anyways, it was nice to meet you Blazing Wings and Dawn. I welcome you and wish you luck in the competition. I waved and began to walk away but stopped when I saw a red pegasus in the distance.

At least, I'm pretty sure it was a pegasus. He was staring at Dawn with a look of disdain and then looked at me. We made eye contact and that is when I noticed his eyes seemed yellow.

A portrait, huh? I've been wanting to get a family portrait done for a while now. Let's go. Five minutes later, I meet up with Luna and the kids to get our portrait painted. We got into the position we wanted for the portrait, me and Luna sitting next to each other with the kids in front of us.

While he skillfully worked his paintbrush and pallet, I studied his features. He was a pegasus with a dark rusty-brown coat and a scruffy honey-brown mane and tail. He had one gold eye and one silver eye and on his flank was a depiction of a paintbrush and pallet. We took a look at the portrait and Luna looked a little irritated. I think your color scheme might be a bit off.

I took a second look at the picture and saw I was indeed yellow. Actually, it seemed that the whole portrait was in a different color scheme. But that is besides the point. Why are none of the colors correct? I walked over to him and pulled him into a hug. I had no idea. How long do you have? Can't you see I am consoling this poor stallion in his time of need? I looked at him and he was indeed turning blue from the lack of oxygen. It was very nice meeting you Electrum and I do hope that we see you again.

Around noon, Luna had to officiate in a duel tournament or something, so it was my turn to take care of the kids. Nightshade, sit still. Don't make me come back there. I turned to see Applejack walking up beside me. I am meeting many new ponies and having lots of fun. You ponies sure do know how to throw a shindig.

How so? But then I got distracted and when I turned back to look again, he was gone. If I see him again, I will confront him. A couple of hours later, we took the kids home and put them to bed. Cadence was more than willing to watch them, saying something about wanting to have more experience with foals or something.

I wasn't really listening because I was too psyched for the final event of the evening back at the festival. Pure Heart and Luna arrived back at the festival just as the sun was about to set. They landed on the stage and Luna lowered the sun and raised the moon. He kissed Luna and told her to wait for him in the V. Booth and he then spoke into the megaphone when she was there. We are grateful that you could all come tonight. So, without further ado, please give a warm welcome to Ms.

One of the stage hooves whispered into his ear. Vinyl Scratch has requested that her coltfriend be the one to give the closing song. So please put your hooves together for his starring debut, Strums! The crowd stomped loudly to welcome the pony as Pure Heart flew off towards his booth where his wife was waiting.

A blue pegasus with a black mane and tail took the stage. He had a black soul patch and on his flank was an acoustic guitar. He wore reflective sunglasses and a Commander Shepard hoodie and strapped to his back was a guitar not unlike the one depicted on his flank.

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