Words Cant Say - Quicksilver* - Shady Grove (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Label has very slight evidence of wear, no writing and sharp coloring. Vinyl has a few surface scuffs, but certainly no scratches.

Label has slight evidence of wear, no writing and sharp coloring. LP has no seam splits, no creases, very minor chipping at edges or minor bumped corners, minor ring-wear, no writing. Label shows some evidence of wear, no writing. Not worth describing. The mailers are made of stiff cardboard Album) I've found them to be very reliable. In order to take advantage of the shipping discounts on multiple purchases, please pay for all items in one transaction.

It is a little slower than Priority Mail, but cheaper and very reliable. Jim WalkerApr 30, Location: New Jersey. Location: Pacifica, CA. I heard you missed me. I'm baa--aack. My name is Jimmy Hendrix, and that's a picture of Electric Ladyland. Of course you do. ARKrockinlazysbudwhite and 10 others like this.

SpazrosCrispy Robnotesofachord and 1 other person like this. Crispy Rob and bzfgt like this. Location: Canada. The Move - Looking On. There's some hyperbole for you, but refute my position if'n y'care to:. The tune has an astonishing instrumental passage in the middle, brimming with interesting interplays of blistering guitar, weird rhythmus, psychedelic sound effects and furious vibrating organ. The next song You I Love has a mellow melodic start, flowing like a slow river, with nice soft guitar and sweet chorus harmonies Track seven Further Down The Road is my favorite on this album.

This tune consists of straight up-tempo parts skillfully contrapointed by the dreamy refraine. The song culminates in an instrumental break featuring delicious acid guitar and amasing organ a-la Hunger. The last and the longest track on this album - Young Dream - sparks with a very interesting, almost jazzy drum section. Mind-melting sound effects and hypnotic bass chords are outstanding, but the highlight on this 9 minutes long track is an absolutely trippy extended instrumental break, spiked with weird time structures, sonic trickery and astonishing keybords-drums-blistering lead guitar interplays, accentuated by nice chorus harmonies.

I am sure everybody who digs The Hunger will like this album a lot. It has a nice loving feel to it and is a really interesting sample of the late sixties transition form garage and beat into psychedelia and progressive rock. I'm five years ahead of my time". From the opening lines of The Third Bardo's awesome garage psych single ofone knew trouble was brewing inside the youth of America.

The barriers that seperated them from their parents generation couldn't have been pulled further apart. Later in the song Jeff Monn sings, "I'm doing exactly what I want to, Society can't play with my mind"- this is Album) true wake up call that these guys were out-a-site and from outer space.

Five Years ahead? Hell, was this really recorded in ? This is a brilliant garage psych burner and no doubt most people will only know the band through this one song.

However, as good as this track is, they also cut a handful of others that were equally as good as their first nugget. Thanks to Sundazed for unearthing these lost tracks and giving them the spotlight they Album) deserve, we are now re-introduced to this bloody excellent NYC band.

Vocals that shriek, guitars that glide in and out of "another dimension" and a bass line that pulsates like a heartbeat, The Third Bardo had it all and then in a flash, they were gone. It was in fact originally released Words Cant Say - Quicksilver* - Shady Grove (Vinyl the B-Side to "Five Years". Imagine, being a teenager in and coming home with this 45! It must have blown people away for better or worse. Otherwise this one would have gone unnoticed for me. Working with an arsenal of acoustic and slide guitar, dulcimer, recorder, sitars, tabla and vintage Arp analogue synthesizer, lead vocalists and main song writing core of Margaret Morgan and Patrick Cockett crafted an album imbued with the atmosphere of the Pacific island paradise that birthed it.

I'd only go with that in the sense that both bands made psychedelic folk, the comparison stops there I think. The lysergic textures of These Trails are mainly generated by the innovative interplay of the guitars with the synthesizers and the clever multi-tracked vocal arrangements that use Margaret Morgan's amazing vibrato and often, discordant vocal style. Sometimes I also hear shades of Kate Bush even.

What is very notable is how the album has the remarkable ability to carry off throwing in deeply psychedelic, alien sounding tracks "Of Broken Links", "Share Your Water", "Sowed a Seed" amongst the more traditional folk compositions "Our House in Hanalei", "Rusty's House", "Rapt Attention" without any compromise to its coherence.

Everything fits and flows perfectly where other albums might end up just sounding disjointed. This characteristic attention to detail is not just reflected in the ordering of the tracks but typifies the musicianship throughout. For example "Psyche" is a beautiful reprised acoustic guitar track, the first of which is more stripped down.

However, on the second version, with some very subtle use of echo and delay on the strings and some synth embellishments the track becomes something decidedly more cosmic. It would be extremely difficult to pick out a single standout track from the album. The set needs to be played as a whole without a break. Picture Gallery, Biff!

This is it! The first ever psychedelic album, released in mid Practically every track includes the bizarre jug sound; there are wailing falsetto backing vocals; circular, repetitive guitar licks and well-crafted blues-tinged solos from Stacy Sutherland grace every song. It has an ambience of being recorded in the depths of some gigantic cavern, and above all, it features the magnificent voice of Roky Erickson. The lyrics are outstanding too. They are not all imagery-laden, poetic extravagance though.

Roky, plagued over the years by mental instability, has had a long but sporadic solo career and his albums are well worth investigating. They are full of zombies, vampires, fire demons and B-movie horror imagery. And the voice, still, is just amazing. Released during Roky Erickson's forced psychiatric hospitalisation, "Bull of The Woods" is far more of a collectors item and curiosity than a great rock album.

The rest of the record seems to be a Stacy Sutherland vehicle. Sutherland was, by all accounts, a volatile and troubled soul. Sadly, however, this did not translate into brilliant-or even interesting-songwriting.

Doom", "Barnyard Blues", and "Street Song" are typical of the release; banal, trite, and right at home in the early 70's cut out bins of yore. It's almost worth owning anyway, if not for Roky's three songs then for the hilariously bad cover art. And with Wizard, he does just that. This album rarely breaks down into full-fledged songs, especially on side one, a unique sound collage of short segments. The second side seems to be more pop oriented, including a medley of Motown hits.

The anthemic closer, "Just One Victory" is as beautiful and inspiring as anything. Well, this certainly is psychedelic music at it's peak. All these great songs are heavily psychedelic, in the tradition of LP's like Piper at the gates of dawn and The Beatles psychedelic period. Tomorrow were originally "The In-Group", and were one of those bands that changed to become whatever was popular at the time.

Tomorrow never made it very big, and nobody really knows why. All the dynamics were there, and the music was certainly good enough Still, there are some real gems in here. Tomorrow broke up soon after this LP was released when Keith West released a solo single and it became a hit. This apparently angered the others in the band to a great degree. Suddenly it was "Tomorrow featuring Keith West", and that was never going to happen.

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