Maya Casabianca - Zou Bisou Bisou / Reviens A Sorrente (Vinyl)

After some strained chit-chat between the Sterling Cooper Draper Maya Casabianca - Zou Bisou Bisou / Reviens A Sorrente (Vinyl) contingent and other cutting-edge party guests a black homosexual!

Soon she's offering up " full-on sex kitten " dance moves and writhing seductively in an embarrassed Don's lap. Though the guests applaud dutifully, the next day at work, Don's co-workers begin mocking Megan's shenanigans. What's the history of the song? Repeating the phrase "Zou Bisou Bisou" which roughly translates as "Oh! Kiss, kiss! Megan's version is based on the recording by actress Gillian Hills, a year-old " Brigitte Bardot lookalike.

What do the lyrics mean? The lyrics celebrate the softness and gloriousness of kisses. Several key lines in the verses are about coming out from "the bushes" where "lovers glide stealthily" and expressing love "everywhere," says David Haglund at Slate. Very nice French picture sleeve in fine condition.

Musical direction by Bob Chadwick, play a beautifull soft psychedelic sound with sweet female vocal. Killer Female soul Funk, out with a French cover, pretty rare indeed! Colombo Pia French popcorn organ jazzy chanson EP. Rare early 60s Popcorn jazzy chanson, feat a Nougaro cover version. EP on French Disc'Az. Really good track with a row reverbe sound, give it try!

M Records. Great French female northern Pop-soul dancer, out on very rare and small pressing. Powerfull brass, fine lyrics with hypnotic bach chorus " Il arrive Stock copy near perfect!! Last update : Sept 28, Cheapos singles section. New Buy. EP On Romanian Electecord Romanian Split EP A side is Maya Casabianca - Zou Bisou Bisou / Reviens A Sorrente (Vinyl) Female vocal and the flip is a male singer, play with an amazing powerfull bass line, difficult to descibe it better listen to the audios, its too much different to compare it, sometime its close to Brazil soul Caron Kiki Obscure French vocal Pop-sike groove 7".

Sentimentalement Orig ? Carra Raffaella Italian Female Pop. Drum break. A masher attacks Zou Zou, so Jean decks him. They get asked to leave the club, ending their fun for the night. Opening night arrives at the music hall. The producer is having fits because the show is so bad and because Barbara is so temperamental.

He tells a Maya Casabianca - Zou Bisou Bisou / Reviens A Sorrente (Vinyl) critic that the show will be a total flop. Backstage, Zou Zou delivers the laundry to the dressing room.

For fun, the show girls dress her up in a sequined costume. Once she sees herself, she finds Jean so he can see and admire her, too. He does a lighting test on her in the costume, opening the stage curtains as a joke while she clowns and dances on stage. The producer catches her little act and begins to search for her. Zou Zou runs away because she thinks he wants to punish her.

Zou Zou sees Jean and Barbara locked in an embrace and misunderstands the situation. As time goes by, Zou Zou begins to confront her confusing feelings about Jean. Later in the evening, Jean gets Claire at the laundry and takes her back to the dance hall. Zou Zou is at home when Papa is carried in the door after suffering an accident at work. He dies, and Zou Zou goes crazy with grief, running through the streets, searching for Maya Casabianca - Zou Bisou Bisou / Reviens A Sorrente (Vinyl).

Jean has left the dance hall to look for cigarettes. Outside, he gets caught up in a street fight between two men fighting over a jewelry heist. One of the men is killed and the police think Jean is responsible. Zou Zou witnesses the whole thing and knows that the real killer has a missing index finger.

All their friends are worried and fearful. Zou Zou becomes desperate to get some money to help Jean. She goes to the music hall producer for help and he makes her the star Maya Casabianca - Zou Bisou Bisou / Reviens A Sorrente (Vinyl) the show.

In an opening production number, girls the size of dolls are piled in a gigantic satin-covered bed.

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