我不能隨便說 - Various - 中国火 (Cassette)

The ten major Vajra Dharmas are the core and key constituents commanding the entirety of Buddha Dharma for attaining accomplishment. Therefore, I beseech my Buddha Master to impart the Dharma that tells us Buddhist disciples: What should we do to be able to learn the 我不能隨便說 - Various - 中国火 (Cassette) and highest Vajra Dharmas, in order to ensure attaining accomplishment in this current lifetime?

Additionally, do these Vajra Dharmas all have rituals and detail procedures or steps of practicing? How should we practice these Dharmas? After hearing the impartations from my Buddha Master, off the many Vajra Dharmas in various sects of Esoteric Buddhism, we are truly astounded and are like being brought to a new world. Then, how can we accurately distinguish and correctly select with a one-hundred-percent certainty among all those Vajra Dharmas, in order to truly achieve great accomplishment and liberation?

Also, how do we know the right or wrong of our own Dharma practice? How do we know if we have made progress to develop accomplishment through our practice? Thank You, my beneficent Buddha Master.

Apple Music Pop Latino. New Music See All. Expensive Pain Meek Mill. La Farruko. Rich Off Pints 2 Icewear 我不能隨便說 - Various - 中国火 (Cassette). Apple Music TV. Apple Music 1.

Apple Music Hits. Apple Music Country. Apple Music Radio Shows. The Echo Chamber. The Estelle Show. Band Van Radio with Old Dominion. The Ebro Show. Color Me Country. In the terrestrial world ,whole people of a temple looked for all the hundreds of big or small caves of Mt. Yun Ju exhaustively, but the news of the Buddhist priest was never heard. Besides, they let searching party dispatch to search him whether he might fall into the storage of water and the ponds in every nearby place, and the earnest believers returned to the prefecture and looked for Quanzhou City, Xiamen City, Fuzhou City or Nanping City.

Besides they sent people to the neighboring towns such as Yong Thai,Yong Chun, De Hua or Fu Qing and let them investigate him, but there was no news at all for several years. People thought that the Buddhist priest had left 我不能隨便說 - Various - 中国火 (Cassette) world and grieved. In fact the Buddhist priest had never go outside even a one step from Mi Luo cave from beginning to the end.

As for the fact that either he was not found 6 or 7 years with his body had been in the cave under the protection of Buddha, or hidden into the different dimension of space and time, Zheng Xiu Jian Buddhist in the ordinary society or others can submit evidences. The process which the Buddhist priest had visited the world of western paradise by himself is different from mere dreams. He is learned and virtuous priest who had attained enlightment, and never need to tell absurdity. In addictions, the scenes which the Buddhist priest had seen were not that seen in the practice of Zen meditations.

If that was a scene which is seen in practice of Zen meditations,it will never be described. Otherwise eight series of heavenly dragons and heavenly damons will come and will be mattered. And dare to show in public what he had seen and heard in each states of the world of western paradise. All the people who learned Buddhism might to know, as for the person who tell absurdity will be put into the never ending hell and never 我不能隨便說 - Various - 中国火 (Cassette) get out of it semipermanently.

Therefore circumstances of the world of western paradise which was experienced and dictated by Buddhist priest himself are" complete truth" and can be proved with evidence by deities of three worlds and eight series of heavenly dragons. The land of western paradise other than the terrestrial world where we live in and the sutra of A Mi Tuo Buddha which is told by Buddha really exist. Kuan Jing Great Buddhist Priest is a witness. The writer edit them based on the oral statement of the Buddhist priest and arrange and publish it to the world.

One purpose is to spread Buddhist Dharma, and another purpose is to make readers believe Buddhist Dharma,study sutras, perform good earnestly and ascend up to the world of westeran paradise together. April, Lecture in Mt. Buddhist priests, those people who have moralities and Buddhists in the ordinary society! Today we are able to gather with all of you according to the Buddhist connection. As the results of Karma of previous lives born fruit, we are able to meet with all of you today at this meeting.

The story which I will tell you from 我不能隨便說 - Various - 中国火 (Cassette) on is the experiences which I had visited the world of western paradise by myself. I intend to report to all of you the scenes which I saw and heard in the world of western paradise. The points which I will tell you are about next five points. How did I go to the world of western paradise?

What kind of fate had brought me to there? It was about 20 hours for my feeling when I had visited the world of western paradisebut actually the time had passed more than six years and five months when I came back to the terrestrial world. The places where I had visited on the way to the world of western paradise,are Luo Han sinus,Dao Li heaven,Dou Lv heaven, and lower lotus flower, middle lotus flower and higher lotus flower because each lotus flower have three grades which are divided as lower,middle and higher ,so there are nine lotus flower alltogether.

I would like to talk about how is the scenes of the points of these three lotus flowers for all of you. Actually, how did people of nine articles make their days in the terrestrial world?

Briefly,with what kind of good charity born from acetic practices performed by them, they were able to ascend up to some lotus flower of nine lotus flowers? Briefly, what kind of methods are practiced by the people living in there?

From the bottom to the top one by one,until they accomplish Buddhist path. Demands from the celestial people to say hello to the close people in terrestrial world when I come back to the terrestrial world. The Buddhist priest start to talk about the progress when he was on the way to the world of western paradise as follows. I happened to meet a strange coincidence on October 5, the goddes of mercy lead me to the Saint boundary. I was practicing Zen meditation in the Meng Xie Yan temple I was the chief priest of this temple on that day.

At that moment,I heard the voice of the person who called me suddenly. Besides,that person pushed me to walk foreward. At that time I was at 我不能隨便說 - Various - 中国火 (Cassette) in an ecstastic state,I left the temple without confirming who was pushing me to the front.

I knew in my mind the place I was going to was De Hua prefecture of Fujian. Jiu Xian. I did not feel hardness or starvation while I was walking.

When I was thirsty, I scooped the water of the spring by hand some cups and quenched a throat. I did not know how many days I walked, but took neither the rest nor the sleep. But I remember that weathers were all fine. Those days were just in the midst of the Cultural Revolution. When I came to the place not so far from De Hua prefecture or Mt. Jiu Xian in Shang Youmy feeling became lucid suddenly. At that time, people passing by are talking " Today is 25th of October.

People walk at night because now is the time of Cultural Revolution,and there were troubles in a local district. I also was not exception. I happened to meet with an old Buddhist priest who was proved to be an incarnation of the Goddess of Mercy later at early in the morning on a way. His appearance was a priest's robe same as me. Originally we had no acquaintance, but we saluted each other naturally as comrades who are practicing same path.

We mutually told the name, the old priest began the self-introduction. Today, we were able to get to know each other as a conection. If possible, let's go to the Mt. Jiu Xian together! And we talked each other while walking. On the road he seemed to perspect a lot of things about my past at details. He told about the causal relationship about my past lives what time, where I was born and at any point like a myth.

Strangely I remember firmly what he had told to me. Seven years later, I researched the county according to the words of priest.

Those people of each generation did exist certainly. The era and places were exactly right. All of them were the person who had been a priest. One generation before, I was a Buddhist of householder. That person was a person of the Kanxi era at Qing Dynasty. And his living place was Shang you fang gui ge village. His name was Zheng Yuan Si and born six boys and two girls.

One of his son passed the Ke Ju examination in ancient China. The address, time and a graveyard did really existed. Now his offsprings are houses and about people.

When we were talking on the way, we had arrived at Mt. Jiu Xian the highest mountain at Fujian-province There was a big cave on the mountain, and it's name was called a Miluo Maitreya cave. It was the our original destination. There was a space only about one room's wide in the cave.

And Maitreya stature was worshipped. So people call this place "Maitreya cave". But when we arrived Mt. Jiu Xian and climbed about half of the mountain,suddenly strange view appeared right in front of us. The road we were walking changed immidiately. It was not the original road of Mt. Jiu Xian, but the piled road of cut stone. The road on the way where not the original way to Mt. Jiu Xian was shining faintlybut nine stone was cut and piled up. That was really strange.

When we arrived at a ridge and glimpsed, the scene was not an original Maitreya cave, but different scene had appeared! The scene which appeared in front of us was the grand temple which I have never seen before and was magnificent.

Even if it was compared with the old palace in Beijing, it was much grander and magnificent view. Two Buddhist towers were also built in both sides of a minster. When we walked for a while, we arrived at a gate of the temple. The gate of the temple made by piled white stone was grand, magnificent and dignified appearance.

There was a big amount on the big gate which was carved with gold ,and it was shining in gold. Several characters were carved with gold on the surface, but I didn't understand at all. There were four monks in front of the temple gate, and they worn a red long robe. They put on gold belts, and had a solemn expression. When they noticed two of us had arrived, welcomed us. We also responded hastily. A thought occured to my mind at that time. But these looks like that of Lama a little bit We are welcome your coming.

After we entered the Mount gate, we passed through several palaces. Strangelly every architectures were emitting light in this place.

Every palaces were magnificent view. When we entered in, just saw a very long hallway. And both side of the hallway were planted various rare flowers and trees with different colors which I don't know names.

When we saw outside of the window, we can see the architectures of Buddhist towers or palaces. After a while, we reached at the first palace.

Four big gold letters were brilliant upon the palace. Neither Chinese character nor English, so I couldn't understand. When I asked Yuan Guan old buddhist monk about the meaning ,he answered "It was written as a mid heaven arhat. After we arrive there, I slightly have begun to notice that this place is no longer the human world I lived. I can't remember other three characters. It was about alpenglow in early in the morning, when I met with Yuan Guan old buddhist monk. I just saw a lot of people were walking in and out at the palace.

There were various races such as yellow, white, brown and black, but majority was yellow-skinned race. There were men and women of all ages. Their costume was strange and everyone was flashing. They gathered as three or five people. Some people were practicing martial arts, some people were dancing in fun, some person were playing oriental chess strenuously and some person were meditating. They were in funny atmosphere.

When they noticed our arrival, everyone wagged his head with kindly atmosphere, and smiled and expressed intention of a welcome, but they did'nt speak to us.

Travel sketch of the world of western Paradise 2 World of western Paradise. Yuan Guan old Buddhist priest tell me that "It is written that Grand treasure palace. Two old monks welcomed us.

One of them was the person who had white and very long mustache, and another one had no mustache. When they noticed the arrival of Yuan Guan old Buddhist priest they performed a Grand Ceremony of Accession of the throwing away of the whole body on the ground immediately. Smoke of the incense drifted and thrust a nose. A white stone shining faintly is spread all over the ground, but I felt strange that there is no Buddha statue in the palace, but there were a lot of offering.

There were all kinds of glittering decorations,and their kinds of colors were many and various. The old monk had two cups of water which a child brought to him when we entered the guest room. The child bundled up two hair dressing at head. The Taoist child wore green cloth and tied up a golden belt around a waist,and the cloth of the child of were very beautiful.

I drank half and a bit of a cup. Yuan Guan old Buddhist priest also drank. After drank ,my mind became two times refresher than beforeand a whole body was relaxing and did not feel fatigue at all. Yuan Guan old Buddhist priest talked with old monk whisperingly and the old monk ordered a child to let me go to wash a body. I entered in the bath and washed a face, rubbed a body and wore clean gray buddhist cloth which was prepared especially for me.

My mind and body became two times more comfortable than before after I finished washing a body. At that time, I thought that I could surely enter into the Saint ward today. My mind was filled with joy, and was not able to express it by the words. And I asked for teaching how about the future of Buddhism? The old monk did not answer. But he wrote eight chinese characters on a paper. Another old monk descripted me the meaning of eight Chinese characters while I was wondering about those meaning.

We can know the situation of the next years of Buddhism with them. We can know the situation of the development of the Buddhism's future of the whole world until the time when Buddhism's downfall, if we deduce these 36 phrases to phrases. My body had became very comfortable when I sat down,I felt very comfortable and I feel I lost my weight as if did not know to where I put my hip.

After a while, I heard the voice of Yuan Guan old Buddhist priest that call me. I went down immediately on the ground and left the room. Yuan Guan old Buddhist priest said to me. I apologize for the trouble. Thank you very much. Yuan Guan old Buddhist priest still said outright " No need. We have not enough time. At that time,the destination we were going to was " the Dou Lv heaven ".

However, Yuan Guan old Buddhist monk told me "We have not enough time. I founded later that the time on the celestial world is different from the time on the terrestrial world. So we should not stay long time. Otherwise there are possibilities to already passed several hundred years or several thousand years when you came back to the terrestrial world. The strange flowers on the mountain sends a clean fragrance on the wind and attaches the nose and make people's minds relaxed and happy.

However, strangely only the middle part of the bridge was floating on the air and didn't have the former part and back part, so we could not pass it. It was the abyss without the bottom when I looked into the bottom!

Just at the time I was hesitating, Yuan Guan old Buddhist priest asked me like this. Then please advocate that incantation. And it became seven treasure constitution and became as if the vivid rainbow of the prismatic colors.

It became like hanging over the air and glorious incomparable. Lanterns emitted lights of various colors on the railing of the bridge. The font was same as the Grand palace. I supposed that the meaning of that letter to be "The middle sky Luo Han Bridge". We took a short break at a rest place in the middle of the bridge while we crossed the bridge. Finally at that time, I asked Yuan Guan old Buddhist priest. However after you chanted incantation,obstacles of karma was dispersed so your true nature became clear.

So all the holy parts which existed from the first time,could be seen. It is so called " If there are no clouds at all in ten thousants Li degree of distanceyou can see heaven in ten thousants Li. Then lotus flower came out from under a foot suddenly. Every one valve emitted blue light like crystal. The leafs also emitted various lights. We flew straight towards the front. I only heard a sound of the wind with ears.

But, the body did not feel that big wind had been blowing. The speed was faster than an airplane. Various scenes around us had passed our bodies from the front to back and we only watched them. However,it was more magnificent gorgeousness and wider than Ancient Grand Palace in Beijing. All the dragons or phenixes on the stone pillar emitted lights. The roof was very magnificent with the style of the Hu Inferior race neibouring China palace. The first kind was written as "the south heaven gate" in Chinese character.

The south heaven gate is a residence of the four major Princes. The people of many heavens stood in "the south heaven gate ". The clothes of the person who seemed to be the civil officer resembled the official outfit of the Qing dynasty era a little bit.

The outfitting was very splendid, and all the clothes emitted light. The person who wore clothes like the military officer was like the military commander of the old drama played on the stage, and the decoration of the armor emitted light and gave off influence very much.

But nobody was going to talk to us. There was a big mirror when I entered into castle gates ten steps. This mirror light up one's original soul and can distinguish good or evil.

I saw innumerable strange scenery and things on the way when I entered in a castle gate. It was not to constant distance and saw innumerable bower stands and lofty buildings and spires subtly in the layer of the Scotch mist.

I introduced me, and there was the outlook on Japanese yen old Buddhist priest. Yuan Guan old Buddhist priest told me that "arrived at the The fourth of the six heavens in the world of desire. Dou Lv heaven is the 6th heaven in the world of desire. We had arrived in front of the gate of Mt.

Dian Ge at once. One of them is none other than, it was me you hail in the teacher who kindly bestowed tuition imaginary Xu Yun old Buddhist priest per person of modern China three major high priest. The other two people were people who knew me too. Contact one of Myohasu priest, in the other FukuSakae Daishi, wearing a robe of red silk to watch, and it was a very gorgeous beautiful.

Travel sketch of the world of western Paradise 3 World of western Paradise. I was at the place where I would almost burst into tears with deep emotion. The master asked me that " How is your mental condition? Do you still have a joy or sorrow? By the way,do you know who is the person you come with today? I answered that " He is the person whose name is Yuan Guan old Buddhist priest. Then the master told me a surprising thing.

Tai though you have eyes. I had no idea how I should speak about what. As for the people of "Dou Lv heaven", the height had approximately just three Jiang length unlike a certain Chi length in this world. However, when an outlook on Yuan Guan old Buddhist priest incarnation of the Goddes of mercy brought me to heremy body also had changed naturally and became three Chi length as same as them. The master told me that I must keep on ascetic practices in this world, the obstacle of the karma will be removed gradually through a trial and we should repair the temple at every generation.

I saw many people there. They were people of every age of male and female. Their clothes somewhere resembled the apparel of the times of Ming dynasty. The disclosure of the Maitreya-Bodhisattva After that, we advance to the inner room of " Dou Lv heaven " together and went to worship Maitreya-bodhisattva. When we advanced to the Maitreya palaceI was not able to describe the magnificent grandeur of the grand palace with a brush and ink. Everywhere emitted gold lightsand three big dazzling letters of golden light were written by five kinds of letters in front of the gate of palace.

The letters written in Chinese character was " Dou Lv heaven ". And I saw Maitreya-bodhisattva with my own eyes. The appearance of Maitreya-bodhisattva is not like " Laughing Buddha of big stomach " whom we worship in terrestrial world. The look was solemn, and the Maitreya-bodhisattva had an aspect of 80 kinds and 32 phazes, and the features were excellent superior. A lot of Bodhisattvas stood on both sides of the gland palace, lined up and wore various Taoist clothes, but many people wore the red shoulder-worn robe which could give off light and everyone have lotus sitting.

The Maitreya-Bodhisattva disclosed the sermon a while. The Bodhisattva told to me. And terrestrial world will change into human world paradise and becomes friendly to each other between your religious sects.

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