Comfort Me - Night Ranger - Dont Let Up (CD, Album)

How can you hate sweet corn? After farming for 32 yrs I'm pretty picky, there is nothing better than stripping it off the stalk and boiling it a few minutes later. Butter and salt, delish. Taber is also famous for sweet corn. Late July, early August, you see trucks on the roadside here selling Taber corn. But for my money, the best corn in Alberta comes from two tiny microclimate zones on the Peace and Smoky rivers in the north.

Each a few hundred acres in deep river valleys, with a much longer growing season than up on the plateau. We're going to find out about Mrs.

Sock 's religious exemption soon. If she gets "early" retirement I suspect I will wander out and see if there are any non jab employers left where I could pretend to fit in. It's something for Biden's adversaries to get angry about, the MSM to report on and Biden's base to rally behind. All so that we stop talking about Afghanistan. Biden's poll numbers will go up now. Two out today showing him at 47 and LIVs have already forgotten about Afghanistan and are on to the new shiny object.

Thinking of getting an Allman Bros greatest hits CD, found one for sale online for five bucks It does exist, but almost always in a very restricted sense. Most people never use it, except in conversation: "OK, you take a right at the giant chicken, go three blocks, and then a left at the condom factory.

The nurse calls it pudding, but Joe, he's pretty sharp. He sees the empty baby food jars in the trash. More knowledge about old guns than you could care to learn. They have covered small arms of ww1 from black powder single shot rifles through too machine guns light and heavy. Well researched. Long form videos. Revolvers all nations. Very well done.

Animated detailed inner workings. Actual firing of each weapon to detail ergonomics. Might be the best YouTube channel out there. Should be moron approved. Watch it! The shotgun mag video is a short from them I have a business trip in a week or so. One I wouldn't mind missing all that much, honestly. But it can't be far off. COVID regs poll well with his base and reminds them that everyone who doesn't like Biden is an evil bastard who wants grandma to die.

Hmmm, if only someone had warned them Got the other side of the Chevy to do tomorrow. I should have had it all done today, but so many snags. And my shop is well equipped. Pisses me off. My older, and my newer Chevy vehicles are a piece of cake to service compared to this beast. Night, Horde. Posted by: irongrampa at September 09, PM KATBx because, sooner or later, you are going to get illegal orders, and the penalties for refusing to obey will, be, if you are lucky, severe. Especially penguin boy.

I love corn and want to freeze some fresh stuff for Thanksgiving dinner. If I get to the MoMe, and I so want to be there, I may write a children's book about a dinosaur that goes to the airport. Yup, I went back toand I saw a lot of corn comments. If Enbalmandante decreed that I can't fly, it's a perfect excuse. But Biden let me down, again. I thought everybody knew that.

They run through cubic miles of Kerosene and Kraut, too. Hey it's legal in IL, one of the few things they've done right lately. Now were're supposed to be masked everywhere. People are masking up again to a degree.

I'm ignoring it as many are. I have pretty much full range of motion, though I have to be mindful of not overdoing it. Are you feeling any relief at all? Don't get me wrong Pixie is a moron treasure, but. Going to watch some more Justified. Fairly certain some of the characters are based on some of my 3rd cousins, twice removed. Pixy said nope.

I'm just limited in physical activity. Still doing PT but once a week and should be dome in 2 weeks. Really like PT, it's like your almost free physical trainer.

I have not received a single solicitation from any national republican politician to donate to Larry Elder's campaign. This tells me that he is the right man for the job. Good night all, carry on. This back stuff is a dicey thing. Some days are tough, but I can walk much better than my worst time in Dec.

Parts of Chuck Palahniuk's novel Fight Club are written in second person. You tell yourself, this is the last sofa I will ever need in my life. Buy the sofa, then for a couple years you're satisfied that no matter what goes wrong, at least you've got your sofa issue handled. Then the right set of dishes. Then the perfect bed. The drapes. The rug. Then you're trapped in your lovely nest, and the things you used to own, now they own you.

Now if I could think of a good joke to get it restarted How about if a senile old Democratic hack stole an election amd then pissed away 20 yrs of blood and treasure in Afghanistan That would be tragic for the USA. What fresh hel I retired too soon. Surely my former employer will require the cl0tsh0t, due to gubmint contracts. Same reason they began requiring droogtesting back in the 80s.

So, wazzzzzzuuuuuup?! Posted by: Caesar North of the Rubicon at September 09, PM BMmaB " No, the point of the mask mandates was twofold: Lighting rod - people spent a year and a half bitching about silly face coverings rather than focusing on important shit, especially when conned into repeating retarded talking points planted by shills.

Bonus: cover for rioters. The proper initial move was to stake out ownership of "wear masks" first - Fauci dissuaded PDT from this with supply chain excuses. In either case, the Dems would have banned mask wearing in short order.

It's a macguffin, not an end itself. Now, why shots? As much as it ever entered, of course. Some of it is "YOU make me feel this way," other parts are listing aggravating behavior of a second person, and a ton of blurring between the concept of one's self and others. I have no idea how much of it stemmed from Chester's addiction, but that guy definitely didn't just have a few demons Long story.

When I was disabled they said it was a good time to eliminate my job. WTF, that sounds like discrimination. We will find out, I'm gonna pursue this.

Will let ya'll know how it turns out. PRC or other puppetmaster says get out, they get out. Even the neocons only care about their gravy train there, not the manner of leaving. Some sort of app based internal movement passport is HUGE.

Like, hill-to-die-on huge. They've grabbed the brass ring and this is one of their first major attempts at securing permanent governance. If you are not seriously preparing to dig in and resist, you need to be preparing to get the fuck out of North America.

Hope ya win it! It's too late for me I'm already "retired" from my jerb. Last day was last week. Hope you're well.

Unfortunately, someone with a banhammer is unhappy with the information, and my man has a hot fuse, so he's taking a break. I recommend that - or you could use a Word document. Much of the info he shares is not behind a paywall, so utilizing the links he provides will enable you to access updated info on your own.

Teach a man to fish, etc. Resident 3vil also finds his poasts interesting, and shares much of them with her staff at the hospital she's currently employed at. Here a good portion are ignoring Pricktzer's mask BS. He mandated some mask BS, I've ignored it and not been called on it. I saw more comments in support of his wrk than against. Many people just don't have the time to wade through so much material. A normal person wants to share what he or she has found, especially in times like these. I am mystified as to how a handful of posts on a topic of general interest can be considered threadjacking.

Even making this observation can be dangerous to me. If I'm banned again, I won't be kissing any ass to return.

My bullshit filters are fully intact. No one is perfect. Yet we have this mask theater. It's as though the majority of the people in this country have fallen under an evil spell. Very punchable. Very kickable. He would do well to stay far away from the general public. It's Comfort Me - Night Ranger - Dont Let Up (CD anyway. Good night! Had a good laugh with hubby's healthcare team: After a procedure, while checking out, one nurse said she'd included some covid information in his discharge packet.

I said "Covid? Never heard of THAT! Stuff you want to have on hand, just in case. Full of forbidden fruit, wink wink. Forbidden fruit doesn't need to be tasty in order to be so so sweet. I hadn't spoken to her in a long time, and I really love her. She called me this morning out of the clear blue, less than 60 seconds after I was thinking of her. How often do you find a dear friend through a marriage connection?

I hope she can come and visit sometime soon. She more than makes up for the other horrid SiL who I wish terrible Album) upon. God disapproves of this, I know, but she was very cruel to me after my husband died. I hope that vain bitch ages horribly. Her and her thick ankles. Meow meow. When did this happen? He's trying to avoid telling someone to fvck right off.

That would get him banned. And thank goodness. Or couldn't access the comments? If you couldn't access the comments: After you click "Access Comments" on the old thread, and the URL for accessing those comments is in the search bar and not accessing the commentsreplace "minx.

Thanks for that link at Yes, it was the comments. I'd never had this problem before. It's a long one. I'm still reading it myself. Oh, and here's something interesting about how smokers, contrary to what one would expect, may actually do better with Covid than non-smokers. Inhibits cykotine storm. The CDC has, of Sept 1, redefined the term "vaccine".

Merriam-Webster has followed suit. As of Janthey used the old definition. Now, they use the new one. The OED, however, continues to use the old one. We are being gas-lit on a mass-scale, folks. Back before the lockdowns IIRC. No one ever discussed it again. The big gamble now is - upon the next bioweapon release - does the presence of the chemical in your bloodstream react to save you, or react to kill you. Posted by: Moron Robbie Yup, me too. No way.

I did a search on it the other day and came up with the link above. Got to rush out of here now as I overslept again this morning. Need to stop doing that! See you all later from the house of crazy. I, his mother, and his two older brothers both of whom had served tried to talk him out of it, on the grounds that his life would be a plaything for C-in-C Hillary. He went ahead and enlisted anyway, and, thank God! But nowadays?

With a military hierarchy deeply corrupted, and a commander-in-chief who is stupid, senile, and given to fits of rage, and a cabinet filled with spineless yes-men? Absolutely not. My sophomore year of high school, the honors English teacher couldn't pronounce my name. For months. They told me Paw Paw the military is gay, and has nothing to gain and everything to lose by joining. One even brought up the recent Afghanistan event which his father fought in as an example of the waste of time, effort and possible death and maiming for nothing.

I admit after Vietnam I said much the same to my son, who went in anyway, yet took training that he could transfer into a civilian life job. How he feels about his son's going in is unknown, seeing what he spent time there for may have tempered his views.

What is the Deal with the Cowbell? Why is the Ace of Spades called "the Death Card"? Posted by: weft cut-loop at September 09, PM 1t5dY 27 Line on the left, one yellow star each. Posted by: will choose a nic later at September 09, PM bTQ72 40 I need to get vaccinated to protect others from getting coronavirus? Posted by: mindful the once and future webworker at September 09, PM L73FT 58 I need to get vaccinated to protect others from getting coronavirus?

Posted by: hogmartin at September 09, PM ghoDT One of the things they cleaned up is not allowing drunk riders to compete. Posted by: blake - semi lurker in marginal standing 2SdPm at September 09, PM 2SdPm I think we should start wear yellow stars so they can avoid us Posted by: Dr.

Posted by: "Perfessor" Squirrel at September 09, PM K5n5d Are people still buying old oil drilling platforms at sea and declaring them independent countries?

Posted by: Diogenes at September 09, PM axyOa I earned the enmity of a high school teacher when I pointed out a spelling error on a list of words he passed out to the class to study ahead of a spelling quiz.

Posted by: klaftern at September 09, PM r4sI4 So I wonder if anyone of the dems and WH drones are reading the amount of outrage they have unearthed? Posted by: blake - semi lurker in marginal standing 2SdPm at September 09, PM 2SdPm As a retired soldier, it pains me to say that I would discourage my son from serving today. Posted by: Drink Like Vikings at September 09, PM hrfa7 I had to watch a sex harassment video as well a long time ago which for some reason had a female narrator with ginormous gazambos instructing me in the ways of respecting the no no squares.

Posted by: Anna Puma at September 09, PM Pj1B0 Wiki sez: "Today Hanover is a Vice-President City of Mayors for Peace, an international mayoral organisation mobilising cities and citizens worldwide to abolish and eliminate nuclear weapons by the year Posted by: Anna Puma at September 09, PM Pj1B0 I had to watch a sex harassment video as well a long time ago which for some reason had a female narrator with ginormous gazambos instructing me in the ways of respecting the no no squares.

Posted by: "Perfessor" Squirrel at September 09, PM K5n5d We decided to pass on the opportunity, but who knows what could have been. Posted by: runner at September 09, PM V13WU biden is back to being old man white again his tan went away Posted by: will choose a nic later at September 09, PM bTQ72 runner, completely OT, but my mother selected the music for her funeral and had "My Way" the Elvis version as the last song.

Posted by: Officer Tackleberry at September 09, PM OCTRt Imagine being a writing teacher and not knowing the word "ebbed" A law firm partner once got mad at me for using a word he didn't know.

Posted by: Robinette, The Soy Wonder at September 09, PM kyKhl my company is way bigger that peeps, but I work from home and have never worked a day in the office how are they going to force or prove I got vax'd? Posted by: J. Posted by: confederatefifth at September 09, PM K3ZCc The Democrats are now openly embracing the European model that says that your rights and freedoms are given to you by the government, which makes it clear it can take them away any time.

Posted by: Some Rat at September 09, PM r1z5A "If I am, Ill file a religious exemption since I follow the church of Suck My Ass, and failing that resign unless they consider me so invaluable theyll make an exception. Posted by: Drink Like Vikings at September 09, PM hrfa7 The government is giving cover for your company to do what it has always wanted to do, which is treat you like a serf and impose its will on you under the guise it is complying with the government.

Posted by: espinostifer at September 09, PM Uzh5E I have a question of biblical quotation: I am trying to denote that the text in a flyer is Matthew to do I do it Matthew - 4 and do I head each sentence with the number, or just do both on the fly without denoting the sentence number? Posted by: Farmer at September 09, PM 55Qr6 the thing is is if you never tell idiots they are idiots how wil they ever know? Posted by: banana Dream at September 09, PM pxX6h This forced vaccine business will get out of control.

Posted by: will choose a nic later at September 09, PM bTQ72 I am a traveler of both time and space, to be whete I have been. Posted by: Nope at September 09, PM 7NmRg Treat the man who shoved a flashlight so far up his colon that he has to have an operation to remove it. Posted by: The GOPe-a-dopes, led by a scrote-necked turtle at September 09, PM hrfa7 Seriously, if this is not the hill to die on, what possibly could be? Posted by: Jordan61 at September 09, PM hP4QN Treat the man who shoved a flashlight so far up his colon that he has to have an operation to remove it.

Posted by: KT at September 09, PM 0ghg2 My wife worked at LA County Hospital for a while and said there was a thing of Hispanic men coming in with electric toothbrushes up their rectums. Posted by: pookysgirl's cat is currently rubbing against your words at September 09, PM XKZwp Have they been following the science?

We've already got a nation going Posted by: COMountainMarie at September 09, PM QkfwU I also had a teacher in high school who hated me to the point where he led his class in telling their favorite stories about horrible things I had supposedly done none of the said stories were true.

Posted by: blake - semi lurker in marginal standing 2SdPm at September 09, PM 2SdPm My wife worked at LA County Hospital for a while and said there was a thing of Hispanic men coming in with electric toothbrushes up their rectums. If it did, they would Album) at the least that they are inoculating this year's virus with last year's vaccine Posted by: Kindltot at September 09, PM HG00O Hey everybody.

Posted by: klaftern at September 09, PM r4sI4 I'm convinced he deliberately gave me a bad score in my internal assessment so I couldn't do better than 5 out of 7 on my IB test. Posted by: Anna Puma at September 09, PM Pj1B0 kindltot, I see no one has answered your question, and there is no wrong way to do it, but both things you wrote were just fine.

Posted by: vmom stabby stabby stabby stabamillion oEn12 at September 09, PM oEn12 If you wfh and can test from home, why not just dip the swab in distilled water. Posted by: irongrampa at September 09, PM KATBx Treat the man who shoved a flashlight so far up his colon that he has to have an operation to remove it.

Posted by: Bitter Clinger at September 09, PM 5We2S "Unless you want to know how many turns a boat is making on how many screws with how many blades just from the sound, my skillset turns out not to be very useful in this situation. Posted by: vmom stabby stabby stabby stabamillion oEn12 at September 09, PM oEn12 that is why many will only accept qualified providers for testing Posted by: runner at September 09, PM V13WU And yet most people seem to question nothing when what should be on everyone's mind is "how dangerous is this virus really?

Posted by: blake - semi lurker in marginal standing 2SdPm at September 09, PM 2SdPm Sharkman, she's really a fat year old guy in his basement in Dubuque. A short time B long time Posted by: banana Dream at September 09, PM pxX6h Unless you want to know how many turns a boat is making on how many screws with how many blades just from the sound, my skillset turns out not to be very useful in this situation.

Posted by: Farmer at September 09, PM 55Qr6 "One of these patents is for a machine that can change the weather, and another is a laser death ray that can incinerate entire city blocks in seconds Posted by: Sharkman at September 09, PM UXEgP "One of these patents is for a machine that can change the weather, and another is a laser death ray that can incinerate entire city blocks in seconds Posted by: The Knights of St.

If you would prefer not to lend your voice to LibriVoxyou could lend us your ears. Proof listeners catch mistakes we may have missed during the initial recording and editing process. Readers record themselves reading a section of a book, edit the recording, and upload it to the LibriVox Management Tool. For an outline of the Librivox audiobook production process, please see The LibriVox recording process. We require new readers to submit a sample recording so that we can make sure that your set Album) works and that you understand how to export files meeting our technical standards.

We do not want you to waste previous hours reading whole chapters only to discover that your recording is unusable due to a preventable technical glitch. Solo-able: piano or harp, Hold Notes Off, sim chords on, all tracks. Pokemon RBY - Battle! Pokemon GSC - Battle! Solo-able: Hold Notes Off, sim chords on, all tracks.

Angel Beats! Harp or piano. If you really want to solo it's track1, hold notes on, sim chords on. Solo with track 1, sim chords on. Works best with sax or Album). But If you try solo with hold notes off, sim chords on, all track it'll get buggy at the end so you gotta turn it off all track at the right time if you wanna solo it.

Solo: Harp, Hold Notes Off, sim chords on, all tracks. The lute is optional, can be done as a solo with just the harp.

The house of the rising sun The Animals Thessalienne Dimaya. Chopin's Ballade No. This was an interesting piece to try to fit into three octaves, so forgive me that it's crowded in places - I think the spirit of the piece still gets through. Persona 5 Beneath the Mask Aversa Knight. You could possibly play this without some of the drums. Think there's a version of this published but might as well put mine here anyway cuz yolo hours. My favorite of the bunch, although some weirdness in converting to solo, much prefer my duet version.

Sim chords and hold notes off. Loopable, if you want. Sounds quite nice! And hold notes on for this, of course. Don't speak her name! It is hard. The world is cursed. But still you find reasons to keep living. For Harp and Fiddle. The fiddle is important.

Track 7 can be disabled for a Sextet. Tracks 5,6,7,8 can be disabled for a Quartet. Track 5 OR 6 ,7,8 can be disabled for a Quintet. I hope you all enjoy and share this one though! Billie Eilish - idontwannabeyouanymore - Solo Colm Mattrum Comment: If "I love you" was a promise, would you break it, if you're honest? Make sure to loop! It's Over Isn't It? Simulate chords off and hold notes off for both. I am sorry if this is not up to standards and it is difficult for you to press the checkboxes, if you buy me a plane ticket I'll come uncheck the boxes for you, with my hand over.

Have friends spam Yellow Ranger poses while playing for maximum enjoyability. All my solo midis should be run with "Simulate Chords" turned off, the preview posted should serve as a check if you have any problems.

I wanted to comb through this, but my server connection has been p. I just kinda wanted this one for random stuff. Since there's no reasonab. I shortened this how I could within reason, but this is a looong frickin. Nobody's favorite expac main theme :p This is part 2 of a large re. I'm not certain I love every part of this, but posting these midis. This is part 1 of a large release. Please look forward to it! This particular video is an olde. Sim chords and hold notes off for the strings.

Playable as a duet or trio as long as Oboe and Horn are present, but best with all four! For harp. Give it a shot. Sim chords off, hold notes off. Version 8.

This is as good as this song is going to get. Do with that what you will. You can have one person on harp and the other on piano if you want a nice sounding duet. Hold notes: off. Simulate chords: off. You're welcome. Sim chords off. Piano benefits from sim chords off and hold notes off.

Oboe should have hold notes on. My magnum opus. Please enjoy it and make sure the sync is dead on. Sim chords off, hold notes off, tears on. This is probably one of the songs I am most proud of so tell me how you like it please! Slow start but comes in strong. Get that MM feel next time you are just standing around. Otherwise, enjoy! Rerelease for the repository, made to be loopable :. Turn Simulate Chords and Hold Notes off please.

Solo lute. Rerelease for the repository. I will choco-hug you if I catch you playing this. Why not? Memes songs are great. Can be played solo on piano with track 1, or you can dabadee with your friend as a duet to include track 2. Cause BTS is great.

Solo song on piano, enjoy. I don't know either friends - duo, can be played solo - 1 piano, 1 harp. Also, doesnt sound bad adding pan pipes and a fiddle to tracks 0 and 1 respectively if you want to do a little quartet.

What nobody ever told us was that most of us would never come back. Do you Remem8er me? Enjoy my first release. You may also try Harp instead of Lute. I had hoped to have it work for Harp but there are more slowdown issues there.

Tried my best to keep the original feel of the piece while taking limitations of solo play into mind. I hope you enjoy; I really l. Also sounds decent on Fiddle. Haven't tried other instruments, so results may vary. If it sounds off, it's because I had to transpose up an octave to get it into the range of the Performance system.

I've taken a fair few liberties with it, though overall it's more or less what one would expect from a rendition forced to use rolled chords and a limited range.

Made because I was feeling nostalgic and "Mar10 day" is coming up! Kinda reminds me of old New Grounds stuff. Anyway, here's a quartet I transcribed for fun. Also sounds good on lute!

Mary Did You Know? Last Christmas [Wham! Merry Christmas! Gomb: "I can show you the world! Nobody has to know where it comes from. It can be our secret. If anybody asks, it's a pirate shanty. This song is played solo! True- Sincerely Socrates Redshoes. Melody tested with both piano and flute. As always, the melody can be played solo, enjoy, and have a spooky day! Melody can be played solo, enjoy! Melody can be played solo. New friends are to be found out there. I might do a multi instrument version of this some day.

Main melody can be played solo. This was tricky to fit into three octaves. Check out [Balmung] Rhys Redclaw 's version for a solo rendition. Whatever you use, alto and soprano voices should be higher pitched instruments than tenor and basso. For Harp, Piano, and Flute! Message me on discord. On Love: Agape - Yuri!!! Piano Solo only. Make sure to set it on loop!

Used in a very special series of battles. The Clarinet 2 and Piano parts might need to be do. This request was a lot of fun! Golden Saucer Cecellia Aurora Comment: Can play in line with the golden saucer music in-game perfectly. Here ya go Mon! Sounds best on flute IG. Now with added Aloha, Kupo! Touhou - U. Owen Was Her? This one was hard work, if you're on exodus you've probably seen me play this.

NES Simon's Quest mansion theme. NES version, aka Quest Begins. Dusk Till Dawn - Zayn ft. Loopable, until your audience is done walking clockwise around the room, three times. Animenz livestream transcription. This sounds more like something Taylor Swift would write after she broke up with Patrick Stump, but hey. I'm not complaining and neither should you. Praise the violin gods. English is a fake language, who decided phoenix was spelled that way? Also this one may or may not go hard. There is 3 guitar in this octet with percussion so you can party rock!

Transcribed by ear from source link, my sheet music is posted in the usual place! Cello also recommended. Home World overworld theme. For a friend I used to have that I still miss today. I wish they'd talk to me again. You still matter to me Overworld theme. Transcribed by ear, sheets in the usual place!

And one other because I accidentally uploaded a half-finished midi by mistake elsewhere lol. Transcribed by ear from source link, sheets in the usual place!

Also good with harp. NES version. Also works with other string instruments or even horns. NES Stage 1 theme version. For anyone that remembers 90s comedies anytime Comfort Me - Night Ranger - Dont Let Up (CD was a lewd scene about to be implied or happen!

FF4 Calbrena. Boss battle theme. Also works great on Piano. Also works great on Harp or Lute. Guitar Clean, Track 4 E. Guitar Power Chords. Vocals on Track 8. It's your lucky day!

Duet for guitars overdriven and power chords. Also one of the Gintama openings o7. Guitar solo. Will loop perfectly. Please check out my transcription of this song. Stage 3 theme. Transcribed by ear from source, sheets in the usual place. I think it sounds best on the harp personally.

Theme of Sannyo Komakusa. Stage 2 theme. Theme of Mike Goutokuji. My favorite Stage 1 theme. Theme of Saki Kurokoma. This is the extra stage theme. Theme of Yachie Kicchou. A Stage 4 theme that almost sounds like a boss track. Title theme. Trapped in a neverending nightmare. Second theme of Okina Matara. Stage 4 theme.

Theme for the early stages. Theme of Kagerou Imaizumi. Arranged by kitaichi0. This is the generic boss track from the fighting game spin-offs. This version was arranged by U2 Akiyama. Stage 6 theme. A return to Makai. Touhou 11 - Corpse Voyage Be of good cheer! Theme of Rin Kaenbyou. Stage 5 theme. Theme of the ruined Hakurei shrine by U2 Akiyama. Theme of Rikako Asakura. This is the longest Touhou theme ZUN has ever composed. Vivit's final theme. This is a small doujin game with music composed by ZUN.

Theme of Sariel. The title theme of the game. This theme by Manami Kiyota plays on the fallen Arm of the Mechonis at night. Finale version from the last episode. Transcribed by ear, sheets in the usual place. Transcribed by ear from source video, sheets in the usual place! RIP Kentaro Miura Karakuri Pierrot by Marasy8 Piano Ver. Optimized for BMP. Koisuru Asteroid - Aruite Ikou!

Azumanga Dai Oh! A remake of the one I did before with less busy noises? Please Don't Bully Me, Nagatoro-san! So if you recognise the song but not the artist, that's why! That is all.

Transcribed by ear. Transcribed by ear from video source. Intermission piano piece. Specially dedicated to Yigen over on Balmung! Star Wars Suite Medley octet version 2. I had a blast making these, and I hope you have a blast playing them! I hope you enjoy! Have some more Ghibli songs for your group to play!

Intro of the new Porter Robinson new album 'Nurture'! Bayonetta - Let's Dance Boys! To hear the original quintet optimized for bmp replace Violin and Viola for Harp, and Cello for Lute, and drop the Tuba. To here the original mid, search for Naruto under Mid Release. Hope yall like iT! Some parts have way too many notes, but it wouldn't be me without that.

Scooby Doo - Where Are You? Daniel Caesar - Best Part feat. I know you know this song. Relieve your younger years and sing along to this banger. Source went MIA. I cry everytime I hear this song and so should you. Hoping we get a remix of it in Endwalker! Ending theme from Persona 3. Daytime theme from Castlevania II. The battle theme from FFI.

Waltz No. Also Solo-able. Hold notes off. To commemorate Taylor Swift's version of the album Fearless just released today! Comment: For solo Lute and only Lute. N Owen was her - Solo Colm Mattrum. Leningrad - Zuzu - Solo Colm Mattrum. Edo - Iwamizu - Solo Colm Mattrum. Fake Wings. Key of the Twilight.

That everything good is happening somewhere else? Made by ear from video. May not be perfect. Not the transcription Also, I love you! Slightly less sorry than the Wii music.

Plays twice in one track. I am so sorry to anyone who has to listen to this on repeat. In The Flesh? Publishing for St. Patrick Day. Theme of Horou Torisumi.

Mamba - Various - Samba In The House (Mastermixed By Norty Cotto USA) (CD), Vesele Se Momci I Devojke - Fadil Karić - Rano Rane Na Vodu Devojke (Vinyl), Ne Me Dis Pas Adieu - Various - Bonanza Festival Country (CD), Story Of Three Loves - Ronnie Aldrich And His Two Pianos - Ronnie Aldrich And His Two Pianos (Vinyl,, You To Me Are Everything - Various - Disco Fever (CD), Is There Any More To Lose - Lasorda - Lasorda (Vinyl, LP), What You See Is What You Get - Brenda K. Starr - Brenda K. Starr (Vinyl, LP, Album), Loves Made A Fool Of You - Buddy Holly - The Legendary Buddy Holly (CD), Nekrófíll Í Paradís - Fræbbblarnir - Viltu Bjór Væna? (File, MP3, Album), King Curtis & The Kingpins - Valley Of The Dolls (Vinyl)