Frozen To Time - Ironhawk - Boozehounds From Hell (Cassette)

Register Don't have an account? Iron Hawks. View source. History Talk 0. Under orders from Count Dookuthe Separatist blockade proceeded to retreat from Scipio, abandoning the droid forces stationed outside the Main Vault of the InterGalactic Banking Clan on the planet surface.

The episode was directed by Steward Leewritten by Drew Z. Greenberg[2] and released on February 6 Hawk was originally slated to appear in a scene of Frozen To Time - Ironhawk - Boozehounds From Hell (Cassette) animated theatrical film Star Wars: The Clone Wars that preceded the television series of the same name.

In the scene, Anakin Skywalker called Hawk for an extraction from the B'omarr Order Monastery on Tethhowever, at some point during the extraction, Hawk's gunship would've been shot down by a vulture droid. The sequence was ultimately cut from the movie, saving Hawk from death in the process. Wookieepedia Explore. The Bad Batch. Diabolus in Muzaka. Soundtrack to someone on acid being murdered in a toilet I fucking love It!!!

Welcome to Paradise Lost by Taraka. Psychedelic pop music packed full of unhinged sound effects and delightfully eccentric ideas from the former Prince Rama frontwoman. Atmospheric black metal band Sadness and experimental screamo band To Be Gentle channel intense emotions on this split single. EP by Ugly Shadows.

Something Heavy by you, me, and everyone we know. The stealthy design of the airframe also makes it difficult to detect by fighter radars, and can easily blend into ground clutter provided that the pilot flies nap-of-the-earth. Mobility The Ghost Hawk is fairly agile and is second only to the Blackfoot in terms of manoeuvrability. While not nearly as fast as the Mohawk, it is simpler to fly and has overall better stability.

Drawbacks Though the Ghost Hawk is durable enough to sustain a small amount of ground fire, in terms of protection it remains just as lightly armoured as the Mohawk. As such, it should not be flown into areas with significant anti-air threats as a single surface-to-air missile is enough to cripple if not outright destroy the Ghost Hawk.

Crew Capacity The Ghost Hawk has a seating capacity of twelve personnel including the crew. This consists of both the pilot and co-pilot, and up to ten passengers who sit on back-facing seats in the centre compartment. Hull damage is calculated based on the integrity of other components on the Ghost Hawk. Until all other parts of the helicopter have been critically damaged, the hull itself can never be "destroyed". Each of the Ghost Hawk's engines can survive 28 points of damage there are two in total.

If damaged: Reduced power output and makes it difficult to gain both speed and altitude. If destroyed: Can potentially blow up the Ghost Hawk instantly if overall status of helicopter is at critical. The Ghost Hawk's fuel tank can only take 28 points of damage before rupturing. You do both. The shafts are all tip trimmed to the specs for a 7-iron, since all the heads weigh the same as a 7-iron head, and then they are butt trimmed to the desired playing length.

How do I know what shaft to order. I am 67 swing speed I hit a 5 iron about carry. I currently play a Ping I 3 steel regular shaft.

Please recommend a proper club set up for me. To play a regular flex you would need to be hitting a iron at yards, anything less than that and you'll benefit from the added flexibility of a senior flex to get a little more help from the shaft.

Switching to single length irons because of a shoulder injury. Got the Pinhawks 4-PW Like them, but really having trouble hitting the 4 iron any suggestions? The 4-iron can be a tough club to hit if you don't have enough clubhead speed or a high enough natural ball flight.

That is true not only for single length sets, but many golfers also have a hard time hitting a 4-iron in a tradtional set. In most cases, the lowest number you'll be able to hit consistenly in a single length set is going to be 1 club higher than what you can hit consistantly in a traditional set.

In that scenario, we'd recommend going with 7-iron and up 1 club up from the 6-iron in a regular setand then get hybrids for everything below that. So in your case, if you're struggling to get the proper ball flight and distance with the 4-iron, you may want to consider getting a 4 hybrid instead.

But even then, you still need to have enough clubhead speed to get the proper distance out of it, and that usually means hitting nothing less than a 6-iron at yards. If your swing speed is slower than that, you probably won't be able to hit the 4 hybrid either in which case you'd want to look at 7 wood to replace that 4 iron.

The 7 wood will get you about the same distance Frozen To Time - Ironhawk - Boozehounds From Hell (Cassette) a 4, but it has a higher loft so it'll get the ball up in the air easier and the shaft is 5" longer Frozen To Time - Ironhawk - Boozehounds From Hell (Cassette) length so you'll have considerably higher swing speed with it. Is there is a minimum of 7 clubs in the configurations? If I don't get that AW does it get reduced from the price?

We can do a 6-club set like that, however on the website the minimum qty is 7 clubs. To place a custom order you would just need to call and put in the order over the phone, or send us an Frozen To Time - Ironhawk - Boozehounds From Hell (Cassette) with the options that you want set configuration, shafts, flex, length, grips, etc and we'll write up an invoice and email it to you for payment to complete the order. Unfortunately no, the bounce is a physical aspect of the clubhead which can't be changed.

At least not without taking it to a grinder and removing a bunch of material from the trailing edge of the club. But doing so not only removes the chrome finish which will lead to rusting, it also removes a considerable amount of weight from the head which would need to be compensated for by adding a tip weight inside the the shaft. Hi there, do you sell individual clubs? I purchased a set of customized of Pinhawks from you and i would like to add a 4 iron and a LW.

Yes we do sell individual clubs, but not through our website. To place an order for individual clubs you can either call and speak with one of our sales reps, or you can send us an email at sales singlelength. Can the clubs be adjusted to a specific lie angle? These clubs can't be altered by that much, in fact no clubs can be bent that much without breaking them.

He actually has his clubs custom manufactured with that lie, they aren't bent that way. And I wouldn't recommend trying to duplicate his setup unless you have his exact same body size, stance, and extremely upright swing plane. We often get people asking to try an extreme upright lie, or the Jumbo Max grips, just because he uses them. But just like any other aspect of fitting - shaft length, shaft flex, set configuration, etc - you should get the clubs made to fit you and your swing rather than Frozen To Time - Ironhawk - Boozehounds From Hell (Cassette) to duplicate the setup of someone else.

We can bend these upright a few degrees if you'd like to try a more upright lie, but is about the highest we can go. Right now is our busiest time of year May-Julyso we're at about a business day turnaround at the moment. The rest of the years it's usually more like business days. Hello, I am getting close to placing my order but wanted to as what you recommend for a weekend warrior. I am 52, 5' 6, and Do you know what your swing speed is with an iron? Or if not, what club do you typically hit at yards?

Typically, if you're hitting a iron at yards you'd need a regular flex. Of course those are just general guidelines, there are other variables such as the weight of the shaft, the length of the shaft, the tempo of your swing, among other things. If you'd like some more specific advice, feel free to give us a call at to speak with one of our fitters and we can help you get the best setup for your game. You can view our full return and refund policy here.

Is it possible to order only select clubs e. Thank you. Yes we can do that, but we don't have our website set up for an order like that so you'd just need to call us at to place the order. But keep in mind, if you get a set where you're skipping every other club you will likely have a large yard gap between clubs. Unless you are a slower swinger where you may find your clubs bunched together with a traditional set, in which case skipping every other club actually works realy well.

If so, what's the thinking behind it when other manufacturers' scoring irons are shorter? Yes, in the single length set all of the clubs are the same length - even the wedges.

The entire concept of single length irons bucks the trend of conventional thinking when it comes to making irons, which has always been with incremental lengths. And the only reason for an incremental length set is that back when golf was concieved, they didn't have the technology to properly enginner a set with all the clubs at the same lengths which gave you the appropriate distances with each of the clubs.

So they made some clubs longer to hit the ball father, and other clubs shorter to hit the ball shorter, and that's still the traditional setup today.

So that's really the only reason why traditional wedges are shorter, because that's just how they were designed hundreds of years ago. I think you might find it interesting to hear that we've actually heard from a lot of customers that their BIGGEST area of improvement when switching to single length clubs is with their wedges! I'm not talking about short yard chip shots around the green, I'm talking full swing shots with the wedges from, 80 yards - basically you're "approach shot" distances.

And the reason for that improvement with the longer wedges over shorter wedges, is that you're now doing the same swing as you are with every other club in the set - same setup, same stance, same swing plane, same club weight, etc. So you don't have a shorter wedge which requires you to stand closer the the ball, put the ball further back in your stance, squat down a little more, swing steeper - you just swing them like you're swinging a 7-iron, or like every other club in the set!

And the result is better contact, more consistency, and with the higher swing speed of the longer shafts you actually get a higher ball flight with more backspin which makes it much easier to stop the ball on the green. Getting back into golf after 10 years of not playing.

Very interested in the SL irons. That sounds like a pretty good setup. I wouldn't recommend getting the 4-iron or 4 hybrid at this point, as it will probably be a very difficult club to hit if you haven't played in a long time. And it's something that you can add down the road if you want. I am 6'3" and really do not know much about what kind of clubs i would need to get.

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