Ludwig van Beethoven - The Very Best Of Beethoven (Vinyl, LP)

I played in the North Yorkshire Festival in August It was almost impossible at that time to organise events with an audience. The festival director, Jamie Walton, found people who let him build a big marquee in the middle of their field, so it could be counted as an open-air concert, with the sides of the marquee open.

I just remember this incredible feeling of energy from everyone. Finally, life had more meaning. The musical low point? Not playing. I feel like half of me is dead when nothing is happening. That was very challenging. What was the first album or CD of piano music that you bought? I had quite a standard collection of things, listening to big pianists like Horowitz, Rubinstein and Rachmaninov. My parents are both professional pianists. Music and records were such a normal environment for me.

Which pianist do you want to travel back and hear live? Liszt, probably, would be one. We read so much about him as some extraordinary human being, extraordinary personality, but LP) extraordinary pianist and performer.

Also maybe Clara Schumannbecause Ludwig van Beethoven - The Very Best Of Beethoven (Vinyl was also quite the revolutionary. And definitely Rachmaninov because he is one of my favourite pianists ever. What is the biggest challenge in being a concert pianist?

First of all just stamina. To keep it in our head and our hands is very challenging. And obviously you need unbelievable drive and dedication and commitment.

You have to make sacrifices in life. Musical high point? I decided to learn new things that I am probably never going to perform. One of them was to learn the Scriabin sonatas, of which I had only learned one out of It was completely fascinating.

I would never have had time. Musical low point? All the lessons that I had to give — I teach at the university in Geneva — through Skype or Zoom, and having to deal with terrible instruments, terrible sounds.

It had nothing to do with the playing, but it was so frustrating. First album of piano music? One of the very first was definitely Clara Haskil in the last sonata of Schubert. I also LP) the Beethoven concertos with Maurizio Pollini. I was actually much more interested in orchestral music and opera.

These were my passion when I was eight, nine, I would listen to Mozart operas and try to play them on the piano. Time-travel for which pianist? Ludwig van Beethoven. I am so constantly busy with him. I always try to imagine how Chopin or Bach were playing. But with Beethoven I have the feeling it was just so free in the way of treating the instrument, and so extreme Biggest challenge? To not repeat oneself.

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Occasionally, this school also includes Franz Schubert, the recognized Father of German Song, lieder. Their collective output is enormous, but there are records featuring frequently performed works attributed to each composer:. Early music is a period in classical music encompassing medieval, Renaissance, and baroque compositions.

Luckily, much of it exists on vinyl LP. Hildegard of Bingen is an example of a medieval LP). Keep your vinyl LP in its protective jacket whenever youre not using it.

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