Manus - Sonja (2) - Manus (Vinyl)

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Ridgeback Records Trance House. Manus - Sonja (2) - Manus (Vinyl) Trance Techno House. Rip Records House Techno Trance. Turning my hands into a fist, picking up the fireflies, tapping imaginary objects in virtual reality were all mirrored in virtual reality. Reach out, turn up your palms, wiggle your fingers - the initial moments of using Manus fulfill your basic expectations of what VR gloves should feel like. The haptics, with their Heath Robinson appearance, were equally impressive. Though the wireless gloves lack the machinery to stop your hands actually moving, the sensation of reaching out and grabbing something in a simulation is immeasurable improved by the gentle, or firm, tap on the fingertip.

There are no buttons to learn or special movements to master, you just reach out and touch thingslike you would in real life. Modified, Backdate, Outlaw, Recreation.

If you live in the Porsche world, Manus - Sonja (2) - Manus (Vinyl) constantly have to deal with these words. These neologisms are used first and foremost in connection with the and all have one thing in common: they divide enthusiasts into camps and Manus - Sonja (2) - Manus (Vinyl) them. And it is precisely this that makes it so exciting. On the one hand, you have those enthusiasts who enjoy the absolute originality of the vehicle and, on the other hand, there are the nonconformists, to whom it cannot be individual enough.

A vehicle like the Porsche always produces emotions, especially the question of whether you should change and customize a perfect sports car such as the It remains a question of personal preference, however, and of whatever appeals to one. We are of the opinion that there is enough space for both viewpoints and that both can peacefully Manus - Sonja (2) - Manus (Vinyl). Markus Klimesch, Elferspot Magazine. Last week I had the great opportunity to attend a personal presentation of the freshly finished Manus No.

Before the event, I quickly built up enthusiasm for a stylish customization. The Manus conversion creates, I think, a very difficult balancing act and optimizes the basis so that the spirit of the original is not lost. It remains a Nineeleven. But what an Nineeleven! I was also enthusiastic about the detail obsession of the project managers. Here nothing was left to chance and always sought after the technically optimal but also the most aesthetic solution.

I spoke to Sebastian DormannManaging Director of 9elfer-classic and project manager for the Manus-modification. Firstly, congratulations. You managed to create a wonderful vehicle which is exactly to my liking. Please tell us what makes the Manus conversion so special? Thank you, we ourselves are very pleased with and proud of the result. It was a long and hard journey, but the result Manus - Sonja (2) - Manus (Vinyl) you forget all the trouble.

First of all, it should be mentioned that all our Manus conversions are built from body shell. The base vehicles are completely disassembled and the basic parts are inspected step by step. Every angle, every wire, every cable up to the last screw is checked and processed by our experienced mechanics. Sebastian Dormann. The s built duringincluding the Carrera 3. Earlier G-models are basically usable as well. There are several reasons for this. For one thing, G models can usually be purchased more cheaply.

The G-model was simply built in larger quantities and this logically effects the cost price. Secondly, the weight of the vehicle is important to us.

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