My 4 Stars (Ian OBrien Remix) - Fabrice Lig - My 4 Stars (Remixed) (Vinyl)

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In the next year, another demo was released with songs that were recorded for Radio Friesland. Vocals were shared by the two keyboardists mainly Jaap.

The album was received pretty well often the band was compared to Genesis and the album sold completely out. During the band started looking for a full-time singer despite the fact that both Jaap and Wolf did lead vocals at that time. His leaving was no surprise to the band - they knew this day had to come.

Maurits had seen an advertisement in the newspaper and responded to that, since he liked the Egdon Heath-CD, that his brother owned. It would take three years before Egdon Heath came with a follow-up.

InEgdon Heath announced their farewell. One reason for this may have been the growing success of Mulder as a cabaret-act. The final concert was played in Hellendoorn in late Plans were to do a CD with previously unreleased material and live tracks as well as a live video.

Fine symphonic prog where the main weak spot are the vocals not bad, but could be better and the songwriting shows a band that has almost found its own style. A very good debut. A classic symphonic prog album and must have in any serious prog collection with any depth beyond the obvious names. Probably mainly because of the absence of Van der Stempel and the seemingly more mainstreamed sound. But after repeated listenings, a year of time passed and various My 4 Stars (Ian OBrien Remix) - Fabrice Lig - My 4 Stars (Remixed) (Vinyl) concerts later the disc started to open up to me.

Some live soundboard stuff may sound a bit unbalanced, but who cares? A CD like this is what the real fans wanted to have and it is indeed the perfect gift from the band to the fans. Pul Festival was the first time and that left a good impression, even though I was a bit sad at the time that Jens van den Stempel had left them.

Egg would leave an heritage of three albums. On the other hand do I find it a bit of an incoherent mish-mash of styles: Canterbury jazz-rock, pure experimentalism and classical organ music follow each other without being really put together.

A bit of a shame, because I can hear that there was an enormous talent within this band. Egg also toured with Landberk. It was recorded with help from Mikael Stolt lead vocals and bassMarcus Liljequist.

Guest on the CD is bassist Danny John. I like it. A lot, actually. The band exists since the end of The discography includes two albums see below. The first album is a something like a progressive gothic rock, the second one closes to progressive metal.

Latest news was that the band looked for a bassist and drummer in order to give live concerts. They did only one extraordinary album mixing Eloylike progressive rock with more psychedelic and experimental influences. The second album brought a new drummer Andrea Brogi, and a new guitarist, Simone Coloretti. Rather typical for Italy in the early s actually. The vocals are for the greater part acceptable if you like Fish, because we do have a clone here and most melodies and their performance okay.

Not everything, however, manages to tickle my interest in the same degree. Good alternative to those who like for example the neo proggy albums of Asgard. So far I knew the band only as a second grade neo progressive outfit, but it appears they have evolved into a moderately experimental prog-jazz ensemble over the past years. Much more challenging and adventurous to listen to, even though not all manages to excite.

Well, there is enough electronic generated noise available, however not quite what I expected. And in the vocals lies the main problem they make for one rather annoying piece if you tell me. OK for the time there is some intriguing material there but it certainly did not stand the test of time, mainly because off the lack in composatory skill. The vocals are the main problem for me as they are in the higher regions and not at all satisfactory.

To be honest I found the whole of side one a little derivative. It all drives on simple key patterns and rudimentary drums. Anyhoo, as you can tell this album does not really make my list of forgotten classics.

This album and these specific recordings contain really interesting material from a prog viewpoint. CD, ? There is little information available about the group. They started inand were active until In that time they only managed to release two albums both with the same line-up. But it works! Norwegian multi-instrumentalist who did an album all by himself, playing a variety of instruments like bass, drums, guitar, bells, Moog, Mellotron and string-synths as well as doing vocals on a few songs Christian lyrics and production of the LP.

And this is quite amazing. Highly recommended. And a shame this talent never made more than just this one album. Mixed feelings thus. They debuted with a single in On their second LP they turned into a more progressive rock direction. The closing piece begins in a more meditative style with Howe-ish guitar in a rather jazzy setting piano, sax-sprinklers and then jazz-rocks the CD to an end in a relaxed way.

A shame, I sure would have enjoyed some more! A good album for people who are into early prog and jazz-rock. On the other hand is this just one influence that Eiliff has absorbed into their very original music. This one comes most recommended. Two facts are quite remarkable: the major sub label they were signed to and the effort that has been put into the production by none other than the German godfather of rock, Achim Reichel with use of the NDR Symphonic Orchestra.

Guests on his album include a. Less pomp-orineted than Giuffria and thus a bit more accessible I guess. Their only LP is now worth a small fortune. They were one of the pioneers of fusing rock with classical music and jazz. The origins of the group go way back to when bass player Hans Alta, saxophone player and guitarist Huib van Kampen and trumpet player Rein van de Broek formed The Jokers. Later they were joined by drummer Tim Griek and multi-instrumentalist Rob Kruisman.

In they changed their name to Incrowd, but this only lasted for a year when another group by this name but hailing from Den Haag became popular in the Netherlands. They won the Loosdrecht Jazz Concours, after which Rob Kruisman left the group while the rest of the band had their commercial breakthrough with their classically tinged singles.

In earlythe return of Ekseption to the stage was announced for the summer of that year in a line-up of Rick van der Linden, his wife Inez sopranoMark Inneo drumsBob Shields guitarsMeredith Nelson bass and Peter Tong on additional keys. In my eyes clearly their most progressive and best album.

Also there is a greater number of original compositions that is blended with the classics. The first track of side 2 lets down a bit. The heavy closing track then brings a true suprise. Cool, but not the Ekseption we used to know. I like it nevertheless, or maybe even more because the typical Eksption sound wore off too quickly for me. Also the long title track certainly the highlight of the LP - heavily ventures into the realms of Focus. Partly the band sounds fairly inspired, especially in the beginning however a bit tame.

LP Polish electronic music like mid-phase Tangerine Dream. The man behind Elan is Michael McCormick vocals, guitars, bass, synths, recording, engineering, production and artwork. CD British early progressive rock quartet from the late s, featuring Andy Scott who would rise to greater fame with glam rockers Sweet. Guest on their only LP was sax player Leszek Zadlo. Eldritch released its seventh album, "Blackenday", in April A video for the title song "The blackened day" was shot in February with director Mirco Andreis.

No further info yet. PUNCH - -?? Aust was clearly the main member. In the early years he did most of the composing. On their second album the band with new members Rainer Uebel on keyboards and guitarist Gisbert Koreng, replacing Dohanetz, Sandkaulen and Trepte played adaptions of classical pieces of composers like Bach, Borodin, Rachmaninov, Mozart, Chatschaturjan and Grieg.

Because "Adaptions" contained no original material, "3" became an album with songs written between and On this album Manuel von Senden vocals, keyboards, percussion was first present as a member of Electra. Von Senden would become the most important composer together with Aust, especially on the last albums his influence became more clear. He also started contributing lyrics, which were previously written by lyricist Kurt Demmler, with whom the band intensively collaborated since the beginning of Demmler was also the one who wrote the basics for the lyrical concept of "Die Sixtinische Madonna", which featured a choir.

The piece was first played live on the tenth anniversary of the band in From on Electra s music became much straighter and poppy with as the worst, the disappointing "Augen Der Sehnsucht" just look at the horrible and cheap cover - ed.

Another line-up change happened for the last album when Dietmar Stephan replaced Ludewig. Like many other Eastern German prog bands, Electra came back into the spotlight in the late s, toured and even released some work.

R Eject and forget. Disappointing regarding their former work. They adopted the name Electric Banana for the album of the same name and then more LPs followed; all providing library music for the Music De Wolfe label. Somewhere between the debut featuring guests Dave King bass and pianist Ulli A.

The fourth LP was again a live-album and jazzier than its predecessor although recorded without saxist Nadolny. CD Sireena CD, ? Both tracks contained were recorded live in besides the Floyd-cover, we also find an Electric Family piece and are in the psychedelic early Floyd-direction with muxh room for instrumental ventures.

The lead vocals are strangely slow as if they are played on too low a speed, which gets mightily annoying over time. Especially thanks to the Schwarzeneggerstyled English… Fairly clumsy psych-rock. Not so much prog, quite okay for fans of s music.

EJF was founded in by some Hungarian youngsters and after two demos, national and international touring and participating in the finals of an international jazz-contest, they released their debut. A nice album by a band that knows to handle their instruments. Musically it was a bit more straightforward rock than on the first LP.

Nothing more, certainly nothing less. Cello rocks! If you like the band, this one comes recommended. No real stand out tracks apart from the hit.

Not all that exciting. These spoil things a bit. So, for the greater part fine ELO-sympho-pop, although not the bands most challenging disc. At least on a few tracks. My main point of criticism is two fold. Firstly I find the songs that the often lack the elaboration and sophistication that ELO used to have.

Halfpart is filled with fabulous psychedelic prog, with exactly the jammy feel that I like including fairly loose percussion. The other half part goes towards the music of Colosseum notably thanks to the sax play which I like even better! The a-side is a rather poppy tune, due to its overly catchy chorus.

The b-side, however, brings a tad of experimentalism. Predecessor of heavy psych-group Hairy Chapter. The first two albums presented Jimi Hendrix-inspired Roth being one of the greatest Hendrix-fans on this planet psychedelic heavy rock. Also he designed guitars his own six and seven string Sky-guitars.

The vocals have a strong German accent, but are bearable and actually have kind of a charm of their own. Said that, it makes one wonder what the LP would be like with a really strong singer. The band consisted of several members of Wicked Minds.

CD Band of five Austrian session musicians who have been working together with each other and for others! Their instrumental debut was recorded with the help of some musical guests like Tony Levin and Bernard Locker guitars. Lavitz and Andy West of Dixie Dregs. Zappa is said to have called them "Mahavishnu with a sense of humor". LP limited edition of 1. CD Electronic music duo from the UK. I recommend to give this band a try! In they founded one of the most important Christian rock labels, Pakaderm.

Most of these released their albums on Pakaderm. Also the Elefante brothers formed a band together. The first incarnation was simply called Elefante and only appeared on the soundtrack of movie "St.

Elmo s Fire". Soon after they changed the name to Mastedon and released some tracks on compilation albums "California Metal" and "California Metal II" In John Elefante started working on a more poppy solo-album, that wasn t released untildue to other activities concerning the label. When Pakaderm asked too much time, John My 4 Stars (Ian OBrien Remix) - Fabrice Lig - My 4 Stars (Remixed) (Vinyl) Dino decided to dissolve the label so they could entirely concentrate on producing and making music.

John Elefante also formed a "We are the world"-type group called The Heard which released one song and a video. Excellent singing, great songs and hooks. Right before getting this CD, I had a period that I had a very structured and intense period of playing a lot of Kansas preparing the Kchapter of the book.

Clearly a case of the rest not being at the height of their talent, the period of time early srecord companies and of course the comparison to the excellent albums that came before.

Not only does it present a better albeit slicker and more polished and poppy form of AOR than Kansas at that time - the albums are just filled to the brim with hooks, choruses and melodies you hum along at first hearing without ever sounding all too cheap or worn out. Very melodic and accessible with highly memorable tunes that are picked up easily and stick in your mind for quite some time. Flashy solos and extended instrumental pieces are absent, but the vocal work is excellent.

Pretty typical stuff like we have heard more often in the mid s. That is a good thing and certainly an improvement. On the critical side: the CD is pretty mellow and could have done with a slight kick in the behind every now and then. They recorded several demos with their complex, technical progressive metal with classical influences strongly influenced by Yngwie Malmsteen as well.

But all of a sudden Polydor cancelled the finals - without any explanation. In Elegy entered a talent contest, organized by German magazine Metal Hammer. The results of this were - due to lack of organization - disastrous. After this disillusion and several changes in line-up partly because of the technical demandsthe band more or less disbanded.

This caused the nucleus and founders of Elegy, bassist Helmantel and guitarist Van der Laars, to gather vocalist Eduard Hovinga, guitarist Arno van Bussel and drummer Ed Warby around them. All of these had been in Elegy before in the past years. This CD found in its own country only a small audience about 1.

In Japan more than But the band managed to get more gigs than before. At the end ofhe decided to leave Elegy. Also Gilbert Pot decided to leave around that time. The band decided to leave the vacant position of second guitarist open and continue as a quartet. Together an acoustic mini-CD. This made the new material a bit less technical and complex, but probably even more mature.

Worldwide sales were encouraging This video had to be made twice, because the first version was lost when a drunk football hooligan stole the car with the tape and threw the video out of the window. Towards the end ofElegy embarked for an extensive tour of Europe as the support for Finnish progressive metal band Stratovarius. This tour - with their new keyboardist Chris Allister ex-1st Avenue - received very good reviews as well. Hmmm, I expected more.

The sound of the album is very well balanced and mixed and there is the occasional ballad. As with earlier albums most of the songs are played in the highest gear - no time for lazy nothingness. Keyboards, guitars and drums all try to cross the finish line first. LP Electronic music with many analogue sounds. No known recordings. The band was founded in Top notch jazz-rock!

The title track is pretty dark, dominated by My 4 Stars (Ian OBrien Remix) - Fabrice Lig - My 4 Stars (Remixed) (Vinyl) pounding intense, almost Magmaesque rhythm. Even better than the debut! Glad I managed to get one of these rare LPs and immediately after listening the studio album went to the top of my shopping list.

Four long pieces that bring fantastic powerful jazz-rock with a strong progressive infusion. Highly recommended! With the aid of several jazz and rock musicians among which pianist Kunta Gambosthe five tracks on the mini-album were recorded in Brooklyn. After the release of the mini-CD, Elephant Talk moved to Japan where they started working on a full length abum. The scene however shifts towards a jazzy mood with some fine rhythmic drumming. The whole gets a rather improvised feel towards the end with saxophone and piano added to spice up the jazzy ingredient.

Only the fourth track on the CD is quite different and can be described as progressive jazz with ambient textures although the Kate Bush similarity sticks to mind. They were formerly known as Sand, when they started as an experimental stoner rock group in the late s. Founding members Herder and Ferweda found out that it was hard to keep a group of people together, and the band went through several changes in line-up.

By they changed names and finally found a stable line-up with two ex-Stone In Egypt members Han Schilder My 4 Stars (Ian OBrien Remix) - Fabrice Lig - My 4 Stars (Remixed) (Vinyl) and Robert Koole drums. Marcel van der Vondervoort. The band was formed in and remained active until To my surprise there is a rather big role for horns, while I had expected relatively dominant guitars with Coryell on the folds.

They did no official releases, but their sound is said to have been between Happy The Man and ELP with influences from jazz-rock. Besides the Elfferich Four, Jeroen also has solo-activities like the electro-fusion project called White Elephant Project and also had an electronic music soloproject under the pseudonym Jeronymus. The album featured many famous guests, like Jon Anderson and John Waite.

Their debut, produced by Gary Chapman, was first released independently before they were signed to Reunion which label re-released the album and brought another LP the very same year. In Marsh died of liver cancer. InEliomis grew to become a real, fourpiece band. Stylish, but hardly original. Songs of acceptable level, but nothing to set the band apart from any of the million alike bands. Mostly straight ahead metal-rock with some proggy touches, with loud in-your-face type French vocals all over it.

Spacey symphonic, Floyd influenced and guitar dominated. Their album was recorded between andbut remained unreleased until After multiple line-up changes the band put out one album in a style similar to Ange and Atoll. Trutet would later resurface in Hecenia. The texture is simple but tasteful, so the other shorter songs on this CD are as well.

The synthesizer runs often evoke Tony Banks mid-Genesis erathe guitar has some Steve Hackett echoes, the fretless bass sounds pleasant and the French vocals are inspired. They only did one album and then were never heard of. The second side of the album presents more vocals, which sound a bit like many Italian symphonic progressive rock bands. Overall I would say that this side is more symphonic rock oriented, by the way, with quite a bit of Mellotron that will please many.

A nice album, well worth checking out. Very enjoyable stuff. Eloquence was primariliy a partnership of Hans Nieuwenhuis and Roelof Staman.

They are aided by some guest musicians to flesh out the sound. And here lies the first problem; they are not that strong big understatement! The other is that some of the first songs are quite kitschy pop tunes. The whole album actually owes a lot to Kayak, and a little to Supertramp, but in a more poppy way and not as capable in the songwriting department. So to not waste too much space on this one Eloquence is quite forgettable and a CD release would be quite obsolete.

They hailed from the city of Hannover where they were formed back in February by Frank Bornemann as a school band that covered songs from The Beatles, The Moody Blues, The Who, or Cream they began early to concentrate on the British kind of music. After they won a talent contest in they released their first single, featuring two of their own compositions.

The played live really frequently, which also included playing support gigs for bands like Deep Purple and Uriah Heep.

This heavy progressive rock album was put out on the Philips label with which label they had secured a deal. Freiherr von Lopel.

The LP was packaged in a gimmick cover that was sheped like a fold out trash can cover. Bornemann fired Draht and Schriever and hired new drummer Fritz Randow instead. As a reaction Philips decided to drop Eloy from their roster. In the beginning he had slight accent problems with the English language, but he improved with each album.

Another important change in the band was that Wieczorke witched from guitars to keyboards and organ. This was an ambitious science fiction concept about a teenager, Jamie, who traveled back through time to the middle ages. As a result of his, Eloy fell apart and dissolved in early Wieczorke went to join Jane, while Randow joined Epitaph. This was another concept with lyrics written by Rosenthal coupled to stronger songwriting and refined playing. Things paid off this time around, and for the first times sales exceeded the The next project was another symphonic concept, this time about the planet Salta.

In Eloy himself Frank Bornemann had nothing to do with it. But it seems that the band had ceased to be a proper band at that time and was from that moment on basically Frank Bornemann and to a lesser content Michael Gerlach with accompanying guest musicians. Bornemann concentrated on his job as a producer and the other musicians went their own ways. In the end they even wanted to go one step ahead and decided to celebrate the 25 th band anniversary with an extraordinary work: almost completely in original line-up and with the original instruments!

Over one year had they worked on the songs, trying to perform them as authentic and as good as possible. The songs were chosen by lead singer guitarist and producer Frank Bornemann. Somehow it was the continuation of their concept, but never a cheap copy of the same idae. For almost a year, Frank Bornemann and his partner Michael Gerlach worked on the eight compositions seeing many guest musicians involved.

After this, regrettably, the band went on another hiatus. Bornemann launched his new record label Artist Station Records in August This does work, but the work of the rock band at times seems to be a bit messy and too busy.

That only slightly diminishes the pleasure of listening to this fine spacey sympho album. A must-have. A wonderful spacey symphonic piece that alone is worth the acquisition of this album. Apparently the change in line-up has done them some good. The songs are a bit shorter and streamlined, but it fits them very well and the clearly present fun in playing the music just springs from the recordings.

Justly regarded as a highlight in the career of Eloy. Sure, the music is a bit rockier and straightforward, but it suits the band pretty good. What a song, and what a powerful album as a whole. Interesting for Eloy-fans because the disc contains entirely newly recorded versions of all tracks.

As soon as there are weak spots, you have something to grab at. But how can I comment on this? This is a collection of classics. A great return to the music they did in the s, but with use of more contemporary sounds.

They debuted with an EP in and came with their full length debut two years later. Looking forward to hear more from them! CD Melodic and slightly poppy neo progressive rock from Germany. CD American multi-instrumentalist, also known as a member of retro proggers Astra. His solo debut was more jazz-rock oriented with prog leanings. CD Ernst Kersting: v. Both musicians had designed! Part of this repertoire was recorded live on 7 April and released on an LP featuring two pieces.

I also detect some influences from Camel and Genesis obviously. Geoff Mann Band. Apparently also a theater version was created. The group came into existance during the late s when it crystalized around the nucleus of Christian Burchard vibesEdgar Hofmann sax, violin and Lothar Meid bass. In he switched to jazz and vibraphone when he formed the Contemporary Trio with Edgar Hofmann.

Also Lothar Meid had pursued a career in jazz before and with him came some former buddies from s soul7jazz groups: Jimi Jackson organ, piano and Wolfgang Paap drums, percussion. The first edition of the LP was packaged in a cover with a cut and a balloon attached.

The original complete LPs are now worth over Euro and much sought after. In June of Kelly departed. For him came Hansi Fischer flute, vocals, formerly of Xhol later that years, and the young Roman Bunka only 19 years at the time came to replace Ralph Fischer. Bunka left Embryo for the first time and also Fischer decided to go his own way. A few months later the band dissolved once more.

Jackson would play live with Embryo every once in a while, but he was the one who introduced the black American jazz musician Charlie Mariano to Burchard, who was then quickly enlisted as a new Embryo member. Thanks to Mariano the band gained some interest in the USA, but in Miekatsch left the band to concentrate on his membership of Missus Beastley.

Thanks to this project, Embryo took a more ethnic direction. One major aim of this label was to offer its bands total artistic freedom - something most of them had experienced problems with; see the discussions of Embryo.

In autumn the next change in line-up occurred: Archer and Miekautsch left. This brought them to Afghanistan and Pakistan those were the days! Back home in May the band had over 40 hours of recorded material to work with. The next month saw another departure from Bunka over internal conflicts. Bunka went on to join Aera. The double LP came with an extensive book about the journey and the recordings.

The same year also a compilation with unreleased tracks from to was put out. Also Drechsler was replaced: by guitarist Jay Ziehr. The new group went on another trip to the East during This time they went to the Arabian countries in the Middle East.

During the following years the band - now Burchard, Hofmann, Luciano and guitarist Julius Golombeck - spent much time in Africa to study African rhythms. This resulted in their album, which was a collaboration with Nigerian musicians.

This album, and the follow-up, were dominated by African rhythms and ethnic styles. Also two live-albums appeared that year, one from a gig, packed in a multifold out digipack, the other a double CD from the tour. The CD contains a bonus track of 20 minutes long jamming. It is rather rough and a bit dull recorded, a shame, better concentrate on the proper album, which is good as it is. The band plays extremely jazzy with a great emphasis on the vibraphone and piano playing.

The band is very tight, the rhythmic work sometimes ethnic influenced carries the pieces and the other instruments notably flute and saxophone, but also violin and guitars note that there are NO keyboards solo on this foundation. In a way comparable to the better work from Differences or Taurus same kind of thin vocals and some Genesis influences and certainly on a comparavle level of playing and writing.

A pleasant surprise to me, unbelievable that this gem remained hidden for me a Dutch prog connoisseur, after all for over 4 years! Yann Baud contributed vocals to one track. The first album was firmly in the jazz- rock direction.

After the debut, the line-up changed. Only Berka and Palmer-James stayed. After Emergency split up, Diez and Bischof recorded an album together in Both also were active in several other groups. Emerson had made a name with The Nice and scored some minor hits with his wild show on stage trashing and tossing his organ around and treating it with knives that gained him the nickname "the Jimi Hendrix of the Hammond".

The former band had already started to fall apart the first line-up, that iswhile Emerson thought that he had taken The Nice as far as it. During this soundcheck, Greg and Keith jammed together and to quote Keith: "Greg was moving a bass line and I played the piano in back and Zap!

It was there. First, however, there was unfinished business to deal with. Lake had already made up his mind about working with Emerson and declined to continue with King Crimson, but he nevertheless promised to help on finishing the second album, "In The Wake Of Poseidon", where Greg can be heard on a couple of tracks, including the single "Cat food".

Only two weeks later the New Musical Express came with some breaking news headlines: "Keith Emerson and Greg Lake to form new group" and in April they started auditioning for a drummer. The latter looked as the most promising alternative, and despite the fact Emerson wanted to keep the project a keyboard-bass-drums trio, there were serious talks to add Jimi Hendrix to the line up.

Carl Palmer had played with Atomic Rooster and Arthur Brown before he can be heard on the hit single "Fire", for example.

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