Scarctic Circle Gathering - Lordi - Get Heavy (CD, Album)

At around two minutes and a half, another part kicks in and it's just incredible, I can't even describe it, it's darn good, the song ends with the main riff and Shag repeating the song's name: cool. This next song Post Modern Sadist, starts really dark, with a woman singing, but in the middle of this intro, I am pretty sure I heared "Fuck me! Anyways the song kicks in with a great riff and Shagrath doesen't sounds so strange in this one.

The breakdown's in this song make it really colorful, and, might be just me, but this song kind of has an Immortal feeling about it. Anyways, a really colorful song, wich is pretty rare in black metal, imposible to bore you, this song is really good. We reach track number three, Invoker,now with intros like this, I really get the title of the album, all this intros have this urban horror movie feeling about them.

I basically love King's backing vocals in this one. They are absolutley awsome. And around three minutes there's this riff that kind of reminds me of melodic death metal, that's a little minus to the song, but the riff is really, really short lived, so it doesen't matter really much. But at the end either a guitar or a keyboard more like a guitar kicks in with a melodic part, it isn't to bad, it is pretty nice, I wouldn't have minded it without, though, but it's nice like this as well.

Track number 4, Perpetual Night, is what I call a black metal song. King's vocals are very pronounced in this one, wich I love, Shag also kind of redeemed himself with pretty nice vocals. The riffs have black metal written all over it, a really straight to the point song, pretty harsh one.

It isn't really colorful, though, and for people a bit newer to black metal and people that don't like black metal it might sound a bit repetitive because of that. One thing to really notice is King's vocals wich are really apocalyptic and sound very, very good.

The fifth song is called Ghosting and is pretty long, it'smaybe due to the fact that it has a lower BPM it's a bit slower. The opening riff is really dark and sad, it doesen't matter it isn't fast and Shagrath's singing really fits very well with this slow style of songs.

This song is pretty repetitive, but it's pretty good considering the fact that it's the first one in wich Shag doesen't sounds really strange. I also, didn't really noticed Frost in this one, unlike the other songs. The guitarists though, should have a beer, 'cause they own the song King as well, 'cause he wrote it.

It seems the quality of the recording has lowered a bit, wich is something I was wondering about the other songs, the quality seemed just a bit to high. Also, I like Shag in this one, too, his accetable, yet it seems that all Scarctic Circle Gathering - Lordi - Get Heavy (CD energy he put in Dimmu's "In Sorte Diaboli" wich is an incredible album left him with nearly no energy whatsoever. I still like his lower vocals, though, and this song has a pretty good deal of them, not to mention he sounds nearly as good as in the last song and Frost did an amazaing job in this one, he's the one with the beer on this song.

Also nice ending with suffering folk or maybe it's just a suffering woman, I don't get it and then a laughing old woman sound, pretty nice. Song number seven: Krigsatte Faner, Album) This song is pretty basic, Shagrath returned to his strange vocals, and has added up some double-layered vocals and the guitar even has some solo-like parts, that pretty low in volume, some people might not even notice them at first.

The second lead riff will surely be noticed, though, as it is higher in volume. Frost did very good in this song, not something to blow you away, but it's good. This is the lowest rated song of the album as of yet rated by me, so it's my opinion, it isn't a law or Scarctic Circle Gathering - Lordi - Get Heavy (CDlet's se how the last song turns out. The eight song, also the last one, is called Hill Norge, it's and starts pretty nice, with more urban horror movie noise, that changes power from left to right if you listen with Scarctic Circle Gathering - Lordi - Get Heavy (CD headset.

This is another pretty slow song, wich means Shag is pretty acceptable and I got to say the main riff is darn nice. I have to say, I am not a fan of how Shagrath writes lyrics, his not even old but he thinks his some legend now because of Dimmu Borgir and started going down the hill. Anyways I like the music side of this song, it's really great, I like slow-ish black metal songs, they always seem so colorful, even if they are repetitive.

I got to give it to King for this song, he wrote it flawlessly apart from the fact that his vocals are too awsome for describing words. If you like black metal you will definetly like this, I like it, it's not one of my faves but it's really, really good.

It would be a dream if more people would be inspired by this and start a Third Wave of Black Metal. This album is worth the bucks for any black metal listener, it is really tough, and it isn't really repetitive, it's very tehnical and colorful, with a tiny bit more recording quality than most black metal albums, but not too much. I would love a third black metal wave with this caracteristics. Hello lads, so I had this terrible, terrible internet problem and I couldn't do nothing, well after some thoughts I decided not to make a daily of this anymore 'cause of many factors that influence this, included the fact that it takes about 2 hours to make a review, anyways, I WILL continue doing.

So just like in my first review, guess what, we shall see about the album that features the new vocalist and just like in my first review we shall se why so many people are wrong when disrespecting the new band leader for no freaking good reason. Soooooo, what the hell am I waiting for? I don't know So the first track's called The Poet and the Pendulum, and it's darn long, it's so long it hurts, it's long.

For a song so long it definetly must be super-epicly-darn-kick ass! Like "Satan's Fall" or something like that The beggining is very, very sweet, it has "classical" written all over it, after that it blasts into a heavy instrumental wich The verse parts have this Annete Olzon feeling, really nice. This is what I expect from choruses, to be explosive and heavy, the only thing heavier than a chorus should only be bridges, and this chorus is one heavy son of a song.

After the second chorus we come back to the good 'ol balad part, wich is really well written and serene, the only thing I don't like here is the mixing, they could rise Annete just a tinny bit more, but this won't be a problem when it reaches the point where there's double-layered vocals. It's not often I can say I don't like how he sings, but on this one I'm not a fan of his performance at all, anyways Annete comes with the chorus saving us, kind of a strange bridge comes next because it has references to Tuomas, I'm not a fan of that Anyways we follow up with nice balad parts once again, followed by a song-ending instrumental, one very, very well written instrumental, a great way to end a song.

Does this song deserves it's duration? Hell yeah! The second track, one of the albums singles, Bye Bye Beautiful, it's and the lyrics are about Tarja and her leaving the band. Ok, the intro is pretty nice, heavy, nothing wrong about that. The verse is just sexy, it's so good, how can people dislike the way Annete sings? If this is "pop-ish" then hell yeah, give me pop. The prechorus is really intresting, with Marco singing, it's really nice, and the chorus brings those Marco-only vocal style, this powerful shouts, really nice.

Moving on to Amaranth. This song is an ok song, but for some reason, you can't stop listening to it, it's addictive, like really, the verse is ok to good, it has this "come on, do it! The bridge has a pretty nice riff, I love how Annete sings it, it's so provocative, something in my opinion Tarja wouldn't be able to do, we get out of the bridge with the chorus, wich is awsome, it is a double chorus in wich the second one is enhanced with some additional double-layered vocals, also it has a nice, really short ending.

Cadence of Her Last Breath - - the intro is kick ass, I wouldn't mind a longer intro, anyways the verse is nice and the chorus is preeeeetty good, not the usual heavy chorus, but the objective of the chorus is to release the sentiments gathered in the verse, and that hasn't got to be always heavy, I like it after the second chorus, there's a solo, and the bridge is heavy as hell compared to the genre's standards and it's also instrumental.

The very last bit of the bridge transfers really well into the last chorus. A very neat song, some people at least, will definetly enjoy this one. The next one is Master Passion Greed, Oh yeah, three word title, I have a good feeling about this one. It starts of pretty heavy, I like it, this unuion between bass, guitar and drums, with the keys coming in after to do a small lead, just to return into a very heavy and cool riff, well actually, not only one. Marco sings the verse parts and it has a thrash feeling about it, very Annihilator-ish.

The chorus is pretty basic, both the vocalist sings and the Album) kind of "sings" with them in a very powerfull way. This song is full of colorful riffs, really neat and nice. Bridge also did by Marco, he seems he doesen't seems, he is the main singer in this one. The lyrics are about complications that can arise in a relation.

The ending is impecable, nothing to say, just impecable. Blood Red Sandman 4. My Heaven Is Your Hell 5. Pet The Destroyer 6. Teh Children Of The Night 7. Wake The Snake 8. Shotgun Divorce 9. Forsaken Fashion Dolls Haunted Town Fire In The Hole Magistra Nocte Kalmageddon The Monster Show 1. Would You Love a Monsterman? Devil is a Loser 7. Icon of Dominance 8. The Children Of The Night 9.

Shotgun Divorce Wake The Snake SCG3 Special Report 2. Bringing Back the Balls To Rock 3. The Deadite Girls Gone Wild 4. It Snows In Hell 6. Who's Your Daddy? Hard Rock Hallelujah 8. The Chainsaw Buffet Good To Be Bad Nekao nije to to bar meni al su svjedno dobri! E posjetite blog hellkik. Sad mi se neda stavljat vam linkove Imaju zakon pjesme neznam koju bih izdvojio.

Da odmah kazem na kraju posta cete imat linkove nekih od njihovih pjesama koje su dobre. Uglavnom pjevaju rock ili onak balade rockerske a znate na sta mislim, pa evo vam linkovi i uzivajte i recite kakvi su vam i ako vam ne valjaju recite i ovaj da vam kazem koja vam god pjesma treba samo recite ja cu je sigurno nabaviti i stavit cu vam link ako Album) a u vecini slucajeva hocu!

Pa eto ak vam sta treba samo recite tu sam! Justin Timberlake - Sexy Back 2. Ludacris - Money Maker 3. JoJo - Too little too late 4. Fergie - London Bridge 5. Hinder - Lips of an Angel 6. Another Nightwish sound to this song at the beginning. Another great song, and when I hear this song I imagine myself riding on a horse in the countryside with the winds blowing in my face as I overlook the Cliffside to observe the town from afar in that view.

It would make a good live hit to play at their concerts. Another mystical sound at the beginning of the song, almost like it is the beginning of a ballad.

Then kicks in the instruments. This one almost reminds me of the fairy tale Peter Panas if he is there to invite you to come fly with him to Never-Never Land when you can be free from the chains that keep you bound. Another pretty good track. A song almost resembling another fairy tale, and one of my favorites Little Red Riding Hood! I used to enjoy that tale as a kid because I really enjoyed its direction and even the villain whom is the Wolf.

In this track though, it creates a twist in the tale as if the protagonist has fallen for the antagonist, or at least what it seems. When I hear this song, I kind of picture myself falling for one of the villains from one of my favorite series. Probably another favorite for me. Another ballad that fits well in the album tracklist. When I hear this song, it is almost as if I am with my fictional loves in our own world away from reality, and my number one love cuddling up next to me as we view the sunrise in the distance.

This one almost reminded me of " Away " from Nightwish with a bit of a touch of Epica. The chorus is very powerful especially with what I am imagining. The riffs and melody in this song are really good, but I don't really feel that this song would be a favorite for me.

This one almost pictures that you are being chased by an inner demon within a temple that had opened a doorway to hell itself, and you are trying to either escape from the grasp of the demon or turn around and fight it Overall, I think it is a good song though.

The closing song on the album, and it is like a breath of relief after a load of heaviness that the album had throughout. It's a love ballad of course. The piano in this one and the violin are powerful in this one along with Dianne's vocals. When I hear this song, it is almost as if I am there at the side of my love to heal her wounds by candlelight after something happened to her. In the end of the song, it is as if the lyrics suggested that the lyrics told from a person's point of view had gone to sleep.

A beautiful song to end the album. The acoustic version of this song can be found on the bonus disc of the deluxe edition for Theater of Dimensions. From the second disc of the special edition, this one is surprising to hear from Xandria.

Aside from the powerful choir in this one and the melody, I can picture this song happening in a way where the enemy is starting to overpower the allies and send them down onto their feet in total defeat - letting greed, hatred and death fill the world.

At the end of the song it is almost as if it's a warning to stop their ways before it is too late. Being someone who seeks out bonus tracks to listen to, I really enjoyed this one. A great start that shows great promise to the new vocalist Dianne van Giersbergen who seems to have won me over with plenty of other female vocalists in my list of favorites. It's a great album to open your imagination to just like with Theater of Dimensions or India.

So as in rating, I will have to give this album a 9 out of It blew me away.

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