Stroke You Up - Changing Faces - Changing Faces (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Over 80 child stars took on the role of Billy all around the world. Coldplay's first album 'Parachutes' was released on 10 July Not only a huge moment for Chris Martin and co. An instant success, debuting at No.

Init was revealed as the UK's 20th best-selling album of the 21st centurywhile a year earlier it was named as the UK's 40th best-selling studio album of all time. But I do like playing those songs still. He recalled writing the album when the band were all aged between 19 and "We were living in what might be described as a dump, with Jonny [Buckland] and two of our friends in North Camden. Drummer Will Champion said when the band were signed to Parlophone on a five-album deal, it was an "amazing opportunity" that they didn't want to waste.

But we sensed that we had a chance; an opportunity to do something. Coldplay haven't done too shabbily since either. The band have sold out shows in virtually every country around the world. At a time when music TV channels were watched by millions, hip-hop stars with big personalities stole the show. Nobody laid the agenda quite like Eminem pictured.

Co-produced by Dr. Meanwhile, his No. He adds: "I look back and it was such a celebration for me, of all my life leading up to that point That album is special to me. Plus, and was the subject of a controversial character portrayal in the TV show Bo Selecta something creator Leigh Francis would apologise for, two decades later.

A spectacle reserved for those in attendance, until this year. He hoarded that night so that one day LP could be shown in all its glory as his legacy. Main content. The world didn't end with Y2K. You must enable JavaScript to play content. Why the 'millennium bug' didn't actually bite Inthere was genuine fear that the 'millennium bug' would cause global chaos.

The Millennium Dome opened The Millennium Dome's difficult birth The Dome project was plagued by controversy, but architecturally it was a triumph. Olympic dreams came true. But Euro was a disaster for England. Kylie made an almighty comeback.

It was a prime time for pop. Big Brother launched and changed reality TV forever. Anne Robinson instilled fear in every Weakest Link contestant. It was a golden age for retro mobile phones and everyone was playing Snake. Is this the oldest mobile phone used in Britain? Gaming really took off - and gave us whole new worlds to explore.

Tiger Woods was the world's greatest golfer. We became obsessed with Brad and Jen. Ground-breaking cinema took us to a new universe. Billy Elliot danced his way into our hearts. Coldplay released their debut album and inspired a generation.

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Archived from the original on September 21, Retrieved September 21, Star Tribune. Archived from the original on June 19, Retrieved August 26, September 5, Jazz At Drew. Another version has the same thing done with dramatic piano music that hits a bad note as soon as someone says something insulting, at which point the camera shows us that a person was playing the piano in the background. Cut to the just-off-camera musicians, who start playing again when the waiter delivers the customer's steak.

A Heineken commercial opens with a man walking in who is clearly the life of the party. The entire commercial is silent except for the background music, which is provided by a singer whom the entertaining man gets on stage with. In one ad, Drebin enters a nightclub and knocks down the band playing the theme music. Happens a couple of times in Cowboy Bebop : The episode "Sympathy for the Devil" begins with jazz music playing over a dream that Spike is having, but when he wakes up we see the music is being played by a kid in the bar he was in.

Same thing in "Jupiter Jazz", with Gren's saxophone tune. Played for Laughs in "Cowboy Funk", where Spike's Sitcom Arch-Nemesis Andy has a leitmotif that opens with a very distinctive whistle track that starts playing just before he appears.

Near the end of the episode, Spike's final encounter with the actual villain of the episode has him testily listening in for the sound of whistling while the villain is trying to give his Motive Rant. One of the Anti Villains in Eureka Seven jams the airwaves with techno music — her and her deceased-thanks-to-the-heroes husband's favorite song, which is how the heroes realize who is after them.

By the time the Dream Sequence ends and the track's outro kicks in, the main character wakes up, and the song playing in the background is revealed to have been her cell phone alarm. Movie 6 of The Garden of Sinners has Azaka Kokutou put her earphones on and play some orchestral music as she is walking towards an old, abandoned building. Justified because the person preventing her from going to the building has a Compelling Voice.

The music continues playing until Azaka faces the person behind the events of the movie. In the sixth episode of Hetalia: Axis Powersthere's a piano playing in the background of the opening scene on a beach. In Stroke You Up - Changing Faces - Changing Faces (Vinyl final scene, Italy points out that Austria is playing an actual piano sitting out in the surf.

Inazuma Eleven has a subtle version: Otomura's beatboxing and beat-counting is synced to the background music. He then drifts past Yuichi, who has the song playing out of his car radio. You can frequently hear the Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens opening music in the episodes themselves noticeably so in the karaoke episode. When Ritsu is telling Mio a 'scary' story about the music room, she mentions how the girl who was going there heard a piano playing, and the music changes to include the piano's sound.

After a short moment of Mio freaking out, it turns out that Tsumugi is playing the piano for increased effect. Oddly enough Mio doesn't ask Tsumugi to stop, but Tsumugi stops anyway. Laid-Back Camp does a visual version of this in one of the Room Camp short gag chapters.

Nadeshiko's enthusiasm is represented by her literally glowing, but at the very end it's revealed to be because she's sitting in front of a lantern and the moment Aoi turns it off, she goes back to normal. Done in the second episode of Legend of Galactic Heroes. The piano music playing over the narrator's exposition turns out to have been played by Jessica. Done with abandon with Macrossthough rarely for comedy.

More often than not, when a song with lyrics shows up, it is being sung by a character in-show, though Fridge Logic occasionally kicks in when instruments come in when the singer is very obviously solo. Done in several scenes. Taken to extremes in Macross 7. Aside from the intro, pre-episode bumper, outro, and next episode preview, just about every bit of music has an in-universe justification. If it's not from Fire Bomber performing music, the music is coming out of a radio or implied to be broadcast over the airwaves.

Or it's just Veffidas' habitual drumming. Lampshaded in one scene of Macross Frontierwhen Ranka decides to start singing "What 'Bout my Star" in an open park. A band just happens to be nearby and they start playing the song, too. Done in the RPG episode of Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi when Arumi is walking through a forest while highly irritating music plays — causing her to spin around and shout at Sasshi to stop playing that damn recorder!

Audio Plays. Eddie Izzard uses this trope to poke fun at ominous movie music in his crap horror movie routine. If the cast of horror movies listened to the BGM or even realised they were being followed around by an orchestrathey'd know they were walking towards their doom.

Comic Strips. Happened on one occasion to Mike Doonesbury while he was talking to a friend. Minor key! She tries to make out with him. However, Pierre then uncharacteristically says in a presumably American accent "Let's go with U.

It then cuts to Jason watching Jeopardy! Naruto: Does that happen every time you say his name? Kankuro: Sadly, yes. Ogre: Sir, what are you on? Koenma: I don't even know anymore, man. Rimshot : Well, they can't all be winners.

At the end of All Dogs Go to Heaventhere is soft heavenly music playing when Charlie suddenly pipes up, "Hey, hold it! I know we're dead up here, but so's the music!

Come on, heat it up LP little. A variant in Bolt : Rhino the hamster is very familiar with Bolt's TV show, and isn't clear that this is "real life". So, he's often humming the theme music he thinks is appropriate for "the scene". A few times, his humming is exactly the same as the actual BGM.

In Cats Don't DanceDanny and Pudge start dancing on the deserted sound stage, and mood music swells up behind them. It's not immediately clear that this trope is going to be used, which makes it somewhat mind-screwy when Danny looks up and says, "Wait She looks around confused, only to discover that the music is the ring tone of Loz's cell phone.

Happens a few times in Flushed Away. When Roddy is alarmed and disturbed at finding himself in the Absurdly Spacious Sewerthere's the OoooOOOoooOOO eerie theremin sound which Roddy turns around to discover is just one of the musical slugs whistling at him. The slug stops, looking apologetic. An impromptu song titled "Marcel" which prompts poor Roddy to become ill at his failed cooking.

The equally impromptu song "Ice Cold Rita" by Roddy whilst being dragged behind the Jammy Dodger on a rubber duckie with a guitar as a paddle. The movie ends with the slugs singing "Proud Mary" with great "dance" sequences by the slugs, as well as the frogs who are trying to find their way back to France. Lampshaded in Kung Fu Panda 2.

When Lord Shen's wolf raiders attack a musician's village, Po orders them to get with the action music. Sure enough the music turns out to be played by a blind rabbit musician who continues playing no matter how close he gets to being killed with other instruments provided by the wolves being tossed by the Furious Five into drums or cymbals.

Madagascar : In Madagascar: Escape 2 Africait happens when the penguins steal the car. Skipper: Reverse! Marty: [nervously] Hi, Officer! Is there a problem?! In The Adventures of Robin Hoodthe main theme that plays over the opening credits ends with the accompaniment of several drums.

As the film starts, we see these drums are in the film itself, calling attention to the town crier. In the film The Adventures of Sherlock HolmesProfessor Moriarty prepares his evil plan while soft but ominous flute music plays in the background. Then, as we move to a different perspective, we can see the shadow of a man playing the flute from another room.

One of Moriarty's underlings complains about it. Variation: in Airplane! The camera then pans up to see that she is playing the trombone. One by one, the characters begin to sing along. Used to reveal an Imagine Spot in Michael Haneke 's Amour : An old man sits watching his wife of over 50 years play the piano.

He then suddenly shuts off the CD he's listening to and goes into the bedroom, where his wife lies bedridden from a stroke and can't even speak or feed herself anymore.

When it segues to the next scene, the same tune is playing on a phonograph. Avengers: Endgame. Nebula and Rhodey time travel back to when we first see Quill at the start of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Neither of them are impressed. In BananasWoody Allen is invited to dinner with the president of the country he's visiting, and as he dazedly lies on his bed harp music starts. Courtesy of the harp player in his closet. He needed a place to practice! In Tim Burton 's BatmanThe Joker often seems to be able to hear the score — most notably in the roof scene at the end when he's dancing to it. He also has a mook follow him around with a boombox, which he uses to switch the background music on and off and change it from one tune to another.

At those points, though, it wasn't background music; it was diegetic. Big Money Hustlas features a dramatic sting every time Sugar Bear's name is mentioned. After the first few times, the other characters begin to notice

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