The Skeptics (9) - Electroshocktherapy (CDr, Album)

Remnant by Houses of Heaven. Dark, pulsing electropop on the felte label; icy synths and distant vocals combine to create an ominous mood. The Barcelona duo inject coldwave with industrial grit and ghostly elegance, with Andrea P. Ahmad returns with The Skeptics (9) - Electroshocktherapy (CDr new work that merges distorted and electronic melodies.

I see Perturbator is making me get into electronic music. Bandcamp Daily your guide to the world of Bandcamp. Jake Dieffenbach stops by to discuss his latest album and his life as a deaf heavy metal singer. Explore music. Get fresh music recommendations delivered to your inbox every Friday. Shok Smile. Favorite track: Cheerful Hypocrisy. It makes me happy. Especially the lyrics. Favorite track: The Stomp Song. Compliance and Cheeful Hypocrisy are such strong tracks in this regard.

A bit of a punk-rave thing happening on this release, and some of the tracks are a little 'fuller' in pehaps the way they weren't on Babes.

Revolt and take this pill. Nick Greenleaf. Peter Nolen. Gayge Maggio. Michael Bromley. Robin Heemstra. Martin Koch. Stewart Shepherd. Shawn Janes. Wade Bryant. Ryan Von Deylen. John Lithium. Adam 'Stalker' Czarnecki. Journey through a Burning Brain get going on the cacophonous final of Genesis. Here, Edgar explores his guitars sonorities. A track which becomes more poetic, with a very Floydian savor, thanks to an organ biting Froese incisors guitar strings.

Hallucinatory and rather incoercible after a good joint! Ambient sonorities oscillate between skidding organs which are straightened up to that ghostly sinuosity, Journey through a Burning Brain blazes up on a flexible and discordant rhythm where guitars spit a rock'n'roll venom on a surprising Schulze percussions play whereas the flute founds a jungle climate.

Cold Smoke is hallucinatory smoke worthy of LSD trip. Sweetie intro with a gliding organ, the track is constantly dazing by dry strings of a delirious violin and demonic Schulze on drum, whereas the organ remains always placidly harmonizes with a solitary quest, excludes quintet disharmonies.

To tame but quite gently! Over the years Vic Rek's label produced very good opuses of EM, while organizing mega thematic concerts in 4 corners of the planet to celebrate or underline an event connected to Tangerine Dream; the cultural heart of Ricochet Dream.

Native of Poland, Daniel Bloom stood out as the leader of the Poland School movement with the use of analog equipment and musical structures which get closer to Tangerine Dream roots.

Event Horizon is his last album and his first one for more than 5 years. A first album on Ricochet Dream, which includes music released and recorded in his "Two Minutes Elsie Studio ", between and An album where the cosmic rock moulds cheerfully to Tangerine Dream and Krautrock influences. Horus plunges us head on into the intriguing musical world of Bloom.

Heavy rhythm on nervous sequences waves like pulsations in cascade while guitar bites a tempo on a synth to spectral waves and juicy analog effects. A short title which fills up the ears and shows all of Daniel Bloom's capacity to integrate his music on parallel universes. Other short track, Megalit offers a dramatic intro with its powerful drum hammerings which pestle an intense rhythm stuffed with cybernetic strata which coo in loops in the shade of a brief melodious tune that felted percussions feed of a beautiful musical poetry.

Short and superbly efficient quite as Glacial Lake and its fascinating atmospheric approach, worthy of a nothingness which takes life difficulty on a very beautiful Wavelength sequenced movement. Longer track on Event Horizon, the title track starts on a synth to intriguing astral waves which move through as specters in an empty spaceship. A sequential movement, marinated of flickered cymbals, pierces this nebulosity which ripples nervously and cruelly in an envelope of analog sound effects that a synth with breaths always so spectral and a Mellotron to vaporous layers surrounds of a mystic aura.

Out of nowhere appears a soft synthesized refrain. A melodious refrain which dances lasciviously around this combination of rhythms suspended between its delicate harmonies and wadding wanderings, before sinking into the abysses of a heavy cosmic rock with a roaring guitar that spits its twisted melodies below lookouts of a sequential movement always so hard-hitting and a synth of which minimalist loops emerge out of a sordid corrosive universe.

If Event Horizon immersed us of a complex musical universe, Mount Meru does not take us out of it with its sequences which hem in cascades under resonant strata of a hybrid synth. A synth where short melodious inserts revolve around twisted rhythmic permutations of which syncopated movements are constantly seized by resounding waves. A title difficult to tame and where all its complexity evaporates next to superb Into the Galactic Nucleus and its Flashpoint and The Thief sequences which roll at very fast pace under strata of a synth to analog fragrances.

Duat encloses this Daniel Bloom's first album on Ricochet Dream with a very lively structure where sequences and percussions modulate a tempo supported by a synth to multiple melodious pads.

From suave to dramatic, Duat is a mixture of the powerful rhythms of Horus and Megalit on a melodious structure at once complex and harmonious, as we find on the title track.

Complex, hazardous, progressive and spatial; Event Horizon is a subtle mixture of the dualism between the harmonies and the extreme structural modulations where melodies get lost in the borders of a musical universe both complex and charming.

This Daniel Bloom's last album does not tame that easily as an album from Spyra or Picture Palace Music will do, although both universes Album) easily. On the other hand, The Skeptics (9) - Electroshocktherapy (CDr anchored well in the hollow of our ears, there are magical moments that go on. Magic moments that will push the listener to a bigger introspection, and this is where we discover the pure jewels which are hiding behind the complex, and sometimes melodious, musical universe of Event Horizon.

Can we say that Bernd Kistenmacher is really gone out of its den? If yes, what we may expect for B. In the first years after I felt very comfortable with doing things which had absolutely nothing to do with music. For example I visited a university again to make some studies in economy and IT.

I really do not know when the moment was, but one day the longing for music returned. I felt that I was missing something. And so I returned to my synthesizers. This was the moment where I decided to switch on digital recording and I rebuilded my studio step by step. I also changed a lot of synths.

The technology had not stood still in this time. This was a good sign! In I was ready to do new recordings. Did you think that you had something to prove, to go deeper in your musical perspective or you simply avid to retie contact with your public?

But honestly 8 years are a long time and I learned that I had changed my mind and the things around me had changed too. I had got some distance — also to some people. And this was not the worst. I had freed myself from a lot of things. One consequence of this was a deeper concentration on my music. I had nothing else to do but making music.

But of course others must judge if the result satisfies enough. Did you think that your public had forgotten you? I tried to expect nothing and to do my best. Of course I was nervous. It is not easy to return after 8 years. Much more had to proved: the technique, my presence on stage, my music. The event was successful but there are some points which must be optimized in future. I think this is a normal process. How did you approach Celestial Movements composition?

The second one was not to produce another Berlin School album again. I had done this in the past too often. And I had recognized that it depends on the musical ideal, on the theme, how long you can play it. If it is good enough for 2 minutes, play it two minutes.

If it is ok for 10 minutes, play it 10 minutes and so on. It makes no sense to stretch a short theme endless long. You destroy the idea behind it. One fan told me after listening to my music that I should have played some tracks longer. This is a good reaction. He wanted to listen to more of it and was not bored by the recent material. But a kind of positive one, because I was very concentrate and creative. Would Bernd Kistenmacher go to soundboard music? I wanted to show that I can do it. Emotional and concentrate.

Maybe somebody in Hollywood is listening to it? The typical Berlin School style — which I still like — was at least too one-dimensional to me. There is musically so much more to discover out there and it was time to go into other directions.

Personally I evolved too of course. I have to hurry up. And this motivates me to do my best — now! Why should somebody do this? I think that there is another problem. There is too much music out there and everyone wants to be perceived.

On the other side, the media are not waiting on you because the offers are so huge. At least it is a question of self-marketing which seemed in my case not as perfect as it should have been. Maybe I shaped my own profile not strong enough. Just sitting there and making music is not enough, if you want to become known.

Certainly I miss these long Schulzian synth wanderings where Schulze thwarted previsions by throwing an album which tricked the time bringing us way ahead beyond. The frequencies can also be used to manipulate the brain and create a disequilibrium. These frequencies can also imbed signals on radio broadcasts to create a feeling of fear or anxiety. This was called Project Solo.

There is no way to know who these people are or how to help them because there is paranoia in the military and no oversight in Congress. The Senate Intelligence Committee is made up of people like Ted Stephens who thinks the internet is made up of pipes and tubes. These people do not have the required background knowledge to ask the right questions. There is no oversight and no public knowledge.

In the European Union, things are much different. During the hearings, the US representative and NATO representatives sat in the back and declined to participate when asked. In the US, there is no such resolution or anything remotely close to being considered by any member of Congress.

There is no concern for it in the US because no one knows about them. There was another paper that discusses how people will give up their liberties if they lived in a climate of fear by an outside enemy. If the US public knew about these weapons and what they could potentially asked to give up, their minds, the public would resist. So now, these weapons are being developed by the companies that comprise the industrial military complex who are immune from FOIA requests.

These weapons are most certainly in the hands of most industrialized countries. China certainly has themas intelligence reports released by the CIA reveal claims about these new concept weapons. There is the possibility of quicker healing and curing disease and what is just as important about government transparency concerning weapons is the transparency of life saving science being kept from the public. If we have the ability to cure and the government or military hides this, we have just as big a problem.

Summary Analysis of Expert Interviews. From the four interviews we were able to complete, there is a clear consensus of concern for the potentiality of human rights abuses with EMF weapons testing and use. They collectively agree that the US is the leading global researcher in this area and spends increasingly more money building this technology.

It is also clear that we know very little about the actual levels of experimentation, research, and capabilities of EMF weapons technologies due to high levels of US government security. Military contractors run our wars in concert with power elites. The corporation also has the power to determine which studies will reach the public. The power of the military and DOD contractors is staggering. In the interest of national security and lessons learned from an open democracy during the s and the s, operations have become more black.

In essence, no one can know with certainty what our military, government, or corporations have in store for the world, though, we have some clues. It is imperative, however, that white and black SOF be integrated fully from a strategic perspective. The money involved in the non-lethal weapons industry is growing and military contractors are reaping the profits.

Emmett Paige Jr. In addition to DOD contractors, the realm of non-lethal weapons extends into the universities with millions of dollars in scholarships and research fellowships. There are also numerous conferences each year hosted by the Department of Defense, contractors and universities.

Easiest to test would be prisoners in undisclosed CIA detention centers, civilians in war torn regions, and even US citizens in protest crowds or civilian jails. In addition to the rubber bullets and pepper spray, which are common in many police forces, new concept weapons are also in use. Perhaps soon Americans will learn first-hand, the effects of the new human control technologies. However, hundreds of people continue to assert that a person or persons, whom they do not know, have been targeting them with electromagnetic weapons in a widespread campaign of either illegal experimentation or outright persecution.

These experiences involved a number of Album) phenomena:. Hearing voices when no one was present. Feeling sensations of burning, itching, tickling, or pressure with no apparent physical cause. Loss of bodily control, such as twitching or jerking of an arm or leg suddenly and without control.

Unexpected emotional states, such as a sudden overwhelming feeling of dread, rage, lust or sorrow that passes as quickly as it arises.

The levels of research on directed energy is now large enough to support a Directed Energy DE Professional Society made up of private contractors and Department of Defense officials with security clearances. They have been holding high security symposiums since spring including a planned meeting set for March The Systems Symposium consists of co-located technical sessions organized by five separate conferences, with joint technical and plenary sessions to encourage discussion outside narrow technical limits.

Attendance at all sessions is limited to US citizens with classified visit requests on file. Symposium Highlights. The following are three course descriptions from the October Directed Energy Conference:. Course 9. Classification : Secret. Course Description : This course will provide an overview of military worth analysis for DE weapon systems.

The course will include a description of four areas of systems engineering assessment that are brought together to form military worth analysis. Each of these areas will be covered during the short course, with emphasis on the elements that are drawn from each of these areas to support military worth analysis.

The course will particularly emphasize methods for assessing system level effectiveness in the context of traditional weapon effectiveness tools such as the Joint Munitions Effectiveness Manuals JMEMs and for providing data on DE weapons effectiveness to mission and campaign level analysis tools and to models and simulations used to support war gaming. Topics to be covered include:. Course Laser Lethality.

Course Description : This course reviews laser material interactions over parameter ranges of interest for weapons applications. Fundamental considerations of the optical coupling of the laser energy into the material will be presented. This will be followed by physics-based treatments of the response of metals, organic-based materials, and ceramics to the laser irradiation. Metals: Simple cw, one-dimensional treatments will be utilized to illustrate the general principles of the response of metals to laser radiation, but two-dimensional cases, phase changes, and pulsed effects will be discussed as well.

Organic Based Materials: The effects of high-energy laser HEL radiation on organic based materials, including fiber reinforced composites, plastics The Skeptics (9) - Electroshocktherapy (CDr coatings will be reviewed. Materials will range from char formers and charring ablators to clean ablators. The relationship between the pyrolysis processes taking place in various materials during HEL radiation will be reviewed as a function of material composition, form and structure.

Ceramic Materials: Considerations of the response of ceramic shapes when laser loading is added to in-service stresses will be presented. An understanding of these responses from models, which are based on a combination of the thermo-mechanical stress calculations and statistically based fracture initiation, will be presented.

Course Description and Topics : This course will introduce the basics of the biological effects of Directed Energy on cells, tissues, organisms, and humans, with particular emphasis on the influence of such effects on the development of use of Directed-Energy-Emitting technologies.

The student will learn about the mechanisms, resulting damage, and mission impact of laser-tissue interaction. The student will learn what tissues are most susceptible to laser damage based on wavelength, exposure duration, and irradiance. The potential mission-impact of sub0-threshold, threshold, and suprathreshold exposures will be discussed. Students will become familiar with current state of knowledge on potential health effects RF, such as cancer, memory loss, and birth defects.

Students will become familiar with basis and structure of current RF safety standards, comparison between competing standards, and how RF safety standards are applied. Students will be instructed on common RF measurement equipment and important factors for investigating potential RF overexposures. The use of electromagnetic weapons to alter the emotional state, hamper the ability of an enemy or US citizens to think clearly, and result in chaos and pain are morally problematic for a number of reasons:.

In terms of authorizing and administering tests of radioactive substances and other tests on unsuspecting members of the public, history shows that people without ethical standards can rise to positions of great responsibility, and once ensconced in such positions of trust, produce the most horrifying abuses without fear of reprisal. When layers of secrecy overlay the activities of otherwise rational and intelligent men, the failings of their hearts more readily show.

In the case of actually attempting to control human behavior through both overt and covert means our departments of defense and intelligence agencies, both subordinate to the executive branch of government have historically proven incapable of protecting the public and undeserving of the trust given them to perform their functions for the public good. National Security.

Today the US and the U. London, like cities across the US, is equipped with cameras citywide. Daily human actions are recorded with video and voice recognition device, while our email and computer usage is monitored. Increased demand for resources, the erosion of middle classes, war, poverty, and environmental disasters are historically factors leading to social uprisings and infiltration of political borders. As governments reinforce the threat of terror, people increasingly turn to their governments for protection.

The US has a long history of human rights violations through harassment, telephone tapping, video surveillance, behavior manipulation, torture, drug-induced states of conscience and psychological control. Today, the US government is using the most technologically advanced forms of surveillance and control, along with the propaganda of fear and intimidation against its citizens. The US engages in covert torture, covert imprisonment, increased censorship and the massive secret classification of government documents.

The current affairs of our country have produced many. We, the authors of this report, contend that human ethics should concern every person who believes in human rights and desires control over their own mind and body. Our brains control our bodies, actions, and thought processes. If the government and the scientists they employ perceive that the human mind as simply a collection of neurons, it then becomes possible to justify the surveillance of the human mind and body for national security purposes.

The control and manipulation of a human brain is a terrifying possibility. Lieutenant Colonel Timothy L. Thomas, US Army retpublished an article in the military journal Parameters which Album) the mind as a new battlefield.

They have poisoned thousands with atomic testing, experimented on young children using drugs, trauma and hypnosis, sprayed major cities with biological agents to prepare for a future attack, overthrown governments, instituted mass killings, and engaged in every form of information distortion.

Research into this subject has shown that this position is inaccurate, and that the effects of electromagnetic radiation weapons on human beings are in fact both chilling and dramatic. As reported inthe case of Dr. Eldon Byrd should be considered with great weight:. After working on the Polaris submarine, which carried long-range nuclear weapons, Byrd developed non-lethal weapons with reversible effects.

His inventions used magnetic fields at biologically active wave frequencies to affect brain function. That is, to ensure his participation, he was uninformed about the true nature of the project.

Power elites who fund and support efforts at supplanting the will of the people do so from on high. Their ability to redirect public attention toward external threats and away from their own motivations in effect silences opposition to their programs. By controlling the flow of information in society, the power elites provide the public with a limited choice in all matters that pertain to machinations of government and corporate control.

The dangers here are great, in that the individual who would direct the torture and killing of innocents is usually removed from the actual fact. Principle researchers on this report were Lew Brown and Bridget Thornton. Lew Brown holds a degree in Psychology and was the main writer and researcher on the historical sections of this paper. Bridget Thornton is a senior level History major at Sonoma State University and the primary researcher and writer for the new EMF technologies portion.

Final editing was completed by Trish Boreta with Project Censored. Special thanks to Andy Roth Ph. Human Network Attacks Timothy L. Bull N Y Acad Med. Timothy L. Wasserman and Sarah H. Lasanby Elsevier, April 27, Goerger; Michael L. McGinnis; Rudolph P. Note: The below footnotes contain excellent information for those who want more.

William Domhoff, Wh o Rules America? New York: McGraw Hill, [5th ed. Eisenhower,p. A video of this farewell address is available here. Roth, University Of Chicago Press, Discussion and video available here. The potential uses of hypnosis in interrogation. Biderman Ed.

A search in Lexis Nexis from returned no results in American mainstream media. For a sympathetic biography see George F. Miscamble, C. C, Princeton University Press. George F. Discusses the need for political warfare: that is, measures short of war, such as propaganda and covert operations.

There are missing pages as a result of the courts ruling but the spaces were retained in the first edition. Krugler, Will It Play in Peoria? Secret Agenda. New York: St. Simpson, C. New York: Weidenfeld and Nicolson, Both equations describe the relationship between the power of the force and the decrease in that forces effect over distance.

In regards to magnetism we refer to the work of Maxwell. See Marc J. Roger E. When put into operation, Dr. Tesla said, this latest invention of his would make war impossible. This death-beam, he asserted, would surround each country like an invisible Chinese wall, only a million times more impenetrable. It would make every nation impregnable against attack by airplanes or by large invading armies. London: Routledge. Tanaka, Y. S News and World Report January 24, At the above website there are memorandum written by Dick Cheney to Donald Rumsfeld in regards to the families lawsuit during the Ford administration in Parrott, Ernest T.

A, January 8, Eitzen Jr. Cameron is based on Orlikow Vs. The experiments included heavy does of LSD, electroshock and psychic driving. In the Sleep Room. Ken Porter Books, Jose M.

Congressional Record, No. Produced by Adi Gevins, Pacifica Radio. Rebroadcast by Democracy Now! Wednesday, June 5, The Control of Candy Jones. Chicago, Playboy Press Bush pm March 25, This includes presenting program briefings in any forums at which the media may be present. Pakhomov, Yahya Akyel, Olga N. Pakhomova, Bruce E. Stuck, and Michael R. NOTE: The sound modulation may be voice or audio subliminal messages.

One application of V2K is use as an electronic scarecrow to frighten birds in the vicinity of airports. Sender, Discover Vol.

PakhomovYahya AkyelOlga N. PakhomovaBruce E. StuckMichael R. Davis student, Tatiana Kanare. In addition, the authors conducted interviews with seven individuals who wish to have their identities protected and who presented anecdotal and physical evidence to support their assertions. However, there are many organizations that seek to help these people including concerned scientists, Russian Duma members and EU parliamentarians, psychologists and academics.

A list of organizations follows in Appendix A. We do this by measuring brain-wave responses to words, phrases, sounds or pictures presented by a computer. We present details about a crime, training or other types of specific knowledge, mixed in a sequence with other, irrelevant items. We use details that the person being tested would have encountered in the course of committing a crime, but that an innocent person would have no way of knowing.

We can tell by the brainwave response if a person recognizes the stimulus or not. If the suspect recognizes the details of the crime, this indicates that he has a record of the crime stored in his brain. Finding Balance: WantToKnow.

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