Up & Down (Superclub Mix) - Various - Its All Gone Pete Tong: Original Soundtrack Recording (CD)

Wheres the next country to go dance music crazy? Its just that England, in her mighty arrogance, is only just nd- ing out. Switzerland has one of the strongest scenes in Europe for produc- ers and parties. But have you heard of it or even been Eastern Europe is indeed a great scene and not the only one. Open your eyes and choose a country. Odds on there is a little outpost in some forgotten eld that is forever Dance.

There there Auntie Dear Auntie, I was reading the other day about a new beach club in London, which aims to recreate a Bora Bora vibe in the capital. Is this madness or just par for the course? I imagine a slimy strip of Thameside slope is not the best location for a venue. It is indeed madness. Utter lunacy in fact, although Im not a fully qualied psychologist.

From the s right up until the present day, we look at those creative innovators whove changed the face of dance music forever. I tread that ne line between bofn-dom and the grand amateur. So says the man who brought dance music to the indie scene by remixing The Happy Mondays and Primal Scream back in the lates. Hitting house paydirt with his Bocca Juniors crew in with the tracks Raise and Substance, he later became asso- ciated with the dark electronica of Sabres of Paradise.

Since then Weatherall has been a byword for qual- ity control, recording as Two Lone Swordsmen and running his own Emissions and Rotters Golf Club imprints. Having created deep house, techno, electro, breaks, ambient and even Krautrock and rockabilly, Weatheralls a true master. Beloved of many a hip-hop producer, Akais range of samplers are sworn by in favour of newer technology, thanks to their incompa- rable ability to chop and shape sound.

It felt like you simply couldnt make tracks in the s without at least one Akai in your set-up, says Matt Thomas from King Unique. Thats when it became interesting, as far as I was concerned. Thats what dened the Balearic sound. When I met him I was just a boy. He looked like a bearded hermit shouting out predictions of the fu- ture, remembers Sheridan.

He showed me that you dont have to be cool or street to really care about something; all you have Up & Down (Superclub Mix) - Various - Its All Gone Pete Tong: Original Soundtrack Recording (CD) do is really, properly love it. He wanted people to just get involved. That really struck a chord in me.

Having signed New Order, Happy Mondays and A Certain Ratio, and opened one of the most signicant clubs in dance music history, his contributions to dance music have been invaluable. Known for a distinctive electro groove that ruled danceoors throughout the 80s, he continues to innovate today, working with artists like Rennie Pilgrem.

Arthurs consistently turned my head with every record and that is so rare, claims Coldcuts Jon More. I forever admire them, says John 00 Fleming.

Pioneers of Goa and latterly psy-trance, the Israeli duo of Avi Nissim and Lior Perlmutter brought trance to the masses, especially when Paul Oakenfold started playing their music in the mids. Then the regular trance world, as we know it, took over. Moritz von Oswald and Max Ernestus also took techno facelessness to the extreme, performing live behind curtains and releasing records featuring only their iconic grey logo. Techno producer Function notes: Nowadays, everyone is so concerned with over-promoting and marketing: I miss the days of Basic Channel playing from behind a curtain.

Yet its precisely his rejection of conventional instruments and structures whether playing a mixing desk on stage with Roxy Music during the s or pretty much inventing ambi- ent music on s Music For Airports that has made Eno, in Eddy Temple-Morriss words, the rst electronic pioneer, the original Aphex Twin. His album with David Byrne, My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, was one of the rst to introduce sampling and funk on the same record, and his productions for everyone from Talking Heads to Slowdive have always pushed the envelope.

The reclusive dubstep producer, who has never been photographed or named and meticulously avoids publicity, has already secured his place amongst the giants of underground dance music culture thanks to his albums Burial and the astounding Untrue for Kode 9s Hyperdub label.

Burials bittersweet darkage inverts the exuberance and bottle-popping of two-step, offering an apoca- lyptic yet strangely beautiful vision of the capital. A new mix compilation for! Taking their name from the Dadaist Zurich club, Richard H.

Kirk, Stephen Mallinder and Chris Watson played their rst live gig in and went on to epitomize the zeitgeist of early s music, pioneering early house and techno with albums like Crackdown, Micro Phonies and Code. No-one did s electronica like these guys, says producer Greg Churchill. Ill never get sick of hearing Sensoria.

With numerous aliases such as C2, Paperclip People and Innerzone Orchestra amongst others, Craigs sound is denoted by his inclu- sion of jazz and soul inuences that have helped cross him over to numerous audiences.

Responsi- ble for the Planet E label, Craig is a constant source of inspiration to others. They blew me away. I came from liking soul and hip-hop and they played some of that, but they also introduced me to dance music that Id never heard at the time. Their productions mirrored their DJ sets too. That was my rst big wow. Fusing rough n ready hip-hop beats, abrasive acid lines and twisted technoid melodies, Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons changed the game by opening up dance music to new tempos and styles, and they continue to push the boundaries check last years We Are The Night LP for proof.

Armed with a fascination for the hip-hop cut-up, they have since been responsible for the seminal Solid Steel radio show on Kiss, as well as the now world- famous Ninja Tune Records. Pioneers of the DIY ethos, they embody the true spirit of independent music.

That album remains one of dance musics nest. Responsible for the scene-dening classic that is Strings of Life one of the most inu- ential dance tracks of all time his particular brand of hi-tech soul will always have a special place at the very heart of modern electronic dance music. May is credited with the invention of the term techno, which he used to denote the more electroni- ca-focused house music emanating from Detroit.

As the dread resident DJ at buzzing London punk scuzzhole The Roxy, Letts introduced a lot of punk- rockers to reggae in the late 70s. The Clashs London Calling and Sandinista albums were subsequently shot through with a dub-wise sensibility, and Letts also documented the seminal band on lm.

When Mick Jones was red from The Clash inhe started Big Audio Dynamite with Letts one of the rst bands to use samplers and electronic dance rhythms. I think thats amaz- ing, reckons DJ Hell. That rst Love Pa- rade attracted just a few hundred people and was held as a music-infused political demonstration to bring about peace and understanding using music.

Nearly 20 years later and Dr Motte is still involved with the millions-strong parade. The band reformed with new family members in the lates and still make music and play live today. It has to be organic for us and I just love all that New York, post-punk stuff. Diamond in the back, sunroof top, speakers on blast, rolling around town, Flying Lotus or Steven Ellison has minds mesmerized left, right and centre, as his psychedelic, mind-warping electronic hip-hop comes on strong, takes effect.

Our cover star this issue, hes a musical alchemist with a singular sound no-one else can touch, and his new longplayer is set to ingrain his name indelibly amongst the worlds most forward- thinking producers. Evoking cityscapes shimmering with smog, heat haze palpable, his new album Los Angeles, out now on Warp, is hip-hop but not as we know it.

Picking up where his last EP for the label, Reset, left off, but deeper, widescreen, more cinematic, Ellisons mainly instrumental groove is a clonking machine rhythm, where twisted drum breaks form the undercarriage for submerged, strange melodies, equal parts Aphex Twin and Madlib.

Not pinned down to any one scene, Ellison moves to his own pulse not surprising con- sidering hes the great nephew of departed spiritual jazz legend Alice Coltrane.

Los Angeles is a paean to his hometown, for better or for worse, a psycho-geographical vision where its beauty and harshness are evoked in equal measure.

Its both my love letter and hate mail, claims El- lison. Love and hate. I felt this city was still worthy enough to talk about, people love to talk about LA and this is my take on it. Mind-altering Residing in Winnetka, an area in greater LA removed from the hustle and bustle of downtown, the insanity of Hollywood and the grittiness of Compton, the producer was keen to script a narrative that took in all of the constituents of what makes up the sprawling super city.

Roberta Flack, featuring the honeyed tones of Dolly, is like Maximquaye era Tricky, brought careering into the modern age, all melancholic, crepuscular aquatic bump, while the tough midtempo beat of GNG BNG is a post-microdot stroll through downtown, where the heat rises in waves, the beat bangs with future funk and sitars drift into the mix, the tension electrifying.

And the excellently named Parisian Goldsh sum- mons eardrum bashing breakbeats and electroid scree for a speaker-testing, oor damaging killer. With an immersive atmosphere all Flying Lotuss own, its a transxing and mind-altering listen. I set out to make the sort of record that I felt was a Bladerunner or Tron version of the city.

I tried to make a cohesive record that had all sorts of different vibes on it, reveals Ellison. There was no ego or atti- tude, it wasnt about trying to make the hardest beat in the club. Its about telling a story, and an album is one of the formats in which I can do that, can put movements together.

Its not as hip-hop as some things. Hip-hop is such a traditional music, Up & Down (Superclub Mix) - Various - Its All Gone Pete Tong: Original Soundtrack Recording (CD) sampling, B-Boy culture. My record doesnt have that same aggression.

His transcendental, hypnotic soundscapes have more than a Up & Down (Superclub Mix) - Various - Its All Gone Pete Tong: Original Soundtrack Recording (CD) of the dream world about them it comes as no surprise then, that the Flying Lotus name, and many of his ideas, derive from deep within his subconscious. People love that, but Im really curious as to why. Theres so many crazy band names out there! People always wonder, but whats up with Vampire Weekend, for example?

But it all comes from lucid dreaming and stuff. Im a big fan of dreams. You ever had a dream where you can control it? The rst thing I do is y out of this place, man. Like one of his main inuences Richard James aka Aphex Twin the surreal, subterranean areas of his brain are tapped during dreams and carried to the studio console, giving his music that mysterious, wonky edge.

Making music is a spiritual experience, Ellison reckons. I know that when I work, I dont even know where that shits coming from, it just happens, you know? Its like, Woah, I did that!? Some real next shit. But it was Flying Lotuss electrocuted beat-crunch that really pricked up our ears. Drawing from the same collective unconscious mind-stream as the sadly missed Detroit don J Dilla and compadres Waajeed and Dabrye, his was a decidedly West Coast languid sound, taking the baton and surging into unmapped zones of Motor City machine soul synths, wonky, addled beatscapes and smoke-shrouded mysteries.

A debut album for Plug Research, conat- ed the dusty Moogs of 70s electronica with particles of the spiritual jazz of Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders and Sun Ra, all with that lazy hip-hop clump.

But its with Reset and now Los Angeles that this lab technician has really hit his stride, inspired a new generation of beatsmiths both in the States and now the UK too, acts such as Rustie, Hudson Mohawke and Lone. With his strange, compelling tracks difcult to categorize Ellison calls it psychedelic, electronic hip-hop hes been embraced by the dubstep com- munity, with DJs like Kode 9 and Mary Anne Hobbs playing alongside him and championing his music.

Those are my fam, man, those are my peoples, El- lison enthuses. The community over there, the scene is really inspir- ing, and its really embracing all things that move a little different I love that. Sea Change Flying Lotus is emblematic of a sea change in hip-hop derived music. With much rap at its absolute nadir mainstream innovators and underground heads alike having lost their mojo beatends are looking elsewhere for their kicks, and producers with a love for the artform but a disdain for the current cultural landscape are looking beyond traditional forms, to more instrumental, electronic, experimental styles.

Jazz singer Jose James, signed to Gilles Petersons Brownswood label, has just hooked up with Ellison for new track Visions of Violet, and with everyone from Erykah Badu to Gorillaz and Neneh Cherry digging his beats, those production skills are sure to be in high demand. The next step is his start-up label Brainfeeder, which will release music from like-minded astral travellers including the up-and-coming Samiyam, Ras G, The Gaslamp Killer and Take and hes already begun work on the next album.

Danny Tenaglia calls Franois K both a musical and technical genius. See page 52 for more about Franois K and check out his superb covermount mix this issue for a true measure of the mans musical prowess. A byword for produc- tion excellence, Knuckles contribution to the world of music has included strokes of genius in the form of Tears and The Whistle Song, alongside classic remixes like Alison Limericks Where Love Lives.

Now 53, he continues to produce, DJ and inspire on a global scale. An Academy Award-winning lm composer too, Moroder has had a signicant impact on the direction of all forms of modern dance music from new wave to electro, techno and beyond. Yet even when he became a celebrity and his own productions hit a dry patch after s Saturnz Return, Goldies Met- alheadz label has meant hes never lost touch with his underground roots.

Looks aside, it was Grasso who actually invented the technique of beat-matching and slip- cueing while other club DJs were still using a fader or a microphone to join the gaps between records. Through his sets at clubs like Salvation II and Sanctu- ary, Francis took the art of DJing from the shadows into the limelight, gracing covers of New York fashion mags along the way.

Kickstarting the disco revolution by playing copies of the long drum funk intro of Chi- cagos Im a Man back-to-back, the sadly departed Grasso was a true original. Raised on a diet of funk, soul and disco, it was actually within the burgeoning sound of electro that he really made his mark.

After a two decade hiatus Wilson is now experiencing a welcome revival. After resurfacing with a compila- tion of his classic re-edits for Tirk Records in Credit to the Edit the DJ has remixed tracks for Sugardaddy and Groove Armada, and has recently Up & Down (Superclub Mix) - Various - Its All Gone Pete Tong: Original Soundtrack Recording (CD) working on fresh productions with Croatian artist Ilja Rudman.

The Munich native has been spinning for 30 years but rose to international prominence with the techno classic My Denition of House Music in In the mids, he set up the Gigolos label, which has championed Detroit techno, jacking house, electro legends Dopplereffekt and kickstarted the electro- clash phenomenon. Known for his diverse DJing style, Hell explains: DJing is like making love to a lady: there are so many ways to do it. This s synth-pop outt dened what was good about mainstream pop music during that era.

Producer Martin Rushents remix album, s Love and Dancing, was credited to the League Unlimited Orchestra and is arguably one of the very rst remix collections. Over 20 years and nine production albums later, they continue to provide the soundtrack to the ongoing, relentless tidal wave of s nostalgia.

Fiercely independent and anti-mainstream, he says: I started doing what Im doing out of total frustra- tion with peoples musical ignorance. Nowadays, when not DJing all over the world, he runs the Cybernetic Broadcasting internet radio station and the Viewlexx label.

Clone, meanwhile, is a record store in Rotterdam also online at clone. Behind arguably the worlds biggest dance music festival brand Creamelds his Up & Down (Superclub Mix) - Various - Its All Gone Pete Tong: Original Soundtrack Recording (CD) UK festival celebrates its 10 th anniversary this year.

With Creamelds events now taking place in Andalu- cia, Chile, Argentina, Central Europe, Romania and Poland, to name a few, Bartons helped spread the very best in dance music across the globe.

His energy and enthusiasm has contributed to taking club culture onto a different level and taught him to never become complacent. Everything moves in one direction and if you start to think it will last forever, it wont! I remember hearing Jeff at Lost in the earlys and suddenly the music and the way he played it all made sense, says avowed disciple James Ruskin. Hes a true legend.

The Detroit producer created the blueprint for modern techno and electro with the track Clear as Cybotron. Since then, Atkins has put out a long list of pioneering records, as ModelInniti or Chan- nel One. He has been out of the spotlight for a while, but recently started touring again as Model Mark Taylor, who plays live with Atkins, claims: The music that Juan makes stands the test of time.

That shit is eternal. I ended up at the Sound Factory when Junior Vasquez was playing there all night one night and it was one of the best Ive ever had in my life, remem- bers Ralph Lawson. It was a total music experience. JV was playing all night and he co-ordinated lights with the music. It was so dramatic. From that moment on we said thats how we want to present our house music.

But it was his embrace of electronics and synthetic sounds that was the most important aspect of his six decades on the avant- garde and means his inuence continues to grow even after his death last December. Growing up in Jamaica, Herc was inuenced by the reggae soundsystem culture. Becoming a DJ upon his move to NYC, he transplanted elements of it to an American crowd, cutting up funk instead of reggae, and empha- sizing the beat, which later became the basis of the breakbeat and hip-hop phenomenon.

By isolating the break within old funk, soul and jazz records he also helped spawn a whole generation of diggers, producers and B-boys alike. There are pio- neers and there are legends. Kool Herc is both! The metallic rhythms and melancholic, plaintive melodies of clas- sics like Trans Europe Express, Computer World and The Model had a massive inuence on Detroit electro and techno and even Chicago house producers. Its no surprise that Derrick May once described Motor City techno as sounding like Parliament and Kraftwerk stuck in an elevator.

He was a sound technician and his taste was very eclectic but also very real. He crossed all kinds of boundaries. Seamless mixing wasnt Larrys thing. His skills were more to do with tune selection, sound manipulation and having the rare combination of sensitivity, amboyance and charisma that captivated a crowd and created the ultimate party atmosphere.

Their debut album Leftism, released in following single release Open Up with John Lydon on vocalsremains one of dance musics timeless classics. Their progressive house gem Not Forgotten from seems to be living up to its moniker, slipping into plenty of DJs sets again in Tracks like Demons Theme, Horizons and Music combined rough beats with elements of Detroit techno and spiritual jazz to make something brand new. Originally part of Krautrock future-thinkers Ash Ra Tempel and Cosmic Jokers, Berliner Gottsching went solo and electronic with this track later sampled for Sueo Latinos memorable self-titled house classic.

So important is E2-E4 in fact that Juan Atkins cred- ited it with kickstarting techno and Larry Levan has demanded that it be played at his funeral. Not bad for a track thats only based on two chords! Arguably the most powerful man in the South Ameri- can dance scene, Gontad spearheaded Argentinas rst electronic dance parties in the earlys, handed DJs like Paul Oakenold, Deep Dish, Sasha and Darren Emerson their Argentina debuts, as well as controlling just about every top DJs South American tours over the years through his reputation as both the perfect host and an unfailingly efcient organiser.

Martin invented the South American scene, says Hernan Cattaneo. Even if trip-hop became a mere shadow of their style, their sonic mastery of mood has subsequently shaped both dubstep and UK hip-hop. They were the rst to put an orchestra to a hip-hop beat, Roots Manuva acknowledges.

Although I swear that was my idea! Responsible for some of the most inventive, inuential and downright uplifting records of all time The Nervous Track, Its Alright, I Feel It and MAW Expensive their inuence and talent spreads far and wide beyond the connes of house music.

Gonzalez is also revered as a hip-hop innovator, cutting plenty of underground instrumental 12s; and with their Nu Yorican Soul project, MAW connected their house future with their NY Latino heritage in hugely inuential style. His M series of releases m. Rodgers brought universal to all Chic records and his produc- tions for groups like Sister Sledge.

He was like the black Beatles, balancing an over- ground outlook without ever compromising the underground, claims Luke Unabomber. Yet it was in concert that the brothers Hartnoll truly excelled, their sensory overload laying waste to both festivals and the notion that dance music could never beat rock bands live, making Orbitals trademark torch-specs as symbolic of the s as Noel Gallaghers Union Jack guitar.

Their performance at Glastonbury in was one of those seminal moments that will live on as one of the best live shows ever. Combining metallic rhythms and guitars with primi- tive electronic equipment, bands like Can and Neu!

Having helped import the acid house virus to the UK after an epochal trip to Ibiza in with Danny Rampling and Paul Oakenfold, Holloways subsequent career has seen him participate in all aspects of dance music as DJ, promoter and club owner. Probably not, although whilst the American composer could hardly sound further from banging techno, the use of repeating motifs beneath the subtly changing structures and harmonic experimentation in his concertos, operas and lm soundtracks has had a clear effect on the likes of Tom Middleton and Aphex Twin, with whom he collabo- rated on an orchestral remix.

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Market Focus — Germany. Plus Tensnake live, La Carousel live. Insane Opening Party at Pacha free until 1. Sankeys Ibiza Opening Party Part 2. Solomun, H. Opening Party at Ushuaia, Playa d'en Bossa. Line-up including 2manydjs, Bushwacka! Be quick, Pre- Sale tickets to the Grand Finale are almost gone with a limited amount available on the door. Presented by the International Music Summit from Ibizathe event drew in global attendees from electronic music and associated industries.

IMS Engage consisted of six pairings, a platform designed to show how far the genre reaches with speakers from finance, technology, hip-hop and beyond. IMS Engage rounded off the day with Skrillex engaging in a highly passionate chat with Summit Series co-founder Jeff Rosenthal — one of the world's most unique event concepts. Rosenthal echoed this sentiment, saying Summit Series events lost money on their first events, but are now building their own city in Utah. Quote of the session?

Rosenthal: "You know how people say keep it real? Well don't do that, what you have to do is keep it surreal. Presented by the International Music Summit from Ibiza, the event drew in global attendees from electronic music and associated industries.

Moxey paralleled the expansion of hip-hop to that of EDM, Simmons pointed out that with the internet EDM has more resources than hip-hop ever had and that 'now they can't stop you. Jaron Lanier, the futurist philosopher and author, chatted with Beatport CEO Matthew Addell, the extended conversation that took place was truly fascinating. The biggest cheer of the day was reserved for the arrival of Ultra Music founder Patrick Moxey and hip-hop icon and entrepreneur Russell Simmons.

Moore also discussed how his failure to get music distributed through his major label led to him creating Skrillex. Now that Hollywood film; national American TV shows; national American media are all open and wanting to engage with electronic music it really feels like a place for the genre to step up a gear.

Not the case for the last 20 years. IMS Engage wants to make a statement about electronic music and our mission is to elevate the perception of this industry and ensure its positioned in the right way. Hence creating a format like IMS Engage which we feel is a clear and concise way of showing how far the genre has come. Business models are being rethought, the ways to reach audiences are changing. The conversation began by examining how North America, specifically Los Angeles and Las Vegas, have become global hubs for electronic music.

When people get hurt, they eventually get out. Finkel was intent in demonstrating that he and SFX share a genuine connection with electronic music and are not just out to seek the highest possible gain. He recounted attending EDC events as his first entry point and feeling a true magical moment of inspiration.

He then began to explain the differences between a Gig-based Economy artists working for day-to-day income and a Wealth-based Economy working to sustain prolonged income streams. Lanier added: "Whoever is close to the big computer concentrates all the wealth and power; civilization can't run that way. Adell went on to relate Burning Man as an ethos in the music world, how voyeurism isn't respected any longer and that participation is now what rules. Adell also spilled some numbers about Beatport, signaling that they get over 22, new tracks per week.

Diplo and Kevin Systrom started our their chat by marveling on how such a simple app like Instagram could dramatically change how fans connected with their favorite artists. Simplicity is one of the core values of Instagram. I sometimes spend 30 minutes just trying to get the right look to my photo. Systrom then began to draw parallels between his app and the value it provides its users to DJs and the value they provide for their fans.

In discussing online communities of fans and artists, Diplo remarked that electronic music and rap have used social media to its fullest potential. In order to have longevity, create something bigger than just your records. In a talk between two of the most highly prolific managers in music today, Thomson and Carter discussed how the business has changed in a relatively short period of time and the pitfalls of growing too big too soon. Because I do," she told Carter. Thomson stated that her own partnership with Ron Burkle head of equity firm Yucaipa had allowed her to see how companies should be valued, and feared that many showed inflated valuations and could possibly be headed towards failure.

Thomason then shared her experience in seeing how the bigger the overground becomes, the bigger the underground becomes. Carter compared the current crop of dance music managers, Thomson included, to the first wave of hip-hop managers.

The guys who started out as Homeboy were Russell Simmons and James Lassiter, who have gone on to build serious legitimate businesses. Gaga is always reinventing her shows. Simmons spoke about the value of embracing the unfamiliar, as he was unfamiliar with many of the dance music icons Moxey brought up like Calvin Harris and Deadmau5. He also mentioned that electronic music, as a culture, continues to be suppressed by the gatekeepers.

You've got to love what you're doing. In the final engagement of the day, Skrillex had a highly passionate chat with Summit Series co-founder Jeff Rosenthal. The two began by discussing how quickly things have changed in how artists — from all kinds of art — connect with their audiences.

He and Rosenthal then exchanged points on how all types of creative people from painters, photographers, and graphic designers and of course musicians now share through the same digestible platforms, causing community amongst their followers. Skrillex agreed: "It's easy to be quiet. Ultimately what my music says is, 'Hey, you can be loud.

Not having Atlantic to distribute his side project as "Skrillex", the dubstep producer was forced to do things on his own.

We released everything completely on our own and it was through blogs and social media that we saw success. We have a real strong connection to our culture and our fans. Skrillex had also revealed that he purchased and is renovating an 11,square-foot building in downtown L. The two then continued on the importance of community and helping one another out, and appropriately, Skrillex happily accepted a flash drive from a young audience member containing original music for him to check out.

It feels like being in LA is much more useful for new business and new opportunities than almost anywhere in the world. All doors are open here to this music. In your opinion, how does the dance music scene in the United States differ from other parts of the world? EDM seems to now be accepted not as a term for the genre of modern electronic music, but the sound of young America. I welcome anything that gives a new generation a feeling of belonging as any youth movement has to have that its core.

To think 20 years on from when I started pushing electronic music to the US via media channels that we'd be in a scenario where a new generation of adopted and nurtured their own sound and now its headline news. I am of the belief that people have a starting point with a style of music and a percentage of those people use that starting point as their way in before exploring all types of sounds and artists.

I think there is a major moment of discovery going on right now, as I've witnessed so many young fans wanting to learn and discover the architects of the scene who have today's scene possible. Engage carries a less traditional format of unmoderated conversations, as opposed to the more traditional panel discussion format. What value does this bring to attendees and participants? As conference creators, a lot of money is spent bringing some major people to ibiza or LA to speak on a panel and they get maybe six minutes of time to speak.

So I think we're learning to get more out of the people we bring. If they are interesting enough to put on a plane to Ibiza, at least let them speak!

In addition, IMS Ibiza is very strong and we're proud of its positioning and the diverse presentation format. We know IMS Engage is on some six weeks before our main event so there was little point mirroring it as much for my own creative thinking and enjoyment as the delegates. So we decided one simple format could actually make for a more compelling one-day event. And the concept seems to have captured people's imagination. I was in the W Hotel on Hollywood two months back and had the idea of the two empty chairs in an empty room and it was actually a powerful photo which reminds me of the old Mastermind chair which I used to love on TV!

We're seeing names not regularly associated with dance music on the Engage bill like Russell Simmons and Troy Carter management for Lady Gaga. What was the approach in bringing relatively "outside" perspectives into the conversation? Every pairing places an icon from electronic music artist or industry with somebody from the outer world — somebody we're reaching out to, or somebody that is trying to reach in.

So we paired people based on our own insight, but in some cases, asked a key person who they would like to share a conversation with. And what can THEY learn about our ways of working. Five years ago, Amy Thomson with Troy Carter would have been two opposite approaches colliding and maybe Amy would have wanted to learn from Troy Carter. So this is our format, and its one we will continue with as its captured the imagination of media and interest alike. Do you envision this being a reoccurring event in North America?

We as a team are deep thinkers and care passionately about the genre on every level. So I am delighted we have managed to put this event on year one with the help of our partners from Ibiza — Pioneer, W Hotels Worldwide. Incredible how much they believe in what we're trying to do for this business.

I don't want that to sound alienating to all the creativity that is coming out of Berlin or Brick Lane right now, but overall, the genre is finally being accepted as a real valid artform and a lot of that belief and support is coming from North America. The timing has intrigued many, being so close to the Ibiza event. And we are overwhelmed so many people are doing just that.

But it was meant to offer the West Coast community a day of intelligent conversation plus something for all the people in town throughout Coachella week to enjoy.

I've been here the last four years during this week, and only the Windish event seemed to pull everybody together — hence working with them for the pool party on Wednesday from 6pm. I have a huge respect for the roster and ethos of Windish, so we're delighted they wanted to team up with us.

I think they all speak for themselves, and they certainly will be come May 22! Turner, along with Pete Tong, curates the two events which has been described by media as "the TED of music conferences". Turner was the founder of Muzik Magazine, creative director of DanceStar USA: The American Dance Music Awards, and runs his own company called Graphite which manages iconic DJs, and has interests in festivals, a social media company, and is renowned for helping brands connect with artists.

In Hollywood IMS is engaging the electronic music world with the wider industries of technology, finance, hip-hop and arts in a one-day event. A series of un-moderated conversations, consisting of eight pairs of speakers, will address the growing influence and prominence of electronic music in America and beyond.

Since IMS has brought together the leading thinkers and trailblazers in electronic music and beyond, uniting artists, global brands, technology pioneers, event producers and more to discuss one of the most unique and rapidly evolving creative industries. Delegate badges for the event are on sale now and limited to places. For more information, visit Facebook. The event will be hosted with The Windish Agency — the independent, eclectic booking agency run by Tom Windish, that represents everybody from Diplo to Duck Sauce.

The event will continue the successful Windish networking event which took place last year between the two Coachella events. Combining their event with the delegation from IMS Engage will make for a special occasion. Opening at 6pm until 10pm. The event will feature performances from the appropriately titled Poolside plus Plastic Plates.

Both acts are on the cusp of big things worldwide and represent a new generation of emerging electronic eclectica. A series of un-moderated conversations, consisting of seven pairs of speakers, will address the growing influence and prominence of electronic music in America and beyond.

For the past six years in Ibiza, IMS has brought together the leading thinkers and trailblazers in electronic music and beyond, uniting artists, global brands, technology pioneers, event producers and more to discuss one of the most unique and rapidly evolving creative industries. Moxey started his career as in intern for Simmons over 20 years ago.

Together they will assess the paralells of the electronic music scene with hip-hop. Finkel was also the manager of Mike Tyson in his previous career. Six time Grammy winner Skrillex will chat with Jeff Rosenthal, who is the co-founder and curator of the Summit Series. The Summit Series is a global network of events designed to the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs.

The summit has featured talks from Bill Clinton and Richard Branson, and Rosenthal was the youngest floor staff member of the U.

IMS partner Ben Turner states: "IMS Engage is about elevating the status and positioning of the genre — bringing together people from electronic music, and the associated industries and creative cultures that are reaching in. It will show how far the genre has come and how far it is capable of reaching out.

A series of conversations, consisting of eight pairs of speakers, will connect un-moderated to an exclusive audience limited to delegates year one. IMS Engage is positioned perfectly during the two Coachella weekends, as industry leaders from all fields of music and creativity descend on California. IMS feels the electronic industry is very good at talking to itself. Now its time to open the door…. IMS Engage will take place over one day and conclude with an exclusive networking event on the rooftop of the W Hotel from pm.

While the IMS focuses on shaping the future of electronic music, the light also shines heavily on those that have helped pave the way… This year, the IMS is thrilled to announce that Jean Michel Jarre, one of the earliest pioneers of synthesised music, will be giving a keynote interview where he will discuss his career, past, present and future.

He says:. I continue to push the genre forward in many ways, and I see my Keynote Interview at IMS as a way to continue to communicate my passions to a wider and younger audience — who appear to be today's trailblazers for this genre, all united in one location.

But we are hugely excited to have his attendance. He is a true pioneer and his understanding of today's scene is quite surprising. His understanding of the challenges facing the business is second to none, and his vision for change is also impressive and inspiring. Turner states: "Nile set IMS alight last year but it felt like he didn't get to finish his story. So welcome back — the main was an inspiration and so much has come from his involvement in IMS last year.

He can come back every single year as far as IMS is concerned. IMS partner Ben Turner states:. So it's been amazing talking to him again about speaking at IMS. Turner states:. Despite the award title, I am still very much alive and kicking!

Ibiza has been a pivotal part in my life and my career and so there is nowhere better than there to receive it. Ibiza is known for its highs, but this will be the highest location I've ever played from on the island! Expect the summer to start with a smile! An artist that thrives on a great party coupled with a passion for performing in unique places, Fatboy Slim has DJed in some unique settings — from the closing ceremony of the Olympics, to playing on the Great Wall of China to the mega event that is Carnival in Brazil.

Big Beach Boutique goes from strength to strength after 's 44k people event at the Amex stadium, 80k people on a beach in Brazil, June see's its 5th anniversary on a beach in Tokyo. A forthcoming headlining slot at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami next month, and his yearly pilgrimage to Glastonbury imminent, the IMS feel that this accolade is very much deserved. A email once the allocation is exhausted will notify the recipiants of the invitation.

Having been a supporting partner of the summit since its inception inPioneer will also be returning as sponsor of the IMS.

Its importance this year is paramount as electronic music comes of age in the US, and the biggest players in the business are being drawn into the genre.

IMS will lead the discussions about sustainability after the goldrush settles down. It was here that the first true picture of the upcoming Daft Punk album was revealed by Rodgers and Moroder, with the news spreading around the globe within seconds.

The DJ and producer, who came to be the primary representative of dance culture at the London Olympics Opening Ceremony inwill have his long-standing career celebrated at an intimate dinner party put on by the IMS. IMS will also host a keynote from industry analyst and provocateur Bob Lefsetz who will deliver a state-of-the-nation address on the coming of age of the genre. A rare European visit. From the man who has seen it all.

Stand by! The original Berlin DJ Paul Van Dyk will give a keynote interview on the importance of social responsibility in electronic music. Ghostdancing focuses on the ghostwriting hitmakers exposed recently by freelance journalist, producer and DJ, Ben Gomori. The focus is on life beyond the Boom, but presented in a positive framework and with a sunny outlook. IMS keeps it real, but celebrates positivity and longevity.

See you in the sunshine. Cannes, France — The electronic dance music industry is banding together to form a global advocacy and lobbying group called the Association for Electronic Music AFEMit was announced today at the Midem music convention.

The new organisation will bring together representatives of artists, DJs, managers, labels, promoters, publishers, agents, retailers and broadcasters with one aim — to advance the cause of electronic music. Meanwhile, the following have already confirmed their position on the Board of Advisors:. Windish Agency. Mike Oldfield - 03 - Clear Light Mike Oldfield - 04 - Blue Another great piece of noise music! Licht -Ung and Mundkrach are complementary Tracklisting: 1.

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