While I Dream - Various - Out Of The Past Vol. 2 (Vinyl, LP)

Lonesome Dreams. Fading Trails. As The Love Continues. Quarantine Sampler 3. Song Of Praise. Are We There. Remind Me Tomorrow. It's also no secret that Mike's day doesn't end when the Twitch stream gets turned off. Mike said during his live Twitch stream on Monday that it's going to be a fun week this week and that he has things planned for the fans. He then went on to say: " You're gonna come back to me on like Thursday, or Friday? Yeah on Thursday you guys are gonna be like 'Man, Mike, you were right when you said it's a fun week this week.

You were right. Is Mike teasing a brand new song with the hashtag HappyEndings? What do you think of the short clip? Sound off in our forums to let us know what you think Mike has planned. You thought the "Hybrid Theory" festivities were over but, apparently, they're not: hyperpop's dynamic duo gecs have just delivered a fresh spin on a While I Dream - Various - Out Of The Past Vol. 2 (Vinyl Park classic with their new remix of " One Step Closer "!

Vocalist Laura Les appears abruptly with a brand-new verse after the first chorus, before producer Dylan Brady delivers a chaotic drop full of glitchy guitar edits and monstrous vocal growls. It is likely no coincidence that Shinoda, in one of his recent Twitch streams, took on the task of remixing a gecs song, "ringtone". What do you think of this track? Let us know on our message board! Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda is one of the amazing artists that will appear on Deftones ' " Black Stallion ", an upcoming collection of remixes to celebrate their seminal album " White Pony ".

Today, Deftones unveil Shinoda's contribution, a reworking of the fan-favourite " Passenger ". Shinoda's remix is now available to check out on various platforms including Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube. Linkin Park's spectacular 20th anniversary edition LP) "Hybrid Theory", released earlier this year, also includes live footage of the band covering "My Own Summer Shove It ", a song from Deftones' album "Around The Fur".

Shinoda's take on "Passenger" largely leaves the vocals alone, but discards nearly all the instrumentation - in place of the jagged guitars at the foundation of the original song is an ambient electronica palette. The track opens with soft arpeggios and ominous whispers but this atmosphere is suddenly punctured with thick bass stabs for the chorus, matching the contrast in While I Dream - Various - Out Of The Past Vol.

2 (Vinyl singing. Shinoda also laces some dusty piano throughout the arrangement, particularly in the outro, and makes liberal use of vinyl crackle. With the release of Electronic Mediation recorded in inEdgar would go to the metaphysical, fiction and occult theme.

The sound of the new proposal would open up extraterrestrial territories and inhospitable to the ears of rockers accustomed to guitars and limitations of basic rock. With the release of strange and bizarre albums such as Atem, Phaedra and Rubycon, the new vanguard of German kraut expanded, leaving even record-loving Pink Floyd's Ummagumma astonished. In the group revises the kraut line with the LP Cyclone closer to progressive rock, and would revise it again with the LP Green Desert with more insertion of guitars, vocals and acoustic drums.

But these 2 albums are one of the few records of the band in this area, which had as pillars Edgar Froese and Christopher Franke, going through numerous formations with excellent guest musicians. In general, they passed through the band, modifying and adding with their utopian touches, musicians like Peter Baumann, Johannes Schoemmeling, Paul Haslinger, Michael Hoenig and, currently Edgar's own son, Jerome Froese, among others more recent.

But of the great and remarkable phases that are divided into 3 periods the vintagethe middle period the 80s and 90s and the current one, the most promising ones are from the 70s and 80s. However, the symphonic and almost "baroque" component of the Tangerine Dream suites remains alive. An essay is the initial "Rubycon Part 1", which takes shape slowly, from an icy and rarefied entrance, up to the progressive opening towards more "airy" and warm sounds, with the modular rhythms of sequencers supported by short melodic phrases, drawn by the mellotron, by the strings and by the organ and by the synthetic choirs.

It opens the curtain of the chilling and monodic sounds of moog and some hissing notes of mellotron. A daydream. Imagine nature and its landscapes, noises, sounds, water, birds. See the sky, see the stars, see the galaxies, see the cosmos. It is a relaxing and suggestive melody; of the imposing echoes of voices from the unconscious that expand and leave room for a sound from the abyss, from the depths of the earth.

Utopia steps aside and leaves room for elaborate techno. You feel closed in an endless tunnel. The pace becomes more and more disturbing and faster, it becomes obsessive but fate makes it dissolve and sucks it away. It is the tangerine dream. The second side "Rubycon Part 2" continues on these soft tones, up to the fading of the final sound, in which only parute and remote melodies remain lost in the boundless spaces.

It opens with the whistling of the wind. A nightmare. Imagine a house on top of a hill, open windows, blowing wind, fluttering curtains, someone screaming. Extra-sensory sounds are heard under the keyboards. Strange psychedelic hisses and hisses.

The polyphony of Chris Franke's keyboards, who in "Rubycon" does a sublime job to say the least, conclude this human contact with the cosmos. However, it is important to emphasize that we are not talking about a simple tape recording of songs: in this record the German trio has created something that goes beyond the normal idea of music we are used to.

The value of this work is to be found precisely in the While I Dream - Various - Out Of The Past Vol. 2 (Vinyl concept that led to the recording of this album and even more to what influenced posterity. Many giants of electronic music, and not only, have fished with both hands from these records that have paved the way for a totally new genre. In summary we can say that we are facing one of the most important records in the history of music, a milestone that marks the birth of a new world.

Going beyond the historical side, we are talking about a record that knows how to penetrate our rational perceptions and that, if listened to with the right mood, gives immense emotions.

Review by VianaProghead Prog Reviewer. Formed in by Edgar Froese, Tangerine Dream is considered the greatest link between the prog rock music and the electronic music in the last century.

Tangerine Dream had a history marked by several different phases. The first phase, between andreflects a strong influence of early Pink Floyd's psychedelic work. It comprises the first four studio albums of the band, "Electronic Meditation" from"Alpha Centauri" from"Zeit" from and "Atem" from These were the years that became known as "The Pink Years".

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