Bastard Feast

He's got quite a grudge for it. Romeo X Juliet has Lord Montague himselfwho is also responsible for the series' other bastard-born character. PandoraHearts has Jack. Char grew up to be one of the prime examples of Chronic Backstabbing Disorder in anime, eventually culminating in Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack when he attempts a Colony Drop with the intention of destroying the Earth.

He certainly is a bastard, but the " miiiiiiight " part comes from how it's speculated that while he claims to be a clone of Gihren Zabihe may actually be his bastard son. Towards the end of Ceres, Celestial Legendwe learn that Kagami is this. His mother was the second wife of his stepfather and he was her bastard child, meaning that he actually has no blood ties to the Mikage. In HellsingEnrico Maxwell, as a child, was ridiculed for being the son of a mistress and abandoned to the church.

When he grew up, he became a religious extremist and a genocidal sociopath. Fantastic Children has Dumas, a melodramatic and arguably Sissy Villain born out of wedlock and to the king's brother to boot. Subverted in that he doesn't actually want the throne. He just wants his sister to go back to Greecia so they can be together. It's his father, a literal Big Badwho wants the throne. The Big Bad of said previous part is also an example, given his father's identity is unknown. Prince Dimiksy in Heavy Object is knee-deep in corruption and nepotism, including being connected to the assassination of other claimants to the Bastard Feast of Volga.

The suspected reason is that claims of his birth mother being a "surrogate" are a lie covering up the King's indiscretion. As Volga is a matrilineal country this would leave him with no right to the crown unless he can wipe out all the legitimate heirs and make himself the only option for a continuous line. After his death, his co-conspirators admit they were hiding DNA tests proving his illegitimacy.

Tokyo Ghoul : The One-Eyed Owl aka Eto Yoshimura, as her parents were never officially married, although by all indications they loved her very much. Given how she spent her formative years living Bastard Feast the most dangerous ward in Tokyo, with understandable hatred towards her father for leaving her since she was an infant while he led a happier life with others such as the staff of Anteiku, and questioning her mother's intentions of uncovering The Conspiracyshe's too much broken to even see that her parents genuinely love her despite their misguided intentions, even referring herself as a surplus between her parents.

Although at first they appear to be a decent person, it's later revealed that this is a facadeand once their true nature and parentage is revealed, they become the main antagonist of the story. Invoked in Goddess Creation System. Mingluan is not a bad guy relative to the rest of his family, but he gets passed over for an important position despite being more qualified and wanting it more because A. He gets stressed out from trying to act like his brother and then tends to act out, so he decides he needs to behave more maturely and do what he actually likes, which helps his reputation improve over time.

Tweeny Witches : Lennon 's parents lived together as a couple but were forbidden to marry because his mother passed the witch evaluation and his father was an ordinary human. The stigma of his mixed — and thus illegitimate — parentage is exactly why he's a villain. Comic Books. In Manhunterit's eventually revealed that Kate's birth father Walter Pratt is one of these, since he's the child of Iron Munro and Sandra Knight, the original Phantom Lady and was given up for adoption after birth.

The reason he hasn't been around? He's been in prison for killing Kate's mother in front Bastard Feast her when she was a baby, and when he shows up in the story it's because he's been diagnosed with blood cancer and needs Kate's blood, so he kidnaps his grandson and tortures Kate's ex-husband. Real stand-up guy. In Usagi Yojimbo : Tomoe's evil, bloodthirsty cousin Noriko is actually her half-sister due to Tomoe's father being in love with Noriko's mother, who happened to be Tomoe's mother's sister.

When she confronted Tomoe's father he rejected her so she killed him, and poisoned her "step" father for being a weakling for good measure. Dynamo5 Cynthia. The son of Maddie and her former fiance Tom, from when their relationship fell apart and Maddie left Tom two weeks before their wedding. While Maddie wanted to be in Michael's life, Tom sued for full custody, and after an ugly custody battle, Maddie backed off.

According to Maddie, Michael was a troubled child in boarding school who did horrible things to the other children. He was angry at Maddie for abandoning him and blamed her for his father's death because Tom became an alcoholic and his liver gave out. He takes the alias Father Gideon to get close to Cynthia, restore her memories, seduce her to get her to work together with him to kill Dynamo 5 and his mother while promising to help free Cynthia's mother, which he does not plan to do.

Catwoman : Subverted ; Some incarnations of Catwoman are the illegitimate daughter of Gotham-based mafia don Carmine Falcone and his mistress. She grows up with no knowledge of her parentage since Falcone cut ties with her mother before she was born, condemning them to live in poverty.

Catwoman, even at her worse, has stronger morals than the most honorable version of her possible father. In the Oneiroi SeriesDeirdre because she was an accident and her parents were on opposite sides of a conflict. Hivefled : Gamzee was found by his bloodlink trolls don't raise their own young so he had to be tracked down in later life and horrifically abused, then found out he was produced when said bloodlink mated with his moirailwhich is strictly forbidden on penalty of death and from Gamzee's point of view akin to finding that one's parents were siblings.

Gamzee is now convinced that both his genetic line and his psyche are tainted forever, and is only resisting his Ax-Crazy urges for the sake of his own moirail. One Less Lonely Gurl has C'ren, a bastard child who was abused by her father's wife. Played absolutely straight with Rodrik Stone, who is a kinslayer and rapist on top of being a major Jerkass.

In the Frozen fic The Queen of Heartsit turns out Hans' oldest brothers hated him because he was illegitimate yet being raised as a prince. Hans himself doesn't know this. Hans is Elsa and Anna's older half-brother from when Queen Matilda was imprisoned during a war.

She isn't allowed to become his heir because she was born out of wedlock, which only makes her angrier and more aggressive. Films — Live-Action. Will of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves is Robin's illegitimate half-brother, who blames Robin for their father abandoning him and his mother. Played with by Lord Henry Blackwood in Sherlock Holmes who was conceived out of wedlock during a magical ritual.

His mother dies during childbirthhe goes on to murder several people including his father and tries to seize control of the British Empire by making the world fear him. While Holmes mentions that he's a former member of the House of Lords, it's because his parentage was kept secret.

Holmes only figured it out by comparing his facial features to that of the Lord Chief Justice and noticed a family resemblance. Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street isn't called "the bastard son of a maniacs" for nothing. He was conceived when dozens of insane inmates in a mental asylum raped his mother Amanda, a nun who was working there.

Freddy was a child murderer in real life and became a spectral nightmare killer after his death. General Hux from Star Wars is the illegitimate son of an Imperial commandant and a kitchen staff member. He's also an arrogant, overwhelmingly fascist Jerkass who thinks he's more important than he is though compared to his comrades like Kylo Ren or Captain Phasmahe's also practically the First Order's Only Sane Man.

Poe Dameron uses Hux's birth as the punchline of his Holding the Floor prank call, informing the General that he has an urgent message from Leia Organa An enraged Hux orders his men to open fire. Tales of an Ancient Empire : Kara, who after learning she was born from a tryst between a human and a vampire, embraces her vampiric heritage, joining her mother.

Katherine Kurtz's Deryni series. Nine surnames are reserved solely for the use of natural children born of noble families while natural children of smallfolk are not granted a last name.

These surnames differ, depending on the area of Westeros from which the illegitimate child with noble blood is from. While there are good-hearted and loyal illegitimate kids, such as one of the main protagonists Jon Snow who is of the heroic variety, there are Bastard Bastards out and about as well — such as Ramsay Snow Bolton and Joffrey Baratheon. Joffrey's bastardy isn't common knowledge, but his siblings also bastard children are genuinely decent and kind kids.

Generally, while there are Heroic Bastards and Bastard Bastards, many others are just in the background trying to live life the best they can and are decent ordinary people, such as Mya Stone and Edric Storm.

Walder Rivers. He is known as "Bastard Walder", the eldest bastard of Walder Freyand is a tough soldier and a bit of a jerk. But compared to some of his relatives — particularly Black Walder — he's positively noble, considering he comes from one of the nastiest Houses in Westeros. It is mentioned that he hates being a bastard and hates anyone who isn't.

Jaime Lannister considers him more dangerous than his trueborn brothers. Craster, a wildling North of the wall and uncertain ally of the Night's Watch, is the bastard of a Night's Watch ranger and wildling woman from Whitetree. He is called a "kinslayer, liar, raper and craven". Craster is notorious for marrying his daughters — and don't get started on what he does to his sons.

However, calling him a bastard is a Berserk Button for him. At Shield Islands, Lord Humfrey Hewett makes his illegitimate daughter Falia Flowers become a servant to her legitimate half-sisters and Falia is treated like absolute crap by her trueborn family due to her illegitimate status. When the Ironmen conquer her home and take them captive, Falia sides with the conquerors and enjoys exchanging clothes with her sisters and forcing them to serve her, even having an affair with the Ironmen's King Euron Greyjoy.

Though considering how cruelly they were described as treating Falia, it may be a case of just desserts for the adults. However, it becomes too harsh since some of her sisters are just children and some of them are raped while their father is Forced to Watch. Falia's own fate is cruel as well and wins her some sympathy — after she becomes pregnant by Euron, he cuts her tongue out and ties her to his ship's prow.

The Sand Snakes, Oberyn Martell's eight bastard daughters. They're not as bad as most of the other examples and some of them are little girls with not a lot of time given to them but they're still not very nice and share most of their father's bad traits.

However, it's easy to root for them since their new mission is to infiltrate the other realms in order to bring down the Lannisters, who are planning to kill their cousin and could be considered the primary villains of the series.

Cersei appoints him to the Small Council as Grand Admiral Master of Shipspartially as he reminds her of Rhaegar Targaryen the Targaryens and Velaryons are distantly related and both have Valyrian blood. However, when Cersei is imprisoned, Aurane flees King's Landing with the new dromonds and uses them to become a pirate. There are fandom theories that say he has other motives but, for the time being, he just looks like a greedy opportunist. Especially notable because his father openly blames this on his 'tainted blood.

Ramsay, however, is just a Serial Killer with a noble title and is threatening his father's own power with his wanton cruelty and is suspected of poisoning Roose's legitimate son Domeric so he could become heir.

Ramsay hates being referred to as a bastard and murders people who say he is. He is considered by many people to be the evilest character in the series, which is a legitimately impressive feat considering the level of competition. In such cases, their noble parent will usually try to make sure that they are well cared for, or send money for their support, but it is extremely unusual for a noble to raise their bastard child in their own household.

There is no official distinction between bastards who have one noble-born parent, and those whose parents are both noble-born. In practice, however, a nobleman would be much more likely to acknowledge a bastard child born to a noble lady than he would a child born to a commoner. Bastard surnames are dependent on the region a child was born in, i. For example, a noble lord from the Stormlands could father one bastard child in the Vale, and another in the Riverlands, but neither would use the surname "Storm": the first bastard would use the surname "Stone", and the second would use the surname "Rivers.

Therefore Jon Snow 's situation is additionally unusual, not just because he actually lives with his nobleman "father", but because he wasn't even born in the North. Eddard Stark brought him back to Winterfell as an infant after fighting in the south during Robert's Rebellionbut refused to say who his mother was or where she came from.

As a result of the mystery surrounding his mother's identity, Jon ended up using the surname "Snow" by default.

Bastard children of a noble may be politely referred to as "natural children", though the less polite term "baseborn" is more commonly used, and they are often bluntly and rudely simply referred to as "bastard. Thus when Lord Eddard Stark discovers that none of Cersei Lannister 's children were fathered by her husband King Robert Baratheonhe says that King Robert "has no trueborn sons," even though he knows that Robert has several "baseborn," bastard children. In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, the status of being a bastard is a considerable social disgrace amongst the nobility, though less so amongst the smallfolk and in Dorne.

However, while bastards are disadvantaged, they still have means to climb the social ladder. They may win honor and glory in battle and be knighted. If they do great deeds in service to the king or a noble lord, they can even receive a bill of legitimacy, allowing them to take their father's surname and formally join his House, or to take a new surname and found a new House some bastards take new names altogether, like "Blackfyre", while others add a prefix to their bastard name, such as "Longwaters".

For example, House Baratheon was founded by the legitimized bastard half-brother of Aegon the Conqueror. However, while bastards stand outside the lines of succession and inheritance, there are still exceptions which have caused immense problems. King Aegon IV Targaryen legitimized three of his bastard sons and one of his bastard daughters on his deathbed. His eldest bastard son, Daemon Blackfyrelater claimed the Iron Throne and led a bloody civil war known as the First Blackfyre Rebellion.

His sons and descendants launched four more attempts to take the Iron Throne before their final claimant, Maelys the Monstrous, was slain by Ser Barristan Selmy during the War of the Ninepenny Kings. This is sometimes used as an example of what happens if a bastard is treated too well and given too much power and legitimacy.

In practice, however, a nobleman would be much more likely to acknowledge a bastard child born to a noble lady, than he would a child born to a commoner.

For example, while Robert Baratheon is rumored to have fathered over a dozen bastard children, the only one who he acknowledged in the books was Edric Storm, because his mother was a noblewoman, Delena of House Florent - the younger first cousin of Selyse Florentthe wife of Robert's younger brother Stannis.

It is unclear how the system of special bastard surnames developed in Westeros. Since at least the unification of the Seven Kingdoms during the Targaryen Conquest three centuries before the narrative beginsthe use and implementation of the bastard surnames has been quite uniform: there is one bastard surname used for each of the nine regions in the realm the original "Seven Kingdoms", plus the borderlands that became the Riverlandsand the new region of the Crownlands that the Targaryens carved out around their new capital city, King's Landing.

Before that, it is unclear if they were introduced by the First Men who migrated to Westeros 12, years ago, or by the Andals who migrated to Westeros 6, years ago, or if they simply originated on their own in Westeros itself at a later date. Westeros was not always divided into these "Seven Kingdoms" however, and after the Andal invasion the continent was still divided into dozens of petty kingdoms, which only unified into seven larger kingdoms within the past two thousand years or so.

Dorne was the last of the kingdoms to be unified, only about one thousand years ago. When Highgarden and Oldtown were both at the center of rival and independent kingdoms, before they were united in the "Kingdom of the Reach", it isn't clear if they even used the same bastard surnames.

Moreover, the Riverlands were a border zone always contested between its powerful neighbors - when the Riverlands were conquered and held by the Stormlands for three full centuries, did bastards born there use the special surname "Rivers" or "Storm"? When the ironborn conquered the Riverlands from the Stormlands and held it for three generations, did Riverlands bastards start using the surname "Pyke"?

For that matter, House Greyjoy of Pyke only became the ruling family of the Iron Islands after the Targaryen Conquest exterminated House Hoare, whose seat was on Orkmont island - what surname did ironborn bastards use before that? While the other kingdoms gradually coalesced over centuries, the Targaryens created the Crownlands all at once, implying that at some point they had to make a formal decree creating the new surname "Waters" for bastards from the region. The answers to these questions are unknown.

The bastard surnames are used by nobles belonging to every religious or cultural group, from Oldtown to the North, and the Iron Islands to Dorne. Still, Dorne also uses the bastard surnames. The ironborn also practice a limited form of polygamy - they can have only one "rock wife", but can take multiple " salt wives " - captives taken as formal concubines. The children of salt wives are not considered to be bastards, though they rank behind the children of a lord's rock wife in the line of succession.

Bastards need to be acknowledged by a noble-born parent in order to use the special bastard surnames. The only known exception to this rule in the books is Mya, the eldest of Robert's bastards: she is commonly known as "Mya Stone" although she has never been officially acknowledged by Robert. He actually did spend some time with her when he was living in the Vale and she was a toddler, and apparently this gave him a fondness for her that he didn't have for his numerous other bastard children: at some point during his reign Robert openly expressed interest in bringing her to live at court in King's Landing, probably to formally acknowledge her as well.

Nothing came of this, however, because Cersei bluntly implied that she would have the girl killed if she came to the capital city. Thus it is possible that Mya Stone uses the bastard surname because Robert wanted to acknowledge her, and her status as his daughter was an open secret. Fans sometimes derisively assume that " JoffreyMyrcellaand Tommen Baratheon " should really be called by the Lannister surname because of their status as the bastard offspring of the incestuous relationship between Cersei Lannister and Jaime Lannisterand not the sons and daughter of King Robert Baratheon at all.

This is actually an error, as according to the customs of bastardy, Joffrey, Myrcella, and Tommen don't even have the right to use the surname "Lannister". As Jaime's bastard children, given birth to by a woman from the Westerlands Cerseithe three would have to use the bastard surname for the Westerlands: "Hill".

There's also the possibility that he might use "Waters" given that both Jaime and Cersei had been living in the Crownlands for many years, and the three have lived their whole lives there. All of this, of course, would only happen if Jaime were to openly acknowledge Joffrey, Myrcella, and Tommen as his children, which is an impossibility given the disastrous political fallout this would create.

Further, as the product of not merely bastardy, but incestthe Faith of the Seven would want to outright kill them as abominations before the gods if their actual parentage was ever revealed. Given these factors, Joffrey, Myrcella, and Tommen are entitled to no surname; the legal status of a baseborn commoner. Marriage in the real-life Middle Ages was primarily focused on producing "legitimate" children - i. Yet the status of children produced outside of marriage varied quite widely across time and place.

Before the Gregorian Reform in the eleventh century, concubines often had semi-official or even official status and rights, as did their children. It was only starting in the eleventh century that the Christian Church began to stress that only children produced from the marriage of one man to one woman were legitimate, and any produced outside of that marriage were "illegitimate".

Before that time, not nearly as much stigma was applied to bastardy. However, it took time for this new definition of marriage - and the notion that children born outside of it were shameful "bastards" - to take full effect.

William the Conqueror, who became King of England inwas - by some definitions - a bastard son of Robert, the Duke of Normandy. The Normans were actually descended from Scandinavians who settled in northern France i. These ancestors had practiced polygamous marriages and relationships in the past, and some of their Norman descendants continued to keep concubines.

While these concubines were no longer considered to be fully "married" to the man, their children were usually considered just as legitimate as children produced within marriage. Robert recognized William as his Bastard Feast, and by Norman standards of the time, William was not considered illegitimate. Conversely, English standards of the same period were not as accommodating; the local Anglo-Saxon population initially labeled William as William the Bastard, not the Conqueror.

William's son King Henry I of England had six publicly known concubines and at least twenty acknowledged children by them.

Clearly at that point in time, the Church had yet to fully impress upon the general populace the new value that "bastardy" was shameful, to the point that a King of England openly had many bastard children, and even gave them lands and titles.

As the 's progressed, however, this new definition of bastardy as something shameful was becoming generally accepted: [10] In Henry I's case, his only legitimate child upon his death was his daughter, Matilda. Even though Henry had officially declared Bastard Feast his successor, and taken significant steps to secure his nobles' allegiance to her, many reneged on their oaths following Henry's death.

Matilda's attempts to claim the English throne was to throw the country into almost 20 years of civil war, a period known as The Anarchy and which directly inspired George R. Martin to write the Dance of the Dragons in Westerosi history. At the same time, however, it was never suggested that any of King Henry's illegitimate sons should take up the throne as his father William the Conqueror had done, demonstrating that changing views of bastardy were already taking effect.

In subsequent centuries, ecclesiastical law in most of Western Europe dictated that a bastard child who had been born to two unmarried parents was automatically legitimized if the parents subsequently married. Under English Common Law, however, a bastard could only receive legitimization by being issued letters patent requested from the king. For example, John of Gaunt asked and received a legitimization decree from King Richard II for his children by Katharine Swynford - his sons had been born out of wedlock but he later married Katharine as his third wife.

It had grown heavier over the years and came to be a growing burden to the would-be saint. Becoming increasingly disenchanted with this, he finally left the mendicant life and settled in a monastery in Northumbria, where he helped to extend the building originally erected by his former teacher. As it happened, he was no better as a mason than he had been a spiritual sheep, and many of his edifices collapsed through poor design or construction.

Despite the continual building disasters the monks kept him on, impressed by the mantle that had fallen to him from the founder of their abbey. Only one miracle is attributed to Saint Bastard. During a Saxon raid on the monastery, he came out of his cell and shouted abuse from the hilltop at the invaders, until they stood as one man and faced him.

At this, he stooped to pick up a piece of masonry, which he hurled with unerring accuracy at the chieftain's head, killing him outright. As he fell, he rolled down the hill through the Saxon baggage, crushing every last piece. The Saxons fled, and at that moment, the pack fell from Bastard's shoulders, and the monks gathered around him. As the burden was lifted from him however, he gave one last mighty shout, and expired.

Of course, in these enlightened times, nobody believes a word of this tale. Nonetheless, Saint Bastard's Day is real. Although you won't find it on any calendar, you will find it in many diaries and journals. James Boswellfor instance, referred to this day on February 18, following a great and painful humiliation. George III noted in his diary on 4th July,that the new colony were "rebellious bastards, on that Saint's own day".

It's certainly true that travelling on this day is likely to end in minor disaster. Not that Saint Bastard is any sort of anti-Saint Christopherbut an example is the day that Heathrow Airport's Terminal 5 building opened on 28 March Hundreds of people boarded their planes with only hand luggage, following the massive breakdown of the baggage handling system.

Christine and I have also been known to invoke Saint Bastard on a few occasions.

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