Bullets & Tears - Primal Fear - Rulebreaker (CD, Album)

The bar was set high and the initial goal was to top their latest album. But boy did it turn out well! We write for ourselves and make the music we love to listen to. If I''d think of a perfect album this is how it will sound! And once the album was written the recording process went pretty smooth as we knew exactly what goal we aimed for. Distant Shores 1. Killing Me 2. Feel The Fire 3. Angels Fear To Tread 4. Lonely To 5. Life Is For Living 6. Love Me Again 7.

Wait Forever 8. How Long 9. Back To You It''s The Love These high quality studio demos consist entirely of unreleased, all original material as Z''''nuff and Vie hone their songwriting craft, sharpen their Beatles-esque melodies, and crank their feel-good, hippy-vibe energy up to 11!

Features several rare and unseen photos of the band, many of them courtesy of veteran photographer Paul Natkin, as well as liner notes penned by Z''''nuff and Vie themselves for the full-color booklet!

Available as a CD box set with individually packaged discs as well as a 4LP box with psychedelic colored vinyl! These high quality studio demos consist entirely of unreleased, all original material as Z''''''''nuff and Vie hone their songwriting craft, sharpen their Beatles-esque melodies, and crank their feel-good, hippy-vibe energy up to 11! Features several rare and unseen photos of the band, many of them courtesy of veteran photographer Paul Natkin, as well as liner notes penned by Z''''''''nuff and Vie themselves for the full-color booklet!

ST - Remastred - Digitally remastered edition. Includes 12 page full-color booklet, 4, word essay with new interview and enhanced artwork - when it comes to vocalists operating in the AOR sphere there can be no denying that Eric Martin is at the top of the heap, right up there with the likes of Steve Perry and Lou Gramm.

The owner of a voice that could turn a lackluster tune into a gold plated classic, nonetheless Martin would have to wait many years before his ship finally came sailing home as the frontman of platinum sellers Mr. For a lot of his original fans it was the icing on the cake propelling him into the mainstream spotlight after years spent waiting in the wings for lady luck to shine on him.

Originally issued in recorded in Los Angeles and produced by Danny Kortchmar and Greg Ladanyi the album launched a number of exciting and catchy songs. The record houses several sensational tracks, including ''''Secrets In The Dark'''', ''''Information'''' and ''''Pictures''''. Overall the listener was left in no doubt that Eric''''s talent would ultimately triumph.

Digipak and Vinyls! Originally released in"A Night To Remember" joins the Evergrey "Remasters Series" as the first live album - incidentally, also the first live album the band ever did.

Join the band as they play through a set of 20 songs at the Stora Teatern in Gothenburg with nearly 2 hours of material from all 5 albums released up to that day, as well as hours of bonus and backstage material that makes this DVD a must-have for every EVERGREY fan. Playing to Win 2. Turn of Your Life 3.

Get Out of My Head 4. This is Us 5. Falling in Between The Joker 6. Never Back Down 7. Bullets & Tears - Primal Fear - Rulebreaker (CD Down in Flames 8.

More Than Meets the Eye 9. In the Matrix The new album, produced and mastered by Bart Gabriel Crystal Viper, Jack Starr, Jag Panzer and mixed by Cederick Forsberg Blazon Stoneis a tour de force in melodic US molten metal, featuring heavy riffs, melodic choruses, a thunderous rhythm section and ripping dual guitar solos. Delivering finest fast and hard metal for new- and oldschool thrasher alike! Intro 2. Tough It Out 3. Don''''t Stop 4.

Bad Luck 5. Someday You''''ll Come Running 6. Everytime I Think Of You 7. Burning My Heart Down 8. The Dream That Died 9. Obsession Can You Hear Me Calling? Does It Feel Like Love Feels So Good CD2 1. Digging Up The Dirt 2. Tough Love 3. Hollow 4. Dangerous 5. Hard Day In Hell 6.

Wildside 7. Breathe Fire 8. Only The Strong Survive 9. Blood And Gasoline I Ain''''t The One Seamless With over 40 years playing guitar and songwriting as a professional musician, career firsts are minimal for someone as prolific as George Lynch. On August 20th, George gets to add another highlight with the release of his first-ever full-length instrumental album, Seamless. The album features nine brand new tracks and three bonus tracks from Lynch who is backed by drummer Jimmy D''''Anda and bassist Eric Loiselle.

I wanted the record to be challenging but not exhausting; personal without being belligerently self-indulgent and include a fair amount of guitar histrionics and pay tribute to the masters without making it sound like I''''m competing to be the end all summation of all guitar legacies that preceded me.

I also wanted the underlying music to be more than vehicles for solos; I wanted the compositions to be able to stand on their own," explains Lynch. From the driving guitar riff of album opener "Quiver" to the haunting outro of album closer "Falling Apart," it is clear George Lynch was looking to explore his writing and love for the guitar.

Songs like "Cola," "Sharks With Laser Beams," and "Supersonic Hypnotic Groove Thing" explore the various musical styles George likes to play while giving him room to experiment with new sounds alongside his signature tone. The album on all formats includes three bonus tracks that were added to the album after the extra tracks were presented to the label.

Formed in Sikkim, India and based out of the city of Bengaluru, the band has released an album and 3 singles until and are known for their electrifying live shows. With heavy overdriven guitars and high pitched screaming vocals, roaring drums and groovy yet technical bass lines, G.

Rock The Highway 2. Everynight Like Tonight 3. The Distance Between 5. The Sikkimese Dream 6. Bad Shepherd 7. She''''''''s Heavy Metal 8.

The Rebel 9. Trapped Inside A Mirror Wounded Tears Of The Phoenix Identity Crisis. Chapter 1 Michael Bormann. Soul To Soul Track listing 1. Soul To Soul 3. Captain Of Our Love 4. Evermore 5. Wild World 6. Carrie 7. Fighting For Love 8. There''s No Tomorrow When Lighting Strikes Til The End Of Time Into The Unknown 2.

Exosphere 3. Quantum Leap 4. Chronesthesia 5. Enigma Of Life 6. Judgement Day 7. Fierce 8. Demon Stomp 9. Night Driver Not Forgotten Force Majeure ft. Vinnie Moore CD 2 1. Fearless 2. Manson 3. Letting Go 4. Cold Sweat 5. Force Majeure 6. Money For Nothing 7. Thrill Of The Chase. In between the flannel shirts and baggy jeans, bands like Tyketto, Electric Angels and XYZ struggled for their place among the Nirvanas and Pearl Jams of the music world.

During that period a band on the rise from Hollywood were doing the complete opposite of everything that Seattle was producing -- the band were called Gutterboys. Unfortunately, Gutterboys didn''t have the Sunset Strip opportunities like so many before them, and with the climate of music changing by the mid ''90s the band decided to call it quits.

Fast forward almost 20 years, towith so many of their Sunset Strip contemporaries once again thriving and their original line-up intact, Gutterboys were back. Guns and several others. The opening track "Don''t Call It Love" is a raunchy thumper that throws us back to the classic hair-metal days of sex in cars, video tape and threesomes. Sandwiched in between these slices of sleaze supremacy is the soft and warm "Baby" and the call to cellphone waving There''s no shortage of versatility with the revved up, bluesy "Lover Boy" to the Randy Rhoads minded "Dee" through to the album''s closer "Living Doll", from its finger snapping, jazzy intro building to a classic homage to Van Halen''s "Beautiful Girls".

Heavily influenced by the classic hair metal icons before them, Gutterboys have made it through a long journey to get here. With so many classic bands trying to reinvent themselves, Gutterboys stay true to their roots and deliver -- End Of The Road is well worth your time. Track List: Don''t Call It Love Quicker Than Whiskey Corruption Of Youth End Of The Road Touch The Sky Calling All Girls Baby Lover Boy Another Try Let ''Em Eat Cake Walker BANG!

Macallan, alongside Gladius Thundersword on bass and Kleveland''''s most timeless lead guitarist: Gino Wilde. Now proudly joining the Napalm Records roster, this powerful heavy metal unit is even more of a serious force to be reckoned with in Heart, Mind and Soul Track listing 1.

Fuel To The Fire 2. Surrender 3. If I Could I Would 4. Like That 5. Heavenly 6. Waiting For Your Fall 7. The Curse 8. Heartless 9. Searching For Grace Positively Downtown 1. Strip 2. Positively Downtown 3. Comin'''' Home 4. All The Angels Fly 5. Let ''''Em Ride 6. Dirty Lovin'''' 7. Open Up 8. Legends 9. Fooled By Love Kiss Kiss You''''re Dead Handful Of Hell.

God On The Run. ST Track listing 1. Out For The Glory 2. Fear Of The Fallen 3. Best Time 4. Mass Pollution 5. Angels 6. Rise Without Chains 7. Indestructible 8. Robot King 9. Cyanide Down In The Dumps Orbit Out for the Glory 2.

Fear of the Fallen 3. Rise without Chains 7. Down in the Dumps Skyfall CD 2: 1. Golden Times 2. Save my Hide. ST - Limited Dbl. Marbled Vinyl - Limited edition brown-cream white marbled double vinyl in a lush gatefold incl. Rubbery Lips. Spirit Of Alchemy 1. Nothing Will Last 2. Read It and Weep 3. All About You 4. When Souls Collide 5. In Heaven 6.

What Will Be Will Be 7. Stain The Sea Track listing 1. Massive Drain 2. Fair War 3. Hunt You 4. Aftermath 5. Dance With Shades 6. Drown Me 7. If You Dare 8. Stain The Sea 9. The Bridge Last Drink V Praeparatus Supervivet 1. Praeparatus Supervivet 2.

Solur 3. Prometheus Rise 4. Moonlight Shadows 5. My Revelation 6. We Will Rise Again 7. Like A Rising Star 8. Blood, Tears And Agony 9. Entering Paradise Power Of The Dragonborn Senjutsu - 3 Vinyl Set - Black vinyl. Senjutsu - Limited Box Set.

Senjutsu - Limited Media Book. The Broadcast Archives 6-Cd Box Set This six disc set hands control to the group as it brings together over minutes of live songs, recorded for radio broadcast.

CD The Ghost Of The Navigator Brave New World Wrathchild Blood Brothers The Sign Of The Cross The Mercenary The Trooper CD Dream Of Mirrors The Clansman The Evil That Men Do Fear Of The Dark The Number Of The Beast Hallowed Be Thy Name Sanctuary CD Futureal The Angel And The Gambler Man On The Edge Lightning Strikes Twice Heaven Can Wait When Two Worlds Collide Lord Of The Flies The Educated Fool Sign Of The Cross Afraid To Shoot Strangers Iron Maiden CD Marillion - F.

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It's really crazy A hasty recall program brought most of the errant tapes back for destruction, but a handful did remain on the loose, to bedevil collectors ever more -- all the more so since the lost songs since made available on bootleg merited a lot more attention than they were ever permitted. This is villains-plotting-evil kinda punk, mutants in the sewers emerging and wreaking havoc Mothra shorting out high-voltage power lines and melting, screaming, onto a fleeing populace.

After DiCaprio is unexpectedly mauled by a bear, the crew buries him, murders his son, and abandons their bodies, continuing the journey unaware that DiCaprio escaped the grave to seek revenge. Yet its soundtrack—co-created by Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto, German electronic musician Alva Noto, and multi-instrumentalist Bryce Dessner of The National—wisely opts to complement that savagery rather than illustrate it.

Nine tracks, fifty minutes, the complete works. The bluesier sections meshed with the hard rock or doom lead to a vaguely Danzig-like atmosphere, though generally more upbeat and optimistic in attitude; also, the sprawling long-form tracks churning through the various styles in intriguing combinations really justify the length of the longer tracks.

Extremely limited non-metallic gold colored vinyl reissue. As songwriters and musicians, their sound is rounded out by perfect three-part harmonies. But for The Church the rewards were great -- if sometimes too clean around the corners in comparison to the song-for-song masterpiece HeydayStarfish set up the band's well-deserved breakthrough in the States.

His lyrics toe the line of mystery, with cryptic references to relationships of unknown size and shape. White vinyl pressing. Echoplex-treated tales tell of drug-crazed space travelers, grave-robbers in love and cosmic cannibals.

This is an absolutely essential collection from an American folk legend. Skeletons is an album of cover versions with Danzig's unique take on songs originally performed by artists ranging from Elvis Presley to Black Sabbath.

Duos With Guitars is comprised of two side-long improvisations recorded between and at various locations in Brussels and Tokyo. At the peak of their abilities both as Album) and writers -- most tracks feature only The Everly's voices and guitars. Reissued on clear and gold vinyl respectively. Recorded by HR mastermind Jason Henn in Philadephia, this single serves as probably one of their easier to find releases.

Dre and MC Ren. The first official studio material from yet a new Misfits lineup, centered around founding member Jerry Only. Hailing from Utah, The Piano Guys became an Internet sensation by way of their immensely successful series of strikingly original self-made music videos. Their debut album features more of the imaginative mash-up arrangements that The Piano Guys are already famous for, including sources ranging from Michael Jackson to Mozart, The Bourne Identity to David Guetta.

It also includes an original song and innovative takes on hits by One Direction, Adele and Christina Perri. This show was the last concert on their European Tour in support of 's Tattoo You album which would be their last live tour for seven years. Includes a copy of the DVD. Blige, John Legend, and Disclosure. A tale of love, sex, drugs, spaceships, romance, hallucinations, bitter tears and champagne. Crumb production: a dry, witty, autobiographical look at the meaning s of life from an underdog with deep nostalgia for America's lost folk culture and a strong sense kinship with the marginalized.

Tone and rhythm whirl together, like an emergency exit door choreographed to swing flawlessly in time to its damned and chaotic Pavlovian alarm bell. From the first rigid and cautious seconds of their EP, Wall unleash an uncanny self-awareness that methodically slips pages ripped from demented no wave legacies through a shredder of their own design.

Diminished Composition marks the third effort from the group. Like them, he favors analog drum machines, hardware synthesizers, and what sounds, above all, like a lot of playing of keys and twisting of knobs in real time.

Much contemporary electronic music is composed visually, assembled brick by brick on a computer screen, but Anderson's snake-in-the-grass meanderings suggest live takes stacked one on top of another, thanks to the magic of multi-tracking. A decade after that, inESP-Disk' also released, as Prophecythe first documentation of the group, recorded a month before Spiritual Unity by Canadian poet Paul Haines at a concert at a 91st Street club.

The transitional Bells was just under 20 minutes, originally released in as one side of a clear vinyl LP, with the other side empty of music. Citing both Culture and Morning Again, as well as their northern contemporaries in Arma Angelus, Buried Alive, and All Out War as major influences, Blistered channels the grit and aggression of '90s metalcore to punishing effect, which they deftly demonstrated on Soul Erosion.

Following a year's worth of tour experience, Blistered have returned with their debut full-length, The Poison Of Self-Confinement. The album feels like a worthy successor to the era of metallic hardcore that influenced them in both tone and spirit, bringing a modern reinterpretation to the chugging mosh-riffs of yesteryear, and switching the past's derisive message with accessible, personal lyrics while retaining the former's sense of disillusionment and outrage.

It is his first since 's The Next Day. Produced with longtime collaborator Tony Visconti and cut with a small combo of New York-based jazz musicians whose sound is wreathed in arctic electronics, Blackstar is a ricochet of textural eccentricity and pictorial-shrapnel writing.

They were nominated for a Juno award Canada's version of the Grammys and have played Metallica's Orion festival. There is no following of trends; simply riffs, and hair. So much hair. Quite a treat. Their new album And Then There's This… continues their legacy as one of the most powerful and groundbreaking bands in bluegrass.

At the end ofthe Spanish quartet Deers had to abandon its name for legal reasons. It wasn't a revision the band wanted to make, but the moniker it chose instead, Hinds hind being another word for a female red deeris one that might take the Madrid-based group to garage-pop stardom.

Leave Me AloneHinds' debut full-length, is the sound of a band settling into exactly what it wanted to be all along. And, much like its predecessors, it continues to set an almost ludicrously high bar for those who follow after.

Digipak in slipcase with booklet with sleeve notes, rare photos and archive material. Louis-based blackened sludge act -- a crushing assault of dense riffs, pummeling rhythms, and throat-shredding vocals. The album went on to win a W. Handy Award in the classic blues album category.

This digipak reissue contains more than an hour of west-side Chicago blues at it's finest, remastered from the original analog tapes. The set is an exploration of music, consciousness and human connectivity and is actually intended to send the listener to you guessed it sleepand is performed on piano, strings, with subtle electronic touches and vocals but no words. A manifesto for a slower pace of existence.

It would be great if people were to start playing it while they are getting ready for bed, so that they hear it in their sleep. Their downstairs neighbor was Bullets & Tears - Primal Fear - Rulebreaker (CD fellow by the name of Jackson Browne, who took Souther to audition for his boss, David Geffen, who had recently formed the Asylum Records label.

After hearing two songs, Geffen told Souther to "go make a record. John David Souther arrived inand was immediately a critical success and established Souther as a, if not the songwriter to watch. The project spanned seven years with "Fading Ways, Fadings Faces" being written as far back asand the remainder of the album being written between and Sadly this project was finished but never went as far as being released until now.

ADZ was supposed to be kind of a restart for The Adolescents under another name, and features members from both Adolescents and D. His previous album, Machinationswas released on Aphex Twin's Rephlex label in For Blue As An OrangeBastien recycled components of his Silent Motors live set and assembled mechanical organisms -- using amplified Meccano parts, motors, fans, rattles, paper, and nails -- to generate rhythmic scaffolding.

Live instrumentals, created with prepared trumpets, African kundi harp, Javanese rabab, sanza, electric harpsichord, bass, drums, and gongs, were then superimposed on top. The instrument uses a friction belt to vibrate individual strings similar to a violinwith the strings selected by pressing keys on the keyboard similar to an organ.

The instrument was recorded in Krakow, Poland by it's constructor Slawomir Zubrzycki and here is where the album reached completion. New album from the Arizona metalcore band. Anthony Newes vocals, guitar, keys, and other sounds and Brendan Kelly production, drum programming, keys, glockenspiel, kalimba —known in hip-hop circles as BK-One—were introduced through their work with the developmentally disabled. Their first meeting was a five-minute conversation about Tom Waits.

Their second was at a client's deathbed. The Dave Brubeck Octet was released in although it compiles the octet's complete recorded output made between andwhich was originally released in other forms. Exploding with stadium-sized riffs, dual-lead pyrotechnics and storytelling that splits the atom between earnestness and absurdity, Fantasy Machine tells of the struggle to maintain the wide-eyed wonder of adolescence -- when a Squier strat could transform a suburban bedroom into an arena of screaming fans -- during the long stretch between the twilight of childhood and the rest of your life.

Inafter a plethora of chart topping albums and a treasure trove of smash country and pop songs, Johnny Cash put together Johnny Recorded in L. On their infectious sophomore album Alone In A Crowdthe band pumps out an intense and inspirational track set that marvelously blends traditional pop punk with a saluting three-piece horn section amidst themes of alienation and the loss of innocence.

Spearheaded by Valor Kand with long-time members Gitane Demone and David Glass, Atrocities marked a lyrical shift to a more direct attack on organized religion rather than a subversive approach. The Scriptures saw bandleader Valor Kand take an even bolder step forward with the emphasis on world religion inside the group's grandiose goth-rock framework.

Gatefold colored vinyl reissues. Some bright and shiny tracks; others are more ethereal. Ghost Story 8. It tells of the band s formation at Charterhouse where Tony Banks, Peter Gabriel and Mike Rutherford were all pupils in the late sixties and the release of their debut album From Genesis To Revelation. The story then moves on through the departure of founder member Anthony Phillips and the arrival of Phil Collins and Steve Hackett in to form the 5-man line-up that established the band s career with albums such as Foxtrot and The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway.

The eighties and nineties were triumphant decades for Genesis with hugely successful hit albums and singles around the world such as GenesisInvisible Touch and We Can t Dance. Sum Of The Parts explores the dynamics of the group that has enabled them to survive changes of line-up, see their musical direction steadily evolve and maintain both group and solo careers along with their enduring popularity as evidenced by their hugely successful reunion tour.

Set List: 1 Forming the band 2 Ant leaves and pail and Steve join 3 New costumes - The fox's head 4 New worlds - The challenge of America 5 The lambs loes down on boradway 6 Finding a new voice 7 Steve leaves and punk arrives!

Estas son todas las obras esenciales e inolvidables del cine. Los Beatles realizan sus canciones parecen. Alejandro Lerner - Volver a Empezar. Attaque 77 No me arrepiento de Este Amor. Miguel Cantilo - A Que voy Quiera donde. Attaque 77 - Arrancacorazones - Encuentro en el Estudio. David Lebon - Mundo Agradable. Hilda Lizarazu - Sola en los Bares. David Lebon - Seminare. Patricia Sosa - Aprender a volar.

Sandra Mihanovich - Honrar la vida. Attaque 77 Hacelo por mi. Ciro y Los Persas - Astros. Jamas olvidare te - Marcela Morelo. Fabiana Cantilo - Dulce Condena. Sandra Mihanovich - Soy Lo Que soja. Bersuit - Un Pacto - Encuentro en el Estudio. Catupecu Machu Magia Veneno.

Fabiana Cantilo - Eiti Leda. Marcela Morelo - Ponernos de acuerdo. Patricia Sosa - Luz de mi vida. Andres Calamaro - Tres Marias. No te va Gustar - Chau.

Mis noches de Enero. No te va Gustar - Al vacio. Coti - Te Quise Tanto. Fito Paez - Yo Te Amo. Vicentico - Los caminos de la vida. El Puchero del Hortelano feat. Dias Bersuit Vergarabat heno. Romeo Santos Luis Fonsi - Respira Patricia Sosa - Luz de mi vida Prince Royce - Darte Un Beso Ricardo Arjona - El Amor Enrique Iglesias - Ayer Samo - Sin Ti Shakira - Sale El Sol.

Ricardo Arjona .

Сын Земли, Various - Colonna Sonora (Vinyl, LP), Italia Nice (Raggaunderground Mix), American Jesus - Bad Religion - Recipe For Hate (Vinyl, LP, Album), Bullocky-O - The Hawking Brothers - Australian Heritage (Vinyl, LP, Album), Los Hombres Lloran Tambien - Manolo Muñoz - En La Intimidad (Vinyl, LP, Album), Rest In Peace - Extreme (2) - III Sides To Every Story (Vinyl, LP, Album), Donde - Ruben Blades Con La Orquesta De Pete Rodriguez* - From Panama To New York (Vinyl, LP, Album, Mysticetus - SVLBRD - Svalbard (File, MP3), Get Em High (Mercedes Boy Remix) - Common - Far East Project: Common Remix (Vinyl), Pirunpihka - Asa (3) - Asa-Foetida: Use Your Illusion III (Cassette, Album), V Komnate Nikogo Net, September - Earth, Wind & Fire - The Best Of Earth Wind & Fire Vol. I (Vinyl, LP), So Things Break Glad Mines Unpayable - Mike Meanstreetz - 800 999 (CDr), Laserblast! - Fu Manchu - The Action Is Go (Vinyl, LP, LP, Album)