Every Time You Cry - Various - On The Track Summer Sampler 1995 (Cassette)

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For an outline of the Librivox audiobook production process, please see The LibriVox recording process. In mutual appreciation of their work, Harper would often attend live performances by Led Zeppelin over the subsequent decade and contributed sleeve photography to the album Physical Graffiti.

Harper's critically acclaimed album was a four-song epic, Stormcock. The album featured Jimmy Page on guitar credited as "S. Flavius Mercurius" for contractual reasons and David Bedford 's orchestral arrangements Bedford would also collaborate on some of Harper's future releases. Harper felt the album to be not particularly well promoted by his record label at the time and later stated:.

They hated Stormcock. No singles. No way of promoting it on the radio. They said there wasn't any money to market it. Stormcock dribbled out.

Nevertheless, Stormcock would remain a favourite album of Harper's fans and influence musicians for decades to come.

Thirty-five years later in fellow Mancunian Johnny Marr of English alternative rock band the Smiths said:. If ever there was a secret weapon of a record it would be Stormcock It's intense and beautiful and clever: Bowie's Hunky Dory 's big, badder brother. Joanna Newsom cited Stormcock as an influence upon her release Ys and inRobin Pecknold of SeattleWashington-based folk band Fleet Foxes stated that he took inspiration from Stormcock when recording Fleet Foxes second album Helplessness Blues.

At the time, Lifemask was created as Harper's final bowas he had been diagnosed with the then little-known genetic condition HHTwhich caused polycythemiaincapacitating him. The cover art shows Harper's life mask, as opposed to the ' death mask ' it might have been. After recovering treatment involved frequent venesectionhis next album Valentine was released on Valentine's Day14 Februaryand featured contributions from Jimmy Page.

His first live album Flashes from the Archives of Oblivionfeaturing two tracks recorded at that concert, soon followed. Roger Waters intended to record the part himself, but had strained his voice while recording " Shine On You Crazy Diamond " and David Gilmour declined to sing. Harper was recording his album HQ in Studio 2 of Abbey Road at the same time as Pink Floyd were working in Studio 3; learning of the band's dilemma, Harper offered to sing the lead.

The song is one of only two songs by Pink Floyd not sung by one of their permanent members the other one being " The Great Gig in the Sky ". Harper also co-wrote the song "Short and Sweet" with Gilmour for Gilmour's first solo record, David Gilmour released inand subsequently appeared on his own album The Unknown Soldier released in Controversy followed the release of 's Bullinamingvase. In AprilHarper began writing lyrics for the next Led Zeppelin album with Jimmy Pagebut the project was shelved when lead singer Robert Plant returned from a break after the death of his son, Karac Pendragon.

Following the success of BullinamingvaseHarper was asked "to write another record quickly". Dave C. Drill [29] [30] were made, but Harper felt them to be rushed. The record company, who "were in the first stages of a collapse in sales", [31] were not interested in the recordings, nor were they prepared to provide studio time when requested, telling Harper to come back in six months.

As a result, Harper withheld the publishing rights to that which Every Time You Cry - Various - On The Track Summer Sampler 1995 (Cassette) been recorded; an album provisionally entitled Commercial Breaks doesn't it? From to Harper worked with English musician and 'Black Sheep' member Andy Roberts sometimes performing as a duo.

Chrysalis considered the original Hipgnosis -designed album cover of Harper walking on water to be too offensive for an American release. Harper disagreed, but was given no choice by the label. Harper returned to the studio a few years after his dispute with EMI to record and prepare his next album The Unknown Soldier.

At the time, Harper knew it would be his last release on the label and it was these demos that " The album features David Gilmour both on guitar and as co-writer of half of its tracks. On one of those tracks, "You", Harper duets with Kate Bush. Harper later reciprocated by singing backing vocals on " Breathing " on Bush's album Never For Ever ; Bush's first no.

Bush thanked Harper on the album's cover for "holding onto the poet in his music". Roy is one of the greatest English songwriters we've had, and people just don't realise it.

And I really think that when they do we're going to have another top songwriter up there. He's brilliant. Of Bush, Harper later said. Kate is a fantastic musician and very professional as well. Working with Kate is a very smooth operation because she always knows what she wants to do, surprising you too, which is what good musicians always do" [35].

A decade later, Harper and Bush would again collaborate on his release Once. Harper's album Work of Heart was released on Public Records, a newly formed record label Harper created with Mark Thompson son of English historian, socialist and peace campaigner E.

The album was chosen by Derek Jewell of The Sunday Times as "Album of the Year" inbut it did not sell well and the short-lived label went under. During this period Harper lost his home, a farm in the village of Marden, Herefordshireto the bank.

Of this period Harper stated:. I can proudly say that I was one of the first casualties of the eighties recession! It was a chaotic period and one that I don't care to remember that often There is no doubt in my own mind that the early eighties were the nadir of my life in music".

The original demo version of Work of Heart was later released in on a limited edition copies vinyl release Every Time You Cry - Various - On The Track Summer Sampler 1995 (Cassette) Born in Captivity. ThroughoutHarper toured the United Kingdom with Jimmy Page performing a predominantly acoustic set at folk festivals under various guises such as the MacGregors, and Themselves.

InWhatever Happened to Jugula? The album caused a resurgence of interest in Harper and his music. Tony Franklinbass player in Harper's group at this time, later joined Page in the Firm. This version later appeared on the David Gilmour Live concert film. Harper also provided backing vocals on Gilmour's newly released album, About Face.

The concert was videoed and released as Stonehenge As a result of his continual touring and the popularity of Whatever Happened to Jugula? The renewed relationship between Harper and EMI did not last and from more of his earlier albums were becoming available on the newly formed Awareness Records label. The original release having been held back because of disputes over funding and content between Harper and EMI. Record information further documented by Dolgan, Bob Cleveland, Ohio: Gray and Company.

The discography on page of Dolgan's book shows that starting inYankovic's recordings of the song were titled "Old Oklahoma Waltz. For Steneker's recordings of the song on two albums, he credited Blatnick and Yankovic as the writers; see discogs. Songwriter credit verified by ascap. See also the allmusic. Album and song information documented by lpdiscography. Album information documented by bandcamp. Stations were free to add their own material, and some modified versions ran longer.

The sources of the additions are not clear. Anita Bonita's lyrics can be read by clicking this link and a three-minute version that includes her lyrics at the start and Dave Fields's arrangement throughout can be heard by clicking this link.

Songs recorded Recording date cited by robertchristgau. Peter Stampfel sings the song in live performance, viewable on YouTube. Album information also documented at allmusic. Song written infirst recorded by Alan Lomax for the Library of Congress in Accessed 23 October Song and record information documented by secondhandsongs.

Record information also documented by 45worlds. Miller and Brian A. Album information also documented by discogs. Chop Balboa, a. Not much specific can be found on the internet about this song or the performer. Presidential Trap House is based in Oklahoma City, specializing in rap and hip hop.

See Lonal X. Both sites have clips from the song. It is listed as being a release of JAGster Records. Otherwise, no information about the songwriter or other ways to hear it seem to be available, and there is no YouTube video.

Web version no longer available Retrieved 1 August The Gina Michaells recording of the song is available as an mp3 single download from several websites, including apple. The song can be heard on YouTubewhich also has the Myra Pearce version without Oklahoma in the lyrics.

For images of the record and the sheet music title page, and some comments on the varied composer credits, click on this link. Writing credit verified by Songview at ascap. The websites give two different dates for the original album release, and A clip of the Doye O'Dell recording can also be heard by clicking this link. This recording has not yet been found in any archive. It is also documented by countrydiscography.

The Mary London writing credit for the song can be found at ascap. A recording of Deuce Spriggens singing the vocal with the Tex Williams Musical Caravan can be heard at herbsteinermusic. Record information documented by 45worlds.

Album information documented by cdbaby. Digital download album. Album information documented by music. The song is played three times in the film: during the opening credits, at about the minute mark, and at the end.

The abridged minute version of the movie can be seen on YouTube. The song can also be heard, recorded from the soundtrack, by clicking this link. Album information documented on discogs. Retrieved 28 April Both recordings featured fiddle by Berline, guitar by Crary, and banjo by John Hickman. Catalogued by world cat. This recording can be heard on YouTube. Album information at discogs.

Both recordings of the song can be heard on YouTube: the original Vocation release, as later included on an anthology albumand the Regal Records release.

Album documented by allmusic. MacGregor LB. Album information documented at reddstewart. More album information and images of the cover, including the copyright date, can be found on 45worlds. Albums documented by cdbaby. Reissued on Columbia July and Columbia The song was later recorded again by Bob Wills, and by many other groups. The Gary P.

The R. Hampton recording is Catalogued by worldcat. Writing credit and original title verified by repertoire. YouTube has the Gary P. Nunn recording and also the recording by R.

Collected by many libraries; catalogued by worldcat. The song appears at the end of the CD as a "hidden track," its title not written on the CD case or listed in library catalogs.

For more information on the song, see the accounts given by songfacts. A documentary film about the band is also entitled Talihina Sky. Archived in the Bowling Green State University library. Every Time You Cry - Various - On The Track Summer Sampler 1995 (Cassette) song appeared twice on the album, once with electric instruments and once in an acoustic version.

The acoustic recording can be heard on YouTube. The recording can be heard on reverberation. Album information also documented by hortonrecords. Accessed 12 July Nashville Additional information, including the song list, documented by allmusic. Writing credit, lyrics and chords shown by t-rev. The recording can be heard by clicking this link to vimeo. The recording was later anthologized on the album Texas-Mexican Border Music, vol.

It is also archived in the Library of Congress. Record information documented by rateyourmusic. Songwriting credit verified by repertoire.

More on the musicians and the album can be read at countrydiscoghraphy2. A recording of the song by the Burtschi Brothers can be heard on YouTube. Writing credit and album information documented by allmusic. The song has also been recorded on the album Lucky by Carter Sampson, with a misattributed writing credit.

This record label misspells Childress as "Ceossley. According to the PragueFrank countrydiscography. The Morgan recording can be heard on YouTube. Also released as a 7-inch rpm record, 4-Star The Deke Dickerson recording can be heard in live performance on YouTube. For more information: "Dottie West: Tulsa ballroom". Retrieved 19 July The recording by Anita Carter was on Capitol Records Years later, this material and other songs from the vault were included on Rising Sons, Columbia Tulsa Every Time You Cry - Various - On The Track Summer Sampler 1995 (Cassette), album information documented by discogs.

Subsequently released as track one on Rarities, Volume Seven, Gigatone Album information documented by cduniverse. A live performance of the song by the band can be seen on YouTube. The recording by Diskothi-Q can be heard on YouTube. The Mountain Goats live performance of the song can also be heard on YouTube. Archived in the Library on Congress.

The original instrumental version, appearing on a rpm single, Homa BK-1, as well as on the album cited above, can be heard by clicking this link. The recording can be heard on YouTubewhich also has a video of a live performance by Emmylou Harris and her Hot Band, including co-composer Rodney Crowell.

Additional information on this family band and their music can be found in the on-line article "Blue Cut Delivers Folk Masterpiece We Walk in Temperatures. The recording can be heard on YouTubewhich also has a video of a spirited live performance of the song by the three members of the group.

Sean Camp's recording of his song can be heard on YouTube. Vocal by Jimmy Hall. Additional record information documented by discogs.

Recorded again with Leon McAuliffe doing the vocal, Columbia Also catalogued by worldcat. The recording, as collected on a later CD, can be heard on YouTubewhich also has a later version, probably the Columbia recording. Recorded by Calexico on a Tom T. Hall tribute album, Real: The Tom T. Hall Project, Belmore Records, YouTube has a video of a live performance of the song by Hall in on the television program Hee Haw.

Reba McEntire recorded the song for her album Starting Overbut it was not released until on a six-song album issued as a companion to her book entitled, as was the CD, Comfort from a Country Quilt, Universal Music Special Markets, Songwriting credit for Danny Flowers verified by ascap.

The recordings can be heard on YouTube: by Don Williamsthe studio recording by Eric Claptonthe live recording Clapton made about two years laterand the recording by Reba McEntyre, released in Stimeling, Travis D. New York: Oxford University Press. Album information documented by 45worlds. Additional information on the Gentlemen Prefer Blondes album can be found at 45worlds.

All internet sources retrieved 27 August The Gentlemen Prefer Blondes album gave sole writing credit to "Walker"; the compilation album credits Noack and Walker. Other sources point to Wayne D. Walkera frequent collaborator with Noack, as the co-composer. Additional album information documented by country-music-archive.

Co-songwriting credit was later sometimes attributed to Eddie Deanwho sang the song in the films Driftin' River and The Tioga Kid --two movies with much of the same footage re-edited. The Dean co-composer credit also is shown by discogs. But Bond is listed as the only composer of the song by ascap. The Jimmy Wakely Trio recording of the song can be heard by clicking this link. Album documented at spotify. The recording by the Mills Brothers can be heard on YouTube.

The recording was also released as a 7-inch rpm single, Warner Bros. Records WBS, The original writing credit was just for Pinkard and Collins. The addition of Felice and Boudleaux Bryant to the list of credited composers came after the Bryants successfully sued because of the similarities of the melody to their composition, " Rocky Top.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Add links. Christer Ericcson, recorded by Lasse Stefanz In Swedish. In German. From their CD Bluestoned. Only reference to Oklahoma is a single mention 40 seconds from the end of the song. I'm comin' home, with a new way to look at the world.

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