Hey, Hey, I Love That Sauna (Motorcycle Mama)

They are all really hyped up and Beck convinces the five of them to go to Karaoke Dokie to eat burgers, then going to the candy shop to buy more candy. Story: After Cat sings her song, "The Way" to prepare to be a pop star after senior graduation, Robbie immediately has more feelings for her than he ever did. Beck and Andre try to go through many stages and steps to give Robbie a complete makeover; trying to make him more masculine, convincing him to stop with the corny jokes, and making him less "Robbie".

Jade, Cat, and Lexis find out and the girls try to win the monopoly at the Basketball game. Opening Scene: In the beautiful sunshine in Los Angeles, Robbie, Andre, Beck, Jade, and Lexis are sitting and eating at the cafeteria, watching Cat on the stage, singing "The Way", getting ready for her pop star status right after high school. As Beck, Lexis, Andre, and Jade all admire Cat's singing talent, they notice that Robbie is lost with words and just staring at Cat's singing with pure love.

The gang, especially Beck, make fun of Robbie for crushing over Cat when they have known each other since Freshman year. Robbie admits that he will never earn her love. Andre feels bad for Robbie and convinces Robbie that Robbie should get a makeover to win Cat's trust. Beck listens in and agrees to Andre's offer, planning to "man-up" Robbie and giving him a different physical appearance. Ending Scene: After Tori, Jade, Lexis, Cat, and Trina all find out the monopoly was a scam to try to steal their money, the gang mocks Northridge for their pathetic schemes.

Cat says she needs to go to Hollywood Arts to help set up for the Semester Jam coming up the next week. Jade drives Tori, Trina, Lexis, and Cat there, in which they see Robbie, Andre, and Beck there, with Robbie having his Afro more raised up, looking like a hipster and giving him new glasses. Even Tori and I Love That Sauna (Motorcycle Mama) are attracted by Robbie's new look, but Jade asks Robbie why he actually changed the way he looks. Cat comes up to Robbie and confesses that even with this new look, Cat confesses that she loves Robbie and admires him.

Robbie tells Cat, ever since Freshman year, Robbie had loved Cat and never knew she would even consider dating Robbie. Cat smiles and the two share a kiss, as Tori, Andre, Trina, Jade, Beck, and Lexis all clap and they hugs, due to Cat and Robbie's newfound relationship with each other Story: The gang of teenagers must be prepared for the Semester Jam Out, which marks the first school dance and singing event ever since their Senior year began and one of many as well.

After Cat and Robbie claimed a relationship with each other, the whole episode revolves around the gang trying to find out what they should do for the Semester Jam Out; Jade wants to do a solo, but Tori and Cat offer to sing with her and the whole episode; Tori and Cat try to convince Jade.

Robbie wants to play the guitar, after Beck and Andre taught him to play it in the previous episode, in order to "impress" Cat. Lexis and Andre are looking to do a duet for a contract for Trey Dirty, having Trina try to convince them to I Love That Sauna (Motorcycle Mama) her on the stage for Trey Dirty.

And Beck is just being taught by Sinjin, as well as Robbie to teach him about special effects, so he can run it at the Semester Jam Out. Opening Scene: Cat, Beck, Tori, Sinjin, Burf, and Andre have finally finished the stage and the decorations for the Semester Jam Out and sees the sign and Tori is confused why they did not mash the words "Jam" and "Out" together to make it look cooler.

She asks this to Principal Helen and Helen thumps her on the head, telling her not to sass her. Jade laughs at Tori, so does Sikowitz. Sam is seen driving over in her motorcycle and giving Cat her purse, which fell out after she rode her bike to school. Beck and Jade thought Cat did not have to ride her bike to school anymore, since Robbie has a car and that they are in a relationship.

Robbie comes up with a crashed car and yells out of the parking lot, "I'm sorry! Trey Dirty comes up to the stage, surrounded by Trina and other teenagers dying over his fame, telling them to come up with something for the Jam Out or else he is leaving. The seven of them rap it out and Cat and Robbie even kiss each other then. After the epic rap battle, the gang waits for Trey Dirty's approval and he replies with, "I love it, guys".

The gang cheers, as Trey Dirty will be considering this rap battle to put on his record label and may be a benefit for Cat and Tori in the future, since the two of them want to pursue pop star careers. Story: In the month of November, Thanksgiving is coming by soon and Hollywood Arts needs to fundraise for the Turkey Drive, as well as a Thanksgiving dinner for all the seniors at Hollywood Arts.

Since it is only the beginning of November, Beck, Jade, and Lexis go up to Downtown Los Angeles, by Pershing Square Park, where they have to run a fundraiser and try to convince people to donate to Hollywood Arts and must overcome trying to come up with smart moves and tactics to help people understand their fundraiser, using Lexis's creative mind to help them.

Meanwhile, Tori, Robbie, Cat, and Andre all decide to go up to the mall, when Trina tells them that the new PearFloat is being released, a laptop that is touchscreen and can hover.

Since Andre works at PearPad Express, he tries to get the five of them in, only to end in a outrage of civilians and long lines, which they must overcome, hilariously. Andre explains that cow milking is a very popular trend in Washington and Oregon, but not California since it is a "hot sauna with chicks who can sing", referring to Tori, who smirks. Lexis walks over to them in a turkey outfit and throws small papers at the six of them, telling them Thanksgiving is nearby. The gang laughs at her and Robbie takes a picture for TheSlap and Tori asks why Lexis is dressed like that.

Lexis says, "Long story short; I lost a bet with Sikowitz". Jade tells Lexis she looks ridiculous and Lexis agrees. Lexis then goes on to explain that, since Thanksgiving is a few weeks away, the school is running a Thanksgiving dinner at Helen's house for all the seniors. The gang agrees that will be fun, since Helen lives all the way at the Hollywood Hills.

Beck offers Lexis a ride for the weekend to Pershing Square Park in downtown, so that Beck and her can run the fundraiser under the request of Helen. Jade gets mad at Beck for helping Lexis and Lexis asks Jade Hey come along. After many pleads, Jade finally agrees to come help Beck and Lexis.

Ending Scene: Trina drives all of Tori, Andre, Cat, and Robbie back to Tori's house after finding out that there were coincidentally five more PearFloats for them all and they all go on Tori's card table to set it up.

They all set it up, seeing the PearFloat can hover and has a cool new touchscreen. The five of them are all amazed and Tori's parents come home, teasing the five for obsessing over it.

Lexis knocks at Tori's door and Tori asks her how the fundraiser with Jade and Beck went. Tori hugs Lexis and Lexis comes over to try the new PearFloat. Tori convinces Lexis to go to the mall to buy one, but Cat reminds them that PearPad Express already ran out. Tori moans and Lexis says it is alright, since she earned the eight of them, including all the seniors, a dinner at Helen's house that Thanksgiving!

Story: After getting in trouble yet again because of running late to class, due to Sinjin holding them up, Tori, Lexis, Beck, Andre, Cat, Jade, and Robbie are forced to spend time on a beautiful Saturday in the outdoors of Hollywood Arts and clean Festus's kitchen, as well as scrap gum off the tables, as well as clean up the whole campus. When Trina brings them burgers from Three Guys', the gang all shares their deepest secrets and regrets in life, especially Lexis and Jade, who find out their personal lives are very connected, therefore bringing them closer than ever.

I Love That Sauna (Motorcycle Mama) Scene: As special credits and Tori's song, "Here's 2 Us" comes playing, the gang are all at their individual lockers and they come together at Tori's locker. Jade blames Tori for it, but Tori points out that Sinjin is the one who held them up because of his grandma punching his teeth. Lexis tells Jade not to blame everything on Tori and they get into a small argument. As they are puzzled at what they are supposed to be doing at the moment, Robbie says they need to scrap gum off the tables and clean Festus's kitchen, as well as the whole campus.

The gang all moan and Andre remarks, "This is not how I want to spend my Saturday. I was planning on going up to Anaheim to do community service hours at Disneyland with my brother and his girlfriend". Cat then replies, "One time, my brother volunteered at Disneyland, but then he got kicked out". The gang painfully asks Cat why he got kicked out and she said that he was standing in front of the roller coasters.

The gang then proceeds to go to the cafeteria. Ending Scene: After Tori's amazing "Here's 2 Us" song, admiring the seven of them as a group of friends, Jade jokes that they are not going to include Trina in the gang.

Beck reminds everyone that Trina is really only there to annoy the gang and only there during big sales at stores or if they are doing something related to Hollywood. After the song, Robbie and Andre cry. The seven of them all seem proud of each other and realize that none of them are probably going to attend college.

Story: When Tori and Andre find Beck coming to school ripped up and looking awful, Tori and Andre find out that Beck has reunited with one of his Canadian friends from elementary. Beck reminds Tori and Andre of his feud with Buck, the "friend", and that Buck is angry at Beck for stealing everything from Buck; his good grades and his girlfriend from back in the day. As Tori and Andre try to find out Buck's weaknesses, Beck chips in to help and tries to convince his friend that he never meant for any of it.

Meanwhile, after the first date between Cat and Robbie at a noodle place Hey, Cat applies there for a job to save funds for her very own car, so that she can save Robbie gas money and so that she will no longer have to use her bike as transportation. With the job, a license is required and Robbie, Jade, and Lexis help Cat pass the driver's test. Opening Scene: At school, Tori and Andre are walking and talking in the hallways, as Tori turns around and sees that Beck came to school with streets clothes and being bruised in the face.

A look of concern and worry comes out of Tori and Andre asks Beck what happened to him. Beck makes up excuses that he was attacked by a bear, as Tori claims is false, since he drives a car. B-Boy Park. Festivals of Japan. Hey festivals. List of folk festivals List of heavy metal festivals List of jam band music festivals List of punk rock festivals List of gothic festivals List of industrial music festivals.

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