Jingle Bells - Unknown Artist - The Production Master! Holiday/Seasonal (Vinyl, LP)

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After you have enabled scripting refresh this page. AIFF FLAC Perhaps that release date hints at Universal's release of a compilation with the same track listing on that year? If so, I have yet to locate such a compilation.

Darin's version of "Christmas Auld Lang Syne" closes the collection. Peggy Lee is the only female solo act in this anthology. That photo has been overused by these companies; an earlier issue to also feature it is the Emi-licensed Pottery Barn Classic Christmas Trilogy Emi was not involved in the making of that earlier item, which does not feature Lee, and which was also sold at Target stores. Only about four artists and their tracks are common to that version and the edition.

Artwork Shown: 8. As can be seen above, original copies of this item carried a Jingle Bells - Unknown Artist - The Production Master! Holiday/Seasonal (Vinyl cover sticker identifying the release as a Target store exclusive. So did most other Target exclusives. This CD identifies it merely as a distributor. The other three images above are later entries in the Traditional Christmas series, none of them featuring Lee; see notes below. The interest stemmed from its CD exclusives.

Many of such exclusives were actually the same compact discs being sold elsewhere, but with a significant advantage: they contained bonus tracks that were not available anywhere else. In addition to such sought-after items, Target naturally sold regular, non-exclusive CDs, and also budget music compilations which qualified as exclusives, too, because they had been commissioned for sale at their stores only.

Among such budget exclusives were all the holiday discs profiled in this section. Most of Target's budget exclusives were made by Compass Productions. Hired by clients mostly retailers for whom they put together thematic music CDs, both Rock River and Compass Productions took care of both licensing suitable tracks from the major labels and preparing the compact discs themselves.

Compass was, however, a less high-end, more budget-minded company, with more of a mass-market approach than Rock River. Another firm, Somerset Entertainment, purchased Compass' music catalogue around Somerset's catalogue was in turn bought by the Mood Media Corporation in and, inre-bought by the prolific music-and-video American retail distributor Allegro. In operation sincethe well-established Allegro still owned the Compass catalogue at the time of this writing Of the Compass product itemized above, it is worth nothing that the "Traditional Christmas" sub- series occupies all three last columns of this section.

Along with its prolific generation of volumes, the series' frequent incorporation of Peggy Lee tracks makes it deserving of additional commentary herein. The earliest "Traditional Christmas" items that I have been able to locate are three volumes dating fromeach consisting of 12 tracks and bearing the "Pure Gold" rubric.

The latter was one of Compass' main production lines, featuring a wide diversity of common-denominator compilations with titles such as Classic PartyBooty Shakin' HitsSports RockClassic Rockand 's Radio Hits. New items in the Traditional Christmas series were released in,,, and If additional discs came out in the omitted years between andI have yet to find evidence of their existence.

It is certainly possible. As time went by, the total number of tracks per disc increased from twelve to fifteen beginning in The number of volumes issued per year did not remain static, LP) I have located four volumes twice, three a few other times, and two for the remaining years.

The year saw one additional modification: all four volumes featured only male singers and were all sub-titled A Crooner Christmas. Allegro further released at least one Crooners sequel in Peggy Lee tracks were included in most years, the exceptions being,and post The omitted second volume if one was released at all is completely unknown to me, but I do not expect it to include any Lee material.

Capitol was among Pickwick's shareholders. Peggy Lee appeared only in the Jingle Bells - Unknown Artist - The Production Master! Holiday/Seasonal (Vinyl volumes listed above. More keys! Select a link below for a printable PDF of Jingle Bells in any of the following keys, for treble, bass, and alto clef.

Select an image below to view and print Christmas songs written for each instrument. If you like this site, please share it with others! Learn about rhythm and improve your skills: Rhythm-In-Music. Seems quite fitting that the man who practically invented the popular Christmas song should record a Christmas song among his final recordings.

Mary's by Charles T. You knew I couldn't go long without throwing in some music on the carillon. This has been in the stack for a couple of years, and I finally recorded it last night.

Not bad. I guess this LP) old-school bandsmens answer to the The Beatles. I'm running out of things to say about the umpteenth version I've shared of a song that is barely related to anything Christmas. I'm not positive, but I think this may be the actual hit version, collected up on a budget record. Funny story. I was all excited because I found the mono copy of this LP, still sealed in plastic.

I brought it home and recorded it, but the cover kept bugging me, I knew I'd seen it before. So I plundered the record collection until I found where I'd seen it before, which turned out to be a stereo copy on a slightly different label with a slightly different title. So I went ahead and recorded the stereo copy, and guess what? Two different versions! One is accented with a piano and the other with a guitar. Will wonders never cease! I probably shouldn't even record stuff like this, but you never know It's so late in the month I'm even running out of tracks like these.

The music just goes 'round and 'round the room, then 'round and 'round in your head I guess this just goes to prove the old adage, you can't have too much Jane Morgan. You never know what you're going to get when you pick up a collection like this. Some of them are gold, some just tin. I believe this is about the birth of Jesus, but it's hard to tell.

I think it's sung in Polish, then for some reason it was translated into German, then into English for the liners notes.

Your mileage may very, but it's not bad. Not too bad. Nice song. And that's it. Here's the download linkcome back Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the big weekend wrap-up of this year's Christmas In July! Day Time flies when you're having fun. We'll be wrapping this thing up soon, and I've got a lot of stuff I still want to share.

For that matter, I've still got a lot of stuff LP) want to record. Remember that shelf I showed you earlier? Well, the shelf above it is now almost half full of records I've recorded for you. Hopefully, when the month is over, I'll show you a picture of the whole thing and you can see what a massive sampling of music I've given you.

But I've still got a few nights to go, so let me get this one out of the way tonight. Yes, you read that right, Songs For The John. It's a little comedy bit Jingle Bells - Unknown Artist - The Production Master! Holiday/Seasonal (Vinyl an album featuring a plunger on the front cover. I've got a handful of comedy bits and songs for you tonight, a couple are new but most of them are reruns from earlier years.

Good stuff in the same vein as Green Christmas by Stan Freeburg, but not as well known. Not from the same LP, but still a rerun. And still not very funny to my ears. Hmm, can't find where I shared this one before, but I know I did. Google must be having a bad day. Xmas In Mt. Another rerunbut I'm sure it sounds better this go-round. Certainly a chopped up version of the story.

Interesting, veddy interesting. Obscure, yes. Christmas, no. Another kiddie album with another Victor Herbert cover. And that sudden jump in there is the way it's recorded, or maybe edited. It's not a skip, and I didn't do it. I think they chopped together two different recordings.

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