Lovers In The Night - Toto - Toto IV (CD, Album)

The recording took many months during and and the band was allowed a much larger than average recording budget. At a time when most bands were using a single track recorder Toto used as many as 3 separate track recorders at the same time. One track of each machine contained the time code synchronization signal while the remaining 23 tracks of each machine were available to record sound. It should also be noted though that a significant number of these tracks were copied and mixed down from musical parts already recorded on another synchronized reel of tape.

This was done to reduce the amount of wear on the first generation tapes. It also helped to maintain high quality sound during the extensive overdubbing and mixing process.

Philip Garris's original emblem from the Toto album was updated to show four rings since this was their fourth album. The newer looking, well-polished ring around the hilt of the sword represented their latest work. Each successive ring showed a little more wear and a few more chips which represented the band's previous records. Adapted from album's liner notes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lukather Paich Jeff Porcaro. Archived from the original on Retrieved Archived from the original on December 3, The Los Angeles Times.

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The idea that daft punk, arcade fire, arctic monkeys, and plenty of other modern hipster nonsense is on here is pretty sad. Same goes for a group like talking heads. Your list defies logic: Three Beatles albums in the top five, but none in the bottom 95? Fun list. Agree with over half the selections in the Top 40… after that I do find some of my favorites further down… sometimes much further down. Nothing new here. Too much Beatles and few too many non-rock types. A little more research about what is an influential album would have included a couple recordings from Zappa.

Where are Mashmakhan and Babe Ruth? Start listening to the ones you missed and come back with something new! Hope not to be rude. Publishing this list is a big offense to the Great musician and Bands of all times. First of all, contributions to this list should be done by fans over What does that even mean?

Most iconic? I am convinced that there was no consistent criteria used. There is no way that any knowledgeable music historians would put them in this order. I agree that every album on this list is important in the ream of Rock, but you will have to work harder to order them Album). Not including Sgt. Peppers and Court of the Crimson King is just horrible oversight.

You want variety? Where the hell are The Replacements? Husker Du? Elvis Costello? So my way goes…Elvis yes, … A King should be available….

Ehat are u guys smoking I would love some Sgt peppers hands down is the greatest album ever written then abbey road tevover white album then take your pick. As painful as this is, I realize as I get older, my favorite albums are left out. Time and music go hand in hand. For the albums of Michael Jackson it is to be noted that no details of the albums sold are given from — to.

Surely you can argue, what is a rock album? But it has performers who make the same music style as those in the list! In any case, a list of sales figures Worldwide is more meaningful so this one!

What about Tyrannosaurus Rex, and T. With some of the most original music, sounds, lyrics ever heard? Many angry comments with folks really just pushing their won favorite albums. But I agree with Allen Emery and Wunderdog. Because then there is no end. Biggest Seller? And then there isnt much logic having the Betales at 1, 2 and 4, but nowhere else.

It is so hard doing these lists because there are so many very, very good albums out Album). And Stone Roses? Bat Out of Hell needs to be on this list, no matter the criteria….

Since you only use one album per artist, this cannot be the best albums. Reading the angry replies was very enlightening! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Search uDiscover Music. Marvin May 31, at pm.

Mary June 1, at am. Debby Couture June 3, at am. Bruce Griffin November 10, at pm. Mike March 3, at am. Alan June 13, at pm. Tony Byrne August 27, at am. They were mediocre at best. Topmaybe. Top 10, no way. Bob J. April 10, at pm. Did I just miss it or is there really No Eric Clapton included? David W August 27, at am. Tom September 27, at pm. Jim Bates December 7, at am. JD October 13, at pm. Peepeepoopoo October 28, at pm.

I know they had bloody oasis but not sgt peppers. Buddy Drummond March 15, at pm. JOHN January 4, at am. Joseph Spinelli June 1, at pm. How about Emerson Lake and Palmer. You know, the band that practically invented the synthesizer. Peter June 1, at pm. Beresford du-Cille October 12, at am. ELP were the only band I ever walked out on. I liked the albums but they were so boring live.

Carmeli April 6, at pm. Mike February 14, at pm. Bill August 23, at pm. Made yourselves look like idiots. Andy J April 7, at am. Second from the last is Lou Reed Transformer.

Craig May 31, at pm. Craig June 1, at am. Will June 11, at am. What about the Santana album?. Lee August 26, at am. Juergen August 24, at am. Randy August 26, at am. What…no Peter Gabriel or Yes…. Another crime of the century …. David LeRoy May 31, at pm. You have the same album listed twice at 99 and Lovers In The Night - Toto - Toto IV (CD no Sgt.

Reg Warner May 31, at pm. Chris Chamberlain May 31, at pm. Vlietist June 1, at am. Trout Mask Replica dull, predictable, and popular? Robert June 1, at pm. Bobg April 8, at am. Album) Yates May 31, at pm. Martin Lindsey May 31, at pm. Chuck May 31, at pm. David Leroy: Really!!

Lucky Man May 31, at pm. Close to the Edge May 31, at pm. Victor May 31, at pm. Darryl June 1, at pm. John December 12, at pm. JOHN January 3, at pm. Delores Bennett March 5, at pm. Chris Leighfield May 31, at pm. Take a flying leap. Because you disagree? Larry May 31, at pm. Kansas Leftoverture, surly this epic album could have been placed somewhere in that list. John Blair September 11, at pm. Agree with you. Should be in the top 20 at least, if not Top 5. Leftoverture is Top Ten … a masterpiece.

Alan Peter Seger December 8, at am. To each his own. TheAsphaltWorld May 31, at pm. No Brittney Spears. Tour list is meaningless. Philip James June 1, at am. Steve April 6, at pm. RevRonsRants May 31, at pm. Jaydizzoh May 31, at pm. Rick June 5, at pm. Bryan October 10, at am. I was thinking the same thing Sgt Pepper.

Would also add Boston and Peter Frampton. No yes, Gary numan, cars, moody blues,or marillion but the Beach Boys. Your list is invalid. George June 1, at pm. Reynaldo August 24, at pm. George May 31, at pm. Dean May 31, at pm. All thumbs up on Physical Graffiti! In the light you will find the road! Where is … — Deep Purple in Rock? Tom Kuhn.

Brian May 31, at pm. Jefsil May 31, at pm. Limpi May 31, at pm. Burt May 31, at pm. Probably Daft Punk and Prince are milestones of rock and we ignore this fact. Jorgen Larsen May 31, at pm. Dustin May 31, at pm. Paul Watson May 31, at pm.

Dave June 1, at pm. Magin May 31, at pm. Joe Cogan May 31, at pm. Sylvain Chartrand May 31, at pm. James Brown??? Tommy 92???? Taylor May 31, at pm. Vinyl Junkie May 31, at pm. Dead Parrot May 31, at pm. Andres May 31, at pm.

A Night at the Opera is at 40 on the list. El Duderino May 31, at pm. Sidney Allen Johnson May 31, at pm. Ernesto San Giacomo April 7, at pm. John Whitworth February 4, at pm. Jacob May 31, at pm. Hubert May 31, at pm. Dude June 1, at am. Jeff Clausen May 31, at pm. Brad Deniston May 31, at pm. Fernando Passos May 31, at pm.

Laurobf May 31, at pm. Wayne June 2, at am. Danny Griffin September 12, at am. Paul Mcateer May 31, at pm. How the heck is America-History not on this list? Gray May 31, at pm. Sorry should have read, Carnival of Light by Ride.

Really late now!!! Mark Thompson May 31, at pm. ChrisB May 31, at pm. Steve May 31, at pm. Good list but I really think Def Leppard Pyromania should be at least top Dave Young May 31, at pm. Ed May 31, at pm. Glenn Peterson May 31, at pm. Other than that…. Pete June 1, at pm. A sin of omission indeed! Nige May 31, at pm. William May 31, at pm. Mike Steuber May 31, at pm. Gonzo May 31, at pm. Tunanorth May 31, at pm. Rob May 31, at pm. Randy Pogue May 31, at pm. Eric May 31, at pm.

Angelo May 31, at pm. Kev May 31, at pm. Jennifer Lapidus May 31, at pm. Continuum Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World. Bloomsbury Publishing. Retrieved June 24, Retrieved November 6, Epic Records.

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