Nadie Se Conoce - Social Deformity - Daltonism (CD)

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Cancelar Continuar. Thank You. Your email address is now confirmed. La prueba consiste en que el paciente ordene una serie de fichas de color Nadie Se Conoce - Social Deformity - Daltonism (CD) forma que los colores queden ordenados gradualmente. El daltonismo no tiene cura. La respuesta es clara ya que no existe un tratamiento conocido y es un trastorno de por vida. La persona que padece tritanopia no dispone del pigmento correspondiente al color azul, el cual suele confundirse con el verde.

Asimismo los amarillos tienden a verse como rojo, violeta o blanco. Surveillance loves micromanaging my finances into destruction because of my MBA. They feel like they have really put a woman down.

My employment was controlled after I moved to Washington in Again my employment was troubled by harassment and a situation with my married boss. My termination in was orchestrated by surveillance. I was not given any of the rights guaranteed by Naval Personnel Command. They could have easily made a transfer. After my termination the surveillance started using weapons that caused excruciating Nadie Se Conoce - Social Deformity - Daltonism (CD) on me.

They gave me more pain in 4 to 5 years than you can imagine. They started the sleep deprivation, they caused hemorrhagic bleeding, they shot my feet, they shot my stomach. Surveillance wanted me to be in a weakened position and make it difficult for me to be self supporting.

The severe pain continued until The sleep deprivation, daily tricks, and sharp shots that create short term pain are still continuing. As is the daily harassment, threats and trying to force me into suicide. InI tried to pass the CPA exam. I did not pass on the first exam. Stopping my goal of being a CPA along with keeping me single were high priorities of surveillance. Keeping me down financially can be included in that list of priorities.

With new technology added to progressively more sophisticate mind control techniques, this is a very powerful tool. Surveillance uses mind control on me at once daily.

The effect of the mind control varies from being very dangerous to something just plain dumb. Surveillance also loves shattering experiences. They love to break glass and other fragile items.

Living with satellite surveillance is like living with a team of destroyers. Currently, surveillance has been causing automobile accidents. I have had 3 in the last year. Financial Devastations I try to live on social security. Even small financial losses make an impact.

With the use of mind control they can cause any number of little financial losses. They have also controlled my investments by mind control to the point of disaster. Agencies Approached Over the years I have contacted many agencies. I also called the Department of Justice civil rights division a number of times. Abuse and Experimentation of Grandchildren I have 5 grandchildren. All of them have been experimented on to some extent.

My eleven year grandson, Matthew has been most cruelly treated. Surveillance created arrested development, hyperactivity and eye problems for the poor little guy. They have also experimented with his diet and eating habits. My oldest grandson, Jason had his kidneys ruined by satellite surveillance experimentation. This description of those of us who are extremely targeted was written by Brenda Zastoupil and added to by me with her permission.

We sympathize with all targeted people and what each and everyone of us are living with…. Sometime they let us get going a little only to destroy us time and time again. We cannot put into words how horrific these programs can be for some of us…. Many have been in these experimental programs since birth and do not realize it……………. There are some out there who say get a job, get a house, pick up your life. Well we have news for you, we were once successful and had all of what some of you have, but we are in a different program and everything we try gets systematically destroyed.

Improper medical care or none at all. Appointments canceled, records changed or missing. Murder of pets. Torture, murderd of friends and family…. I hope all is well with you. FYI, number I presume that you are talking about the same Pam Anderson who passed away suicide a few months back. Call me sensitive about this, but she has passed away and yes, it is relevant to our cause. I will be referring to her situation in my book hopefully being published inif I meet my personal deadlines. I cannot understand how your perp button was pressed by me this time, but you can rest assured you are wrong.

This is likely due to a fraud that transpired at a former client. The attached report has been Nadie Se Conoce - Social Deformity - Daltonism (CD) on the most recent events made via tape recordings made in my voice.

The following lists represent events that are not necessarily related, and many are just plain old life, but when looked at in the aggregate over the short period of time represent some very unusual statistics for the family and friends of one person in such a short period of time. This individual or group has been able to affect, quite possibly on an interstate basis, judges, lawyers, contractors and even police and fire departments.

Also, organized crime, or giving impression thereof. The judges and lawyers in the ensuing divorce and the latter in false police reports sanitizing the facts that had transpired. Lucy has a very mean alter ego that is the antithesis of her normal personality. Nancy Owens, landlord and one of two employers is highly likely involved; her son assaulted me.

The latter is of Scottish descent and in my research there is alleged to be a Scottish connection to mind control victims alleged due to the origins of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. As said numerous times I swear under penalty of perjury the following is true to the best of my knowledge. CA-Cathy Warsheshi First comes down with Hepatitis C after having a previously clear test and decades since any dangerous behavior.

During chemo medical treatment, new S. Head on collision and suspect other strange issues as she too started to fail to return calls after 30 year friendship. Very smart and able girl starts getting harassed by employer. Jewish HS girl friend and subsequent dear friend. This with a company at which he had been employed for over 10 years. AZ-Carl Esparza Son had a near head-on collision, just a week or two after I made contact, this Tuscon; uninsured vacation property burned to the ground.

CA- Jose Luis Galindo Tried to help him with drinking problem and find a picture of my daughter at his house that he had blown up from graduation invitation; very uncomfortable situation and he says she looks very sad.

Weird situation. Implied abused, which was true, as she was abused in high school, but was very strong coming into Acalanes. First girl in history to play freshman football and did H2o Polo at the same time. Alleged his brother was suicided, and had to take him back to Mexico and said he was mugged and lost ID; I helped him to get new ID. Previously asked permission to store a machine gun in the wall of my house; turned down. Claimed complete strangers were glaring at her; the latter is one of the tactics used against me.

HS-Friend now working for president of building management or something like that; having troubles again. CA-Julie Hintz-Ledson After admitting the tactics of people using children at schools to infiltrate and cause social problems, she flips her story, in just a few days. My daughter, the next DAY, was somehow triggered into committing a feigned suicide attempt. Darwin threw Nathan for discipline. Also offers to sell me, very cheap, what appeared to be stolen property.

Phil, despite having very good track record with international experience, is unable to find a job in the Bay Area and ends up moving to Washington. Dawn stops communicating after fairly close relationship. Was informed by Ida, she had a home invasion and was scared half to death. Very lucky no one killed. Once stuck with same Chinese girl and came on like hooker. AZ-Jackie Pearson — Year after I visit in Arizona, after my grandfather suddenly dies, John, her husband suddenly dies of heart attack.

I think, might have been stroke. Found dead in airport the following year. Was her bosses attorney Brobeck? Former Oakland PD.

Encouraged by neighbor, Sherry Finnegan, to get into nursing and gets job at John Muir. Gets minor fungal infection in nails and Dr. Gets infected with scabies at John Muir, given Sporonox that allegedly causes major problems, gall stone surgery, gets fibromyalgia, depression given Elavil by Dr. Henry Downs now of Idaho. Key timing issues with hours that conflict, a backup van key of mine, in her purse, gets ground down and stops working. Lucy has known me with my kid Courtney, as she was her nanny.

Wally Santos attempted to get me into a stock that plummeted shortly thereafter, and dissuaded me from getting into Apple that took off like a rocket. We dated briefly after arriving in Cal. Used by Crosby, Heafy, Roach and May to scare her into settling her case. Somehow, she now claims to have forgotten this traumatic incident. Roughly same time. The John Muir Surgeon, well respected, transferred out of the state, as have almost every single other involved party.

After having symptoms for several years of various neurological conditions, her doctor finally orders an MRI and discovers a stage 4 Glioblastoma.

She was referred to a cancer doctor that did not advise her of existing trials for which she could have qualified; I found them. Her Neurological doctor claimed different radiological photos had been sent to him causing him to send her home. His wife grand aunt Katie told by Dr. Son Richard Newby, several years ago, used by copper thieves to return copper wire for salvage.

Very odd behavior, mean spirited when before very gentle. This was the name of my wife who was also present. About same time as Gilberts. Her husband was the first person to inform me of some of these terrorist tactics using psychological anchoring and also was dead a short period of time thereafter; causes unknown to me. Good with kids and self taught programmer. Took her to Nadie Se Conoce - Social Deformity - Daltonism (CD) Bahamas with other girls from very wealthy families and on various trips around the country; came home very sick just in time for finals.

Suckered into black skimpy bathing suit for school calendar, then switched to summer scene; looked bad. Even though very healthy life style, BOTH daughters frequently sick during key periods like finals.

Certain teachers accelerated their lesson plans during this period throwing the younger kid further behind, causing further stress. Numerous Italians interjected into our lives that seemed far and above the normal ratio of WC. This by personnel manager. Father owned Festival Cinemas in downtown WC. Complete fabrication; seemed to have forgotten complete conversation. Big mess with family. Not long after, put into elderly home comes down with lung infection and dies. Pulled out in front of me and then speeds.

Waits for me to speed and then pulls over, gets behind me and gives ME a ticket. Major harassment. Takes keys from ignition, lunged at me trying to scare me. I do not move one inch; and our noses almost touched. Threatens to arrest me if I do not sign some special form in addition to ticket. Pauline now works for Jim Teasley of CMI Microwave who recently, was said to have gone out of country for microwave contract.

Had been experiencing extreme anxiety and is unable to get a job while all his friends were fully employed; was also lured into gambling and allegedly was 90K in debt to casinos. Also, apparently, ends up committing suicide after finding out that his girl friend has been cheating on him. Final straw girl friend betrays him. Two months after her doctor prescribed Marijuana to me she uses it in divorce with CPS claim. These are over the top for even her background.

Again once they could walk I could not help with baths. Stopped calling me back. Mobbed post Palmer school, when she after being removed with problems with Palmer. The Mobbing happened in Pleasant hill. African American girl was scared to go to school; would hide in closet from trauma. Painted racial comments on locker; and made to be social pariah; as were all the above family of mine. Fairly common tactic to lure good developers into a contract, but now I wonder about this due to the Brobeck connection.

Frank of Berkeley prescribes marijuana Nadie Se Conoce - Social Deformity - Daltonism (CD) two months later so-called Child Protective Services is at my door threatening to take my kid who has already been traumatized. Indirectly threatened by Skuderro with involuntary incarceration, but when I call him on it he backs down. Moments later threats me if I come back he may have to arrest me.

Essentially evicted from house using threats of taking Jordan. Mason attacks me trying to get the tape recorder from my pocket. Found out later Viki had told her the sessions were being taped, so it was completely legal. Then blocks the door and I cannot leave.

Albany police arrive and sucker me into getting up after being told to sit down and break three end-plates in my back. Officer Willits and his Sergeant. Possible gambling organized crime? Totally messed up new paint in house and left short on rent. Husband was hearing aid salesman and both total con artists; sister looked at credit report and advised me to allow them in; huge mistake. I swear under penalty of perjury the forgoing is true to the best of my knowledge, although there much more that has been left out.

Tim W. They talked about a cult and how people were isolated and experienced many of the things we do one part of what we go through. He said that he wanted to hear from viewers on this subject and they can be guests on his show. There are guest contacts from that show who have links to his website and are experts on mind control.

I believe this is just another opening for us to inform him of what is going on in our lives. We should probably also contact the guests on his show that specialize in this area. Learn the warning signs of dangerous groups before you become a victim. Rick Ross is the founder and executive director of the Rick A. Ross Institute, and an expert on cults, controversial groups and movements. Tools of Mind Control: 1. Control environment: Loved ones are cut off from family, no communication.

Break down sense of self: Break down their sense of self-esteem, literally attack them as individuals on the basis that they are wrong and that the group is right. Instill new sense of identity: New identity is reinforced by the group environment, where you get no feedback except from other members who tell you that they understand the right behavior and the right way of being.

Isolate: Cut off from outside world. Fear keeps them trapped inside the environment of the group. Recently divorced 2. Illness 3. Personal tragedy 4. Career failure 5. Away from home for the first time. Totalitarian: Absolute authoritarianism without meaningful accountability. Little tolerance: No place for questions or critical inquiry. Unreasonable fears: Unreasonable fear about the outside world, such as impending catastrophe, evil conspiracies and persecutions.

Never good enough: Followers feel they can never be good enough. No reason to leave: Former followers are always wrong in leaving, negative or even evil. Warning Signs of a Brainwashed Victim: 1. Loss of spontaneity: A dramatic loss of spontaneity and sense of humor.

You can protect yourself from unsafe groups and leaders by developing a good BS detector. Check things out, know the facts and examine the evidence. A safe group will be patient with your decision-making process. In my opinion, there is no safe place. This is my latest attempt. I know it is completely right. But I wish to engage you in something that I think you will really shine in.

The Peace Movement. This is in the planning stages. With your awareness and brilliance, This department could become a worldwide influence. Please let me know your thoughts. The I Ching says the best way to end Evil is to make vigorous strides in the Good. Please help me with this project! Email: rpangell umich. We could use an investigation here in Florida, but by now the whole world is being assaulted with mind control.

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