Pop Muzik - eX-Girl - Back To The Mono Kero! (CD)

Who the hell are they? Oh, right. Well, Bis crossed with the Need comes closer, as long as you remember to add foreign-country grammar. Ad jingles, not seven-inch singles, seem to inspire Hoppy Kamikaya. It should be their theme song. Cut last year, the finely textured but overall all-too-even Gold and Green is for now available only as an import.

Yoshimi P-We, drummer for the always noisy and recently beautiful Boredoms, produced Feather Float and gets credit for singing and playing guitar, Casiotone, and about a half dozen other instruments.

Reclaiming the Slits and Kleenex for post-Bikini Kill grrrls who believe femme art rock begins and ends with Sleater-Kinney, OOIOO sound like sirens tripping in the rainforest, mostly thanks to swooning chants and the occasional jambebongo, or talking drum. Editing psychedelic swirls and droning beats is tricky, of course, and some tracks—especially those off Green and Gold —could use an asshole box.

More proof that even bubblegum comes from the atom-heart mother. Kirilo changed her name to Kirilola and Keiko changed hers to Keikos. The American-based label Alternative Tentacles released the next album Endangered Speciesduring which the band used another guitarist named Zorek, though only on tour. The album was completed by Keiko's guitar.

When Keiko returned, the drummer changed once again. Despite the changes, the band continued touring in the United States, but time inevitably brought more changes. By the beginning of the yearKirilola had changed her position from bass to guitar, and the new member Laan Zukioh was the new bassist.

Later in the summer, Bonb-Chu was found to fulfill Pop Muzik - eX-Girl - Back To The Mono Kero! (CD) position as drummer. With this new line-up the group started their new world tour in October By the summer ofthe band flew to Northern Europe and held seven performances over the span of two months.

Shortly after this final tour, the band announced they would be taking an indefinite hiatus. The band went dormant in InKirilola announced on their web site that she had reformed the band after returning from climbing Mt. Hakusan to discover a U. Inspired by this, Kirilola searched for two new members and announced their first reunion show in 11 years at Kichijoji GB in Kichijoji, Tokyo on October 18, The band's only remaining original member, Kirilola, has several ongoing music-related projects.

The artist has taken part in Kamiyama's artistic projects with her singing, playing and dancing, and inshe released spiritual healing music under the project name Akasau.

This album was recorded together with several musicians, the main one being Renge, who plays traditional Japanese bells. InKirilola presented her solo "Nuriemaki" performances, with costumes based on kimono and folk outfits and accompanied by traditional Japanese instruments.

Layered vocals only add to the unsettling sound of the track, as does a decidedly dissonant guitar solo. A high-pitched vocal mantra that's repeated several times towards the middle of the track with minimal instrumentation around it doesn't help either. Overall, the track is much less upbeat and much darker than most of the material on the album, and as such it really sticks out as a highlight. This opening section of the track is much less frenetic than most of the album; it's slow, and dreamy or perhaps nightmarishand unsettling rather than wacky and insane.

There are brief sections where the upetempo, bizarre rhythms of the other tracks poke through, but for the most part the track is content to take its time and go for a dark, slow- burning ambience that almost has a post-rock vibe to it. As the longest track on the album, "Crime of the Century" certainly carves out its own niche on this fascinating and certainly very diverse album.

As a result, "Sasuke" comes off sounding far more minimalistic than most of the tracks; with an almost post-punk flavor, it's a wonderfully bleak way to end such an insane album. This is a very good album, and one with a sound that, as far as I've heard, is fairly unique.

While this is about as far away from "traditional" prog as you can get, there's no doubt that this is incredibly forward thinking, out-there music, and if that doesn't qualify as progressive than nothing does. Highly recommended for anyone looking to hear something different from the norm. Lurking in the most unknown of territories on PA, eX-Girl on paper does not sound like a band that has something of anything to do with prog rock. I will readily admit that I hear more J-pop and J-rock than prog rock, but eX-Girl is such a warped version of those genres that I really sit back and take notice.

I hear things akin to groups like Mr. Bungle like fashion. Gas Onna'' is more of a prog track with a bassline Squire would be proud of.

Triscuits'' is the highlight being an extended J-pop track with heavy prog overtones; the lowlight belongs to ''Pulse'', a noise tune like what OOIOO might try only more boring. I'm very fond of this album and wouldn't mind draining my iPod's battery life over it. I choose to reserve my emotions understanding that it leans too much in the pop direction.

Those that love Mr. Bungle should find the time to check the band out. Within the scope of avant-prog, eX- Girl one of the best ''fringe'' acts, but overall, they aren't that dominating or convincing of the avantness Pop Muzik - eX-Girl - Back To The Mono Kero!

(CD) me to extol. OOIOO is the Pop Muzik - eX-Girl - Back To The Mono Kero! (CD) to seek if you want an eclectic challenge in the avant world. What makes this different from their previous albums? The musicianship for one thing. If you know much about the history of eX-Girl you know that when the band first started out they were all accomplished vocalists, yet had virtually no experience playing instruments and it showed.

The instrumentation, while generally very interesting they received much assistance from producer Hoppy Kamiyama was clumsy. The new musicians brought in to replace the original guitarist and drummer were quite skilled Chapple's jazzy chops make a huge difference and by now Kirilola's performance is that much tighter and more melodic having more solid surroundings.

Aside from better musicianship, this is also eX-Girl's most mature and polished release to date. Just like previous albums most of the songs are made up of simple individual parts that all fit together in a clever fashion. And just like before there are simple riffs that are played in somewhat awkward time signatures, giving what would normally be overly simplistic a unique and intellectual twist.

And you get the same crazy, operatic, genre-bending three vocalist assault as before. Everything to be enjoyed about eX-Girl is here, it just got better.

Besides what the band members themselves bring to the table, Hoppy Kamiyama's contributions also seem that much more refined. There's the beautiful piano from track 6, the string quartet backdrop on the first track and his compositional collaborations with Kirilola who is the main song-writer this time around also seem that much better. So, to summarize: If you've heard any of eX-Girl's albums and have yet the hear this even if you liked them or notyou need to check this one out. If you haven't heard them and you want to hear quirky, semi-progressive pop music, get this.

It's the best thing they put out leaps and bounds better, believe me and it's a shame that they have released nothing together since. Review by Kazuhiro Prog Reviewer. The tour in the United States and Europe had already been dared and the band emphasized the existence including the activity and the evaluation in foreign countries though Line-Up of an initial member was up to for their activities.

The band that had already announced four albums was ensuring the music character with the producer's idea and work. It is indeed hit that they replaced the member in this It was this time that guitar player's Chihiro seceded the band and Keiko joined newly. The band has gradually gradually dared the performance in foreign countries. It will have been existence of Mike Patton that gave them a little e sound.

The evaluation in foreign countries rose by the exchange with him at this time. Or, competing of Gong and Magma might also have given some stimulation to this band. The band had the situation in which the album was announced in foreign countries at the stage that shifted at the term of growth at the dawn.

The band at this time is developing it into the music character to which the expression of the music exactly established is refined further. However, the music character that has it at first of the debut might be surely followed and developed. In Japan, this single CD that had been announced while the activity in foreign countries increased gradually along with the member's alternation was work for the commercial film.

Of course, producer's Hoppy Kamiyama joins this sound source. Pop Muzik - eX-Girl - Back To The Mono Kero! (CD) part of Space Rock that catches the age has the flavor refined further. This single CD is a work of the second stage as the result for the band. And, the activity of this second stage did not continue too much long.

The drum player of the band has seceded the band after this single CD announcement. However, when the band exactly knows passage to which the music character is developed on the term of growth, this single CD will be able to be caught as one proof.

The part of repeated sequence and Electronics is good and it. Because the music Pop Muzik - eX-Girl - Back To The Mono Kero! (CD) of the band is refined further, room will be felt by me. The sense of relief that Riff of an intense guitar is good is made. The sound of the band has shut further by the guitar player's alternation. Part of united rhythm with dash feeling and song and chorus. Song with sense of relief in close relation to steady rhythm.

Their music characters might be gradually refined. Parts of a few Punk Rock applied on the way of tune. Or, it is partial of the complete anacatesthesia that the line of the guitar and Bass makes. There is a part where Stereolab is partially reminiscent.

However, the music character that they did is digested splendidly and develops. It might be a tune to understand the passage of this band exactly as a tune announced at time when eX-Girl develops.

After the activity of only one year, eX-Girl formed in announces the debut album. They have dared the activity in foreign countries aggressively. It was a university radio in the United States that evaluated their music characters as an activity at this time.

If the age was considered, the music of the band that took charge of Prog Rock of Japan that derived in the latter half of the 90's and the avant-garde part might have had an original route. The existence of producer's Hoppy Kamiyama might be also indispensable as the point of which this band should make a special mention.

This band certainly had an original route. However, technical respect was not perfect because there was a part that had started from the amateur. However, it is also true that passage to which a music character and technical respect improved including them appeared obediently in the content of the album. This band is announcing the debut album in

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