Próg - Odraza - Esperalem Tkane (CD, Album)

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Blokirali ste reklame. This is an album that most fittingly bears the progressive tag, a must-listen for all fans of the genre, and a statement that will not be forgotten anytime soon. Folk metal is a very wide genre and trying to properly define it sometimes feels like trying to nail jello to the wall. French or rather Gascon Boisson Divine are one of these bands that fit right smack in the middle of it with their hurdy gurdy, accordion, boha and pipes.

Their third effort La Halha is yet another very fine specimen of folk metal that does NOT sound everybody else out there. They have this energy and characteristic vocals without ever going simplistic.

Polish black metal duo Odraza is one of the most emotions evoking acts in the Polish metal scene lately. They interested black metal fans a lot with their debut album Esperalem Tkane back in and now surprisingly returned with Rzeczom. The album is full of un-obvious song structures and melodies, leaving room for interpretation lyrics written in Polish and not very typical to black metal genre vocals. It is a favorite of mine to listen with a beer. Hazy hook rock in the best Saturday afternoon way.

Complex ominious landscape with grind on the side. Raw, furious, perfectly sculpted grind. You can watch the cutie-pie vocalist in record his vocals, and see into that process. Am I allowed to say that this band is adorable? Theories Seattlealbum — Regression : I wanted to scream along with the vocalist of Theories. They put out grind that breaks into death and groove, prog and brutal.

Cloud Rat Michiganalbum — Qliphoth : Bad ass female lead singer, and songs that are more than short and brutal. Includes hardcore, soft touches of post-punk, and rifftastic death. Prog, black metal and sludge brought together with technical prowess and a crushing drummer. Ufonaut: Entropia Poland 2-piece spinoff from Krallice bringing forth experimental prog Próg - Odraza - Esperalem Tkane (CD atmosphere, super mathy and abstract.

Rites: Gateway Belgium Lumbering doom from Conan. New drummer on this album. Hypnotisoitu Viharukous: Oranssi Pazuzu Finland Colorado 2-piece with the lead singer of Lord Mantis bringing forth a lovely dark noise sound, catchy and fun.

Beast Whip: Cobalt Colorado After their lead singer and guitarist died inthe rest of the members of Urgehal put together existing tracks and asked multiple guest vocals on their last album. Low: Wake Calgary Obvious Jethro Tull sound with the flutes, vocals bring it Swedish retro style, which is fabulous. Behind My Vocals : Perturbator and Night Runner - synthwave from Best Horror Melodic: Nostalgia for my death rock albums of yore played a big part in naming Tribulation in my favorite list of the year.

Tribulation Swedenalbum - The Children of the Night song - Holy Libations Best Garage: Distorted garage blues vintage rock with unique vocals blended through. The lead singer of Outre stands out, with about a hundred different and experimental sounds. Best Classic Doom: All three bands in the running were completely different, and all beloved in my heart.

Louisalbum - Terms of Surrender : Technical and precise, riff-heavy, great production, and importantly, dynamic Próg - Odraza - Esperalem Tkane (CD Album: Saturday Album is the album I listen to most, and it ends up being the most inventive album Album) the year. Remember when music was fun? Servants Album) the Mist — Suicide Sex Pact There are times when we all just hate something.

Or all things. On top of that, maybe your boss Album) nagging you and asking you to stay late or come in early almost everyday when you clearly have no say in the matter. So you light a cigarette, crack open a breakfast beer, and take on life once more. This anguish and slow mental beating is exactly what Servants of the Mist deliver with their hate-drenched, filthy sludge. If you are having the shittiest day of your life, throw this on, open a bottle of whiskey, and drink your sorrows away.

Odraza — Esperalem Tkane The buzz is already starting to spread online, so I am pleased to pass it on to you now. About the things left behind us, about the sum of all failures, and the loneliness that haunts us all. These are the things that disgust us. The lowest aspects of life and, perhaps, the most significant things around us — our own mirror reflection. We revile and oppose the courtship with the metaphysical and the unattainable.

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