So Real - Jeff Buckley - Last Goodbye (DVD)

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The Killing of a Chinese Bookie Halloween The two planned to throw a fund-raiser, a ploy by Charlotte to steal all the donations, but she gets found out when Julie goes into her handbag at a restaurant and finds numerous credit cards in different names.

Charlotte gets Julie in on the scam; however, Julie does the right thing and asks people to write checks to the charity so Charlotte could not steal the money.

With her plan foiled, she departed from Newport. We were just told we had to add an adult female character. It went nowhere, and we had no plan for it, and it just didn't fit the show. She likes the comic so she helps them to publish.

Seth deliberately misleads Summer Roberts that Reed is a man, infuriating Summer. Summer does not like the place and asks Seth to leave, but Reed stops Seth from leaving, making Summer even angrier. Reed then threatens to sue Zach when he wants to pull out. Reed offers Summer a chance to be the star of the comic to ensure that Summer will stop convincing Seth and Zach of giving up on it. Summer shows up at the launch party wearing costume, but the party ends with Seth and Zach literally fighting for Summer.

Reed is outraged about the debacle so she just let one person to meet George Lucaswho is interested in Atomic County. Jack Hess who has a master's degree in education and who taught six years at boarding schools, is the new Dean of Discipline at Harbor High and is responsible for the measures to be taken after the gunshot incident.

He wishes to punish Marissa Cooper but is only able to expel her. When Ryan Atwood punches him in the face, Jack uses that to have expelled Ryan as well. He then gives Seth Cohen two months' detention when he and Summer Roberts steal a tiki hut, which was a prop in a school play, so Ryan and Marissa can have sex in the hut on the beach. He is also responsible for Summer losing the social chair to Taylor Townsend by tricking her to admit that she helped Seth steal the tiki hut.

At the Summer Dance, Summer sees Taylor and Jack sharing an intimate tryst and Sandy uses the information to blackmail Jack into leaving Harbor to save his career and get Ryan back into Harbor. Chili is a good friend and aids Johnny, especially when he has to deal with Casey cheating on him and when he is injured by a car accident.

Chili lies to Marissa about Johnny, telling her that he got back on the surfing team and will be leaving Newport Union to travel with them, as he and Johnny know that Johnny is the only reason Marissa is staying at Newport Union. Chili wants Johnny to confess to Marissa how he feels about her but when he does, Marissa tells him that she doesn't love him. After Johnny's death, Chili stops going by the name Chili and wants to be called Dennis instead, as Johnny never liked the nickname.

Heather attends Newport Union and disliked Marissa Cooper from the very beginning, harassing her and doing all she can to make Marissa's life as difficult as possible. She is extremely jealous of Marissa, assuming she still lives an exorbitant lifestyle despite Marissa and Julie having received nothing from Caleb's will. She reappears at a party at Volchok's place, where she is given a spiked drink by Volchok's friends and is nearly raped by them before Marissa rescues her.

In the third-season finale, Heather helps Volchok to leave Newport in a stolen car. She is in the car when Volchok drives into Ryan's car, leading Ryan to drive off a cliff, which results in Marissa's death. In " The Cold Turkey " in season 4, she appears briefly and apologizes to Ryan about the night of Marissa's death, but claims to have had no control over Volchok's actions.

Casey attends Newport Union and dates Johnny Harper. She befriends Marissa Cooper when she enrolls at Union. She helps Marissa dodge the insults of Heatherthe school bully, but when she notices that Johnny and Marissa are growing closer and closer, she feels jealous and suspicious, finally cheating on Johnny by making out with his rival Kevin Volchok.

Johnny walks in on them and breaks up with her. She later explains to Marissa that she's not a bad person, and she could just see Johnny was falling in love with Marissa. Matt Ramsey is a year-old associate of the company that will take over the Newport Group.

He convinced Sandy Cohen to keep the company so that they can run it as co-partners and is then named Vice President and Director of Development. In the episode " The Disconnect ", he takes Ryan Atwood as an intern due to Ryan's knowledge and experience in construction.

Matt takes Ryan to a strip club and is fired by Sandy, but gets another chance when one of the dancers comes to Sandy and explains why he goes there. He doesn't have any trouble bribing to get green light for projects which are against Sandy's principles. Sandy tries to "do it his way" but has to give in to Matt's way as the latter has most of the board members on his side. Matt has a brief relationship with Maya, daughter of the head of the hospital's board, Henry Griffinbut breaks up with her when Sandy proposes a deal with Henry.

Henry asks Sandy to fire Matt because of his relationship to his daughter. Matt warns Sandy about Henry who takes kickbacks from vendors and tries to sell the story to newspapers but stops doing so after being beaten up by goons Henry has hired. Matt asks Henry for compensation as he has evidence that incriminates Henry.

The deal is stopped by Sandy who pays Matt for the evidence. Matt then leaves for Chicago. The relationship is doomed however, as Ryan is soon afterwards accepted to Berkeley and Sadie doesn't want to be the reason Ryan doesn't live his college life as he should and breaks up. It was reported that Nikki Reed would make her television debut in a four-episode arc[24] which later became six.

Reed stated that Sadie became "far from what I was originally pitched", suggesting that "glamming up the bohemian character" was to give the fans "someone who can give Mischa a run for her money. Henry Griffin is the Head of the Hospital Board. His daughter, Maya, dated Matt Ramsey briefly before breaking up, as Matt agrees Sandy Cohen 's request to get Maya's help in giving a proposal to Henry.

Henry asks Sandy to fire Matt for Maya which he does. Matt accuses Henry of taking kickbacks from ventures, and tries to sell the story to newspapers. In return, Henry orders three ruffians to vandalise Matt's apartment and beat him. After knowing what Henry did, Sandy threatens Henry to resign so he will "take [him] down". To stop Sandy, Henry bribes Sandy with a recommendation of a revitalising project. Later Matt asks Henry to pay him in exchange of evidence, and Henry brings a goon when they are ready to "make" the deal, but Sandy stops it.

Sandy takes the evidence and pays Matt instead. Henry later is investigated by D. Sandy finally gives up the hospital and supports D.

A to charge Henry, by giving the documents D. He was the driving force behind Summer's left wing activism. When he and Summer break into a science lab and are interviewed by the Brown board, he blames all his illegal activities on Summer.

As a result of Che's actions, Summer was suspended from Brown. Che later feels guilty and regretful for his actions and travels to Newport to ask her forgiveness. Later it's discovered he is actually extremely rich - his father owns a pharmaceutical company. In " The Chrismukk-huh? In this universe, he took what would have been Ryan's spot for admission at Harbor High School, and was engaged to Summer Roberts, and having an affair with Julie Cooper and any woman he could get his hands on.

In this universe, he wasn't an activist, as he is in real life. Later, in an attempt to repay Summer for So Real - Jeff Buckley - Last Goodbye (DVD) forgiveness for his misdeeds, Che tries to help Seth feel harmony with himself and takes him to the woods to connect with his spirit animal. During this trip, Che is convinced by a dream that Seth is his soul mate.

Che attempts to test this idea in " The Groundhog Day " with mixed results eventually winding up with the pair in prison. His last name, Cook, is revealed as the officer announces his release. However, Che realises that Seth was not his soul mate, it was actually the environmentalist girl who is placed in the cell next to them. Together, Che and his soul mate leave Newport. Gordon Bullit, who refers to himself as "The Bullit", is a colorful oil merchant from Texas.

Although he has been involved in bad deals, he is extremely wealthy. In prison, he met Frank Atwoodwho he later hired to be in charge of his finances. He soon after developed a crush on Julie Cooperand after some intimate e-mails he thought he was sharing with Julie which was later revealed to be from Kaitlin Cooper pretending to be her mother he proposed to Julie.

She rejects him, as she is already in a relationship with Frank Atwood. She initially breaks up with Frank and dates Bullit when Kaitlin reveals how much she would like Bullit to be her stepfather, but realizes that Frank is the one she wants to be with and reunites with him on Valentine's Day. In the series finale, set six months after the earthquake, Julie is engaged to Bullit after Frank panicked and left her when he discovered she was pregnant. Ultimately, when she has to choose between Frank and Bullit Julie decides to stay single.

Despite Julie's decision to not marry Bullit after all, he and the family remain good friends. Hanoi is Asian and presumably adopted. Amarillo is a "doctor for women's private parts" i. Kaitlin develops a crush on Spencer, who refuses to get involved with her as she is jailbait. Instead, he has a brief affair with Julie Cooperwhich ends when Kaitlin tricks him into interrupting Julie on a date with his father. Later, he joins Julie's and Kirsten Cohen 's agency, New Matchand uses their match-making to work as a gigolo.

He has 11 brothers, most named after Texan cities. He starts working at So Real - Jeff Buckley - Last Goodbye (DVD) 's and Julie 's matchmaking agency NewMatch. Frank had met Bullit in jail and Bullit offered him a position in his business. Later, Frank reveals to Julie that he had an ulterior motive for choosing Newport and that he was Ryan 's biological father.

Meanwhile, Sandy discovers that Frank was in prison So Real - Jeff Buckley - Last Goodbye (DVD) armed robbery. He wants to reunite with Ryan, but Ryan tells Sandy to pass on the message that he does not want to see him.

According to Kirsten, Frank was an abusive alcoholic, as shown by Ryan visibly tensing up when hearing about Frank wanting to reunite with him. Frank tells Kirsten that he was dying of cancer and Kirsten invites him over to So Real - Jeff Buckley - Last Goodbye (DVD) home for dinner. However, Sandy, whose experience as a public defender led him to be suspicious of Frank's story, finds out from a physician friend in the prison system that Frank was lying and punches him, sparking a fight, which Ryan quickly breaks up.

Ryan asks Frank to leave, saying that he wasn't ready to accept him into his life. In subsequent episodes, Ryan and Frank make amends and appear to be on speaking terms but Ryan has made it clear that even though he addresses Frank as "dad", he considers Sandy to be his father figure. Despite his past Frank is generally portrayed as a protagonist who's trying to get his life together.

Later in Season 4, Frank begins a relationship with Julie Cooper which is broken off when she decides to date Bullit for her daughter's sake because she and Gordon develop a close relationship. She later decides that Frank is the one she wants to be with and they begin dating again. Their son Cooper Atwood was born a few months after Kirsten and Sandy 's daughter.

In season 1, it was revealed that Frank he was still unnamed and known simply as "Ryan's father" at that time and Dawn and their sons Trey and Ryan lived in Fresno, California where Frank worked as a mechanic.

Like his ex-wife, he had alcohol problems and was arrested multiple times for alcohol-related offenses DUI and public intoxication. After he was imprisoned for armed robbery, Dawn and the boys moved south to Chino, Californiawhere the series begins. Ryan rarely mentioned him during the first three seasons, except through vague remarks.

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