Synesthesia - Porcupine Tree - Up The Downstair (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Like, waking up out of a deep sleep or even a coma if you want to go to the more extreme explanation. It puts a picture in my mind of a child like soul that its innocence is being crashed. The chorus is also very cynich and sounds tragically exeptive of the situation. It's either out of the deep despair, or because the narrator deserves it from a different view of things.

No Replies Log in to reply. General Comment Great, great song. Synesthesia is often experienced as one is dying, if I'm not mistaken. I was delirious with a fever once, then Synesthesia - Porcupine Tree - Up The Downstair (Vinyl on medication, and was listening to this while I started slipping from peaceful numbness to panicked agony. I can feel it every time I listen.

I think it's a straightforward song, no need to look too deeply into it. The extended version of this I like better than the original. General Comment great lyrics General Album) What a great song, It could be about a soldier who was is mortaly wounded and is sending a letter back some.

However, Steve's lyrics can mean many different things, who knows, i don't really see how someone could write a letter right before they die, so mabey this is what the person is saying to themselves in there head before they die. General Comment I think this song is about how leaders send people to war to die, pretend to regret it, and then send more off to die. General Comment this is quite possibly my favorite PT song. Ive read that synesthesia is what mrvenneti said, connecting two senses together.

Ive also heard that its a phenomenon that you experience right before you die. Everything you see turns LP different, vibrant colors I thought that because before the song the man says:"What you're listening to are musicians performing psychedelic music under the influence of a mind altering chemical called Another reason why I thought that was because at the end of the song Steven says - "Feeling good.

Feeling free. It's just an opinion, I'm not sure that it's true. General Comment Really beautiful music with amazing lyrics to boot! This is identical to the release, except it is printed on coloured vinyl and the Staircase Infinities disc contains the song "Phantoms".

All music written by Steven Wilson. Professional reviews : [6]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Porcupine Tree. Retrieved 6 July The Guardian. Retrieved 25 August Archived from the original on 26 August Retrieved 18 April I haven't heard this thing by The Orb that Steven constantly references, but I have several times heard another piece by The Orb, with a title something to do with pink fluffy clouds or something like that. It's just some trance-like music with the voice of a young girl narrating what sounds like memories from her childhood - and it just goes on and on, repeating the same phrases many times.

As you might guess, I was not particularly impressed with this exposure to The Orb. This seems to be a feature that's become more and more standard in music since the turn of the century - when you run out of ideas, recycle them. Either sample someone else, or sample yourself, even in the same track.

Now here's the thing - in Synesthesia - Porcupine Tree - Up The Downstair (Vinyl of Steven Wilson's work I can hear the influences that he cites. In this case, he uses the same idea - spoken word narration over a musical backing - as the Orb thing.

Yet invariably I find that Steven improves on whatever it was that he pinched the idea from. Voyage 34 is a case in point. It's got the narration, and if you don't like music with narration I get that, but at least this is not repetition, repetition, repetition.

There is actually a kind of story unfolding, rather than just a looped sample. I totally agree with what you are saying Bob. That is the reason why I'm finding Voyage 34 to be more palatable now after all these years.

Once the narrations run, they mercifully don't repeat on a loop. Those albums are what they are, a necessary part of history but I'm not likely to ever see those as more than a historical footnote. At the time I acquired V34 this was true but yes, The Orb does have that collaboration with David Gilmour that I've actually listened to more than V But not by much. I should go back to that one as well.

Both are less crucial but still interesting. Very insightful. I think the evolution is remarkable throughout PTree and the closest thing to a clue between albums might be Stupid Dream to Lightbulb Sun. Those last two are albums I hope I see in a better light when we get there. I was also way more fond of The Incident when it came out than I am now. RicBApr 27, SJPApr 27, SJP likes this.

I think they were another band under the Delerium label. I don't particularly care for their remix of Phase I and Phase II and other than when I get in the mood for start-to-finish listens, I Synesthesia - Porcupine Tree - Up The Downstair (Vinyl play it.

Something about the rhythm and the repetition of the samples sets my nerves on edge. Not a fan. Put it on in the car and you just don't hear anything for five minutes. Voyage 34 probably would have been best left as a2-phase "single" EP. I just chalk this up to Steven gaining experience for his ambient project, Bass Communion. Miles likes this. Location: America. George Co-StanzaApr 27, So I just listened to the whole thing, and my general feeling is: Phase I is the main show.

Phase II is worthy addition that provides a pro-trip viewpoint. Also, I can't imagine Voyage 34 without the narrative samples - they totally need to be there. It was originally intended to be a double album set including the song " Voyage 34 ", which was instead released as a single inand other material that ended up on the Album) Infinities EP It is the band's shortest studio album and the only one under 50 minutes in length.

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