U - Alex Spalding - Cupids Basin (File, MP3, Album)

I was staying in Barcelona. You get to Barcelona and what happens? So I came to Canada to do a tour with Jane. I was doing a tour with her in Europe, Canada and the United States. Then at the end of that tour I was trying to decide to go to Spain again, because I was supposed to go back, but I got some visa problem.

It was a really fucked-up situation. The thing is, I left Spain without having a residency. It took so long that I had to leave! So I left without any legal paper in Spain. So I decided to come here with my heart! It was completely different than before. Maybe it was my difference. But I started seeing everything in a different way.

For me before it was all too aggressive. TP: In Cuba did you listen to the great Salsa bands from New York, or the Fort Apache Band or bands like this, and did they have anything to do with the way you thought about music? TP: From your perspective as a Cuban and from the first generation that had freedom in some degree to travel, what do you think of the way Latin music has developed in New York in the last years?

I think they made some innovations, mostly harmonic. They have more knowledge in some points because they have lived here. So they started mixing the harmony stuff with the Cuban thing in the… You know, the same thing at some point as Benny More in Cuba. He did a big band with Perez Prado. But I think it was really developed for those guys. I really like what they did musically. It was fresh in that period. They were doing that approach to the jazz stuff. It was interesting.

I met a guy named Carlos Maza at the school. He had really different ideas. He was listening to the more avant-garde stuff, like Hermeto Pascoal and Egberto Gismonti. I really enjoyed those kinds of things, and I started hearing different kinds of drummers with more freedom. TP: Yosvany sounds very comfortable with avant-garde music also. It seems it must be because of the level training you get, being in the conservatory and learning so much music.

Do you think that intensive training may differentiate you from other musicians in Latin America? Because you do four years at the school, and you have time to practice if you want. If you want to practice, you practice. My friends have a really high level musically, but they do not like the avant-garde stuff or they are not interested in that kind of thing, and they keep going in maybe the Salsa stuff or jazz in the Latin way.

So there are differences in taste. TP: But you became interested in Hermeto Pascoal and Egberto Gismonti, and playing feelings, and the science of sound.

TP: Do you have an abstract turn of mind? Sometimes there are correlations between musicians who think like Hermeto Pascoal and Egberto Gismonti with physics and mathematics and so on, and I wonder if you have a bent towards that. I have been doing some research with Steve Coleman also about all these things.

Working with him, this kind of approach numerically and philosophically also… We were doing some work with the relationship between the Moon and the Sun and that approach to music.

I was really interested in the odd-metered stuff, and he is one of the more developed guys on that kind of thing. We played together in Chicago with Steve Coleman actually. He did a nice duet with a mrdingam player. They felt he took liberties. But you had no such feeling. I did a piece, and then we did some arrangements together with the band. TP: Tell me about the musicians you started to form alliances with in New York. John Benitez is crucial, Luis Perdomo seems crucial….

TP: Talk about how you started making your inroads. I guess the first time I heard your name was with Brian. Antonio Sanchez was playing drums then. And I started doing that gig for something like two months. At some point, it could be really Latin — the way of forming the melodies and the harmony.

I really liked doing that gig, and I still do it. Different things. Ornette Coleman. I was also listening to Coltrane. All those guys. I played with Carlos Maza for four years; he plays piano and guitar also. He used that approach. Then I played with this piano player in Cuba also named Ramon Valle. In some points he has an approach playing in a Cuban feel and in the jazz stuff, an approach like Keith Jarrett, not that much classic, and at the same time more… This approach, the way of playing.

I did a trio record with him at Egrem. Eventually I did this stuff with Andrew Hill. That was a great experience. His music is really fluid. That was before. He really liked the way I was doing stuff. Then I left for Cuba, and when I was staying in Barcelona I received a call from a friend saying that Henry Threadgill was looking for me to invite me to play here in New York.

I really liked it. I really feel sensitive with those kind of things. Then I met him. It contains so many specific things. I really feel comfortable with that kind of idiomatic musical language. But definitely he has his own way of harmonizing things and for orchestrating the stuff. He writes out the whole orchestration.

If you put a harmonic chord, like five notes, he probably will give one note to each member of the band. I mean, his own particular way of doing that. But I definitely have influence from Henry and from Andrew also. TP: That brings me to this question of how being in New York and interacting with the cream of musicians from around the world on a regular basis is affecting your path. The people who come here have in some way this feeling that they can do something.

That makes it a kind of challenge musically, because you can see formidable shit, really nice stuff, and a really high level of people playing. Each country has a specific folk tradition, then they have a specific way of playing salsa or clave. But here people are coming together.

First, you keep your own identity and your own path. At some point, we are this generation that has, as I said before, knowledge about different cultures. When you go to a concert, we are not just playing Latin stuff. We are mixing all the things we know and putting it in one language — music.

It could be as wide open harmonically as Henry can do. You know what I mean? So I was talking to Yosvany about this generation that is coming now, between 25 to 35…. This is really fun. We get together in my house and hear some music together and analyze it. I enjoy that part. And in Cuba, you might have an opportunity to do it because people come to the school from all over Latin America, but it would be a different context.

Have you been back to Cuba since you moved here? I have a? So I may go this year to Cuba to visit my family. They have different ones. They control you definitely! And through this company you can make your papers to go out of the country.

So sometimes you have to give them part of the money or a benefit or that kind of thing. Most of the travel that I did through that company, one of them, I did it because I was a friend of the director of that company. At some point, he helped me out. Well, you know. When we were there, we tried to make some stuff. We did some. But we want to do more. TP: So part of being here is being able to express yourself, even beyond the politics.

Although there were the jazz festivals, and you could meet Roy Hargrove or Steve Coleman, and they could meet you. And tell me about some of the venues in New York.

It seems the two primary ones have been the Jazz Gallery and the Zinc Bar. Then at the Jazz Gallery we did many things with Yosvany. At least myself, I am not interested in doing just Latin music or Jazz. The contact with the other side of the world is getting easier.

The influences culturally. You can now get how many books you want about India or how many books you want about Greece or Asia, and you can start by your own. I like the studies that people do because they want to do it, and they do it on their own. You navigate with your own luck. TP: And also, you can hear any music you want. Are you mostly listening to music from India and Egypt, rhythms of the world — folkloric music.

The training must be good for you as a composer, knowing the harmony. And the way of writing and all this stuff. So you make the sections clear in your mind. Even if the music that I sometimes am trying to reach now is…it gets in a different way… Like, the Indian stuff has different melodies, different scales, different rhythmic patterns.

Different culture. The first time I heard Elvin was really inspiring for me, because it was really powerful rhythm and at the same time it could get free. But there was a real rhythmic thing going on that I enjoyed from him, the stuff he did mostly with Coltrane. TP: You did a solo the other night where you sounded like about four drummers.

I was trying to figure out what instrument you were striking. It sounded like you had three hands. What was interesting was that you had the timbre. Usually when drummers try to do that, they get the rhythm but not the timbre. At some point I like to do that in my drumming, doing the same phrase in different places, and explaining this phrase in different ways. That kind of thing. My mother works in an office, and my father is an elevator engineer.

They like music, but they are not musicians at all. From the Bushmen. I played with Essiet at the Zinc Bar a few weeks ago, and he called his family the Bushmen. But the neighborhood I was born in at some point you could call U - Alex Spalding - Cupids Basin (File Black neighborhood.

I grew up in that kind of situation. Leave a comment. Below that is piece for DownBeat written on the occasion of his second release, Bar Talk the Zinc Bar, which figures prominently in the piece, was then on the north side of Houston Street. I discovered so much music. Married sincethe Wattses sipped coffee on the front bench of the center-left pew in Studio A of the Sanctuary, in Easton, Pennsylvania.

After the church ceased operations, audio-video producer and engineer Glen Forrest bought it, removed the altar, built a stage, installed lighting, ran cables downstairs to a basement studio and to another room directly behind the stage, and outfitted the spaces with state-of-the-art microphones and sound processing equipment. We stayed in cabins on the grounds, and when I woke up the next day, a deer was looking in the window.

And I was looking for a slightly more peaceful environment for my young family, wanting them to have a tree or two in their life. The Wattses cleared out the Atlantic Avenue coop that he had finished paying off in They rented a house in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, in the Poconos, thirty miles north of Easton, a town of 26, in the Lehigh Valley. He started looking at houses with potential studio spaces in basements or barns, then for industrial spaces to convert, then for churches. After several false starts, he found the Sanctuary on a website.

Behind it is a long, well-stocked playroom for the girls, which opens into a dining area the size of a Manhattan studio apartment, which Forrest had used as a greenscreen room.

That opens into a large, sunlit corner kitchen, with much counter space, on which sat collard greens and tomatoes from the garden directly outside it that would be simmered in olive oil and served on quinoa for lunch. Back in Studio A, Watts opened a door stage left, and pointed to the innards of an immense, still-functional pipe organ. As Laura Watts left to greet and monitor a roofer, Watts turned his attention to the Sonars. They were talked about as the Rolls-Royce of drums.

Watts played those Sonars on that Studio A stage during two sessions that generated the spring release Blue Vol. Several of them bunked in the upstairs bedrooms during the process. Watts compared these new offerings to such earlier releases as Citizen Tainhis leader debut, and its follow-up, Bar Talk, on which—joined by such high-Q-score employers as Wynton and Branford Marsalis, Michael Brecker and Kenny Garrett—he morphed himself from celebrity sideman into leader with a vision.

Actually, Watts generates a sizable percentage of wow-factor playing throughout both Blue dates, within environments that artfully showcase the skills and conceptual scope that made him perhaps the most influential hardcore jazz drummer of his generation. The present-day iteration of the aforementioned comes through on the Blue Vol.

All those pieces we did in the quintet with time changes and superimposed meters came from playing with him. He forced me to shape my lines that way. Sometimes I think I understand it. It puts a certain responsibility on me. My jazz vocabulary was small when we met at Berklee, so he would try to predict what I was going to play and play along with it. Ensconced in a dwelling where he can practice at top volume at any time of the day or night, Watts is pursuing a sound that maintains equipoise between form and function, an approach that tests the waters while retaining maximum groove.

I spent a certain amount of my career trying to find things to add to the swing vocabulary, and then, through Elvin Jones and Ed Blackwell and people like that, I started to see the specific ties to Africa specifically.

A week before our conversation, Watts explored those ties during a week at the Blue Note with Jerry Gonzalez and the Fort Apache Band, whose members spent a full day rehearsing at the Sanctuary before the event.

We always have a healthy exchange. One reason these guys come to America is to interface with people who represented something to them. I jump back and forth between trying to glean whatever folkloric information I can from them, and giving them as much pure jazz language as I can. It works out for both sides. In a conversation inJeff Watts described himself as less apt to deconstruct his major influences stroke-for-stroke than to create something that outlines their essence.

This freed me up. You can trace the roots of the instrument to a whole bunch of folky places, but you owe it to yourself to refer to repertoire. Influence becomes important. My favorite drummers are usually super-duper expressive and personal, but at the same time perform their function at a super-high level.

Elvin can play disjunct, independent things, but make the band feel wonderful. People like Max Roach and others pushed it to the front. Tony wrote the textbook of how to achieve a personal style by really internalizing precedent and the tradition. Roy Haynes did play with everybody. Like Elvin, he absorbed tradition and was able to navigate the Afro-Cuban vibration, which gave him a very broad palette to work from.

A lot of music is about musical decisions. He made musical decisions that enabled him to interface with a wide variety of artists representing the whole history of the music.

The same thing that I said about Elvin applies to him: maximum funk with maximum creativity. Go in there cold and nail it, or maybe everybody has horrible time, and the drummer has to take responsibility for gangstering the situation and taking control of the thing.

In the front section, patrons and waitresses vie for elbow room in a narrow aisle between a well-stocked bar and a long line of dime-sized banquette tables. No matter how esoteric the material, the bands never stray too far from a groove of one diasporic origin or another, the better to keep the party going. Watts knows how to play the room and push the envelope as well as anyone.

Of course, the cycle starts all over again. For the remainder of Bar TalkWatts eschews further exploration of the nuances of lush life. But he frames himself with an assortment of environments—a Brazil-inflected paean to Stevie Wonder; a tenor burnout by his two primary sources of income; a nasty blues; two harmonically luxuriant ballads; a post-bop evocation of Billy Higgins; even a contemporary-styled tune with a torchy lyric—that artfully convey the range of skills, predispositions and stylistic idiosyncracies that make Watts perhaps the most influential hardcore jazz drummer of his generation.

On the heels of his leader debut, Citizen TainBar Talk documents how deftly Watts, 42, has morphed himself from flow-shaping celebrity sideman to leader with an inclusive vision. A video of the Miles Davis Quintet, circaflickers on the television.

I want to deal with the whole world rhythmically. As drummers, our prime function is rhythm. So we should know as many as we can. But when you analyze things in fusion or things Miles Davis did that people find questionable, often it comes down to a different base rhythm. Perhaps Watts retains a fresh attitude to jazz became he discovered it so late. In the fall ofMarsalis, aware that his trumpet-playing younger brother was looking for a drummer to play a few gigs, recommended his friend.

As opposed to being a complete, thorough historian of the music and playing all the right things at the right time, he played strange things at the right time, imposing his fusion influences on a jazz context. Kenny Kirkland had an apartment, and we started rehearsing. At that time, they knew about jazz and kind of liked it, but they were mainly into fusion.

I was into jazz. I liked Tain because he was funny, but he has a phenomenal level of talent and intellect. Over the years, he developed a vocabulary that only he plays.

All those pieces with time changes and different meters came from playing off of him, because he could do it. It forced me to shape my lines that way, too.

He hooked his stuff up. His cymbal sound was OK, kind of splashy. He would hit the cymbal for hours, getting that together. The more you do that, the more sophisticated your language becomes, so eventually you can play almost anything. But on top of that, he was doing it his own way. Watts describes himself as less apt to break down his major influences stroke-for-stroke than to create something that outlines their essence.

Each guy had a signature vocabulary—a certain set of licks—that you can use to try to create the illusion of being melodic over a form. You can get hung up on someone like Philly Joe Jones, and it dictates how you approach a tune.

We used that music and got ideas from it, but it was important to work on a voice. That voice has inspired two generations of esthetic descendants as a gateway into jazz lineage. That informed the more linear style of my earlier playing with Wynton. He sings a rhythm with an abstracted second-line feel to demonstrate his point. ByI wanted to do some things that transcended jazz vocabulary, and I started to experiment, play a pure five beats or seven beats over four beats or three beats.

Still, the fact that Watts became a household name among jazz cognoscenti during the first decade of his career had less to do with what he played than with whom he played it. But looking back, it was almost like a paid sabbatical.

Wynton was always encouraging me. Being denied a lot of playing opportunities and access to a pool of musicians made me focus on other routes. And living next door to Kenny Kirkland was not a bad impetus. Kenny had the Mac set up with the software, Tain would go in, and they would just write tunes, work on things, and play gigs from 7 p.

He continued his homework in L. It helps you get away from bar lines and conventional phrases; you feel a basic heartbeat, but then you cut it up. You have the freedom to create from nothing—a personal world of music with just the drums.

Watts resettled in New York inwell-prepared to tackle the Pan-American rhythmic mix of Danilo Perez, with whom he played and recorded for two years.

Danilo was smart enough to hear that Tain would bring more of a jazz dynamic than most Afro-Cuban drummers. He propelled the band with four-limbed variations on a set of vernacular juju rhythms that Essiet had shown him a few years earlier, ratcheting the intensity, conjuring from the trapset a sound not unlike that of the talking drum choir with King Sunny Ade and his African Beats. But I was a wild and crazy guy, and as the months went by I was just in the street doing my thing and doing my jazz gigs.

To make that transition at that point of my life, I would have had to spend some time. I want to change my approach and get better purely in a drumming way; instrumentally, I want to refine everything and not be limited by lack of preparation.

He uses that knowledge to determine what he writes later. I look forward to being in that artistic cycle. I get a percentage of it from my very close sideman associations, because I usually end up shaping the rhythm. But being able to write stuff, get it recorded and play it with people you choose—having control entirely over your musical world—is a cool thing.

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Michel Rivard - Libérer Le Trésor (Vinyl), Kwiatki - Bratki - Various - Czary - Mary (Piosenki Dla Dzieci) (Cassette), Každej Kos Chodí Bos, Positive Feedback Loop, Rome - Susanne Sundfør - The Silicone Veil (CD, Album), Immersione In Te, Zenith - Psycho Motion E.P (Vinyl), LOrfeo (Finale, Moresca, 5. Akt), Akral Necrosis - Pandemic Domonion (CDr, Album), Power Changes Everything - audiomachine, Harry Gregson-Williams - Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (Fi, Mambo In F - Edmundo Ros And His Orchestra* - Mambo With Ros (Vinyl, LP, Album), Ballad Of Hollis Brown - Bob Dylan - B.B.C. Studios - 1965 (CD, Album), Picnic, Flute Dance, Quarrel, The Fanny Ellsler Pas-De-Deux - Hérold* - John Lanchbery, Orchestra Of, Alan Stivell - Journée À La Maison - Un Dewezh Barzh Gêr (Vinyl, LP, Album)