Why Cant I? - Various - Gay.com Summer 2003 Sampler (CD, Album)

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Sende et brev til utlandet Legg brevet ufrankert i posthyllen «Post utland». Kan jeg sende hvad som helst? Skolerne er lukket, og jeg kan ikk sproget. Jeg ved virkelig ikke hvordan jeg skal lave venner Jeg kender ingen, som i ingen her. Med NemID. Her er formaterne alene bibeholdt af hensyn til evt. Send brev til udlandet. Du kan ikke sende Quickbreve til udlandet, men kun det almindelige postprodukt Brevet.

Breve til udlandet koster 30,00 kr. Se vores oversigt over servicemuligheder for forsendelser til udlandet. The first Dinger Bros. Better than any of post-Neu! Rother's "Neu Zeit" waftings at any rate, although I don't think I've heard the one Matt cites as an overlooked gem. Sunday, April 13, Meaning, obviously, therefore the greatest dance music mix-CD ever?

An awesome barrage of Amen snare-rushes and sublo rootical bass-sway, sound-against-sound bashment battle cries and roots-era sensi-paeans.

The most exciting shit, like, ever? Though the bulk of them are familiar, stirring somatically encoded memories in my sinews and reflexes, neuromuscular scars from nights of thunder and joy. SoundMurderer has spliced together the most intense drum-loco breakdowns and house-of-cards-tumbling bridge bitz, it's pretty much continuously one long amen-rinse orgasm. Thursday, April 10, Always good to have one's own sneaking suspicions amply confirmed, without the chore of listening to the actual records.

Sunday, April 06, On the subject of mailed-cassette-as-field-recording, this guy David with whom I have a trade pact with '93 for '03 ya get me quipped "maybe us pirate tapers are the new Harry Smiths eh? UKG as modern urban folk, yes why not? People singing about local things for a local people, using coarse vernacular, making the music themselves in relatively lo-fi manner.

Obsessed with questions of realness Why Cant I? - Various - Gay.com Summer 2003 Sampler (CD authenticity and grit-as-truth. The product of its environment. But that environment isn't just physical surroundings. This tribal music dwells in a media jungle as much as a concrete jungle. For instance there's a hardcore tune from '92 by Payback called "Eastenders", a cover you guessed it of the Eastenders theme.

I could probably write a word essay with footnotes on this one tune -- the way it collides the fictionalized pseudo-real East End of TV and c.

The Eastenders ' theme's sickly caramel-centre melody is turned first into a gorgeously soppy lover's-rock-meets-chillout lilt and then into a gloriously nutt-E rave-stab, and in between comes a chap jabbering in thick patois about whether the tune's a dubplate Why Cant I? - Various - Gay.com Summer 2003 Sampler (CD not over monstrous quaking blasts of sine-wave sub-bass. True, there's a lot of amazing music that isn't about a specific place, that is in fact about space.

Then again, per Sun Ra, space is a place, albeit imaginary and utopian root meaning literally no-place : ecstastic and otherworldly and often interstellar, but an environment. The only music I can think of that really seems to evoke nowhere in its pure blankest sensethe non-place of digitized and dematerialized and meta-stized information--are mash-ups.

That's the enemy, not because I don't want to be entertained, but because if that's all Album) is, there's nothing to talk about. Friday, April 04, And why would you even want to? No, you don't have to be "there" to feel it or understand it, but it's a faulty logic leap to then conclude that questions of "there"-ness are irrevelant and outmoded in these easy-access days of the glorious interweb.

Because "there" permeates every fibre of the music. Wednesday, April 02, Mass ive media. Philip Sherburne spins an interesting piece out of the tension between his renewed passion for UKG must hear this Platinum 45 track he's banging on about and feeling frustrated because he doesn't know who the music is aimed at and how they consume it.

I must admit though I'm surprised he feels like he's not got enough sociocultural background to get a proper "read" on what garage rap is "about'"-- mean to say, apart from my own blogging activities and others on the unofficial gutter-garridge webring Luka the prophet, firing on all cylinders at the mo'; Ingram, finding it harder to stick to the hibernation resolution than he thought, glad to have you back bro it's not like UK garage and its constituency is undocumented, is it?

Plus now with garage rap you have the words which actually TELL you what it's about; even when there's a hyper-real fantasy element to the thuggism, the fantasies-as-social-facts-in-themselves tell you things. Still there are some things that obviously get lost in the transatlantic translation, and maybe i can assist with Phil's perplexity vis-a-vis the fact that Platinum 45 maker of mad sick underground beats as twisted as anything Album) of Cologne is also Platinum 45 as in Platinum 45 Featuring More Fire Crew as in Number 7 UK pop hit "Oi!

I suppose if you live in America land of Clear Channel and hits that take months to build and months to go away once they've finally clawed their way into the top 10, it's hard to understand how it can work in the UK with singles that are massive hits without ever really being pop.

It's been like this at least since hardcore or earlier still with aciieed -- tunes that are so popular with the massive and on the pirates that they can shoot straight into the charts without any mainstream radio support. I'm sure "Oi! And then the kiddies TV show appearances follow. This is one of the most interesting, little understood things about London pirate radio -- it's not so much an underground as a counter-mainstream.

It's like the scene has its own mass media which make up a world that people can live inside and ignore the "real" pop world. Scroll through the FM dial at the weekend and the garage pirates almost outnumber the legal stations, plus these days you get pirates operating every single week night as well, with different crews having regular shows at specific times see luke's heronbone blog for a Radio Times style breakdown of when to tune in.

As a result of this, in their own heads and within the parallel pirate counter-mainstream universe, these MCs and crews are already stars, long before the outside world acknowledges them as such or even knows they exist. Most of the time it's the case that every so often one or two of the pirate-universe "hits" slips through into the chartpop universe.

But every so often, the entire pirate universe manages to superimpose itself in a mass putsch and become the real-world pop music, almost totally supplant and displace it. That's what happened with hardcore in and that's what happened with 2step in Hard to believe now but Artful Dodger and Craig Why Cant I? - Various - Gay.com Summer 2003 Sampler (CD were underground right up until the last minute before they became chart overlords.

In '91 Prodigy remained underground even when they were Top 5 with 'Charly' and 'Everybody Is The Place', then gradually became a pop group and then a rock band.

On which subject check the CD-single's B-side 'Vexed' which renders irrelevant the last six years of electro, and the tear-jerking tenderhearted "I Luv U" remix, showing off Dizzee's vulnerable side.

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