Over The Edge - Bored! - Scuzz (CD)

But when this album is grooving at full blast, these are by far the best set of tracks The Internet has come through with. Thursday, July 26, Ovlov - Tru. Instrumentally, Over The Edge - Bored!

- Scuzz (CD) around this is gold. But why are these vocals just rubbing me all sorts of wrong ways? Their cult-status debut was a clash of dozens of genres, while this, on the other hand, sounds like a mashup between Dinosaur Jr.

But holy fuck, I just wanted to hear something more energetic. But why am I still not hearing any real passion or reason to come back to this? Like, this is just so painfully average, and certainly not the clash of styles I loved on first listen.

But this is a sound that all around is just so different for this album. I love the hectic passages that lead up to this very anthemic chorus.

Here, Ovlov is playing with tons of urgency and seem to have plenty to say. Not to mention, we get these unbelievable backing synths that bring in a sort of nostalgic feel. This is one killer tune. But at the end of the day, this is a really solid Indie record that sounds like it was made for a different time. We have these lone, grand guitars that seem filled with sorrow but are also strangely elegant. But they of course quickly open up into this very aggressive and muscular verse.

The first thing that really stands out to me is just how fantastic the production is here. Like, you can pick apart literally every instrumental, and they all sound brilliant. But here, he sounds absolutely vicious. His vocals are so cutting, but also are able to tune into that slightly melodic sound that Skeletonwitch has worked with in the past. This is literally everything I could have asked to hear from an intro. There are some really great Death Metal and Thrash passages as well, and Over The Edge - Bored!

- Scuzz (CD) this is just the sort of Journey of a tune that I am just so happy to hear. Hell, even the very sorrow-filled final 2-minute jam is stunning. Thankfully, the rest of the band continues to play with some serious charisma.

Overall, this album is pretty much the glorious rebirth I really wanted to hear. I love the dueling vocals here, and just how once again the band sound absolutely off the rails. And Adam here completely gets his striped back with his unbearably vicious performance. And I love how this all just seems so soaring and epic. But it continues to be some of the little details that keep me coming back, like those guitar solos and some of the playings during the verses.

Not only does it give us a minute to rest, but it also lets us take in just how skilled Skeletonwitch have become. Like, take this and compare it to the very scratchy and hectic early recordings. And yes, this one has some chugging guitars and almost some groove metal elements towards the beginning.

But this track is just as muscular and aggressive. But no matter how intense this track gets, Skeletonwitch never leave behind that very somber, emotional base that this track started with, as it almost haunts the entire track. The Thrash portions sound great, and everything has that sort of Epic flair that you would hear more in Black Metal than anything.

And guess what? It all comes together wonderfully. I mean, obviously, this is an album that is almost pristine with just how much great production was put into this. So, if you like your Metal a little scuzzy, this may not be doing anything for you. Even when all the other instrumentals pop in, this is easily the safest track of the bunch. And yes, the guitar solos are certainly awesome. But the intro alone lasts 3 minutes. Elements that earlier sounded ballsy now just sound goofy, like the vocals and the chugging rhythms.

Sure, the wild guitar solos and genuine emotion behind them are great. I mean, this is an absolutely brutal affair. And yes, once again, we do seem to be getting some Metalcore influence. But it all comes off pretty classy and interesting. I love the sheer power and nonstop feel to this one. While other tracks here have taken their time and really created an atmosphere, this is a solid, nothing fancy Metal jam. Still, this is a seriously above average Metal album.

Overall Thoughts: With their first album with Adam Clemens on vocals, Skeletonwitch comes through with one of the more memorable albums in their discography in a while. But, on that note, this album is most exciting when Skeletonwitch is at their most Progressive, and some tracks are less ambitious than others. But overall, this continues to be a really great year for Metal. The fact that this is the same Power Pop act that I was introduced to years ago is pretty staggering but in the best way.

It gives the album this unreal sense of nostalgia and longing, and Wild Pink have adapted it into their style so seamlessly. Now, you Over The Edge - Bored! - Scuzz (CD) argue that some of these songs are often very simple, and they certainly are.

But some of these simple, imagery fueled tracks are incredibly catchy. We get a wailing guitar solo, epic drums, and as far as a sort of heavy track goes, this is the biggest track of the album. But Wild Pink continue to make these tracks just so big and epic. There is a little bit of a throwback feel to this one, but at the end of the day, it just makes that very nostalgic feel to all of this even stronger. This is just as hazy, and practically Shoegaze influenced at times.

But Wild Pink almost always have that Heartland feel trailing just out of reach. And even if by this point I sort of wish they were switching things up a little bit more, this is a pretty solid track.

Overall Thoughts: This is a vast improvement and a gigantic change of pace for Wild Pink. And I mean that in the best way. Not to mention the songwriting on here more times than not is seriously classy. Simple, but filled with tons of imagery, and unbearably classy. There are a few tracks here and there that sort of blend in with one another, and some of the later moments are a little bland.

Between that, and a strangely upbeat and intense instrumental, this is a shot out of left field. But it grabs your attention and shows that Ty and Tim have some tricks up their sleeves. Milligan is way overdue for some appreciation. Looking Over The Edge - Bored!

- Scuzz (CD) to the deetz. I have all but one of the Code Red Milligan titles so personally I'm hoping for different films in the set. Same here. I hope they'll re-release all of the code red milligans, they're pretty much worthless due to framing issues. But if he had, it would have felt like Fleshpot On 42nd Street.

After a potential hook-up goes bad, Dusty quits Cherry and the life and shacks up with new beau Bob. However, tragedy lurks around the corner. Reversible cover art! Couple shots here and there would benefit from re framing but over all they are fine in widescreen. It's how they were shot and meant to be exhibited.

That's fine, because I want this release to be as good as it can possibly get. That's a shame but at least we know it's for the right reasons. I'm pretty sure that Vinegar Syndrome mentioned not too long ago that they found better material, maybe an interpositive or something?

Surely they could sort something out with AGFA? Let's hope so. I seem to recall that their print has footage not in Something Weird's print and vice versa. Diabolik has added a note mentioning the Blu will be back a future point, and with more content! Great news After his girlfriend is viciously beaten and murdered by a group of savage L.

But they get more than they bargained for when Frankie, their half-human, half-witted creature, meets Jamie, a goofy street girl, and falls in love. Packed with special features, this release includes almost two hours of previously unseen outtakes and two commentaries by The Ghastly One author Jimmy McDonough!

Also, this! How much torment can a young man take? Donny Steve Burington is a shy loner who would like nothing more than to be left alone, but his life is little more than endless abuse and harassment.

Abandoned by his family, bullied tirelessly by the local roughnecks, Donny seeks refuge in the ramshackle shed in which he lives and lonely walks in the woods. One day Donny meets Jenny Jessica Strausa young girl with troubles of her own who sympathizes with Donny, and the two begin an innocent romance. Boy kills everyone. A love story as only Andy Milligan could make.

Maybe that means the Blu-ray is close to being rescheduled. Someone asked on their FB post and they said postponed indefinitely. Hope to see it on blu soon. Postponed indefinitely is not usually synonymous with coming soon.

This makes me sincerely wish I gave a shit about Milligan's films. I have pre-ordered the two Garagehouse releases because they actually look kind of interesting or at least different from his other stuff but I'm sure I'll be disappointed. Cheers to all you fans, and I hope the Severin releases are as great as they sound.

Please no stoopid schwag. I hold no hope for either plea. The schwag is optional. Don't want it? Don't buy it. Not sure what the problem is there if it keeps the company going. Can't say I'm with you on the fullframe presentation. Those Code Red discs were too tight. I dunno though. Maybe the framing just sucks on a lot of AM's stuff. It also looks like a few other titles are going to be included here They're being kind of cryptic about it on Facebook. Get out of town. Problem is more widescreen films presented incorrectly, and it pisses me off.

After the blatant ignorance of chooching the Blood Island films, Severin has more disrespect for filmmakers in store. Let's make sure we keep that on screen! I will not be buying obviously, too many iffy Severin Blu's on my shelf.

Please widescreen. Why do you want these matted to 1. They were shot in 16mm Ektachrome with absolutely no framing guides. Milligan was very likely not shooting these with any intention of seeing them matted to 1. Furthermore the blow up INs were made with a 1. It's the most "mainstream" of all Milligan flicks I've seen. I think the fact Milligan practiced out of mainstream industry suggests is appropiate. My rule is often: follow the photographer.

The debate will rage on whatever they release them as. They can make more people happier by giving the option to watch in 1. Some people will probably want 1. I know nothing about the logistics of such things, so maybe it would take up too much disc space. That would probably mean more compression issues though, and some Severin discs are bad enough already with regards to this.

Milligan was very likely not shooting these with any intention of seeing them He probably didn't care about much of anything beyond getting paid. It seems like the three most important things for Milligan were: 1. Directing movies and theater 2. Being pissed off It's good to have priorities.

Why am I not hating these? That's a great point--I was thinking it was just going to be the four titles. Garagehouse mentioned on FB that they have roughly copies each left of the slipcover editions of The Weirdo and Monstrosity. Nice to see these are moving well for them. That tape seems to be really rare; I can't find a listing for it in the Amazon marketplace or on eBay. If the reviews on IMDb are accurate, the plot sounds pretty identical to the Monson film!

This slipcover release is limited to 2, and is designed by Earl Kessler Jr. Dusty, a street smart, but desperately unhappy prostitute who works in Times Square, uses her body to survive; seducing, conning, and ripping off her johns.

After moving in with Cherry, a cross-dressing male prostitute, Dusty hopes to find more solid financial footing and a stable future in the sex trade, that is, until she meets Bob, a young lawyer who lives on Staten Island, who falls in love with her, and she with him.

With a chance to escape her miserable existence becoming a possibility, Dusty starts dreaming of a future she never thought possible. But can she escape her own destiny? Really stoked about this. Was very sad when AGFA's release fell off the radar. Didn't VS offer this as a download way back when? I'm pretty sure I still have that file somewhere. Not seen this one myself. I didn't realise that Milligan had done hardcore.

That sounds especially icky! It's also a cut TV print, with all the gore cut out. If someone could get this uncensored, it would be a score.

I believe they were shot for widescreen exhibition. This is well known, but means nothing in terms of what Milligan was trying for. I would bet his producer absolutely expected a widescreen from him. Again, why does this matter? Projectionist mattes the 1. There is no reason for you to be so certain.

I have watched the films, most of the look fine in widescreen. The guy was not a technical genius, OK. To assume he was so out of touch he was not shooting widescreen is silly. Killer, killer, killer Deep breath. Well, it looks even better at the correct aspect ratio.

Let's look at 3 random screens, 1. Pick any frame you want, it will look fine 1. Is the newly discovered footage hardcore? Looks like it. Now I'm torn. I don't know if waiting for the Milligan set from Severin is the best idea or not. I've seen Rats but not the other two and am not a Milligan completest. Decisions, decisions Thanks Ian. Dungeon and Rats are the ones I'm going to go with. Has Over The Edge - Bored! - Scuzz (CD) seen any updates on this, or when the reprint might happen?

I'd love to pick up a copy. I don't check this thread often enough and see that I missed some exciting AR arguments! So, to jump back in, considering that I'm the only one on this thread who's worked on a restoration of a Milligan film now going on nearly 10! There's an interesting compositional trend in his cinematography where he tends to leave A LOT of headroom and often has faces in the bottom third of the frame. I think this can sometimes give the illusion that he was wanting the films to be framed at 1.

But, look at nearly any of the two shots in his 16mm productions and when a 1. Sure, his wider shots generally look OK in 1. Ultimately, none of us know with absolute certainty how he would have wanted his films screened and as such, I'm inclined to err on the side of caution when in doubt, especially when his films are filled with many shots that look really, really bad in 1.

Considering how much guesswork and flat out assumption is involved, why not give us both options? Thinking his producer wanted 1. Some films were shot to be matted top centered I think it's called.

The shot above would look fine bottom centered. I think these were supposed to be seen wide, maybe help Andy out a little with the framing on the widescreen version. Something to consider. That's not a thing. Framing guides and the affiliated projectionist aperture plates are always dead centered. No film that I'm aware of was photographed with 1. Furthermore, no projectionist would be aware to frame it that way.

If this comes out with a better print, I'll buy it. From Twitter "Coming from severinfilms in ! With many surprises The word 'cool' was missing from my post. I liked it--it was mysterious. Andy Milligan memorabilia scrapbook! Unless Guru's in good shape, this release seems a bit redundant. I assume 35mm theatrical print means that Fleshpot's not going to be as complete as the VS release.

Damn, Andy Milligan was a handsome devil! Only handsome on the outside! The overall winner will be announced on social media; they will have their entry featured on byNWR for the public to see, get feedback on their entry from the byNWR team, and there's an extra special surprise prize…Send us your entry at team bynwr. As the band refined their sound, the rapping was quickly abandoned, though a strong hip hop influence remains evident in the band's sound.

One of their early demos caught the eye of Kerrang! Independent label Visible Noise then offered them the opportunity to record a single. The band spent most of working on new material with Stuart Richardsonwho had joined the band as a bass player. In Februarythey signed with Visible Noise. The band's first album thefakesoundofprogress was then released through the label in July.

Soon after the album's completion, musician Jamie Oliver joined the band. The album featured many references to s pop-culture. Dragon Ninja " and "Kobrakai". The first song's title was a reference to the video games Shinobi and Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninjawhile the second was an alternative spelling of Cobra Kaithe name of the karate dojo in the Karate Kid movies.

In another interview, the band jokingly remarked that one American showcase gig was so crowded with major label bigwigs that should the venue have been targeted by terrorists, the entire American music industry would have collapsed overnight. Eventually, the band chose to sign with Columbiaa division of Sony Recordsthough in the UK their records continue to be released through Visible Noise.

At their new label's request, the band entered a New York studio with renowned producer Michael Barbiero to re-record their Visible Noise debut. The retooled version of thefakesoundofprogress was released in Octoberand dedicated to Steve Cookson, a fan who died in a car crash whilst travelling to a lostprophets gig. The album propelled the band to previously unimaginable levels of success, but at the same time divided much of the band's existing fan base, whilst also polarizing the opinion of others in the metal and rock communities who were discovering the band for the first time.

Some saw them as the future of British music; others saw them as a "safe", corporate band, while accusations of selling out began being hurled at the band from the underground music scene within which they achieved their first success. During this period, lostprophets built up a strong live following with support slots to popular acts such as Linkin ParkDeftones and Taprootas well as several headlining stints of their own.

Like most artists who break out of an insular scene such as the hardcore scene of South Wales, the band suffered a backlash from fans. The backlash against lostprophets was particularly severe; they were labelled everything from sell-outs to a manufactured boy band. As the touring cycle for a set of songs that loyal fans first heard in became longer and longer, so the animosity against the band grew and grew.

Their brash, outspoken interviews often added fuel to the fire, though they did also endear the band to many fans, and helped them shrug off the boy band rumours that plagued them for a number of years.

Such rumours were no doubt exacerbated by the bands policy regarding interviews; they will give an interview for any publication but never hide their true personalities behind a corporate rock star facade. This resulted in the band conducting interviews with such credibility sapping magazines as J and Cosmo Girl. The extreme reactions to the band were best displayed as the anti-lostprophets backlash and their rising fame collided head-on at the Deconstruction festival in London.

The band attracted thousands of their own 12 year old fans to the event, but many of those attending the event were there for punk and reacted with hostility to their booking. Throughout their set, lostprophets were bombarded with bottles and other items from the crowd, and in the end finished their set 20 minutes early, being "bottled off". In the next issue of Kerrang! Almost all identified themselves as being decidedly anti-lostprophets, but remarked that they were impressed that the band managed to weather a hostile crowd and complete their planned performance.

Although this event boosted the band's tumbling credibility within the alternative music scene that spawned them, it was not enough to completely quiet their detractors. Despite the negative responses to the band's new corporate paymasters from many fans, the following years saw lostprophets achieve a meteoric rise to success. Andrew W.

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