You Cant Deal (Vocal) - Top Choice Clique - Peace Of Mind / You Cant Deal (Vinyl)

Reviewer: infromthestorm - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - May 31, Subject: Easy way to capture I don't know why more people don't suggest this, but you can stream any of these shows with winamp. Winamp comes with a "disk writer" option. If you do the following: 1. CTRL-P will display the output method being used. Once you select the disk writer, a rectangle button that reads "configure" appears at the bottom of the preferences menu. All this button does when you click it is ask where you want the output files to be written.

Choose or create a directoy. It automatically writes each file to wave format. You'll have to restart the stream once you switch the output, but it's a hell of a lot easier than capturing the sound with a wave recorder and cutting the tracks up.

It also takes less time as the streams are no longer in real time when you're using the "disk writer" option. It's the easiest way to grab this music.

Bob Dylan said He's right about that. Reviewer: michaeljames82 - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - May 17, Subject: outstanding As a long time Deadhead and hearing so many shows through the years. And I sure I say this for anyone who enjoys the dead this show is a staple for the power of the deads music, when they are driving on all cylanders.

Truly Awesome Man! Reviewer: stuffyhead - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - May 11, Subject: It's over The answer is sadly simple. Reviewer: Dillshank - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - May 11, Subject: How can I download?!?!? I am highly confused by this new page layout.

How can I download this show in order to burn it to CD? Can someone please help? Reviewer: lpenoza - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - May 9, Subject: Why not add one more?

Yes, I had my first tape of this show over 25 years ago, and it set the bar early in my tape-trading days. Generally I find that the '77 performances trade off passion and emotion to gain precision. This show has tons of precision, like they couldn't even do this well in a studio.

The Stephen is among my least favorites, but at least Donna is on-key for a change throughout this show. I am a dead fan and this is where I truly saw the light. I can not tell you how many dead shows and song variations ultimately get compared to this show when I listen to them.

These put the meaning into scorching hot, and heavenly graceful. It is hard to find a better version of these two juxtaposed songs that played such a crucial part of the late Dead's late 70s repertoire. Now it is 5. I don't know if there is one show out there for any other band that comes close to topping what 5. This is the tops in all of the archive in terms of sound, and musicianship quality.

I heard some other critic claim that barton hall's minglewood is the best but i have to disagree Another great show of 77 is Swing Auditorium at San Bernadino, CA and that minglewood i believe is one of the best u will ever hear. Reviewer: pottersclay75 - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - April 29, Subject: Just Superb I am by no means an expert on live Dead recordings.

I do know, however, that some sound better than others due to equipment issues or the band themselves. This show is one of the best I've ever heard. The band is on, their singing is great, and the recording itself is superb. Out of all the shows in the Archive, this is one I gravitate to the most. Im glad the Archive is streaming the shows at such good quality. Who needs to download anything when you can pull it up anytime you want. Reviewer: sid weiss - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - April 7, Subject: stream the show how to get the new streamed shows Stream the show Reviewer: gruUbic - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - April 5, Subject: Best there is Are there really people out there who like the Dead who haven't eatin, drinked and slepted with this tape for at least 2 years outta their life?

If this is a five, is heaven a 4. Otherwise, this is the SB of this epic night a person needs. The SB, now -- not a remixed merged techno-tape. Don't get me wrong, that version is interesting and has louder output. But You Cant Deal (Vocal) - Top Choice Clique - Peace Of Mind / You Cant Deal (Vinyl). This turned on a generation.

Gotta be one of the 7 Signs, yo - Were the Boyz signalin' the beginning or end? Reviewer: johnnycomelately - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - April 3, Subject: Smooth Agree with other reviewers, nice balance here, nothing too high or too low, very pleas'n. Maybe late 70's is the right time. Reviewer: cornell77 - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - March 30, Subject: Rob Eaton's Transfer is the Best I originally got a copy of this magical show in when the Betty Board source was first released.

It is an amazing performance and what got me hooked on the Dead. I have listened to this show hundreds and hundreds of times. I have compared all the sources out there and feel this Rob Eaton transfer is the best. The Matrix - 3 source mix is a great effort, but it just seems to be missing something - not as smooth and consistent as Eaton's transfer. On a final note, I have several friends who were fortunate enough to have actually attended this show.

In fact, it was their very first Dead show. Lucky them! They also prefer this Eaton version over the others. Reviewer: kidkarma66 - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - March 15, Subject: An All-Time Value On So Many Levels It was a product of the time, the vibe, the work of supremely gifted artists, synchronicity Certainly one of the biggest bargains in music history!

Reviewer: smgarcia - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - February 22, Subject: I think my favorite show I just got into the dead Dec This is my favorite show. You have to get the 3 matrix version though, not this one. It sounds better, and is a better cut song wise version. This is super tight playing.

Reviewer: Rider - favorite favorite favorite favorite - February 1, Subject: 3 source matrix dudes Reviewer: soapbox3 - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - January 28, Subject: Send three discs This is a superlative show.

Contact for availability. Soapbox3 hotmail. Reviewer: Earl B. Powell - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - January 24, Subject: Cliche It's said, as Phil goes Good singing, good Bob, good Keith Every Day. You Cant Deal (Vocal) - Top Choice Clique - Peace Of Mind / You Cant Deal (Vinyl) dr - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - January 21, Subject: words can't describe the opening is awesome, i love the AUD patch for the first 20 seconds or so, then it blasts off into high quality SBD.

Reviewer: CrzyFngrs - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - January 16, You Cant Deal (Vocal) - Top Choice Clique - Peace Of Mind / You Cant Deal (Vinyl) Puttin' the Jerry on Top Jerry's hittin' on all cylinders most of the show; especially dug his Estim.

Prophet guitar effects and sweet solo. Excellent sound throughout; my compliments to the techs for givin' a clean live feel to the sound. Reviewer: waitrose - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - January 16, Subject: why it's good 1 singing isn't sloppy 2 lead guitarist is on fire 3 unusually, the rythmn section isn't rubbish.

I became a Deadhead during the Fall of ' Cornell was my second show I don't remember where we got the tickets I found a train that was snaking it's way up front I turned around Estimated Prophet The show sounds better and the memories become more vivid everytime I listen to it Jerry does not miss a note Best Dead show ever?

If you weren't there you have no idea. All I can say is I've never been to or heard one like it since Reviewer: stayhumanboombap - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - January 14, Subject: best dancin in the street i've ever heard.

Reviewer: bauerjames - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - January 5, Subject: RE: Free the Soundboards You can download this file, just click under "Other Copies" on the left side of the screen. Reviewer: DeadHead - favorite - January 2, Subject: Free the Soundboards It is a crime that great shows like this one are no longer available for free download.

Making the shows available in streaming format was a good shot toward trying to compromise, but there is still one huge problem. What becomes of those of us with dial-up who can't stream music without it stopping every 10 seconds or so to buffer? We just get left out in the cold while others continue to enjoy this incredible music.

These are songs are normally explosive, exploratory jams. The real treat this night was the first set, the ones where it wan't wandering but tight These tracks can't be more perfect, not after a hundred takes in a studio. Talk abount being dialed in!

There was a ton of energy on a group of songs that the band didn't always expend energy on. A perfect 5, forever Reviewer: Light - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - December 16, Subject: A Divine Experience Morning Dew is truly a divine experience.

I get chills everytime I hear it and the finale solo Reviewer: truckshead - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - December 16, Subject: definitely get this show this show is absolutely beautiful. This character is smart! Reviewer: lip11 - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - December 8, Subject: great show I think there are more reviews saying it's not the greatest show than those that do.

It flows so well; the band is in such a great comfort zone, producing beautiful music. I love it, and I love other great shows. This one is accessible, and a good one to share with a GD n00bie to demonstrate the magic of Jerry and the band. If you've ever been there -- i was -- the place is basically a big old gym, but on that night the spirit of Owsley's wall of sound took its acoustics to new levels.

The result was one of the best shows I attended in 25 years of following the band -- in fact as a whole was a completely magical year for jerry and the boys. Reviewer: iamsean - favorite favorite favorite favorite - December 2, Subject: Great Show Best Though? I think this show is great. I've just recently got on the bus after renting the closing of winterland dvd from my local library and because of this shows reputation, this was my second every show.

I can't wait to hear more shows now that they are back up. I'm hooked now Reviewer: zkdunn - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - December 2, Subject: Golden Goose Ok now that it's stream-able only, we need GD Merchandising to move this show to Dick's Picks.

I'll buy it. Add the info on the show poster, ticket, t-shirt and the GD entourage can continue to get paid. Just like the old days. Now I love those cowboys, I love their gold I love my uncle, God rest his soul Taught me good, Lord, taught me all I know Taught me so well, I grabbed that gold And I left his dead ass there by the side of the road.

Oh yea, that Dancin Jam is the best. Reviewer: tk - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - November 6, Subject: Been listening to Jerry and the boys for 20 years. Not as long as others here but you got to say that dancin jam is freakin awesone Reviewer: Gangam - You Cant Deal (Vocal) - Top Choice Clique - Peace Of Mind / You Cant Deal (Vinyl) favorite favorite favorite favorite - November 1, Subject: Crankin Bass Is it just me or is the bass on this show crazy.

If you listen to this with a good set of speakers, not just crappy computer ones, you'll appreciate it. Not sure if its the quality or the playin that night tho. Great show, get it. Reviewer: neil1 - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - October 31, Subject: brown eyed women All right calling this the best show ever and not having listened to half would be a fallacy and just plane stupid.

However, I want to address something else entirely. Everyone discusses the second set as much superior, and I just don't get it. It is amazing, but the first is wicked. It is in my opinion the best rock and roll solo ever. Granted it lacks the fiery speed or technical skill of many Jerry solo's. On the other hand you can practically sing to it, as it is so lyrical.

I just know I feel an amazing feeling when I hear it. Just the solo. Next, I have always believed Jerry got very hyped for Jack straw. He goes all out on this one, and just plays fluidly, but it remains completly behind sliding Phil, and the lyrics. Finally, I will take another song from the first set as everyone covers the second.

It can always be argued that Duane Allman was the better guitarist between he and Jerry. However, if you listen to the slide work on Row Jimmy and are not seriously moved there is something wrong with you. Again no lighting speed like Duane, but Jerry wastes not a note. Reviewer: L. Rosley - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - October 29, Subject: Great but not unique A great show.

One of the better '77 shows. But best of all time? It's not perfect, as Fire demonstrates. Jerry makes up for it in Not Fade Away. Also not. I have to say that this show is A LOT like the shows of midin terms of style, quality of playing and vocals, and even set list. Go listen to them. The Dew is a lot like the Dew of '74, which was the best Dew year. Reviewer: countmlbjam - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - October 26, Subject: the great debate Great job Rob.

I appreciate the effort of you and others. The Cornell show has been a debate that's raged in the hearts of deadheads for years. Nobody is right or wrong. Talking about these things is what heads do. We're an opinionated bunch. This is a must have show.

If you think it's overrated there is plenty of other show options for you. If you think it's the cats meow, well you have this incredible source to jam to. I prefer other 77s' to this one. It's not that I think they are necessarily better, it's just what I personally prefer.

In response to the previous reviewer: for hot disco dancins' check out Dicks Picks 3, 25, and Reviewer: Trannyman - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - October 24, Subject: From a biased reviewer Ok, I am a 80's and 90's deadhead for sure.

My second favorite period is I basically have thought that is the weakest GD time period, because of muddled sounding, Donna screaming, new material learning, Mickey getting back into it, general bias I have.

I sat back with this show over the weekend and got my brain re-arranged. Nuff said. PS- For all of the 77 afficionados, which are the best versions of Dancin besides this one from this period.

This version is obviously awesome. I want MORE. Reviewer: charlierat - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - October 21, Subject: My fourth show ever I am one of a few thousand people that was actually in attendance on this evening so I am naturally quite a bit biased in my review but the night was pure magic.

A lot of personal trepidation beforehand. Would the Dead be able to handle the infamously bad acoustics of Barton Hall? Would the notoriously blase Cornell crowd 'get it? How excited could they be to be playing a basketball court on a college campus? You can tell by listening to the first set that the band had to win the crowd over.

It was cramped, hot and uncomfortable and a large portion of the crowd was there because this was the only show in town; not because they had any particular knowledge of or appreciation for the Dead.

That's one of the real magic aspects of this performance; you can hear the crowd getting more and more into it as the show wore on mand the band as always fed on the energy. A lot of converts that night. The Dancin' jam blew everyone's mind. But nothing prepared us for the jam that was to come.

Not to overlook one of the very first ever performances of Estimated Prophet but, when Jerry hit the signature opening notes of St. Stephen, the house came down. The jam after Not Fade Away is the stuff of legend. Then came Morning Dew. I almost fainted! It was so good!

And it seemed like it would never end; it just kept building and building. The energy was actually scary! Then, to cap it all off, as we walked outside after it was over, all hot and sweaty and satisfied, it was snowing to beat the band!

About 3 inches was already on the ground and it was still coming down! Talk about mind-blowing! All in all, a magic night. My little tinny PC speakers can't do it justice but, until I upgrade, they'll have to do. Reviewer: Bear in - favorite favorite favorite favorite - October 16, Subject: Best? Yes, but good. Especially the Fire is boring- the last minute or two is very very lazy, with Jerry just trilling on some notes- something he always did when he needed time to channel some other energy, or just plain got lost or did not genuinely know where to go.

Keith is just doing pedestrian fills and trills to mimic Garcia- in fact, it was this habit that Keith picked up, according to Phil in his book, that led to Keith being dismissed- Phil said Jerry and the band were annoyed to no end that all Keith would do at the end is copy Jerry's runs. Again- fabulous playing, but almost too perfect- but the Dew- Oh my God, This is the most rocked out version they ever played and it goes on and on- truly beyond the beyond By the way, I did not give this a 4 because I think it is a 4.

I gave it a 4 because I could not give it a 4. Should I round up? I had to weigh in on this greatest of all internet debates. By far, the recording itself is a thing of beauty, and one of the best reproductions of the GD live of all time. The playing is highly proficient, almost metronomic, with everything and everyone in the right place at the right time. But this is what I also find to be the biggest problem with this show.

While it is really flawless in execution, I have had no moments of rapture- not moments of brain melt.

This is a marvelous show, but I would not have it as a number 1 or a top ten. And this is after several listens. There are so many other shows were the boys were seeking higher ground and traversed the universe and really pulled the music out of the air that was not there.

But that little china cat riff that bobby does in the fire is fun. My friend and I pulled into a campground near DeerCreek '91, and the guy next to our spot was blasting this show. Totally blew my mind when I heard that. I loved it ever since although every quality tape of the show always had some part cut, I guess from the fact that you could not always get a set on a standard 90 minute cassette. Jerry and his noodles.

How about just the most debated and overrated. I listened to this show once about 8 years ago because it was in the cassette player of a car I stole. Here's my review: First off, how can this be the best show ever, it doesn't even have "When Push Comes to Shove.

Is it a Dick's Pick? Not that I know of. Maybe that's because Phil confesses to being an alcoholic stupor at this time of his life. Jerry was running on Persian H and of course, while Keith doesn't sound completely comatose, this is hardly as sparkling for him as Oh but it's a great, tight performace, start to finish, but best ever? Not in my humble deadicated opinion. Sound: 4. Although Estimated is a great exploratory vehicle for the band, this version is cut short of its potential by tuning issues.

Jams: 4 Stars - they are tight but lack the ferocity you might find later or earlier in their career. It is reminiscent of a studio recording. Overall: 4 stars. I will say this about the show. I am really glad that it is has brought so much joy to so many people and I share that joy. If we all loved the exact same shows, that might be boring.

This way we can agree to disagree, but in the end we all get what we want because of the Archive. So crack your beer, fill your bong, or snort your floor cleaner, and keep on Truckin! Fillmore Oaklandand practically anything Reviewer: captain delicous - favorite favorite - October 5, Subject: Where is Phil Brilliant show. I used to have the tape of the second set with the Hunter S Thompson spoof at the end.

Can barely You Cant Deal (Vocal) - Top Choice Clique - Peace Of Mind / You Cant Deal (Vinyl) any Phil on this version.

Makes this very clear and well-put together versions sound impotent in comparison. I was never the biggest fan of how they mellowed out their sound, neutering St Stephen and the like, however choosing between favorites is different from giving a rating. There in NO question this is a 5 star show.

No sharp edges, no spooky journeys into deep space and back, but the jamming is powerful, on target and seems limitless without ever getting stale. This show epitomizes the year. I'm not going to do a full concert review, there must be of them already, but the Morning Dew is truly a religious experience.

Reviewer: let the bird fly - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - September 22, Subject: Fanning The second fanning during Fire gives me chills every time. This is The show of all shows. Reviewer: 19grateful74 - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - September 22, Subject: Fantastic I can see how a fan of the 90's would not see the greatness of this show. Great sound quality, great momentum.

Close your eyes Thanks Grateful. Reviewer: hyperboy - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - September 14, Subject: I agree! A "best ever" dead show is an impossible idea! This show is so damn special in its own way But then there are nights when the magic was huge in !! I'm only 31 years old. I missed my chance to see a dead show when Jerry was still physically here with us.

I had been listening to the Grateful Dead since I was younger, but mainly just studio stuff. But it could be any show for any deadhead. If I would have heard Dick's Pick Vol. The boys sound amazing There was just some kind of magical connection this night between the band members and the band and the audience It may not be the "Best" setlist It's tough to explain Who knows, but I gotta say it's at least the greatest in 77, a great year for SFs.

Phil up front, rock star, leading the way early on, the SF transition is so intricate, Jer dancing on the fretboard with such fluidity and grace, light raindrops on your spine, building in intensity, then progressively tumbling through time and space, falling apart in delay and envelope distortion Best ever show?

I dunno, what is this, the NFL? This show is undeniably fun, from the big Minglewood, to the funkified, all-out Danicin' that is sure to put a smile on your face, or make you jump up and start doing the robot dance, Dead-style. To the Dew, sweet, sweet finale.

It's place in GD lore was cast long ago, but it is so great to relive the debate through archive online, something I only imagined in my wildest dreams in the years after All the best.

Great set list and great energy. But where's the power during saint stephen? I don't dig slow-paced, saint stephen's with donna. Although I like Donna in the weather reprt suites. We all are entitled to our opinions. Reviewer: amichels - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - August 30, Subject: Saint Stephen! The sound quality is awesome, and doesn't loose quality when it's loud. Turn this show up and spread the magic. Reviewer: Gonzoide - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - August 29, Subject: Heaven on earth This site has brought such incredible joy to my life.

Endless thanks to those who have labored to make this happen! Further proof to me that the best things in life are free. This show means much to me as it was my introduction to the dead: a buddy gave me a copy shortly before I left for school in Ithaca, which at the time seemed a great coincidence.

I once sat in Barton Hall by myself and listened to this tape trying to imagine I was there then! My favorite moment is when Phil's rubbery bass kicks in on Scarlet Begonias. Reviewer: robot sanctuary - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - August 20, Subject: blahblahblahblah It's the effin' bomb show indeed. OK, I won't call it the best or whatever. But, it is a must have for any human or robot who loves good moosick.

And BTW, Sound quality on this one is really great. Reviewer: seedanrun - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - August 19, Subject: Words cannot describe Is this the best show ever? Every time this goes in the CD player, it is a no-shit religious experience. When you want to know what it is like being in Heaven, cue up the second set. When you want to feel what it is like to be face-to-face with God, dim the lights and really focus on the Morning Dew.

This is NOT a show for casual listening or background music! This is a show that is so good, I never play it for newbies or non-Deadheads, because I don't think they could appreciate it. This is a don't take any chances, burn multiple copies, put one in the safety-deposit box, know you're going to be listening to this 70 years from now in the old-folks home if you live that longget the grandkids hooked on the best damned band there ever was, show.

Yes, it is overrated. It is, however, the absolute 1 work of art that I consider proof of the divine essence of man. Either that, or Jerry really was God I am a bassist and love the Dead - definitely the greatest band that ever lived. Jerry and Phil are like one person having a conversation with himself.

This is one of those Dead gems you stumble on that is timeless. I want this one played at my funeral. Download it and be with them. Generally speaking '73 "Dew"s are the best. They are the prettiest, the most melodic, and they are also propulsive which adds a good deal of dynamics and variety to it.

Reviewer: outkast - favorite favorite favorite favorite - July 19, Subject: Still searching Absolutely No question this is a Great show,but to call it number 1 is not fair,and could only be someones opinion. No question something special was going on this night,but still not number one.

That is why we trade shows were are all still looking for number one. Good Luck! But of course everybody has differnt out looks on shows but all in all this show does get 5 stars and if there were more I could give I would cause the show is as powerful than most peace.

Reviewer: mustabeenthedoses - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - July 15, Subject: Overrated One of the most over hyped shows the Dead ever performed. Don't get me wrong it's a tremendous show but people jump on the bandwagon just because everybody else says it's the greatest show ever. Reviewer: jgariano - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - July 14, Subject: Disc 1 Memories When my roommate and best fried in college started getting into The Dead, he played Disc 1 of this show a lot.

I remember riding in his Jeep and listening to Loser. What an impact this music had on us! The funny thing is, someone had left Disc 1 with him on accident once, and it was the only part of the show we knew. It was all scratched up because he always kept it in his Jeep. Can you imagine if we had had Disc 2 all that time! Hopefully my roommate will get around to reading the email I sent him that points him to this site, and download the rest of the show plus, he deserves a fresh copy of Disc 1.

What a great website this is!!! Reviewer: eggplant - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - July 14, Subject: Great Show - it's no secret Best ever? Who cares? No such thing. I still cannot believe all the people who give 90s shows a 5 star rating.

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Skinz Take You There The Creator It's Not a Game I Got a Love All the Places Searching Good Life One in a Million Death Becomes You Labels:C. Smooth - Rare Tracks kbps. Smooth - The Main Ingredient kbps. Everyman Feat. Pete Rock Baby Pa Blah Uno I Originate Markd4Death Nasty Scene Nothing More

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