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But contrary to widespread belief, immigrants' names were not "changed at Ellis Island. Their names on the manifests were as they were recorded in Sicily or Italy, on the travellers' official visas or passports.

There may have been minor spelling errors, but not wholesale changes, and Ellis Island immigration officials and Castle Garden officials before them used the names as they were on the manifests.

Often, names were 'Anglicized', that is, modified after the immigrant had settled Siciliano - Doc Severinsen - Facets (Vinylby American clerks, employers or neighbors who could not or would not properly pronounce or spell the "foreign names". So names were often modified to a more recognizable or acceptable name. Since many immigrants were illiterate and actually did not know how to spell their own names, they may have accepted incorrect or completely different versions of their name.

Others may have Anglicized their names to 'fit in' with a mostly Anglo-Saxon Siciliano - Doc Severinsen - Facets (Vinyl. They have a letter written like "j", but this "j" is actually a form of the letter "i", and is pronounced as we would pronounce "y" in English. Some names were converted phonetically into English spellings. Some were one-time errors on censuses or naturalization records, as in my family's case: Coniglio coh-NEEL-yoh to Camellia. The articles "di" and "lo" were often originally used as identifiers and not necessarily meant to be part of the surname, especially in Latin church records.

A surname written as "di Messina" could mean "of the family surnamed Messina"; "d'Alessi" meant "of the Alessi family", etc. Again, sometimes these might retain the prefix, but often they were dropped, as in Messina and Alessi. Similarly, "lo Galbo" could mean "the Galbo man", etc. It should be noted, when searching for persons with such surnames in original Sicilian records: the original indices may list them by either element. It's a historical novella about foundlings and sulfur mine workers in the 's in Racalmuto, a town in Siciliano - Doc Severinsen - Facets (Vinyl Sicily.

Womens' Surnames In Sicily and Italy, there is a phrase for "maiden name", though it is not often found in older records: it is " cognome da nubile ". In civil records: Atti di Nascita, Pubblicazione, Matrimonio, Morte, Allegati, Diversi and Cittidinanze, form through and beyond, I have never seen the phrase " cognome da nubile ". Both male and female children received their father's surname at birth, or in the case of foundlings, were given a concocted surname by the authorities.

However, whether male or female, unless the surname was officially changed for some reason not including marriage it was their surname for life. Thus, a Sicilian woman's name is her name, period. The surname on her birth record, her marriage record, the birth records of her children, her death record, and her headstone are all the same: her name. If a married woman emigrated, the surname on her passport and her passenger manifest were the same: her name. If she had her children with her, their surnames would be listed as their father's surname, she would have her own surname.

This is a way to determine a woman's surname if you don't know it. Search passenger manifests for her accompanying children by their father's surname; hers will appear above theirs.

Be forewarned that sometimes the child's surname is not written in, and indexers unfamiliar with this tradition index them under their mother's surname. In Sicily, if for some reason a woman's husband's surname was given, it would be in this form: ' Rosa Alessi in Coniglio ', meaning "the woman born Rosa Alessi, who is married to Mr. Download Doc Severinsen - Siciliano.

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