Untitled - Various - Under The Gun (DVD)

TV : The God Complex. A Judoon on Spaceport One. The Judoon worked as security officers at the Spaceport One.

These Judoon dressed in red as opposed to black. Rory Williams ran into one and informed the Judoon officer of a Reptilodon invasion led by General Mystan. Judoon were summoned to the planet Agratis after the theft of the precious Jewel of Fawton. They became placid and friendly once the original legal owners, a species of crystalline creatureswere awakened and Jewel was returned to them.

Judoon ships were seen among the fleets above Trenzalore who travelled there in response to the First Question. They were either destroyed or retreated when the Daleks broke through the planet's force field and the Siege of Trenzalore grew into a war. TV : The Time of the Doctor. Judoon in orange armour arrested the owner of Garage At some point, the Judoon faced an attack by the Cybermen. The Judoon placed the Doctor under arrest and imprisoned her in one of their facilities.

TV : The Timeless Children They subsequently charged her with evading them, twice over, and for other offences. After 19 years in their prison, the Doctor was rescued by Jack Harkness.

TV : Revolution of the Daleks. Cyber-converted Judoon. In an alternate timeline, the Cybermen made use of Borg technology to convert the entire Judoon race into Cybermen.

The Third Doctor observed that the Infinite Cocoon could not accommodate a creature as large as a Judoon. Clara Oswald used the Judoon to threaten the Seevith. According to The Brilliant Booka book that contains non-narrative based information this wiki does not consider a valid sourcethe Church had plans to complain to the Shadow Proclamation about the Judoon's involvement with the Doctor.

The Visual Dictionarya book that contains non-narrative based information this wiki does not consider a valid sourcecontains more information about the Judoon:. Tardis Explore. Main episode list Classmates. Main episode list K9 and Company.

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How much of Jessica Chaffin's work have you seen? Nominated for 1 Primetime Emmy. See more awards ». Known For. Spy Sharon. Good Will Hunting Art Department. Hacks Producer. Gold Afternoon Fix was heavily backed by a promotional campaign from Arista and the band went on tour, hiring Patti Smith 's drummer, Jay Dee Daugherty. The album spawned a hit single, " Metropolis " No. Mainstream Rockbut the follow-up, "You're Still Beautiful", did not chart.

Ultimately, the album's sales were lower than Starfish' s and press was mixed. The band, particularly Kilbey, would later dismiss the album as "lousy", "hashed together", and "hideous", although many of the songs have since become fixtures in the band's setlists.

After the dust had settled on Gold Afternoon FixThe Church returned to their old haunt at Sydney's Studios to commence work on their next album. With lowered commercial expectations and less pressure from Arista, the atmosphere was more relaxed. Bringing in British producer Gavin MacKillop Barenaked LadiesToad the Wet SprocketStraitjacket Fits to supervise the sessions, [9] the band began to improvise the framework for the next set of songs.

The use of opium and, for Kilbey, heroin, saw the material take on a more expansive and surreal quality, [26] while Daugherty's jazzier approach on drums was a fresh change.

With song concepts derived from cryptic, one-word working titles an idea originally proposed by Willson-Piperthe lyrics leaned towards the abstract and esoteric. Emphasizing free association and undirected coincidence between music and motif, Kilbey declined to define their meanings. Sonically, the music had numerous layers, courtesy of numerous guitar overdubs and MacKillop's rich production. The interplay between Koppes and Willson-Piper dominated throughout, especially on tracks such as "Ripple," "Kings," and the epic, aptly titled "Chaos", whose lyrics were a reflection Untitled - Various - Under The Gun (DVD) Steve Kilbey's unsettled lifestyle at the time.

It peaked in the ARIA Top 30, [23] but reviews were varied, with some critical and others uncertain how to react. The band only went on a limited tour, confined to Australia, as Kilbey prepared for the birth of his twin daughters with Karin Jansson. Adding to the decline in The Church's outlook was the announcement of Koppes' departure.

His decision reflected two main factors: that the band had earned nothing for the two-week tour of Australia, and that he felt shut out of the creative process - a long-standing complaint that stretched back at least as far as Seanceif not further. In his autobiography, Something Quite PeculiarKilbey calls it their "undisputed masterpiece". Despite the loss of Koppes, Arista decided to stand by the band's contract and back another Church album, and so Kilbey and Willson-Piper began to write new material.

When it became clear that Daugherty would not be returning to the fold either, the remaining two took the opportunity to approach their music from new perspectives, abandoning their long-established roles and stylistic elements in favour of experimentation, spontaneity, and electronica. Early inthe two brought in Willson-Piper's childhood friend Andy 'Dare' Mason to produce, record, and mix. Considered temporary at the time, Powles would soon become a permanent member of the band and is still with them over 20 years later.

The resulting album, Sometime Anywherereleased in Maywas generally well received and peaked in the Top Promotion was minimal as Arista saw insufficient commercial promise in the release. With another commercially unsuccessful album on their hands, Arista did not renew The Church's contract and pulled financial support for a tour.

Ambitious plans to stage full electric shows were scaled back, leaving Kilbey and Willson-Piper with only a short run of acoustic gigs as a duo. Without a recording deal, the band's future looked bleak as Kilbey and Willson-Piper began work on new recordings in Although initially a two-man project, the new material saw input from new drummer Powles and hired violinist Linda Neil. Renewed contact between Kilbey and Peter Koppes led to the latter agreeing to guest on four songs - a welcome surprise for fans.

Simon Polinski Yothu Yindi was drafted in to co-produce, engineer, and mix the sessions. The music saw a return to guitar-based material, infused with krautrock and art rock influences.

A minute atmospheric piece called "Magician Among the Spirits" dominated the sessions, named after a book by Harry Houdini. Additional contributions by Utungun Percussion added Untitled - Various - Under The Gun (DVD) new, primal aspect to several songs.

The album, also called Magician Among the Spiritsreceived mixed reviews, despite the guitar rock hook of its single "Comedown". It was released on the band's own Deep Karma label, but due to financial constraints, they had to arrange outside distribution for the North American and European markets.

This almost doomed the album from the beginning, but worse events were to come. Within a short time, the U. For a band already on shaky ground, this was nearly the death knell. Comments by Kilbey in May of that year summed up the situation: "There's no immediate future for The Church Our management, the whole thing is broken down We don't really have a label.

We're owed lots and lots of money and we're broke. We're trying to pursue Untitled - Various - Under The Gun (DVD) to get our money back. Marty and I aren't having any communication. There's no one really managing us so Following the commercial failure of Magician Among the Spiritsthe members of The Church turned their attention to other projects and Willson-Piper left Australia again in order to collaborate with other artists and write new solo material. In his absence, Kilbey, Powles, and Koppes spent some studio time together and quickly wrote and recorded an album as The Refo:mation, utilizing Powles also as a mix engineer.

Group tensions within The Church proper were still simmering, however. More than anyone else, it was new drummer Tim Powles who tried to alleviate the outstanding disagreements. While Koppes and Willson-Piper had already had differences for some time, Kilbey and Willson-Piper's relationship was also strained by recent problems.

Kilbey declared that the end was nigh: after a final, worthy swan song, with the working title Au Revoir Por Favorthe Church would be put to rest. The four agreed to play a string of farewell concerts around Australia, which turned out to be extremely successful. The roaring success of the intended "final concert" in Sydney put a quick end to talk of the band's demise.

The results of the new recording sessions saw a return to the band's roots: the material was once again based around Koppes and Willson-Piper's guitar interplay. Also, for the first time, the band completely produced the work themselves, under Powles' aegis.

Originally given the name Bastard Universethe forthcoming album was re-titled Hologram of Allah after Willson-Piper found the original too negative. Concerns about fundamentalist Muslim reaction to the potentially blasphemous title made the band finally opt for the more neutral Hologram of Baalafter the Canaanite god.

Released under a new contract with UK independent label Cooking Vinylthe album was distributed in the U. A limited edition featured a bonus disc with a nearly minute continuous improvised instrumental, which received the original title of the album, Bastard Universe.

The reformed and rejuvenated band went on their first fully electric tour of the U. A plan to release a live album called Bag of Bones was put into motion, but then cancelled. Instead, a collection of cover songs was recorded in Sweden, shedding light on the band's influences. The insert for the CD was designed as interchangeable, with 10 separate sleeve designs created by fans. As with Hologram of Baala tour followed the album's release, but new drama hit the band mid-tour in New York City when Kilbey was arrested for trying to purchase heroin.

The band was forced to improvise a set after he failed to show, with Willson-Piper covering vocals. A night in jail and a day's community service on the Manhattan subway were Kilbey's only punishment. In" Under the Milky Way " was featured in the film Donnie Darkohelping to raise the band's profile once again.

However, recording for their next album turned out to be painstakingly slow due to numerous side projects and simple geography. With Kilbey now living in Sweden, Willson-Piper in England, and the others in Australia, the bandmates met across several separate sessions.

Partially recorded in Sweden, NYC, and Australia, the resulting After Everything Now Thisreleased in Januarysaw a focus on the softer elements of the band, with responsibility for production and final mixing again resting on Powles. With only three obvious "rock" tracks out of ten, gentler moods dominated. The album achieved the biggest international success for The Church in almost ten years.

The successive world tour featured the band in a more subtle setting as well, with most tracks performed primarily acoustically alongside guest David Lane on piano. Fans would not have to wait long for another group release.

Unique among the band's catalogue, the first disc, subtitled "remixture", featured a reshuffled, remixed, electronic version of the After Everything Now This album, the result of Tim Powles' collaboration with Sydney EDM musicians. The second disc, subtitled "mixture", compiled leftover songs from the After Everything Now This recording sessions.

Around the time that Parallel Universe was released, the Church had returned to the studio to record yet another album, eventually titled Forget Yourself.

On June 9,a network spokesperson announced " Cops is not on the Paramount Network and we don't have any current or future plans for it to return". In SeptemberCops resumed production. The new episodes are being produced for international syndication and to fulfill contracts overseas that have not expired; Langley has not secured a domestic distributor until On September 13,it was announced that Fox Nation picked up the show.

Cops was created by John Langley and his producing partner Malcolm Barbour. In they were working on Cocaine Blues[19] a television series about drugs. As part of his research Langley went on a drug raid with drug enforcement officers and was inspired to create a show focusing on real-life law enforcement.

A Writers Guild of America strike was occurring at the time and the network needed new material. An unscripted show that did not require writers was ideal for Fox. The first season aired in and consisted of 15 episodes featuring the Broward County Sheriff's Office. The original concept of the show was to follow officers home and tape their home lives along with their work.

After a while the idea of following officers home was deemed too artificial by Langley and was abandoned. Thereafter, the format of three self-contained unscripted segments without narration or music became the show's formula.

Since the third episode of Season 2, every episode ends with a police radio excerpt referencing the intersection of SE nd St. Cover's Code 3. In the first two episodes of the second season, a different police radio excerpt from the Portland Bureau of Police was used. Cops aired on Fox's traditional Saturday-night lineup since its debut in Cops was then scheduled on weeks without any sporting events, followed by an encore presentation of a Fox drama series. Init was announced that Fox had cancelled the program.

However, it was later announced that Spike TV had picked up the program for another season. In one episode, the production sound mixer for the camera crew, a former emergency medical technicianassisted a police officer in performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation season 2, episode 7.

In an episode in season 11 that took place in in AtlantaGeorgia, camera operator Si Davis, who was a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department reserve police officer, Untitled - Various - Under The Gun (DVD) the camera and assisted an Atlanta police officer in wrestling a suspect into custody.

It turned out that the APD officer had been severely injured during a foot pursuit; meanwhile, mixing console Steve Kiger picked up the camera and continued recording the action, which eventually made the air.

In another episode, a rape suspect fled and outran officers, only to have the cameraman follow him the entire time, until police caught up to the suspect and subdued him season 10, episode In an episode of season 14 —during the arrest of a man after a car chase in Hillsborough County, Floridathe sound mixer held the suspect's sister away from the deputy after she tried to intervene in her brother's arrest.

During the first episode of season 22, which aired on September 12,an officer with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department was tackled by a suspect high on Phencylidine. In episode 17 of season 26 that aired on February 1,during the arrest of a man in Sacramento, Californiafor battery on his girlfriend, one of the camera crew pulled one of the suspect's American pit bull terrier away from one of the arresting officers.

The dog was biting the officer on the leg after being commanded to do so by the suspect. During the recording of episode 7 in Season 27, the camera crew assisted in detaining the passenger of a vehicle whose operator had fled on foot from officers in Lafayette, Louisiana.

As police chased the driver, who successfully evaded arrest, the camera crew secured the vehicle by giving directions to the passenger; at one point, the camera operator can be seen gesturing to the passenger to place the latter's hands on the dashboard. On August 26,at roughly p. A police officer drove to a Wendy's restaurant during a robbery and called for backup. One of the other responding officers had a two-person Cops crew a cameraman and audio technician Bryce Dion present in his or her cruiser.

The crew began recording the robbery inside Wendy's. Authorities later identified the robber as year-old Cortez Washington, whom police shot several times during the shootout. A police officer fired through a window, hitting Dion wearing a bullet-resistant vest once under the arm. Medics transported both to the hospital, and both died, with Dion being pronounced dead shortly after arrival. The year-old Dion worked on Cops for seven years. Langley Productions stated that, in 25 years of video recording, this was the first incident in which a crew member was seriously injured or killed.

The robbery's events took only seconds to happen. Cunningham and Riley entered the front door and unholstered their firearms, while Wilhelm went to the restaurant's back part to cover an emergency exit door that opens only from indoors.

Cunningham and Riley approached Washington, who was at the restaurant's back part and did not see the officers arrive. For unknown reasons, Washington walked to the front counter, where the officers identified him and told him to lie on the floor—but Washington immediately pointed and fired a pistol while moving toward the officers, who returned fire.

Cunningham retreated into the hallway toward the restroom and kept firing at Washington, who had then turned the corner and stood where the officers had initiated contact. Riley moved around a column and into the waiting aisle at the counter. As Washington passed the uniformed police officer, he aimed his weapon toward the officer and continued firing as he moved toward the front exit. Dion was caught in the ensuing crossfire as the officer returned fire at Washington, who stumbled into the parking lot and fell from his injuries before his arrest.

After the scene was secured, authorities learned that Washington's pistol was actually an airsoft handgun that strongly resembled a real Taurus firearm. Authorities placed the three police officers on paid leave pending the result of an investigation into the shooting. A grand jury acquitted all three of misconduct. Washington had a lengthy criminal record in Wyandotte County, Kansas.

At the time of the Wendy's robbery, he was on parole in Missouri, having been released in September after serving two years of a seven-year sentence as an accessory to second-degree robbery of a jewelry store, to which he pleaded guilty.

In determining sentences and eligibility for parole, Missouri law does not consider criminal records in other states. While in jail awaiting trial, she committed felony assault via throwing a soap mixture into a health care worker's face and fracturing a jailer's hand. Authorities gave Arias a plea bargain, and she pleaded no contest to reduced charges, and they sentenced her to a maximum of six years in jail through concurrent sentencing.

Bryce Dion's brother, Trevor Dion, filed a lawsuit in February against the City of Omaha, alleging that inadequate communication and coordination between dispatchers and the officers arriving at the scene contributed to Dion's death. The suit also blames the authorities' decision to invite the Cops video crew to go with officers. The video was shown in open court and the Omaha World-Herald requested a copy, which it later released. The show's theme song was " Bad Boys ", performed by reggae group Inner Circlewhich was played over a montage of clips.

All episodes of Cops began with a disclaimer. Beginning with later episodes of season 2, the wording was:. Cops is filmed on location with the men and women of law enforcement. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

The disclaimer in the first two seasons was slightly different: " Cops is filmed on location as it happens. All suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. It was filmed entirely on location, with the men and women who work in law enforcement. During at least the first season, episodes featured original scoring in a vein similar to the instrumental backing of the opening song. Some cues were short, others longer, usually over montages.

Among the composers who scored episodes were Michael Lewis and Nathan Wang. In Septemberreruns of Cops went into broadcast syndication, and like fellow Fox series The Simpsonsbecame a mainstay of the format, with its carriage being led by Fox Television Stations itself, be it Fox stations or those with sister network MyNetworkTV ; it was also consistently on the schedule of The CW 's smaller-market chain of local cable channels and broadcast subchannels, The CW Plus.

In fallit began to air mainly on Spike now Paramount Network on the cable side as part of the agreement for that network to air new episodes, after several years on truTV. Older episodes were picked up by the now defunct Cloo in Septemberafter spending years on the now defunct G4which was discontinued in December Local station syndication of the show was prevalent on most Fox stations and affiliates at the time, but as ofolder episodes were shifted into Cops Reloaded.

WGN America also carried reruns of the regular version. Related to Paramount ending its carriage of Cops in Juneit has also relinquished its syndication rights; WGN America, which is converting its primetime schedule to a NewsNation under new ownership, also decided to stop carrying the show at the end of its existing carriage contract, which happened to terminate by coincidence on June 30, An enhanced version of the program branded as Cops 2.

In January20th Television announced that a new syndicated version titled Cops Reloaded would begin airing on CMT as well as local stations.

This version contains all new graphics and soundbites during the opening theme song, and older segments are modified and framed to a sharpened widescreen image for the high-definition format if they were originated in standard-definition television.

The program has had several "best-of" home videos, including Cops: In Hot PursuitCops: Shots FiredCops: Bad Girlsand Cops: Caught in the Act which include uncensored "too hot for TV" segments containing profanity and nudity that was edited out of the network version.

A Cops: 20th Anniversary Edition two-disc DVD with viewer favorites from each season, several behind the scenes features, and the original one-hour pilot was released in the United States and Canada on February 19, InPacific Gameworks created a proposal for a video game project intended for the Atari Jaguar based upon the TV show; however, production of the game never started and it was left unreleased.

InTime Warner Interactive released an arcade video game based on the show. The game uses live-action video for graphics and consists of a driving stage Untitled - Various - Under The Gun (DVD) a shooting stage very similar to Mad Dog McCree. Cops has received four Primetime Emmy nominations, as of May Though popular and long-running, Cops has drawn mixed reviews, and raised ethical questions. In the show's third year,Alan Bunce of The Christian Science Monitor praised the show as network television's "only true ' cinema verite ' series"—declaring it "innocent of re-enactments," and "free of fancy production effects," while remaining "doggedly faithful to its format.

Bunce raved about its "honesty of tone" and the show's "commitment" to, in his words, "recording exactly what happens" nothing more, nothing less —"an implicit rebuke" to what he called "the excesses and sleight-of-hand" indulged in by most other "reality" shows.

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