Blue Trane - Cedar Walton - Mobius (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Interlude 1 2. Interlude 2 3. Interlude 3 4. Interlude 4 5. Interlude 5 6. A Time For Us. Peter Peter 2. Go Back To Her 3. Long Ago Yesterday 5. Blue Carousel. Places and Spaces 2. You and Music 3. Night Whistler 4. Just My Imagination. Dance Band 2. Wild Life 3. Caricatures 4. Science Funktion. Dancing In The Street 2. Return Of The King 3.

Tell Me. Magic Lady 3. Show Us A Feeling 4. Ebony Blaze 5. Time and Space. No Questions 2. The Way Of Blue Trane - Cedar Walton - Mobius (Vinyl World 3.

The Old One Two 4. A Tear To A Smile. Chinatown Part1 2. Kuyaviak Goes Funky 3. Roksana 4. Crazy Kid 5. Prehistoric Bird. Bloody Kishka 2. Cameo 3. Stretch 4. Metroliner 5. Chinatown Part2. Papaya 2. Mosquito 3. Mosquito Dream 4. Mosquito Bite 5. Just The Way You Are. Sno King 2. Butterfly 3.

Zavinul 4. Funk Rings 5. Call Me Monday. Behold The Day 2. Soul Sound System 2. Are You Sure 4. All You Need Is Love. Stu 2. Gengis 3. Stacy 5. Groove Blues 2. My Foolish Heart 3.

Are We There Yet? Is Anything Still There? Spanish Gypsy 2. Never Will I Marry 3. Pieces Of Dreams 4. Micro-Macro 2. Skin And Skin 3. Moonlight, Wrapped Around Us 4. Lion And Sheep 5. Sunday 6. Hands And Clouds. Mongotee 2. A Song Of Love 3. Between Here and There 4. Watercolors 4. Sunburst 2. Journey Into Love 3. Floating Through Space 4. Bright Moments. Space Princess 2. Quiet Moments 3. Magical Journey 4.

Exotic Mysteries. Singing For Love 2. Twilight 4. Night Flower. Twelve Ways To Success 2. Carlos 3. Teddy Bear 4. Samba Dis, Samba Dat 5. Everyday I Have The Blues 2. Jumping The Blues 3. Cotton Boy Blues. Yardbird Suite 2. The Groove Fly 3. River People 3. Young and Fine 4. The Elders. Living For The Music 3. Brother Marcus 2. Grandma Heavy 4. For The Good Times 4. Jazz Scattin 5. Got My Mojo Workin. Testifyin 2. More To Life Than Living 3. Thomas Calypso 4.

Feel Like Making Love 5. Drum Break!! I Know That I Want 2. Uh Ruh 4. Dirty Roosta Booga 2. Spill The Wine 3. Sugar, Sugar. Harmony, Perfect Harmony 2.

Do It While You Can 3. I Write The Song. Freeze It Up 2. Rise On 4. Funky Row. Down The Way 5. Out The Box. Pack Up Your Bags 2. Till You Take My Love 3. Space Cadets 4. Freedom Either Way. Bless My Soul 2. Sneakin In The Back 3. King Cobra 4. Dahomey Dance 5. Easy Life 2. Spindrift 3. Strut Your Stuff 4. Expression 5. The Look Of Love 2. Here There and Everywhere 3. A Beautiful Friendship 4. Blues For Stan 5.

MacArthur Park 2. Emily 4. Cabin In The Sky 5. Midnight And You 2. Evil 3. Blanket On The Beach 4. Hello Dolly 2. Girl Talk 4. Water Melon Man. Lowdown 3.

Yes We Can Can 2. Oh Girl 3. Hi Fly 5. Where Is The Love. Rubber Lips 2. Such A Beautiful Feeling 3. Food Stamps 4. Spellbinder 2. Witchcraft 3. Gypsy Queen. Cheetah 3. My Foolish Heart 4. Yearning 5. Never Can Say Goodbye 2. On Broadway 4. I Believe In Music. Hot Fun In The Summertime 3. The Real T. Music To Watch Girls By 4. Watermelon Man 5. La Brea. All 2. Red Top LP. Yesterday 4. Boo-Go-Loo 5.

Fake Out. Shamading 3. Seems So Long 4. Games People Play 2. Because 3. Can I Change My Mind 4. Rainbow Seeker 2. In All My Wildest Dreams 3. Melodies Of Love. Fly With Wings Of Love 2. As Long As It Lasts 3. Islands On The Rain 4. Winding Roads 2. Mother Nature 3. Love Tones 4. Gentle Smiles Saxy. Let Me In Your Life 2. Lay Baby Lay 3. If Loving You is Wrong 4. Being Green 5. Medley Fire and Rain Bye Bye Love 2. Never Can Say Goodbye Funny 4.

Area Code 2. Whistle Bump 3. Tahiti Hut 4. San Juan Sunset. Love Island 2. Chariot Of The Gods 3. Pina Colada 4. Take The A Train. Juanita 2. I Shot The Sheriff 3. Theme From Star Trek 4. Univac Loves You.

Intro 2. Rio Sangre 3. Louis Blues 4. Farewell To A Friend. Living For The City 2. Too High 3. Superstition 4. My Cherie Amour. Higher Ground 2. All In Love Is Fair. Have A Nice Weekend Baby 3. I Wanna Thank You Love. I Did It For Love 2. Never, Never Say Goodbye 3.

Whisper You Love Me 4. Move Me No Mountain 2. I Belong To You 3. Under The Influence Of Love 3. Say It Again 2. Someone Really Cares For You 3. It May Be Winter Outside 4. Yes, We Finally Made It. Stop Running Away From Love 2. Da-Ya-Ance 3. Dream Lady 5. Space Place. For Love 2. Blues For Scott Joplin 3. Rhap-So-Dee 4. It is sometimes referred to as The Silver Album because of its metallic cover.

Topic: YYYY. Victory Day Topic: Victory Day. It was released on September 10,through record label Grunt. Four singles were released from the album: the No. Contents 1 Content 2 Release 3 Reception 4 Track Topics: jewel records, gospel, funk.

In its brief run, it featured an impressive array of talents, including Agnes Moorehead, Bernard Herrmann, and George Coulouris. The show is famous for its notorious War of the Worlds broadcast, but the other shows in the series are relatively unknown.

This Torrent has many of the surviving shows Topics: The Mercury Theatre on the Air, rare, radio, torrent, s Source: torrent:urn:shadfbae8ecab0e06d. The Blacksmith - The boat - The paleface - Daydreams Topics: comedy, torrent, rare, old Source: torrent:urn:shafe0d1f7ddd97f99dbd9a2d00ebac71c1.

Compilation also known as Caustic Window Compilation is one of only two full length acid house-techno albums released by Richard D. James under his pseudonym Caustic Window. Universal Indicator serves as an acid house outlet for members of the label Rephlex. The collective formed as a result of the disappearance of many Chicago house masters once trance and progressive took over as the "it" way to make money from DJing and production.

The members of Universal Indicator wanted to focus on making Blue Trane - Cedar Walton - Mobius (Vinyl record that they themselves would buy, rather than just having big names Topics: Richard D. Albums chart. Chosen Lords is a compilation album by Richard D. It is a CD compilation of selected tracks previously released on the vinyl-only Analord series. Limited edition copies distributed with a poster were offered on Warpmart to encourage pre-ordering.

This incredible rarity has been unearthed by Herman Permentier - so all credit to him! Shot on 16mm and lost in the vaults for nearly 40 years, Steven Hargraves added the album audio to this video shoot for the 7" single "Cats Eye," which was only released in France inand synced up the footage to the improved sound.

The drums and guitars were recorded "straight off", while the vocals and piano were recorded at a later date. Collection of the now out of business mad magazine. A teenage staple of mine that taught me satire and humor. Topic: MAD Magazine. Eric B. This is a fairly typical mid-period Utopia concert that provides a good cross-section of the first half of the band's career.

The tour was promoted by Bill Graham. Luna Blanca played their album Guitar Island live in its entirety. Setlist: 1. From The Archives. This concert special was broadcast on Cinemax HBO as A Blues Session, and featured a superstar lineup, including Paul Butterfield, who died of a drug overdose less than a month later. John 5 - When Topics: B. Broadcast on BBC Radio 1. Brand X appealed to both jazz-fusion and progressive rock audiences at a time when music audiences were searching for something different.

The band released their debut album, Unorthodox Several songs from that album are included here. Thanks to my old friend Steve Premo for sharing this from his collection. No copyright infringement Topic: French Pop. No copyright infringement Topic: French pop. No copyright infringement Topic: Electronic. No copyright infringement Topic: Aussie Pop. No copyright infringement Topic: Pop Rock.

No copyright infringement Topic: Rock. Along with their first album, this was a Canadian gold record for the band. Topic: Audio. Live from the Hollywood Bowl.

The U. Colonization and Revolt: E. No official release of this show has ever come out. So, enjoy this set by one of the greatest progressive rock groups ever Gentle Giant! Cogs In Cogs 3. Proclamation 4. Funny Ways 5. The Runaway 6. Experience 7. The Boys In The Band 8. Raconteur Troubadour 9. Knots The Advent Of Panurge Free Hand Tune in again on Wednesday, December 3rd.

Happy Thanksgiving! Download this week's podcast here. Labels: BinghamtonDoctor B. Wednesday, November 12, Playlist for November 12, Due to technical difficulties, the first half of my program, including my first trainee's half-hour, was not heard.

Labels: bartlemaniaBinghamtonDoctor B. Wednesday, October 22, Playlist for October 22, I'll be back on November 5th. Blue Trane - Cedar Walton - Mobius (Vinyl forget to vote on November 4th! Wednesday, October 15, Playlist for October 15, Recorded on the Bartlemuzik Ltd. Mobile Unit, mixed and mutated by Doctor B.

World Headquarters. Wednesday, October 08, Playlist for October 8, Just a bit ahead of his time. Charlie Tumahai: Bass, vocals. Intro 2. New Precision 3. Dangerous Stranger 4. Super Enigmatics 5. Lovers Are Mortal 6. New Mysteries 7. Panic In The World 8. Forbidden Lovers 9. Now you don't have to get up with the chickens to hear The Doctor!

Just click the "This Week's Podcast" link at the end of every playlist, and hear anywhere from one to three hours' worth of Doctor B! My space-mix segment from September 17th, is up now.

Go ahead, give it a try! Sorry about that! Wednesday, October 01, Playlist for October 1, A little background : the Actuel festival was organized by the publication of the same name who, under different editorship, went on to become a prime mover of the French counterculture in the early to mids in collaboration with the fledgling BYG label.

It was originally going to take place in or near Paris, but French authorities forbid it and the marquee was eventually set up a few miles outside the French border, on Belgian soil.

It took place over 5 nights, entertaining an audience ofto a unique mixture of progressive Blue Trane - Cedar Walton - Mobius (Vinyl, free jazz and contemporary music. Frank Zappa was present at the festival well, the first four days, it seems in a twofold capacity.

First, as Captain Beefheart's road manager; secondly, as M. The latter task proved problematic given FZ's very limited mastery of French, the prevailing language among the audience, who themselves didn't seem to understand much English.

Instead, FZ relinquished his M. As far as I know, with the exception of FZ's performance with Captain Beefheart, this collects all of his jams with participating bands. A couple of films, directed by Jerome Laperrousaz and Jean-Noel Roy, came out in but were instantly banned because of objections from various bands most notably Pink Floyd whose permission hadn't been properly secured.

Zappa's performance with Beefheart is included in one of them, and since the audio of the film unlike the film itself is in circulation, possibly in better sound than I could provide, I decided not to include it. The whereabouts of the master tapes for the festival, if any exist, are unknown. The source used here is an audience recording made by a young French member of the audience using a now antiquated amateur tape recorder. The original tapes have been newly transferred, but even so, the sound quality is rather poor.

Still, it seems to be the only source available at this time, so that will have to do for now. Apparently, despite the wealth of Pink Floyd bootlegs in circulation, no one seems to have their Album) set, so this will probably delight a lot of people.

Browsing various PF-related websites, there even seems to be a debate on whether the jam ever took place. Well, here is the final proof that it did. Now, the tracklist: 1. Sadly the taper was into rock, not jazz, and didn't bother recording any of the jazz acts. I intend to seed some of the individual performances in the near future, so watch out. I must thank the taper, JJB, for his permission to seed these rare treasures, making them available freely to all via DaD in affinity with its non-profit philosophy.

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Mobile Unit Hour 2 - Apprentice Time! Say hello to my two new pupils! Wednesday, September 17, Playlist for September 17th, All of the songs are instrumentals and, not having studied their catalog, I will leave the song titles fer you to figure out. Feel free to add yer own Rollins style lyrics…throw in stuff about being ugly and a machine and lots of YEAH! Now you can hear it… I figure this will make a nice back to school gift fer you kiddies out there… Tribute to Rick Wright R.

Embryo 2. Green Is The Colour 3. Careful With That Axe Eugene 4. Let There Be More Light 5. Murderistic Woman 6. Point Me At The Sky 7. The Narrow Way 8. Julia Dream 9. A Saucerful Of Secrets One of These Days Wednesday, August 27, Playlist for August 27, Janis Joplin bootlegs tend to come with little to no information about the source and lineage.

Vitamin C One More Night Bel Air Wednesday, August 13, This week's program cancelled. Due to Murphy's Law, this week's program has also been canceled. Cross your fingers. I should be back on the 20th. Wednesday, August 06, No program Wed.

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