Read our bushfire safety tips below. Staying up to date Bushfires can start and change direction very quickly. For local updates, you can visit the following regional sites. New South Wales www. Check before you go If you have booked a trip to Australia, check in with your Bushfire agent, tour operator or accommodation providers on local conditions and how best to enjoy your time in Australia.

What to do in an emergency In the event Bushfire an emergency, dial triple zero More articles like this. Health and safety information. Driving in Australia: road safety and regulations. Ok, I agree. You can now close this dialogue.

If your house is seriously damaged, contact the SES on or the City's Disaster Hotline on for assistance. For information on how to protect your family, property and belongings in a disaster situation download our Community Disaster Guide.

As one of the largest natural area land holders on the Gold Coast, the City plays an important role in managing bushfire in our city. We even have three senior QFES officers and a team of natural area management experts on staff to ensure all our programs are best practice and integrated into the wider bushfire management network.

Bushfire the guidelines for all our bushfire management activities is the Gold Coast City Bushfire Management Strategy, which outlines our overall approach to preventing and managing bushfire on the Gold Coast. While we have a vested interest in reducing bushfire risk across the whole of the city, our activities are restricted, by law, to City-owned or managed land. In fact, most of the medium and high potential bushfire hazard areas within the city are on private property.

Although out of our control, we encourage and educate other natural landholders, public and private, to be vigilant in their bushfire preparations. Skip to main content. Bushfire Bushfire is one of the most devastating threats facing our community every year. Bushfire prepared Being prepared is everybody's responsibility.

Learn about what causes bushfires and how you can help those affected…. Bushfires are fires that burn through areas of bushland. What causes bushfires? Are bushfires natural? Why are bushfires dangerous? What can I do to help? You could hold a bake sale or do a sponsored walk to drum up donations: Wildlife Victoria and RSPCA Victoria are supporting wildlife in the region during the bushfires. Save Avatar Randomize. Home Is Good Get messy, explore and appreciate nature, all from the safety of home!

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Cookies are small files that we send to your computer or mobile phone to make your time on our websites as awesome as possible. We hope this is okay but if not, you can opt-out using the button below. Bushfires occur on every continent except Antarctica. In the United States of America, 60, — 80, bushfires typically occur every year. The major natural bushfire starters are lightning, volcanic eruptions, rockfall sparks or, plainly, self heating.

Bushfire Image courtesy of Free Stock Photos Bushfires are fuelled from vegetation which could be above or below the surface. People help prevent bushfires spreading by clearing debris Bushfire vegetation. A common form of clearing is back burning, where a controlled fire is burnt towards the fire threat to reduce the fuel load.

The smoke from bushfires normally contain carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide and formaldehyde. According to the Inquirer News, bushfires killpeople every year. The worst bushfire recorded in the last years was the Peshtigo fire in Wisconsin and Michigan in the US, killing at least people. Tagged DisasterEarthFacts.

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