Ecstacy To Frenzy - Rodd Keith - Ecstacy To Frenzy (CD)

You know how Burzum is way scarier than all those fake satanic metal bands, and they don't really talk about anything except pagan shit like nature? This movie is like that. There's no well, VERY little actual bloodshed, and the main characters are a seemingly friendly island of pagan folk. However, this movie will creep the hell out of you. There is nothing else like it, and it's so perfect that I can't even understand why some butthole would want to remake it.

Watch the original, pretend nobody ever fucked with it, and have a good Halloween. Labels: cool shitdevil's nightHalloweenhorror moviesscary stuff. Sunday, October 24, Forte 3, sloooooowwwww then fast. I'm not sure exactly why, but probably because I realized, after playing three or four really slow tunes, that I needed to pick things up. That's the magic of radio, I guess. Pretty decent show, overall in my opinion. More stuff from Relapse. Download that shit homey.

Posted by Bizarro Jerry at PM 5 comments:. Labels: downloadsfortenew musicpodcastsradio. Sunday, October 17, Fuckin' up yer halloween part 1. I pretty much hate holidays, but here's some Halloween music anyhow. I did this last year, too. Black Widow - 'Sacrifice' A whole prog-rock album about the devil and sacrifices and all things of that nature.

The songs are surprisingly good, especially 'Come to the Sabbat. I think that was supposed to be funny. Anyhow, it's a classic of the 'gothic metal' genre, and an all-around good listen. Check out the video for 'Black No.

Quintet - 'Trip thru Hell' Apparently, a soundtrack for what the title would indicate. I'm not sure if I'm buying Ecstacy To Frenzy - Rodd Keith - Ecstacy To Frenzy (CD), but there are enough goofy sound effects to at least make this a Halloween Party disc. Plus, it's psychedelic. Who doesn't like Halloween more when it's psychedelic? Download the whole thing from this fine music blog. Lucifer - 'Black Mass' This album was created by one Mort Garson as an electronic representation of what a black mass Ecstacy To Frenzy - Rodd Keith - Ecstacy To Frenzy (CD) sounds like.

This was in the early days of synthesizers or something so it's pretty primitive-sounding, but he gets some really odd fuckin' sounds out of his Moog. If you've ever wondered why some people are really into old Moog music, check out this record. Another good 'Halloween Party' release that's not super loud or super offensive. Download it HERE if you're interested. Like the soundtrack to some 's teenage monster flick where the kids have to stop an evil spirit or some such bullshit.

It's that goofy. Just look at the song titles when you download itthat is The only positive thing I can say about this album is that you WILL have a Ecstacy To Frenzy - Rodd Keith - Ecstacy To Frenzy (CD) time listening to it.

I'll be doin' a wicked-scary Forte in a couple weeks or is it a week? I dunnoso tune in for that. Labels: downloadsfree musicHalloweennew musicobscuroscary music. Forte 2, with a set of gross-out butt-grind. This one is probably a lot more enjoyable than last week's I had time to find new music, plus Relapse records sent me a bunch of brand new stuff to play, and play I did.

I never took the time to listen to it before. Odd stuff; too bad he had to go and die. Labels: fortenew musicplaylistsradio. Sunday, October 10, Forte 1. The rumors are true I've retired the Obscuro! It may pop up again sometime down the road, but for now it's finished. I felt that I'd done pretty much all I could within the self-imposed guidelines of the show, and honestly it got a little tiring spending hours digging for crazy shit each week. That does NOT mean I'll be retiring this website Don't worry.

I'll be bringing my own brand of bizarr-o to the show, and a lot of it will be focusing on the most noncommercial metal music I can find. Unfortunately, there isn't a podcast page for Forte yet, but there should be pretty soon. Labels: downloadsfinal episodefortenew musicobscuropodcastsradio. Tuesday, October 5, Obscuro! Mixtape This time, I just threw together some stuff I'd been listening to with some of my favorite tracks from the past few months of the radio show.

It made for a nice mix of the 'weird' and the 'regular' so maybe it'll alienate less people than the actual program. I titled it 'Thank You and Goodnight' for this reason plus the consequential ending of my Obscuro!

That's not to say this ISN'T pretty messed up, because you'd have to be a little off to concoct an idea like this anyhow. Apparently, the music is mostly improvised by session players, which gives it an off-kilter, sloppy feel. Words are awesome. Burzum - "Erblicket die Tochter des Firmaments" - Filosofem, recorded I really don't give a shit what anybody has to say about this guy. Dude is a musical genius, and that's that. It doesn't matter what he believes in, or if he killed anybody he did or if he burnt down a ton of historical churches he did, probably.

Dude is a musical genius. Because I refuse to leave out Gene Clark. That's in addition to many that were on your list. I'm sure I'll think of others later. I would probably have a lot of the same singers on my own list Now I'm off to think about who else I'd put on my own. Great post! Marvin Gaye - Heavy Love Affair.

Gotta spread the news! Good list, not perfect, but a fun topic to mull over. Interesting list! I would certainly contend that any list missing the greatest singer ever recorded - Pete Seeger - is incomplete. There's lots of people here I haven't heard, or heard enough of to have a conversation about. But when the musicians are working on their songs, they give it their all. That redeems the whole thing. Gene Merlino, a singer for hire in Los Angeles sincesang song-poems when he wasn't doing vocal backups for Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley and television variety shows.

Merlino says he has sung more song-poem demos ''than anyone who ever lived,'' sightreading them in sessions that knocked out dozens of songs in a day. I did many thousands of demos, and I don't think any of them -- not a one -- would have qualified to be a hit.

People write song-poems about love, God, family, America and current events, from elections to terrorist attacks.

Merlino said. But most of the songs were from people writing about their own little world. Recordings are artifacts that have a way of finding a second life. That's what happened to song-poems when Tom Ardolino, the drummer for the rock band NRBQ, picked up an anthology album, ''Variety Songs of '69,'' among the remnants of a radio station at a hardware-suplus store in Kingston, N.

After hearing just a few song-poems, including ''Richard Nixon'' a tribute and the drum extravaganza ''Beat of the Traps,'' Mr. Ardolino was hooked. Ardolino started looking out for song-poems at thrift stores and yard sales, and he added song-poems to tapes he shared with friends like Phil Milstein, who convinced him that song-poems deserved to be reissued.

Those albums made their way to disc jockeys, fans of peculiar Americana and musicians like Yo La Tengo, who have been known to play the song-poem ''How Can a Man Overcome His Heartbroken Pain'' on stage.

Ardolino's friend and abettor, Mr. Milstein, now runs an exhaustive Web site devoted to song-poems, www. There's also an Internet radio station playing Ecstacy To Frenzy - Rodd Keith - Ecstacy To Frenzy (CD) at www. Magic Key, a song-poem company featured in the documentary, has songs like ''Soulmate of a Different Timeline'' and ''Me and Buddha in a Ecstacy To Frenzy - Rodd Keith - Ecstacy To Frenzy (CD) Toyota'' online at www.

With all the attention, song-poem albums are now more likely to show up on Ebay than in thrift stores.

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