Everybody Get Up - Various - Italian Style Compilation (Vinyl, LP)

Released on J. The track rolls along with an amazing bassline and groove,great vocals and a cheeky disco riff guitar line. The track has seen a few edits of the years,most notably the Wrenchman edit and Californian Dj Hugh Herrera's edit on his great H-Track label. The original pressing of this track sell for quite a high price now,and even the edits have become very sought after,and can also now command a high selling value. After being included on James Murphy DFA and Pat Mahoney's Fabric mix a few years back,the track found a new audience and attracted some new attention.

The edit included here is the Wrenchman edit,which stays along the same path as the H-Track edit,cutting out the euro-pop sounding vocals,and building it more for the dance floor.

Saturday, 31 October Halloween. Just a little post to wish you all a "Happy Halloween". With lots of great clubnights and partys ,this weekend looks set to be full of spooky fun. Always a great party,with some amazing outfits and fancy dress. Whatever you get up to,have an amazing time!

Happy Halloween Wednesday, 28 October Galaxy. The timeless "Galaxy" by Xenon will turn every sweaty dancefloor into a disco spaceship. Slow and seductive beats, spacy synthlines backed up by a driving bassline and cosmic guitars. Recently re-released by Radius Records who manage to deliver this great record, one of the most spaced out classic Italo disco tunes out there. The newer version comes with two Idjut Boys edits, giving the original a most sexy spin, with plenty of dubby delays and smoked out effects.

This space disco classic from is now once again within reach of Italo afficionados. Having made it onto such great mixes as "Telespazio Vol. Xenon - Galaxy by piece together music. With over two minutes of intro, they take their time digging in, but it's hardly wasted: fluttering violins, channeling the nervous energy of Philip Glass, cushion dramatic string vamps and methodical tympanis that stretch the tension to breaking point. The same simplicity rules the rest of the tune, which is built on a fat, jaunty bassline and a plucked lead ruffling its peacock feathers.

Instead of development, Mugwump follow contours in the sound, focusing their energies on judicious filtering and the sneaky rearrangement of the song's principal themes. Mugwump - Boutade by piece together music. You Got Me Running. Oakland, California native Lenny Williams possesses Everybody Get Up - Various - Italian Style Compilation (Vinyl of the most distinctive voices in contemporary music. The track has also seen some great re-edit work too,carried out by Ray Mang Mangled on his edit "Running".

Map Of Africa. Having grown up together in the wilds of Fen-land East Anglia they have found their way into a studio built in the old barn of a commune compound deep in the woods and rivers of Northern New York State.

From here they have single-handedly written and recorded their first album of songs that, though they are clearly the work of individual vision, can at times remind you of the bands Can and Hawkwind or for that matter Godley and Creme. Harvey is known for his priceless Black Cock releases and having ushered in the current wave of re-edit hysteria as well as his unique remix and production style that along with his international DJ performances has kept him in a position of cult status amongst disco and dance connoseurs for the past 2 decades.

Bullock is most easily recognized for his role in his Dj partnership Rub n Tug but may also be remembered as the man behind the music of an earlier NY super nova A. Now as well as his work with Harvey he is recording an LP under the handle of Bobbie Marie and producing several other groups all for the amazing "Whatever We Want Records". This is the track "Map Of Africa" taken from the album of the same name. Monday, 26 October Optimo Espookio. One of my favourite nites and their's too.

We see the Subclub decorated with some crazy decor,some scary music and their big prize draw for best dressed outfit. Loud E. The album "Loudified" collects Rotterdam based Dj and consummate disco freak Loud-E's tight, workmanlike and often brilliant re-edits of such tarnished Eurodisco gems culled from his trips to Northern Europe's secondhand shops.

Loud-E has graciously cut out the chaff in these regional non-hits and refitted them for maximum disco appeal. With great releases on such labels as Big Bear,Panama Racing and Ambassador's reception Loud E's edits and reworks have always been well recieved and seen great appreciation.

The "Disco Thriller Mix" included here shows Loud E's great merciless grasp on the groove and his impeccable taste and splicing prowess. Loud E - Disco Thriller Mix by piece together music. You'll Disappear. Both had also been involved in the thriving nightlife scene, and had an almost encyclopedic knowledge of esoteric music ranging from Brazilian soul to vintage psych-rock, so becoming producers seemed to be the next logical step.

After working with a wide range of artists, from veteran soul acts to up-and-coming rock n' rollers, the duo set their sights on The Phenomenal Handclap Everybody Get Up - Various - Italian Style Compilation (Vinyl, a collective comprised of various luminaries of the indie rock and underground soul scenes. They have crafted a sound that is equal parts anthemic, dancefloor-oriented and orchestral, borrowing elements from progressive rock, disco, electro, and psychedelia.

Live, The Phenomenal Handclap Band is distilled to an eight-member powerhouse, an eye-popping spectacle that overwhelms the senses. It pulses with a savage rhythm section that provides the ultimate foil for cascading guitars and electrified washes of organ and synthesizers.

Their delirious sermonizing whips crowds into a charismatic frenzy. Needless to say, their live shows are more akin to a spiritual church revival than an actual rock show. Pleasure were one of the greatest groups of the west coast scene of the 70s and a key force in defining the Fantasy Records groove of the time. The mighty Wayne Henderson is a key factor in their sound as he produced some of the best tracks with that well-balanced groove he brought to his best work under the At-Home Productions umbrella.

The track "Joyous" comes from their third studio album released on Fantasy records in ,which see's the band go full tilt,with great grooves and an amazing horn section. The track here is a Dj Harvey edit which stays pretty true to the original format.

Friday, 16 October Caught Up. The "Caught Up Mix" delves deeper into the electronic side of cosmic disco,with quite an Italo electronic house feel. Caught Up Mix - Electrofunkdiscotek by moogroove. This Space.

The two embarked on what's become an eight year adventure. You Can Win - Bileo. We're Still Together - O. Sweet Sweet Lovin' - Dee Dee. Please Don't Leave - Lauren Wood. Ladies Choice - Jesus Wayne. This is a compilation I posted on my Private Members Only blog inand because of the shortness of the tracks this is a two part compilation.

Volume 3 will be next month. Baby Don't Go reissue gram vinyl LP. Review: Monty Ndimande's solo debut as Saitana sees him coming out of the gate in with an impressive Afro, an embroidered dashiki, an amicable grin and a funky rock sound with lashings of folk, blues and soul. Produced by Ray Nkwe, whose JAS Pride label was undergoing a mids boom, Baby Don't Go celebrates the burgeoning disco scene and paints Soweto as a crucible LP) hip style and good vibes despite the anti-apartheid social and political unrest that was brewing.

Restored from original master tapes, Saitana's inspired debut returns to vinyl for the very first time. Jenakuru reissue LP. Review: Self-produced and released on Gallo Records inSaitana's Jenakuru is a unique and highly sought after African rock artefact. A great admirer of Jimi Hendrix, Saitana was a thrilling performer and mesmerising dancer who created a larger-than-life showman persona. With a moody and acidic edge bleeding into his unique funky sound, Saitana's sophomore release exposed the darker and introspective side of his seemingly happy-go-lucky personality.

Taken from the original reels, Saitana's resurrection in is a veritable event for international vinyl culture and music discovery. Played by: Juno Recommends International. Forevher Deluxe Edition cassette. Secretly Canadian US. Music On Vinyl. Tarika Blue reissue heavyweight vinyl LP repress. Chiaroscuro US. New preorders this week. Related releases Summer Storm 7". Neon Finger. Pre-orders at Juno This vinyl is available for pre-order at Juno, for shipping on the release date.

Happy People. Gurami 7". Lovin You 7". Pushover reissue orange vinyl 7'' limited to copies. Original Gravity. Sounds From Montenuovo 12". Bordello A Parigi Holland. I Can't Get No Satisfaction 7". At The Doorstep 7". Soul Bank Music. Page: 1 1 2. This Week: Funk. Switch genre. Switch view. Releases This Week. My filters. Type See all. Music See all. Format See all. Artist See all. Label See all. Release Title See all. Price See all. We'd like to know what you think of Juno's website. Please send us your comments and suggestions via our feedback page.

Hide played by. Show out of stock titles. He would also perform with this technique for the track "Something's Burning". The drum track, though played by Reni, was recorded as he played in time to an unknown 70s funk loop at the insistence of John, angering the drummer at the apparent lack Everybody Get Up - Various - Italian Style Compilation (Vinyl belief in his talent.

This was later said to have contributed to Reni leaving the band. Despite its overwhelming success, the band did not intend to release "Fools Gold" as an A-side. When the press began raving about the song's funky bassline, the band was confused since "What the World Is Waiting For" was a simple guitar based track.

The Roses realized the press was referring to "Fools Gold" and they promptly released the songs as a double A-side. The band's manager of the time, Gareth Evans, was also adamant upon first hearing the song that it was far superior to the intended A-side and should be released as a double A-side.

After Reni left the band in"Fools Gold" was essentially retired from the live set, since replacement Robbie Maddix could not emulate Reni's complex drumming loops.

Labels:, Alternative DanceMadchesterSingle. Primal Scream - Screamadelica. There's no underestimating the importance of Screamadelicathe record that brought acid house, techno, and rave culture crashing into the British mainstream — an impact that rivaled that of Nirvana's Nevermind, the other release that changed rock. Prior to Screamadelica, Primal Scream were Stonesy classic rock revivalists with a penchant for Detroit rock.

They retained those fascinations on Screamadelica — one listen to the Jimmy Miller-produced, Stephen Stills-rip "Movin' on Up" proves that — but they burst everything wide open here, turning rock inside out by marrying it to a gleeful rainbow of modern dance textures. This is such a brilliant, gutsy innovative record, so unlike anything the Scream did before, that it's little wonder that there's been much debate behind who is actually responsible for its grooves, especially since Andrew Weatherall is credited with production with eight of the tracks, and it's clearly in line with his work.

Even if Primal Scream took credit for Weatherall's endeavors, that doesn't erase the fact that they shepherded this album, providing the ideas and impetus for this dubtastic, elastic, psychedelic exercise in deep house and neo-psychedelic. Like any dance music, this is tied to its era to a certain extent, but it transcends it due to its fierce imagination and how it doubles back on rock history, making the past LP) and vice versa. It was such a monumental step forward that Primal Scream stumbled before regaining their footing, but by that point, the innovations of Screamadelica had been absorbed by everyone from the underground to mainstream.

There's little chance that this record will be as revolutionary to first-time listeners, but after its initial spin, the genius in its construction will become apparent — and it's that attention to detail that makes Screamadelica an album that transcends its time and influence. Labels:AlbumAlternative DanceMadchester. Happy Mondays. While the Stone Roses were based in '60s pop, adding only a slight hint of dance music, Happy Mondays immersed themselves in the club and rave culture, eventually becoming the most recognizable band of that drug-fueled scene.

The Mondays' music relied heavily on the sound and rhythm of house music, spiked with '70s soul licks and swirling '60s psychedelia. It was bright, colorful music that had fractured melodies that never quite gelled into cohesive songs. Unwittingly or not, Happy Mondays personified the ugly side of rave culture. Under the leadership of vocalist Shaun Ryder, the group sounded and acted like thugs, especially in comparison with their peace-loving peers, the Stone Roses.

Ryder's lyrics were twisted and surrealistic, loaded with bizarre pop culture references, drug slang, and menacing sexuality. Appropriately, their music was as convoluted. Happy Mondays were one of the first rock bands to integrate hip-hop techniques into their music.

They didn't sample, but they borrowed melodies and lyrics and, in the process, committed rock blasphemy. Labels:,Alternative DanceMadchesterSingle. LFO - Frequencies. Having released only two records and not many more singles while they worked together, the pair's apparently meager contribution would hardly seem to bear out the claim that they were one of British techno's most important, agenda-setting groups. Nonetheless, early singles such as "We Are Back," "Freeze," and "Love Is the Message" from their debut Frequencies, as well as "Tied Up" from their second, Advance, have indelibly marked British techno with Detroit's progressiveness, electro's funk, and an unflinching, uniquely British experimentalism.

Labels:Acid HouseAlbumTechno. The Green Album Orbital's untitled first LP, released in Septemberconsisted of all-new material — that is, if live versions of "Chime" and the fourth single "Midnight" are considered new works.

Unlike the Hartnolls' later albums, though, the debut was more of a collection of songs than a true full-length work, its cut-and-paste attitude typical of many techno LPs of the time. DuringOrbital continued their chart success with two EPs. It marked the Hartnolls' debut for Internal Records in England, though ffrr retained control of the duo's American contract, beginning with a U. The Brown Album Opening with a looped Star Trek sample, Orbital's second album progresses through eight tracks of warm, unrepetitive techno in what sounds more like a DJ mix album than an LP, with no bows to mainstream sensibilities.

Here, the duo's acknowledged inspiration from Kraftwerk, present before but always in the background, came to the fore. The brilliant manner in which the Hartnolls weave several synth lines, samples, sung vocals, and percussion — mathematically precise but still beautifully orchestrated — updated Kraftwerk's mastery of minimalist electronic music.

One of the highlights of the '90s techno movement, the "brown" album is still one of Orbital's most exciting work. Diversions The U. Musically, the album delivers on the diverse promises of early B-sides "Choice" and "Belfast," with more harbingers to their thrash background — especially on "Quality Seconds" — and the addition of a third member, vocalist Alison Goldfrapp, on two songs.

The shuffling, quasi-Eastern jungle rhythms of "Are We Here? Luckily, the single holds up. The Who Are They? The Do They Here? The big surprise is the What Was That?

No More (Live Holland - Summer 2007), Head Home - Skye, Reach Up - Various - Chillout Forever (CD), Mellow Sonic - Animations (File, MP3), Get The Party Started (Bigroom Mix) - Chanel / Warren Clarke / Royal Gigolos - If You Love Me / Bitc, Piano Concerto No. 17 In G, K. 453 - Mozart*, Beethoven* - Friedrich Gulda with Symphony Orchestra*, National Health - The Kinks - One For The Road (CD, Album), Is It Yes Or Is It No - James Brown - Its A Mans Mans Mans World (Vinyl, LP), Keep The Faith - Bon Jovi - Cross Road (Cassette), Dream Of You - Zoe (7) - Inn.O.Cent (CD, Album), O Wie Wohl Ist Mir Am Abend - Franz Lambert - Horch, Was Kommt Von Draußen Rein? (Cassette, Album), Untitled - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - Sherlock Holmes (20) - Der Landadel Von Reigate (CD), Back Room - Various - The Living Word - Wattstax 2 (Vinyl, LP, Album)