Greatest Generation - Soulcracker - At Last, For You (CD, Album)

{PARAGRAPH}I like it a lot. I really enjoy moving around. Nothing more. We have never threatened or tried to kick Beastie out of the band. That might have been how VH-1 portrayed it on the show, I wouldn't put it past them. I don't know, but it isn't true. I'm sure a lot of this was about ratings and getting people hooked on the show. Though, I don't have a lot of stuff in common with some of the members. Though, the worst part about that is his girlfriend had to hear them having sex. That's just sick," Sutton says with pure disgust. He is quick to add, "People will like you or not. They can see through the image portrayed on T. I don't really have time for people's perceptions of me, though. I can't do that. I mean, it was a game show. Beastie would be out there trying to sell the most merch I just don't like to approach people in a supplicant way. It didn't make me feel comfortable at all. I won't pick up CDs and walk around the bar trying to sell them. This made the band unhappy, but when it got really uncomfortable, I told them I would load all the gear if I didn't have to sell merch. Ramsey and I ended up loading all the gear each night and the rest of the band went out and sold stuff. However, they want hits; you have to have that song. And I don't know if we have that song. It promotes the fact that only one band can be a winner at a time. They have a broader audience and more mass appeal. Soulcracker, on the reverse, have a more specific market and really aren't a VH-1 band. Flickerstick was supposed to win and they just needed three other bands to fit their mold to play along. Friday 30 April Saturday 1 May Sunday 2 May Monday 3 May Tuesday 4 May Wednesday 5 May Thursday 6 May Friday 7 May Saturday 8 May Sunday 9 May Monday 10 May Tuesday 11 May Wednesday 12 May Thursday 13 May Friday 14 May Saturday 15 May Sunday 16 May Monday 17 May Tuesday 18 May Wednesday 19 May Thursday 20 May Friday 21 May Saturday 22 May Sunday 23 May Monday 24 May Tuesday 25 May Wednesday 26 May Thursday 27 May Friday 28 May Saturday 29 May Sunday 30 May Monday 31 May Tuesday 1 June Wednesday 2 June Thursday 3 June Friday 4 June Saturday 5 June Sunday 6 June Monday 7 June Tuesday 8 June Wednesday 9 June Thursday 10 June Friday 11 June Saturday 12 June Sunday 13 June Monday 14 June Tuesday 15 June Wednesday 16 June Thursday 17 June Friday 18 June Saturday 19 June Greatest Generation - Soulcracker - At Last 20 June Monday 21 June Tuesday 22 June Wednesday 23 June Thursday 24 June Friday 25 June Saturday 26 June Sunday 27 June Monday 28 June Tuesday 29 June Wednesday 30 June Thursday 1 Greatest Generation - Soulcracker - At Last Friday 2 July Saturday 3 July Sunday 4 July Monday 5 July Tuesday 6 July Wednesday 7 July Thursday 8 July Friday 9 July Saturday 10 July Sunday 11 July But then something funny happened -- out of all those little clips of the bands performing live, the Soulcracker songs were the ones that stuck in my head. Night and day. At work, in the shower, while driving. I had Soulcracker on the brain. I quickly reevaluated my stance on the bands, pegging Flickerstick as the stereotypical wannabe rockstars, and realizing that Soulcracker A was really, really good, B deserved to win, and C needed to come to Illinois, so I could see them live. Well, they didn't Greatest Generation - Soulcracker - At Last the show [total complete robbery on VH1's part], but they did Album) to Illinois, in the form of the Warped Tour in Chicago. I had seen no mention of it anywhere online. But as soon as I walked in, I saw the posters everywhere: "Holy Shit! It's Soulcracker! I snatched one off of a wall nearby and looked forward to seeing them later in the day. Silly, I know, but I couldn't help it. Their show time finally rolled around, and I took my position at the front of the incredibly small stage, watching these 5 guys who I felt like I actually knew from watching their exploits on TV rock out with no turning back. Their set was explosive [to me, anyways] and I swiftly picked up a copy of their newest CD at their merch table. Even though more bands were still to come, my mission was complete: I saw Soulcracker. The rest of the day was downhill from there, once the festival ended. My girlfriend and I got lost going back to her house in the suburbs, ending up at one point in For You (CD

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