Im So Young - The Beach Boys - Dance, Dance, Dance (Cassette, Album)

So me say never do them thing deh. A righteous Rasta man never deal with that. Me and Scratch mostly used to put things together by-clipping through things that happening and take things from it. We do Colombia Colly and then we do a lot more songs, which is where I gone and do my thing from then. And just hang on until now. He lift up my eyes onto the hills from whence come my help. I have come from Jah which made heaven on earth.

By his protection the sun shall not smite me by day nor the moon by night. My group. And later for Rupie Edwards me and Joe Higgs sing it and he say him write it. I saw a canoe passing, which him row with two stick. The old-time canoe, they row them with stick.

Me used to love the sea Sunday morning time. Where it come from. They only sing it. And gone home. And the Congoes record it and say it is them write it. I have a lot of songs that I write which I never get credit for because I never know much about performing rights.

But the rights of them, the original work, is mine. But we do some great works at Upsetter studio. Nuff songs. Nuff song that people create them not even know where it come from. Scratch always had enough words. He called me Jah Lion. But he called me Jah Lion different from Jah Lloyd…. This interview was first published in The Beat in DanceCrasher would like to thank Mike Turner for giving us the opportunity to reproduce it.

Respect to Jah Lion. Francis began his singing career with the Mediators in the mids. At the end of the decade, he recorded for Rupie Edwards and Lee Perry.

For a while, Francis became their record salesman, frequenting the studios and getting closer to King Tubby, with whom he studied the technical aspect of music.

In the early 70s, Pat Francis started producing and founded his Teem label. On the refined rythm of Ain't no sunshine, Jah Lloyd performs an ample and energetic toast while the second side features a masterful version of the legendary trombonist Vin Gordon with the superb Rebel Rock. Great music. Muddy Ibe is legendary with his unique way of rendering his highlife.

He lives on. The dada is full of music, inspiration, composition and admonition. His genres include highlife, country, folks and world music. He had a unique voice that set him different from other highlife artists. He always talked about enemy pursuing him in his song. Igbo highlife artists who had disagreements would use music to sub each other back in the days.

Captain Muddy Ibe was a great man. The musical instruments he employed always make his songs unique and every head nods to the rhythmic patterns of them.

Captain Muddy Ibe is dead but his son Otigba Ibe has taken the wheel of microphone after him. Honolulu, Hawaii. This soothing audio head massage is much Dance in these stressful times. Probably not. This one is. We had to reference three different sources to get the best sound: reels, vinyl and cassette. Operating from his lifelong base of Honolulu, Hawaii, Lyman and the musicians he worked with released a large quantity of albums over a near year period that brought his particular mixture of Polynesian sounds and Afro-Cuban rhythms to a wide audience, all across the planet.

Thanks to the efforts of Roger Bong's Aloha Got Soul label, we can now enjoy all that it offers once again, though vinyl and digital reissues. Given the contributions Lyman made to fantasy fueled sounds of exotica over the course of his lifetime, the album is drenched with subtle melodies that recall a litany of television shows, films and library music albums.

If you need some time out, you'll find it here. Ersatz soundtracks for armchair safaris and shangri-las. At the end of this month, Aloha Got Soul, will reissue the late, lamented, vibraphone and marimba maestro Lyman's last solo commercial recording, the LP Island Vibes. A seamlessly segued suite of nine pieces, it consists almost exclusively of stripped back serenades for sampled, soothing, gently crashing, surf and Lyman's trademark instruments.

There are no strings, no percussion, no orchestration, just harmonic hymns and lullabies hammered out by his virtuoso four felt mallets on metal and wooden tongues. The odd steel sheet is shaken to mimic the thunder of electrical storms, or the roar of the torrent of a secluded waterfall. The even odder horn sounds, like that of an approaching pleasure cruiser, homing into view, heading for harbour, toward honeymoon hideaways, fantasy islands, and blue lagoons.

When Martin Denny held a residency as hotel band leader in Honolulu — where he employed Lyman on vibes — the calls and cries of the local wildlife were incorporated, integral to their evening performances. A welcomed sonic transport to paradise, much needed in a post- pandemic world. At eight years old, Arthur Lyman's music was already being played in public spaces via a toy marimba performance on the radio. While Lyman laughed about the experience, he would continue performing and ultimately debuted professionally at 14 with a jazz group.

His skills earned him a place as a vibraphonist alongside exotica pioneer Martin Denny, although Lyman would leave the Denny's group soon after to pursue a solo career.

Posted by Jillem on Tuesday, September 28, Labels: Arthur Lyman - Island Vibes Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Niew Hip Stilen Simply fantastic For me, these guys were the best post-punk band from Rotterdam, maybe from Holland, way ahead of their time.

It consists of multimedia works produced in conjunction with video art and dance theater between and The first track is "No 2," which has a deep repetitive hammer beat. In addition, there are nine other tracks, ranging from minimal music variants to odd-shaped electro, that are full of creativity.

The members were involved in out-of-the-way improvisational groups such as the Jozef Kip Quartet and the local post-punk scene. Highly recommended! Quite curious for me what is avantgarde jazz rock in collaboration with electrinika, and it was quite amazing indeed. Suitable to call their electronic creation is percussive and psychedelic, not danceable nor pop at all. Rutger's flexible, human heartwarming really saxophone play completely sticks to the rhythm section "percussively".

The combination of saxophones and synthesizers should be thought as the main dish in this album, let me say.

Rutger's flexibility for managing saxophone can be heard via the sound texture, that sometimes sounds eccentric, sometimes sensual, sometimes primeval, and sometimes novel. Maarten's inorganic whispering voices are funky spice for the production. And the rhythm section including percussive synthesizer punches is pretty precise and strict, never beaten by other instruments. Every other track, with the exception of B4, is an instrumental. The first twenty five or so seconds of A3 feature the Zappa-on-crack totally unnatural syncopation of the techiest djent or avant-prog, using just a saxophone and what sounds like a Yamaha RX11 before the vocalist comes in and things get endearingly stupid.

A guitar shows up on B1, and an electric bass shows up on B2, the latter of which is loaded with sound effects from a pinball game. I got curious and did some digging, and it turns out it's a table called Pinball Champ '82 from an Italian company called Zaccaria. B3's a nine minute long track featuring a drum machine, an acoustic bass, and a piano.

It's got mild smokey dark jazz vibes, but it's way, way too long and too repetitive. And that closer is segmented as follows: multiple unaccompanied overdubbed saxophones playing an almost liturgical theme, unaccompanied spoken word in Italian, the only time that language is spoken on the CDdrums and saxophone, then the overdubbed saxes again.

G Love is an Arrow Aberfeldy happyclapper love is G Love Is Common AnthonyGreendown love is G Love is Afraid of the Dark Lil Louis and Tammy untergunther love is Mainer, J. G Your Love is King Sade florian7 love is By Year Top Listers. A-Z by Song for Below are all the songs making the playlist so far in alphabetical order for Recommended by. This Is Serious Mum. A House.

George, Lowell. Ten Years After. Ravi Raman. A Bar in Amsterdam. Rilo Kiley. Ben Wood. Pig With the Face of a Boy. A Different Corner. Michael, George. A Glade Somewhere. Dylan, Bob. A Heart Disease Called Love. Clarke, John Cooper. Kirby, Leyland. A Matter of Habit.

A Plague of Lighthouse Keepers. Van Der Graaf Generator. A Stitch in Time. Long Ryders. A Stream With Bright Fish. A Walk in the Black Forest. Jankowski, Horst. Accidental Racist. Hammill, Peter. Accountancy Shanty. Monty Python. Actions Speak Louder Than Words. King, BB. After We Shot The Grizzly. Handsome Family. Ain't Going to Goa. Alabama 3. Ain't It a Sin. Bradley, Charles. Ain't No Sunshine. Withers, Bill. Ain't Wastin' Time No More. Allman Brothers Band.

Vuylsteke, Michel. Al Naafiysh The Soul. All Men Are Pigs. Studio Killers. All Night Long All Night. Richie, Lionel. All Ones and Zeros. Early Years. Alphabet Assassin. Carpio, Luzmilla. American Flag. American Oxygen. Anarchy in the UK. Sex Pistols. And Breeding. And When I Die. Nyro, Laura. Angelitos Negros.

Flack, Roberta. Painters and Painting. Archangel Thunderbird. Amon Duul II. Indian Ocean. Aretha, Sing One For Me. Cat Power. As If It Always Happens. Ask the Gods to Pull Down the Sky. Phillipson, Petra Jean.

Almond, Marc. Babes in the Wood. Diddley, Bo. Baby Britain. Smith, Elliott. Baby I Love You So. Back in Black. Back to School. Wailer, Bunny. Bakudan Kowai Scary Bomb. Zainichi Funk. Hoshino Sakura. Ballad of Tindersticks. Balloon Song. Aislers Set. Baloney Again. Knopfler, Mark. Baltic Ice-Breaker. Bel Album). Bangla Amar Sorse Ilish. Mitra, Lopamudra. Batyar Bigmouth Strikes Again. Be My Guest. Domino, Fats. Beauty is Only Skin Deep. Before My Time.

Cash, Johnny. Being Number One. Black Box Recorder. Rudimentary Peni. Best Days On Earth. Trashcan Sinatras. Better Off Dead. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.

Fitzgerald, Ella. Wedding Present. Big Boy on a Saturday Night. MacColl, Kirsty. Bigmouth Strikes Again. Bilahari Tolijanma. Ganesan, Aanayampatti S. Weather Report. Young, Neil. Bjorn Again Polka. Black Coffee. All Saints. Black Skunk Blues. Barbecue Bob. Black Starliner Must Come. Blind Willie McTell. Blood Swamp. Sunn O and Boris. Blue Monday. New Order. Blue Velvet. Vinton, Bobby. Boil the Kettle, Mother. Bold Sir Rylas. Spiers and Boden. Boogie in the Mud. James, Danny.

Boycott Me. Mischief Brew. Boys Don't Cry. Brand New Key. British Hustle. Buck and the Preacher. Buffalo Soldier. Marley, Bob. Bullfrog Blues. Gallagher, Rory. By This River. Eno, Brian. Call It Dance Monday. Walker, T-Bone. Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft. Candy Girl. Can't Get Used to Losing You. English Beat. Captain Hook. Cale, John. Car Wash. Rose Royce. Carbon Monoxide. Spektor, Regina. Careful With That Axe, Eugene.

Pink Floyd. Careful With That Axe, Eugene live. Ellis-Bextor, Sophie. Cassette Delay Trees. LV ft Dandelion. Big Country. Che Notte!

Patton, Mike. Children of Coincidence. Previn, Dory. Children of the Sea. Black Sabbath. Sumac, Yma. CIA Man. Clean Up Woman. Wright, Betty. Public Enemy ft Paris. Come on in My Kitchen. Johnson, Robert. Come to Me. Come Together.

Primal Scream. Coming Around Again. Simon, Carly. Communication Breakdown. Led Zeppelin. Concrete and Barbed Wire. Wiliams, Lucinda. Cool Britannia. Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band. Cousin Jack. Show of Hands. Dance of Knights. Prokofiev, Sergei. Gunter Kallmann Choir. Dead Pop Stars.

Altered Images. Dear Mr. Record Industry. Scott, Jill. Taylor, Roger. Purcell, Henry performed by Klaus Nomi. David Perry. December, Oh, What a Night. Four Seasons.

Deep in the Woods. Birthday Party. Deep Purple. Shaw, Artie ft Helen Forrest. Schubert, Franz. Derniere Danse. Destiny Street. Devil's Galop. Williams, Charles and his Orchestra.

Didn't It Rain. Tharpe, Sister Rosetta. Die Vorstellung des Chaos. Haydn, Joseph. Different Music. Hatti Vatti ft Sara Brylewska. Dirty Boots. Sonic Youth.

Jeremy Mortimer. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. Dirty Old Town. Disco Compilation. Steer, Dance (Cassette. Sainte-Marie, Buffy. Do the Robot. Do the Strand. Roxy Music. Don't Be a Singer. Wild Man Fischer. Don't Call Me Red. Cooder, Ry. Tower of Power.

Don't Let Go. Orlando, Tony. Don't Speak. No Doubt. Don't Stop Me Now. Double Barrel. Collins, Dave and Ansell. Double Dutch. McLaren, Malcolm. Double Trouble. Public Image Ltd. Down the Dirt Road Blues. Patton, Charley. Dream Kitchen. Frazier Chorus. Dreams I'll Never See. Molly Hatchet. Orange Lemon. Dressed in Black. Drowning Man. Dub Can't Turn Around. Dust in the Wind. Rundgren, Todd.

Dance (Cassette Springfield. Dearie, Blossom. Dwight Yoakam. Edge of a Cliff. Education or Indoctrination. El Secuestro del Dub. Basque Dub Foundation. Enchanted Forest. Mohawk and the Rednecks. English Rose. Ernie The Fastest Milkman in the West. Hill, Benny. Ether Song. Turin Brakes. Europe is Lost. Tempest, Kate. Even Flow. Pearl Jam. Evening Prayer. Lekman, Jens. Every Bloody Emperor. Every Minute is OK.

Punk TV. Everybody Hurts. Everything Crash. Everything in Its Right Place. Everything's Tuesday. Chairmen of the Board. Expensive Shit.

Kuti, Fela. Davis, Betty. Facts of Life. Falling and Laughing. Orange Juice. Bowie, David. Fantasia on British Sea Songs. Wood, Henry. Fashion Parade. Misty's Big Adventure. Fatty Arbuckle. Southpaw Jones. Feast of the Mau Mau.

Hawkins, Screamin' Jay. Fibonacci Sequence. Philip Loveland. Fifty Years After the Fair. Mann, Aimee. Fighting My Way Back. Thin Lizzy. Final Solution. Pere Ubu. First Transmission. Fish Heads. Barnes and Barnes. Flight of Earls. Wolfe Tones. Flip, Flop and Fly. Turner, Big Joe.

Flow, My Tears. Dowland, John. Fly the Flag. Stiff Little Fingers. Fog on the Tyne. Foolin' Myself. Holiday, Billie.

Fools Rush In. Sinatra, Frank. Forest of Black. Dirty Filth Mud. For them, Cats is a soulless money machine. As the "first true megamusical ", [] Cats pioneered a genre of musical theatre that is produced on a grand and global scale. Cats is considered the quintessential megamusical, because it reconceived, like no other show before, theatrical space as an immense affective encompasser, that transforms the viewing experience into a hypercharged thrill-ride and the spectator into an explorer of new and challenging aural and visual sensations.

Its unprecedented success paved the way for even bolder hyperspatial configurations, made the set designer a proper environment builder and raised light and sound design into the status of art in their own right. It also paved the way for the constant revolutionization of stage technology. Cats introduced a marketing strategy that set the template for subsequent megamusicals.

Early advertisements for the musical did not feature traditional pull quotes despite many positive reviews or any of the cast, instead branding the show itself as the star. It did this by adopting — and then aggressively promoting — a single recognisable image the cat's-eyes logo as the face of the show.

This advertising method had the additional effect of diminishing the importance of critical reviews, popularising the so-called "critic-proof" status of megamusicals.

Additionally, Cats was the first Broadway and West End show to capitalise on merchandising as a major revenue stream. Stalls were set up in the theatre lobbies to sell souvenirs ranging from toys and watches to coffee mugs, all of which were emblazoned with the cat's-eyes logo.

The official Cats t-shirt became the second-best-selling t-shirt in the world in the s, second only to the Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt. Merchandising has since become an important source of income for the industry. Beyond the megamusical, Cats also led the Broadway trend for musicals aimed at families and tourists, which later took the form of the Disney Theatrical Productions and jukebox musicals. People do want a theatrical experience for their children. The musical's fantasy setting and disregard for verisimilitude allowed for groundbreaking experimentations in lighting and audio technology.

The original London and Broadway productions featured David Hersey 's pioneering use of automated lighting to produce kaleidoscopic landscapes and complicated optical effects. Hersey also used light in an "architectural manner", with fast-changing configurations to spotlight different performers in rapid succession.

This dynamic shifting of the audience's perspective created an effect similar to that of fast cutting in film editing. Cats opened new regional, touring and international markets that the industry continues to capitalise on. Cats began the progressive transformation of "Broadway" from a specific location into a delocalized "moment of reception" that can be experienced anywhere and everywhere, even while continuing to depend upon the stamp of approval that box-office success in an actual Broadway theater bestows.

In the s, the success of local productions of Cats in Tokyo, [] Sydney, [] Vienna, Hamburg, [] and Toronto were turning points that established these cities and their respective countries as major commercial markets in the global theatrical circuit. InThe New York Times credited the regional and touring productions of Cats with "almost single-handedly reviv[ing] the sagging road business".

Mackintosh's insistence that all touring productions of Cats replicate the Broadway production also resulted in the expansion and upgrading of regional theatre venues to accommodate the musical's demanding logistical requirements, as local theatre owners did not want to miss out on the opportunity to host the lucrative show.

Bythe song had been played over two million times on radio and television stations in the US. As ofthe song had been recorded around times by artists such as Barbra StreisandBarry ManilowJudy Collinsand Johnny Mathisin covers ranging from easy listening to techno. Cats was the ground-breaking show for all of us The success of it gave us all the freedom to go on and do other shows. With Catshe became a big celebrity in his own right.

This made Lynne the first non-royal woman to have a West End theatre named after her. Eliot Prize which has since become "the most coveted award in poetry". Stage parodies of the musical have also been mounted in the West End and Off-Broadway.

Starring Gerard McCarthy as Dave and with choreography by Arlene Phillipsthe musical premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival ; [] it performed at various regional venues before making its West End debut at the Ambassadors Theatre in April Break the Musical! Madame Tussauds New York features wax figures of several characters from the musical, including one of Grizabella that sings "Memory" through the use of projection mapping technology.

The musical was chosen as one of fifteen "outstanding artifacts, events and activities" from the s to be commemorated with its own stamp design. The stage production of Cats has undergone several revisions since its London opening. When the show transferred to Broadway, several cuts and rewrites were made with the intention of appealing more to an American audience. Lloyd Webber performed this song at the show's 6,th Broadway performance, when it broke the record to become the longest-running Broadway show.

The "Growltiger's Last Stand" sequence has been changed multiple times over the course of the show's history. For the original Broadway production, the Ballad was replaced with "In Una Tepida Notte", a parody of Italian opera with more slapstick humour. The original lyrics, taken directly from the Eliot poem it is based on, included the ethnic slur " Chinks " and this was later replaced with the word " Siamese ".

In the original London production, Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer were characters in their own right and sang their eponymous song themselves as a singsong-style duet. When the show transferred to Broadway, the song was instead sung in the third-person, with Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer as puppets being magically controlled by Mr.

Their number was also rewritten to be faster and more upbeat, alternating between vaudeville -style verses and a "manic patter " section. Eventually, the Broadway version of the song was rewritten to allow Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer to once again sing their own song as full characters. The London revival introduced several modernisations to the show. Rum Tum Tugger was reworked from a ladies-man rockstar to a breakdancing street cat.

His eponymous musical number was also turned into a rap. The Broadway revival featured new choreography by Andy Blankenbuehlerwho introduced more hip hop and cool jazz elements to the movements and dances. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Logo by Really Useful Group. In the original London and Broadway productions, she climbs up a stairway that emerges from the ceiling.

In the s and s scaled-down touring productions, she ascends via a flying saucer -like vessel. Mistoffelees" — Mr. Main article: Jellicle cats. Further information: Cats film and Cats film. Main article: List of awards and nominations for the musical Cats. Main article: Memory Cats song. The Hollywood Reporter.

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Dont Hold Back (Original Mix) - The Potbelleez - Dont Hold Back (Vinyl), Cosmic Jugalbandi 11 - Various - New World Dub 02 (CD), Pornophil (Bluelectro Mischung) - 2wired - Blaue Elektronische Grüße 2009 (CDr, Album), Myrkskog - Deathmachine (CD, Album), Phoenix - Izhar Cohen And Alpha Beta* - Make A Little Love (Vinyl, LP), Kiss You All Over - Various - 1978 (CD), Freeze-Frame - The J. Geils Band - Freeze Frame (Cassette, Album), Vilia - Billy May & His Big Band - Hey, Its May (Vinyl, LP), The Way (Remix) - Various - Remaxing & Relaxing - The Mix CD (CDr), The Sand That Holds The Lakes In Place - His Name Is Alive - Stars On E.S.P. (CD, Album)